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J. Robinson
Yellow Card
G. Baldock
Yellow Card
J. Rodríguez
Yellow Card
C. Basham
Yellow Card
D. Jebbison
J. Robinson
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Shots On Target 6 3
Total Passes 635 385
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That is all from this Premier League fixture, until next time!
Heckingbottom's winless record comes to an end as his men move onto 20 points at the bottom of the Premier League table. With the Blades already down, they have two more games before they return to Championship football. The first of which sees them travel to Newcastle United on Tuesday. Everton, whose European football hopes took another hit today, next face Wolves before finishing their season against champions Manchester City.
United collect just their second away win of the season with a 1-0 win at Goodison Park against Everton. Jebbison's first-half goal was the difference between the two sides as the 17-year-old became the youngest-ever player to score in his first Premier League start. While Jebbison will take the credit, significant appreciation should go to Ramsdale, whose three excellent first-half saves kept the Blades in front before the half-time whistle.
90' + 2' OVER! After Moss has had words with Basham and Keane, Sigurdsson delivers the set-piece from the right flank. Godfrey manages to outjump his opposite man but he can only head just over Ramsdale's goal from near the penalty spot.
90' + 1' There will be three minutes of added time as Egan comes across, reading play well to deflect Richarlison's attempted cross behind for a corner.
J. Robinson
Yellow Card
90' Robinson steals some ground as he wanders forward from a throw-in on the left. The centre-back takes too long, however, and Moss decides to caution Robinson for wasting time.
89' McGoldrick, who has been one of the away side's best players today, twice intercepts on the left flank to stop Digne from crossing. The forward gets a huge round of applause from Heckingbottom and the Blades are minutes away from a memorable victory at Goodison Park.
88' Calvert-Lewin towers above Egan to latch onto a long pass but Robinson is there to support his centre-back partner and head back to Ramsdale. Richarlison was ready and waiting to follow-up Calvert-Lewin's header, however, Robinson intervened before an opportunity could present itself.
86' Baldock requires some treatment as he goes down on the right-hand side. The physios stretch his left leg before he wanders off the pitch and makes his return within the same minute.
85' A lovely run by Baldock sees the wing-back bypass Gomes and Digne before Keane makes an important tackle. The Blades still appear full of energy as Baldock and Osborn fly into tackles in the corner to keep Everton as far away from Ramsdale's goal as possible.
84' Bernard feeds Coleman, who sprints towards the byline and searches for Calvert-Lewin at the front post. Egan heads away the first ball before Basham bravely dives in front of Richarlison near the penalty spot to avert any further danger.
83' Digne and Sigurdsson stand over a set-piece outside the area to the left and it is the former who delivers. Basham stands tall at the front post, however, to make a double clearance before being required to make a third clearance out for a corner on the left flank.
82' In the top four tiers of English football, Heckingbottom is winless in his last 14 away league matches in charge (D2 L12) across three different teams – Barnsley, Leeds United and the Blades – with his last such win coming on New Year’s Day 2018 against Sunderland as Barnsley manager in the Championship. The English manager is just 10 minutes or so away from ending that unwanted record.
G. Baldock
Yellow Card
81' Baldock nudges over Calvert-Lewin outside the area and Moss gives a free-kick. The wing-back gives Moss his opinion of the decision and unsurprisingly he goes into the book for dissent.
80' Norwood's outswinging delivery is in towards Robinson but Allan does well to get in front of the centre-back and head clear. The loose ball falls to Osborn, who skews a long-range left-footed effort wide of Pickford's goal.
79' McGoldrick coasts past two or three tackles on the halfway line before offloading to Jebbison in the right-hand channel. Godfrey is forced to come across and tackle behind for another corner to the Blades.
André Gomes
A. Doucouré
78' At the same time as Bernard's introduction, Gomes also comes on and Doucoure is the man to come off for the hosts.
J. Rodríguez
78' Ancelotti makes a double change, the first of which sees Bernard replace Rodriguez.
77' CLOSE! McGoldrick should do better as he spins to unleash a left-footed strike from close range which gets deflected by Godfrey's last-ditch block. Initially, Osborn made good progress to power down the left before crossing towards the forward, who may feel he should be testing Pickford from that sort of opportunity.
76' Digne roams down the left flank, making it to the byline before crossing towards the penalty spot. Sigurdsson gets his head to the cross but the Icelandic midfielder can only flick a header high and wide of Ramsdale's goal.
75' Fleck's corner picks out the head of McGoldrick, who redirects the ball back across goal towards the far corner. The forward's effort is a little weak and wayward, meaning the Toffees manage to hook a clearance away to the left-hand side.
74' Osborn and McGoldrick exchange passes on the left flank before working all the way back towards Egan, whose long ball gets headed behind by Coleman for a corner. The away side, despite sitting deeper to defend their one-goal lead, are playing with real confidence and don't look like a team who are already relegated.
73' Godfrey hits a rather optimistic long-range right-footed attempt from the centre of the park. Ramsdale doesn't move as he watches the centre-back's strike travel well wide of goal and into the stands behind him at Goodison Park.
72' Ancelotti has only made on change so far as his side have struggled to create many second-half chances. Bernard and Iwobi are both warming up on the touchline, could we soon see another attacking change from the Italian?
71' CHANCE! Sigurdsson wanders in from the left-hand side, sliding through for the run of Richarlison to the left of goal. The Brazilian gets to the throughball, spinning to unleash a first-time left-footed strike towards the near post, where Ramsdale tips around the post to keep United's one-goal advantage intact.
69' Calvert-Lewin nudges into Robinson as he looks to latch onto Allan's throughball. Another free-kick comes for the Blades and the visitors take the chance to waste a little bit more time with Ramsdale slowly making his way towards the ball before kicking long.
68' A great piece of defending by Stevens denies Coleman the opportunity to run onto Doucoure's pass on the right flank. With the scoreline of 1-0 being United's stumbling block this season, Heckingbottom will be desperate for his team to hold out here at Goodison Park.
67' Egan again wins the first header from Fleck's wide set-piece and Calvert-Lewin makes an important intervention at the back post to prevent Basham from challenging Pickford.
J. Rodríguez
Yellow Card
66' Rodriguez makes his second needless foul in as many minutes, this time in the right-hand channel on Basham, and Moss has no option but to caution the Colombian.
65' Since the Premier League resumed in June last season, United have collected just six points from a possible 69 in away Premier League matches (W1 D3 L19), losing their last seven on the road by an aggregate score of 17-1 since beating Manchester United 2-1 at Old Trafford in January. They have just over 30 minutes to play out to secure a memorable away victory here.
64' OVER! Fleck wins a free-kick in the left-hand channel, courtesy of a foul from Rodriguez. The Scottish midfielder runs over the set-piece, allowing Norwood to deliver towards the back post. Egan climbs above the defender at the far post but he can only head just over the crossbar.
63' McGoldrick again wanders far deeper than his usual role, inviting the foul of Allan and the Brazilian duly obliges. Somehow Allan escapes a caution but, more importantly, the Blades get a free-kick and the chance for another breather.
62' Ramsdale attempts to go incredibly direct as he smashes over the top for Jebbison's run into the right-hand channel. The 17-year-old beats Keane for pace but Pickford is there to sweep up before the forward can get to the loose ball.
60' Doucoure releases Coleman, who races down the right-hand side to cross towards Calvert-Lewin at the back post. The English forward looks destined to test Ramsdale, however, Egan wins the aerial duel to make a smart clearance in front of his opposite man.
59' McGoldrick's uses the outside of his right foot to search for Jebbison with a throughball into the left-hand channel. The young forward seems to be getting the better of Keane, which is why Pickford rushes out to head away a clearance outside of his area.
58' Fleck goes short from the resulting set-piece before getting the ball back and crossing towards the far post. Pickford, much like Ramsdale at the other end, comes out confidently to claim the cross before going long towards Coleman.
57' Basham strides out from centre-back, powering down the right-hand channel before winning a free-kick, courtesy of Allan's needless foul. The Brazilian protests with the officials, however, that doesn't matter to the away side, who get a set-piece in a good wide position.
56' McGoldrick attempts to find Jebbison to the left of goal, however, Godfrey gets in the way for the hosts. While the Blades are sitting deep, they still look like they could pose some problems on the counter-attack.
55' The Toffees have lost eight home league matches this season, only losing nine in four seasons in their entire history – 1912-13, 1947-48, 1950-51 and 1993-94.
54' Sigurdsson spins centrally and offloads for the run of Calvert-Lewin. The English forward makes it to the right of goal before seeing his right-footed strike blocked by the sliding challenge of Norwood.
52' Ramsdale thinks he has done enough to prevent the corner on the right, however, referee Moss disagrees. Sigurdsson delivers the set-piece but Ramsdale takes the ball high above the head of Godfrey as he continues to effectively command his area.
51' Rodriguez dances around two tackles outside the area before sliding to Doucoure, who looks to drill a first-time cross across the face of goal. Egan and Basham, however, combine to clear in front of the ready and waiting Calvert-Lewin at the back post.
50' Jebbison, as he did all of the first half too, pressures Allan and forces a slight mistake on the ball. The 17-year-old has given his Brazilian opponent no time to think and it's showing so far, with Allan struggling to link-up play through the middle towards the likes of Richarlison or Calvert-Lewin.
49' Egan seeks out Baldock on the far side but Digne wins the aerial duel to head away the danger. Egan tries a second pass into the right-hand channel, however, this time Baldock has carelessly strayed offside and the hosts get a free-kick.
48' Norwood makes a vital tackle in midfield to dispossess Calvert-Lewin before playing backwards to Ramsdale as the Blades look to quickly settle into second-half proceedings at Goodison Park.
46' Referee Moss gets the second half underway!
G. Sigurðsson
M. Holgate
46' Sigurdsson replaces Holgate at half-time as Ancelotti signals his attacking intentions. Coleman will move back to right-back as the Icelandic comes on in midfield.
Ancelotti needs a response from his side and will surely be considering an alteration to their system at half-time. The Italian has the likes of Sigurdsson and Iwobi on the bench, if he sees them as the best way to change this game. Heckingbottom, in contrast, will be delighted with his team's first-half performance and will simply be asking for more of the same.
Despite already being relegated, the Blades wander down the tunnel leading 1-0 at half-time against eighth-placed Everton. 17-year-old Jebbison, who was offered his first Premier League start for the visitors today, put Heckingbottom's men ahead in the seventh minute as he turned into an empty net at the back post. Down the other end, Ramsdale has made three excellent saves, denying Allan before his double save against Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin from close range.
45' + 2' CLOSE! Keane has time and space to get his head up near the halfway line and he searches out the run of Richarlison into the area. The Brazilian makes it in between Basham and Egan but he miscues his right-footed volley and the ball flies into the stands. Another great chance for the hosts goes amiss on the stroke of half-time.
45' There will be two minutes of added time as Ancelotti and coach Duncan Ferguson seem to be discussing some potential changes to the home side's system on the touchline.
44' Allan's wayward pass cannons off Fleck and into Norwood. The midfielder has options in front of him but stalls in possession, opting to play more sensibly as the half-time whistle approaches in this game.
43' Rodriguez opts to go direct and looks for the forward run of Calvert-Lewin. Owing to the slippery conditions at Goodison Park, the Colombian's pass races out of play and Ramsdale gets the goal-kick, which he pumps long.
42' Baldock plays a delicate chip over the top for Jebbison and Keane is forced to spin and head back towards Pickford. The youngster is causing all sorts of problems and it looks as if he has been playing at this level for a while.
41' DOUBLE SAVE! Rodriguez crosses from the right-hand side, picking out Richarlison, who heads downwards towards the bottom left corner. Ramsdale gets down to make an outstanding save before standing up and parrying away Calvert-Lewin's right-footed follow-up effort from point-blank range. The visitors' goalkeeper has pulled off two magnificent saves to keep his side in front just before half-time.
40' Richarlison throws his arms in the air as him and Keane are on different wavelengths with a pass forwards. The Brazilian's reaction sums up Everton's first-half frustrations, with the majority of their performances being fairly lacklustre and not creating much in possession.
38' Consecutive corners come for the home side, with the first being turned behind after an inviting delivery by Rodriguez. Digne delivers the second but United stand firm to clear the crosses before Jebbison wins a free-kick near the halfway line to buy his side a breather.
37' OVER! Allan hovers in midfield, firing a right-footed pass into the chest of Rodriguez inside the D. The Colombian chests down, faking to shoot with his right and moving it onto his left foot to test Ramsdale. Just as Rodriguez pulls the trigger, however, Basham recovers to make a crucial block and deflects the shot over the crossbar for a corner.
36' Ramsdale's long kick into the right-hand channel has Baldock interested and the wing-back works all the way to the corner flag. Digne, however, does well as he plays back to Pickford, despite the significant pressure from Baldock behind him.
35' Doucoure runs into Fleck in the middle and loses out. Jebbison takes over possession before Osborn can't pass through the hosts' defence on the edge of the area and the chance to attack fades away.
33' CLOSE! Jebbison races onto a wayward pass backwards, attempting to chip a delicate finish over the incoming Pickford from outside the area. The English goalkeeper stands up tall to parry away the first save before the 17-year-old forward tries to twist and turn inside the Everton area but Godfrey is there to deflect a shot before Pickford is required to make another save.
31' Ancelotti has lost nine home league matches as Toffees boss in 27 matches at Goodison Park – he has only lost more with one club, losing 17 with AC Milan, although he managed more than five times as many home games with them than he has Everton (142).
29' SAVE! McGoldrick's left-footed shot from outside the box is blocked by the chest of Holgate and the loose ball falls to Fleck. The Scot is 30 yards out but he races forward and powers a left-footed strike towards the top left corner. Pickford sees it all the way, however, and beats away a save before conceding a corner on the left flank.
28' Fleck smashes a pass backwards to Ramsdale and the goalkeeper has to be quick to react to keep the ball in play. Perhaps normally that wouldn't have required such attention, however, the slippery surface at Goodison Park is causing a few problems for both teams.
27' After Basham's late sliding tackle on Digne in the centre of the pitch, the left-back stays down and requires some attention from the physios. Some treatment follows and, after a few more complaints to the referee, Digne returns to continue on the left-hand side.
C. Basham
Yellow Card
26' Basham becomes the first name in Moss' book for a late and high challenge on Digne in the middle of the park. The home side seem to want more than a yellow card, however, Moss clearly thinks just the caution is sufficient for the centre-back.
24' Holgate stands a pass into the right-hand channel for Coleman, who makes it to the right of goal before seeing his cross blocked by Robinson. The hosts appeal for handball but Moss, and more importantly the VAR officials, disagree and stick with the original decision to award a corner.
22' Heckingbottom has given McGoldrick free roam as the forward continues to occupy any spaces he sees fit. He drifts into the right-hand channel, coming deep to receive possession before attempting to play to Baldock, who has needlessly strayed offside.
20' CHANCE! Calvert-Lewin finds space in between Egan and Robinson, managing to get a head on Digne's cross from the left-hand channel but Ramsdale saves fairly easily in the middle of his goal. Coleman attempted a similar cross moments earlier, however, Basham was on hand to deal with the prior danger.
19' Osborn is dropping deeper for the away side, filling gaps in midfield and closing off the lines between Fleck and Norwood to stifle the likes of Rodriguez and Richarlison. As of yet, Everton are looking incredibly pedestrian in possession with no real urgency to move the ball about.
18' Keane attempts an optimistic pass to Coleman on the right-hand side but he underhits it and the Blades intercept. Ancelotti's side haven't clicked things into gear as of yet and the visitors look more than comfortable in this game so far.
16' The hosts offer McGoldrick too much space outside the area and the forward looks for the top right corner with a right-footed, curling effort. Pickford doesn't move as he watches it go well wide of the target before having words with his defence in front of him for not closing down quicker.
15' Aged 17 years and 309 days, Jebbison is the youngest player in Premier League history to score on his first start in the competition. What a start to life in top-flight football for the youngster!
13' McGoldrick drifts inwards from the right flank, feeding the run of Osborn towards the near post. Digne has to be careful with his challenge but the left-back does well to usher Osborn away from danger before the Toffees deal with the opportunity by clearing towards the right-hand side.
12' SAVE! The resulting corner from Rodriguez comes to nothing and the clearance finds Allan on the edge of the area. The Brazilian midfielder unleashes a right-footed attempt towards the bottom left corner and Ramsdale, despite being unsighted by the number of bodies in the box, does well to rush across and tip around the post.
11' WIDE! Allan's pass to Richarlison sells the Brazilian forward a little bit short. The loose ball, however, falls to Calvert-Lewin who sets his sights on the bottom right corner from the edge of the area. The forward's right-footed strike gets deflected behind by Egan but Ramsdale appeared concerned to start with as he scrambled across his goal.
9' United have won four of their last six away league games against Everton, including a 2-0 victory in this exact fixture last season.
J. Robinson
7' Robinson comes from deep to receive the ball from Osborn, avoiding the tackles of Keane and Allan to make it to the left of goal. The centre-back drills a low, left-footed cross across the six-yard area and Jebbison tucks into an empty net from close range with his right foot to open the scoring.
D. Jebbison
7' GOOOOOALLLLL! 1-0 UNITED! Robinson receives possession from Osborn in the left-hand channel, dancing around two or three tackles and racing towards the left of goal. The left-sided centre-back drills a low cross across the face of goal and Jebbison is there to tap-in to an empty net at the back post with his right foot. What a moment for the youngster, who was on loan at sixth-tier Chorley Town at the start of this season!
6' Richarlison bounces away from Fleck's challenge, finding Rodriguez, who looks to slot in Calvert-Lewin. The English forward flicks his left leg at the throughball, however, he fails to get it under control and Basham gets the chance to avert the danger.
4' Youngster Jebbison's first involvement comes as he sprints towards the left flank to pressure Holgate. Perhaps guilty of being too enthusiastic, the United forward needlessly fouls Holgate in the channel and the home side get a free-kick.
3' Richarlison looks to race around Basham but the centre-back does well to touch out of play in front of the Brazilian forward. Digne sends in a cross from the resulting throw-in and Stevens heads clear at the back post.
2' Pickford goes long and Calvert-Lewin wins the first aerial duel against Egan. The hosts then go backwards as they remain patient in possession in the opening stages of this fixture. It is likely Ancelotti's men will see a lot of the ball as the Blades sit back and invite them to attack here.
1' Referee Jonathan Moss gets this game underway!
United have lost 28 Premier League matches this season and defeat in this match would see them equal the record number of defeats by a team in a Premier League season: Ipswich Town in 1994-95, Sunderland in 2005-06 and Derby County in 2007-08 all lost 29 games.
Paul Heckingbottom opts for three changes from the defeat against the Eagles. 17-year-old Jebbison starts up top and is handed his first-ever senior start for the Blades as he comes in for Burke. Sander Berge misses out through injury, which means Osborn comes into midfield, while Robinson is preferred ahead of Bryan, who drops to the bench.
After missing the last three games due to a calf injury, Rodriguez returns for the Toffees as he replaces Sigurdsson. That is Carlo Ancelotti’s only change from the 0-0 draw with Aston Villa.
SUBS: Rhian Brewster, Zak Brunt, Jayden Bogle, Max Lowe, Kean Bryan, Wes Foderingham, Phil Jagielka, John Lundstram, Kyron Gordon.
SHEFFIELD UNITED (3-4-1-2): Aaron Ramsdale; Chris Basham, John Egan, Jack Robinson; Enda Stevens, John Fleck, Oliver Norwood, George Baldock; Ben Osborn; David McGoldrick, Daniel Jebbison.
SUBS: Robin Olsen, Fabian Delph, Bernard, Niels Nkounkou, Tom Davies, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Joao Virginia, Andre Gomes.
EVERTON (4-4-2): Jordan Pickford; Lucas DIgne, Ben Godfrey, Michael Keane, Mason Holgate; James Rodriguez, Allan, Abdoulaye Doucoure, Seamus Coleman; Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison.
United have only picked up 17 points in 35 matches this season, leaving them rooted to the bottom of the table and with their Championship status already confirmed for next season. A 2-0 home defeat to Crystal Palace came last weekend and, given the Blades have the worst away record in the Premier League, it is hard to see them succeeding at Goodison Park.
Everton currently sit in eighth, just four points behind fifth-placed Liverpool and eight points off fourth-placed Chelsea. Their hopes of Champions League football effectively came to on end with a goalless draw against Aston Villa, however, they remain in the hunt for Europa League qualification for the next campaign.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League fixture between Everton and Sheffield United.