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Everton v Manchester United Live Commentary, 23/12/2020

0 - 2
E. Cavani (88)
A. Martial (90+6)
Goodison Park


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United reach the semi-final for the second consecutive season and will find out who they face in the draw later tonight. Their attention turns back to the Premier League now though and their match against Leicester City. Everton's unbeaten run ends as they're knocked out of the competition and Ancelotti will be hoping they can bounce back against Sheffield United next time out.
United leave it late to secure 2-0 win over Everton to reach the semi-final. United dominated the first half but neither team could find a way through. There were less chances for both sides in the second half but it took until the 88th minute for Cavani break the deadlock when he fired in from outside the box. Martial then sealed the victory with a late goal after Fernandes hit the crossbar.
M. Rashford
Manchester United
90' + 6' Rashford picks up the ball on the halfway line and isn't put under pressure by Everton as he carries it forward before picking out Martial.
A. Martial
Manchester United
90' + 6' MARTIAL SCORES! It's a quick counter from United and Martial wraps up the win late into stoppage-time! He's slipped in by Rashford and keeps his cool as Olsen rushes out of his goal to pick out the far-bottom corner. 2-0 United!
90' + 5' OFF THE BAR! Matic squares it to Fernandes on the edge of the box and he curls a shot towards the top-right corner. Olsen is beaten but the effort bounces back off the corner of the goal frame.
L. Shaw
Yellow Card
Manchester United
90' + 4' Shaw kicks the ball away to stop Everton taking a quick throw-in and earns himself a yellow card.
90' + 3' Everton are piling bodies forward as they chase a late equaliser to take it to penalties. Iwobi switches play out to the left to pick out Bernard and his first-time shot is well blocked by Tuanzebe.
A. Martial
Yellow Card
Manchester United
90' + 1' Martial is booked after he cuts off Coleman's run to stop the counter-attack.
90' Sigurdsson is standing over the free-kick and he swings a good cross into the crowd in the middle. Godfrey gets on the end of it but his header loops up and over the bar.
A. Tuanzebe
Yellow Card
Manchester United
90' It's clumsy from Tuanzebe as he brings down Bernard just outside the box on the left and he's booked for the challenge.
C. Tosun
A. Doucouré
89' Final roll of the dice from Ancelotti as he sends on Tosun in place of Doucoure.
A. Martial
Manchester United
88' Martial has time to turn in midfield after picking up the ball before playing a good throughball into Cavani.
E. Cavani
Manchester United
88' CAVANI SCORES! Everton just don't close down United and they have so much space to get forward. Martial picks out Cavani and he cuts inside from the right to drill his shot past Olsen and into the far-bottom corner from outside the box. 1-0 United!
87' Sigurdsson plays it out to Iwobi on the right and continues his run to get on the end of the cross. United don't spot him and he flicks the header on, but he sends it well wide of the far post.
86' Pogba latches onto a loose pass from Iwobi and plays a throughball into Fernandes. He lays it off to Martial ahead of him but he gets the ball caught under his feet and ends up knocking it out of play.
L. Shaw
Alex Telles
Manchester United
84' Final change for United now and it's a straight swap at left-back as Shaw comes on for Telles.
83' It's well worked by Everton as they switch play from left to right and Iwobi finds himself in a pocket of space on the right. He floats a cross into the middle of the box, but Maguire cuts it out.
81' United win a free-kick just outside the box and it's Telles that steps up to take it. He gets his effort over the wall, but there's no dip on the shot and it sails just over the crossbar.
79' Everton break quickly and Bernard holds it up well under challenge from Tuanzebe. He squares it to Sigurdsson in the middle, but a heavy first touch takes it away from him and Maguire comes across to clear it.
77' United are forcing Everton into mistakes and are winning the ball back in midfield. Pogba spots Tuanzebe has space to run into down the right and picks him out, but his first touch sends it out of play.
75' Fernandes does well to win the ball back after being dispossessed by Keane and he touches it onto Rashford. He swings the ball into the box but it's poor from him and it bounces well wide of the far post without troubling Olsen.
73' Both sides are struggling to find a way into the final third at the moment and are losing possession sloppily in midfield. Everton are pushing forward now, but Godfrey's chipped pass into Bernard is cut out by Tuanzebe.
71' Coleman cuts inside from the right and plays a clever throughball into Calvert-Lewin who pulled away from Maguire. His first touch lets him down and goes straight out of play, but he would've been offside anyway.
69' The game has opened up, with both sides look for the opening goal. Pogba's long pass is just out of Rashford's reach and Olsen's clearance sets Sigurdsson on the counter, but he can't get past Telles.
M. Rashford
M. Greenwood
Manchester United
67' Greenwood is also making way, with Rashford on in his place.
A. Martial
D. van de Beek
Manchester United
67' Double change for United now and Van de Beek is being brought off, with Martial replacing him.
66' Pogba lifts a great ball over the top of the defence to picks out Van de Beek's run down the left of the box. He gets ahead of Mina to square it back across the box but doesn't get enough on it and Olsen collects it.
64' Everton are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as United continue to close them down high up the field. Keane intercepts a pass from Greenwood on the right, but Cavani blocks his clearance.
62' Maguire's clearance ends up being a good pass out to Cavani on the right. He squares it to Pogba, who lays it off to Fernandes on the edge of the box. He hits the shot first time, but it's poor from him as he sends it high over the bar.
60' United are keeping the ball well at the moment but it's all in their own half. Everton are sitting back, closing down the space and making it difficult for the visitors to find a way forward.
T. Davies
André Gomes
58' Another change for Everton now and it's Gomes that's making way for Davies.
P. Pogba
Yellow Card
Manchester United
57' Pogba got the ball when he slid in but caught the back of Godfrey's heels as well so he picks up the first yellow card of the game.
56' Richarlison is helped down the tunnel by the medical team and Bernard is brought on to replace him.
55' It looks like Richarlison isn't going to be able to carry on after taking a hit to the face and the medical team have to keep him steady as he walks off the field.
53' Bailly jumped into Richarlison when he tried to clear the ball and both players have stayed down. Bailly is getting treatment on his back while Richarlison is holding his face. The defender is back on his feet, but Richarlison is still getting treatment.
51' Everton take a long throw-in and Iwobi is picked out on the right of the box. He tries to create some space for himself but ends up putting the ball straight out of play for a goal-kick.
49' GOOD CHANCE! Godfrey's headed clearance falls to Tuanzebe who plays in Cavani first time. His first touch takes his past Keane and he hits his shot from a tight angle and a touch off the keeper takes it into the side netting.
48' Doucoure nicks the ball off Pogba in midfield and makes a driving run into the final third. He lays it off to Richarlison, who cuts inside from the left but he ends up overrunning it and Matic comes away with it.
46' Everton get us back underway for the second half!
Solskjaer will expect more of the same from his side as they caused Everton real problems in the first half. They need to be more clinical and take their chances in the second half. Ancelotti will want to see a much quicker start by his side though to avoid being on the back foot again.
It's goalless at the break between Everton and United. The visitors made a bright start to the game, putting Everton under pressure from the first whistle. They created some half chances, but their best opportunity came through Cavani when he forced a double save out of Olsen at the near post. Everton's best chance came from Sigurdsson's free-kick which Henderson saved.
45' + 1' United have a free-kick just outside the box and Fernandes is standing over it. His shot curls over the wall before dipping to the near-bottom corner, but Olsen gets down to make the save.
45' Fernandes whips another great cross into the box and he's looking for Cavani's run to the far post. Mina reads it well though and gets ahead of the forward to clear the danger for Everton.
43' It's patient play from United at the moment as they try to find a way in behind Everton. The hosts are keeping their shape well and Fernandes can't find any space down the left so he's forced to go backwards.
41' Sigurdsson tries to slip the ball through to Doucoure but Bailly blocks it and it comes back to him. He hits a shot himself from just outside the box, but it's straight at Henderson who holds onto it.
39' It's another good corner into the box from Sigurdsson and Godfrey brings it down in the middle. It bounces towards Richarlison, but Maguire gets just ahead of him to clear his lines.
37' GOOD SAVE! Everton win a free-kick just outside the box and Sigurdsson stands over it. He curls his shot up and over the wall and Henderson gets across quickly to push it away at the near post.
35' The corner is swung into the box for Everton and Calvert-Lewin rises highest in the middle to get on the end of it. He heads his effort down, but it's straight at Henderson who holds onto it.
34' It's better from Everton now as they move upfield quicker and Coleman is linking up well with Richarlison down the left. The right-back cuts inside and tries to swing a cross into the box, but it's blocked by Maguire.
32' Iwobi breaks down the left for Everton but has no options ahead of him so chooses to cut inside. He's looking to try and pick out Calvert-Lewin's run but Matic reads it well and goes over to dispossess him.
30' Fernandes' pass to Pogba takes a deflection and the midfielder lets it run thinking someone is behind him. Calvert-Lewin latches onto the loose ball and plays it out to Iwobi, but he can't pick out Doucoure and United come away with it again.
28' Everton are trying to get out of their own half and are patiently playing out from the back. Coleman switches play out to Godfrey on the left, but a heavy touch from him sends it out for a throw.
26' Fernandes has drifted out to the left to get on the ball and he whips a good cross into the box. It's over Van de Beek at the near post and Mina makes an important interception to take it away from Cavani.
24' OFF THE POST! Greenwood plays it out wide to Telles before continuing his run into the box. He gets ahead of Mina in the middle and heads it towards the far post, but it deflects off the woodwork and wide.
22' Everton are starting to push forward more with Sigurdsson making a weaving run into the box from the left. He drifts past two United defenders before drilling a shot on goal, but Maguire gets across to block it.
20' United almost play themselves into trouble as they go back to Henderson. Calvert-Lewin is hovering in the box and instead of clearing his lines, United pass it around in the box and manage to get it clear through Tuanzebe.
18' Everton are keeping the ball well at the moment, but it's all in their own half as they're still being closed down high upfield by United. Godfrey tries a throughball into Iwobi but sends it straight out of play.
16' DOUBLE SAVE! Telles whips in a brilliant cross to Cavani at the far post and he lets it bounce before hitting his shot to the near post. Olsen parries it away and he gets another chance, but the keeper is there to block it again.
14' Tuanzebe squares it to Fernandes on the right of the box and his shot is blocked by Coleman. It bounces through to Cavani at the far post though and Olsen rushes off his line. The forward tries to take it round him but the keeper dispossesses him.
13' Everton have struggled to get out of their own half so far and are being penned back by the visitors. Richarlison wins it back and tries to make a driving run down the right but he can't find a way past Telles.
11' United aren't letting Everton have any time on the ball and Olsen's first touch lets him down when it's played back to him. Cavani is quick to close him down and almost nicks it off him, but the goalkeeper just manages to keep hold of it.
9' Keane is caught on the ball again, this time by Cavani, and the forward turns and spots Olsen off his line. It's a speculative effort from the halfway line and it flies well wide of the near post.
7' GOOD CHANCE! Everton don't clear the corner properly and United come away with it again. Greenwood drives into the box and squares it to Pogba who backheels it onto Van de Beek. He hits the shot first time, but it's a good block by Calvert-Lewin.
6' Mina headed the corner clear for Everton but Olsen accidentally caught him in the face when he tried to punch it. The medical team have come on to give the defender some treatment. He's back to his feet quickly though and he'll be able to carry on.
4' Keane is caught on the ball by Greenwood just outside the box and he lays it off to Fernandes. He has Cavani to his left, but it's a poor pass from him that's intercepted by Mina.
2' Tuanzebe cuts out Olsen's clearance and he plays a good throughball into Cavani and he cushions it down for Fernandes to hit. His shot is straight at Olsen, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as the flag goes up.
1' Fernandes gets the game underway for United!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Everton are the top-scoring team in this season's EFL Cup, netting 12 goals so far. They have only scored more goals in six previous campaigns in the competition, most recently in 2015-16 (13).
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes nine changes to the team that drew with Leeds United on Sunday, with only Maguire and Fernandes retaining their places.
Carlo Ancelotti makes just three changes to his side after their win over Arsenal on Saturday. Olsen, Coleman and Gomes all come into the starting line-up, with Pickford, Holgate and Davies dropping to the bench.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford, Lee Grant, Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Fred, Jesse Lingard.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Dean Henderson; Axel Tuanzebe, Eric Bailly, Harry Maguire, Alex Telles; Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic; Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Donny van de Beek; Edinson Cavani.
EVERTON SUBS: Jordan Pickford, Bernard, Jonjoe Kenny, Cenk Tosun, Mason Holgate, Anthony Gordon, Tom Davies.
EVERTON STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Robin Olsen; Seamus Coleman, Yerry Mina, Michael Keane, Ben Godfrey; Abdoulaye Doucoure, Andre Gomes; Alex Iwobi, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Richarlison; Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
Everton booked their place in the quarter-final with a 4-1 win over West Ham in the last round and come into this game unbeaten in their previous four outings, winning their last three (D1). It was a 3-0 win that saw United beat Brighton and Hove Albion in the last round and they come into this match having won their last four away from home, a run which started with a 3-1 win over Everton.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the EFL Cup quarter-final between Everton and Manchester United at Goodison Park!