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England v Cameroon Live Commentary, 23/06/2019

3 - 0
S. Houghton (14)
E. White (45+4)
A. Greenwood (58)
Stade du Hainaut


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So, Cameroon's World Cup has now come to an end, but England will be turning their attention to their quarter-final match on Thursday when they face Norway, who beat Australia on penalties yesterday.
England are through to the quarter-finals after beating Cameroon 3-0 in a game dominated by VAR decisions. England took the lead in the 14th minute from an indirect free-kick when Houghton found the bottom corner from the edge of the six-yard box. VAR then awarded England's second goal after White was judged not to have been offside when she slotted her effort into the bottom corner. Cameroon had a goal disallowed by VAR in the second half after Onguene was spotted to have drifted offside before Nchout found the back of the net. Cameroon reacted angrily to the two VAR decisions and were threatening to leave the field at one point due to their frustration, but were calmed down by the captain to finish the game. Greenwood then rounded off the scoring for England from a corner with a shot low into the corner.
A. Takounda
Yellow Card
90' + 10' VAR were having a look at the challenge on Houghton for a possible red card offence but judged it to only be a yellow card.
90' + 8' Houghton is down on the touchline in a lot of pain after she was caught by a very bad challenge from Takounda who scrapped her studs down Houghton's leg. Nchout has gone across and is shouting at the England captain as she receives treatment and the referee isn't able to pull her away from it.
90' + 7' Kirby switches play out to Duggan on the left side and she has a lot of space to run into. She decides to cut back inside though which allows Awona to get across and block her way into the box.
90' + 5' Nchout is frustrated with the referee again as she thought she'd won a corner for her team but instead gave away a free-kick. She pulled back Bright to try and reach the ball first and the linesman quickly waved the flag in England's favour.
90' + 3' Cameroon are stuck in their own half at the minute and can't get close to the ball as England knock it about confidently. They're in no hurry to move forward and are just happy to keep possession.
90' + 1' Into seven minutes of stoppage time, and Cameroon have a good chance to pull a goal back. Nchout can't get the ball out from under her feet though and stumbles over it before she can have a shot.
89' England are still closing down the Cameroon defenders high up the field and are looking for another goal. Kirby gets two chances to put a cross into the box after winning back possession, but can't pick out one of her team-mates.
87' Staniforth whips a good cross into the box from a corner and Houghton is closest to getting on the end of it. Awona gets ahead of her though and takes the chance away from her.
85' Some great build-up play sets up a chance for Abena on the edge of the box. She manages to slip her effort through the defenders ahead of her, but there's not enough power on it to take it past Bardsley who makes the save at her near post.
L. Williamson
N. Parris
84' Final change of the game sees Parris come off to be replaced by Williamson.
82' OFF THE LINE! Kirby slips the ball through to Taylor on the edge of the box and she chips it over the keeper, who is a long way off her line. Her effort is very close to crossing the line, but Johnson gets back quickly to put it out for a corner.
80' Parris gets into some space down the right wing and she puts a good low cross into the middle of the box. Ngo Ndom is quickly off her line though and cuts out the pass before it can reach Taylor in the middle.
L. Staniforth
J. Scott
78' Neville makes his second change now and Staniforth comes on in Scott's place.
78' NO PENALTY! Sonkeng was really late with the challenge, but the referee judges that there wasn't anything in it and signals for the game to get back underway.
77' VAR is checking a possible penalty to England. Kirby was caught by Sonkeng with a very late challenge as she passed the ball to Taylor and she went to ground. The referee has gone over to the monitor to have a look herself.
75' Cameroon just aren't moving the ball upfield with any pace when they win back possession which is something that was making them a threat earlier in the game. Once again, the slow build-up is stopping them from getting into the final third.
73' A poor clearance from Cameroon is given straight to Scott who tries to play a quick pass forward into the box. The England players are static though and none of them are making a run in behind the defenders.
71' Cameroon look more comfortable on the ball and are keeping possession well again as they slowly try and build-up an attack. The slower pace is making it easier for England to close them out at the minute though.
69' Ngo Ndom spills the ball when she tries to catch Duggan's cross and Taylor is there to pick it up for England. She squares it to Kirby, but Cameroon have a lot of players back to snuff out the chance.
N. Abena
M. Abam
68' Final roll of the dice for Cameroon now as Abam is taken off the field and replaced by Abena.
67' A brilliant looping pass over the top from Leuko pick out Abam who is unmarked in the middle. She's one-on-one with Bardsley and hits her shot straight at the keeper. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as Abam was offside when she received the ball.
66' England have scored three goals in a Women's World Cup knockout match for the first time.
J. Taylor
E. White
64' England are also making a change as White, scorer of the first goal, is replaced by Taylor.
Y. Sonkeng
A. Ejangue
64' Ejangue is clearly unable to carry on after her earlier injury and she is now replaced by Sonkeng.
62' WHITE COMES CLOSE! Duggan chips the ball over Cameroon's defenders to pick out White and after turning with it, she lobs her effort over the keeper, who was closing her down. It was just overhit though and bounces wide of the post.
60' Cameroon aren't pressing as high up the field as much as they were earlier in the half and have dropped back while England have possession.
T. Duggan
58' It was a good set piece from Duggan and she did well to spot Greenwood's unmarked run.
A. Greenwood
58' GREENWOOD GETS A THIRD! The corner is played straight to Greenwood who makes a run onto the penalty spot from the edge of the box. She's unmarked and hits the shot low and through the crowd of players to find the back of the net. 3-0 England!
57' Ejangue is currently down in the box and receiving some treatment. It looks like a muscle injury and she's helped off the field by the medical team.
55' CAMEROON ARE IN AGAIN! Takounda is on goal again after England fail to close her down and she chips the ball over Bardsley but before she can have a shot, Greenwood gets back to smother the chance. She was offside though, so it wouldn't have counted anyway.
54' GREAT SAVE BY BARDSLEY! It's a poor back pass and Takounda, who has just come on, is played in on goal. She takes a touch before sidefooting her effort on goal and Bardsley is quickly off her line to close her down and palm the shot away.
A. Takounda
G. Enganamouit
53' The players have finally calmed down now and Djeumfa takes the opportunity to make the first change of the game. It's Enganamouit that's coming off and Takounda is on in her place.
52' The game is still stopped at the minute as Cameroon have players crying on the pitch out of sheer frustration. Their captain is trying to calm down her side but she just can't get through to them. The manager is just as angry as his players and it seems like they are ready to walk off the field. The referee is still refusing to show yellow cards to them as well despite their continued protests.
50' Once again, Cameroon have started shouting at the referee in frustration due to a VAR decision. They are really not happy about the decision and are pointing to the screen to try and make their point.
48' CAMEROON HAVE A GOAL DISALLOWED! They win the ball back from a bad clearance from Bardsley and Oguene's quick pass picks out Nchout in the middle. She strikes a powerful shot past the goalkeeper and into the top corner. VAR are having a look at it though and it's been disallowed as Oguene's foot was offside. Still 2-0!
46' Cameroon get us back underway for the second half!
Djeumfa needs to use his half-time team talk to try and calm down his players. They were clearly not happy with the VAR decision at the end of the half and were venting their frustrations to the referee for nearly five minutes. If he doesn't find a way to get their focus back on the game, it could get the better of them and make the task even harder for them in the second half. As for England, Neville will be happy to have a two-goal cushion going into the second half, but there were periods where his team got sloppy before the break and they will need to quicken the pace if they want to make sure they get through to the quarter-finals.
England score late in added time to take a 2-0 lead into half-time. They took the lead with a free-kick on the edge of the six-yard box after a pass back to the Cameroon keeper and Houghton converted it into the bottom right corner. Cameroon did have a good chance from a free-kick themselves, but Enganamouit's effort sailed over the crossbar. White then doubled England's lead at the end of the half after slotting her shot under Ngo Ndom which was given by VAR after it had first been disallowed for offside.
45' + 6' Cameroon are not happy with the decision and are pointing to the screen in the stadium to make their feelings clear. They're telling their frustrations to the referee and they've been complaining to her about it for the last couple of minutes.
L. Bronze
45' + 4' Bronze had drifted into the middle to pick up the ball and did well to get her head up and spot White's run into the box.
E. White
45' + 4' THE GOAL IS GIVEN! VAR shows that she had stayed onside to receive the ball and the decision is overturned. She was unmarked in the middle when Bronze played her in and she calmly slotted her shot under Ngo Ndom and into the bottom corner. 2-0 England!
45' + 4' ENGLAND HAVE A GOAL DISALLOWED! White has the ball in the back of the net after latching onto Bronze's throughball and slotting it into the bottom corner. The flag went up after she'd scored and VAR are having a look at the decision as it looked like she was onside.
45' + 3' Abam is leading the counter-attack for Cameroon and she squares the ball to Onguene on the right wing. She tries to cut it back to the edge of the box, nobody is there to get on the end of it.
45' + 1' Johnson received a little bit more treatment off the field, but she's back on the pitch now.
44' Johnson is down and receiving some treatment at the minute after a bad collision. She's back on her feet though and she'll be able to carry on.
42' There've been some sloppy passes by England in the last few minutes and they've been putting the ball out of play needlessly which is stopping them from getting into the final third.
40' Cameroon have another great chance to break on the counter-attack but Nchout's square pass to Feudjio has too much power on it. It bounces off her and goes straight to Bronze.
38' Onguene pulls away from Greenwood on the right wing and she puts a very good, deep cross into the box. None of her team-mates have made a run to the far post though to get on the end of it.
36' England have just slipped off the pace in the last couple of minutes and aren't playing with the same pace as the start of the game. Scott does try to pick out Parris with a throughball, but once again, the pass is overhit and rolls out of play.
34' England get sloppy in possession and play the ball straight to Enganamouit. She takes a touch before trying to curl her shot low towards the bottom corner, but she slipped and nudged the ball to Bright on the edge of the box instead.
32' Feudjio just rolled the ball into Enganamouit's path from the free-kick and the forward strikes it with a lot of power. She can't keep her effort down though and it sails over the crossbar.
31' Cameroon are looking a lot more confident than earlier in the game and are causing England some problems now. Greenwood just pulled back Enganamouit and they have a free-kick in a good position down the middle.
29' Once again, Cameroon play some quick passes to get them around England's midfield and set off on the counter-attack. Yango picks out Nchout who tries to switch play over to the left wing, but her pass is behind Onguene and it rolls off the field.
27' England are just slowing the pace of the game down a little bit now as they play some short passes between their defenders. Cameroon are happy to sit back for now though as they wait for them to advance upfield.
25' Cameroon are still looking to move upfield on the counter-attack, but their passes into the final third have been letting them down. Nchout holds up play really well but then can't pick out Abam with her forward pass.
23' Onguene is down in the middle of the field after a collision with Scott and she's currently receiving some treatment. It looks like it's a problem with her shin and she's limping off the field with some help, but it looks like she'll be able to carry on.
21' DUGGAN COMES CLOSE! Some great build-up play from England eventually ends with Kirby slipping the ball through to Duggan on the edge of the box. She takes a touch before curling her effort towards the far corner, but her effort is just wide of the post.
20' England are unbeaten in their previous 13 World Cup games in which they've scored the first goal (W11 D2), winning each of the previous seven such matches.
18' Scott holds the ball up really well and after turning away from her defender, she tries to pick out Parris' run down the right wing with a throughball. She just overhits it though and Parris can't keep it in play.
16' Cameroon are keeping the ball well after the restart but all of their possession is in midfield where they can't really trouble England.
T. Duggan
14' Duggan was stood with her foot on the ball, clearly ready to just simply roll the ball to Houghton.
S. Houghton
14' HOUGHTON PUTS ENGLAND AHEAD! She was waiting a long time for the free-kick to be taken as the referee took her time making sure Cameroon stayed on the line. Duggan just rolls the ball to her captain and she aims her shot low into the bottom-right corner. 1-0 England!
12' Kirby plays a brilliant throughball to White who keeps the ball in play and squares it across to Duggan at the far post. Awona reaches it first but she passes it back to her goalkeeper and England have an indirect free-kick on the edge of the six-yard box.
10' There was a bit of a mix-up between England's central defenders and Enganmouit almost pounces on the loose ball. Houghton recovers quickly though and just manages to nod it out of the forward's path.
8' Duggan has moved out to the right wing and she does really well to get past Leuko to put a cross into the box. She can't pick out a team-mate in the middle though, and Johnson gets it clear.
6' Whenever Cameroon win the ball back, they are quick to mount a counter-attack and push up the field. They're causing some problems with their pace but haven't been able to get in behind England yet.
Y. Leuko
Yellow Card
4' Leuko receives an early yellow card in the game after she elbows Parris in the game and she is slightly lucky to not receive a red card for the challenge.
2' England have made a bright start to the game and have already started putting some pressure on the Cameroon back line. Both Parris and Bronze have already made good runs down the right wing, but they haven't been able to put a cross into the box yet.
1' White gets the game underway for England!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
England have won each of their last four matches in the Women's World Cup; they have never been victorious in five successive games in the tournament before.
Alain Djeumfa was clearly impressed by his side's win over New Zealand as he names an unchanged team from that game. He has changed the formation though, choosing to have Enganamouit play upfront on her own so that there are more bodies in midfield.
Phil Neville makes three changes to the side that beat Japan in their last outing. Greenwood, Parris and Kirby all come into the side in place of Stokes, Stanway and Daly, who all drop down to the bench.
CAMEROON SUBS: Henriette Akaba, Charlene Meyong, Marthe Ongmahan, Marlyse Ngo Ndoumbouk, Alexandra Takounda, Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck, Claudine Meffometou, Madeleine Ngono Mani, Christine Manie, Ninon Abena, Ysis Sonkeng, Isabelle Mambingo.
CAMEROON STARTING XI (4-5-1): Annette Ngo Ndom; Yvonne Leuko, Augustine Ejangue, Estelle Johnson, Aurelle Awona; Ajara Nchout, Michaela Abam, Raissa Feudjio, Jeanette Yango, Gabrielle Onguene; Gaelle Enganamouit.
ENGLAND SUBS: Jodie Taylor, Demi Stokes, Carly Telford, Karen Carney, Georgia Stanway, Leah Williamson, Lucy Staniforth, Jade Moore, Rachel Daly, Beth Mead, Mary Earps, Abbie McManus.
ENGLAND STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Karen Bardsley; Lucy Bronze, Steph Houghton, Millie Bright, Alex Greenwood; Keira Walsh; Nikita Parris, Jill Scott, Fran Kirby, Toni Duggan; Ellen White.
England won all three of their group games to progress into the knockout round as the winners of Group D. They conceded just one goal in those three matches and will be feeling confident after some good performances under their belts. As for Cameroon, they progressed as one of the best third-placed teams in the competition and booked their place in the last-16 with a dramatic last-minute win over New Zealand in their last game.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE match commentary of the Women's World Cup last-16 match between England and Cameroon.