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Elche v Real Madrid Live Commentary, 19/10/2022

0 - 3
F. Valverde (11)
K. Benzema (75)
Marco Asensio (89)
Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero


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Madrid's unbeaten start to the season continues as they stretch the gap over Barcelona at the top of the table. Next up for them is Sevilla at home. Elche's search for their first win of the campaign goes on as they stay bottom of the league. They travel to Espanyol at the weekend.
Madrid go six points clear at the top of LaLiga with a 3-0 win over Elche. Valverde opened the scoring in the first half with a wonderful rifled finish into the bottom corner. His goal was sandwiched between two disallowed ones for the visitors, with Benzema and Alaba both being denied for offsides by VAR. Madrid got stronger after the break, and after seeing another goal chalked out for offside, Benzema eventually did score before Asensio wrapped things up late on with a lovely volley.
A. Rüdiger
Yellow Card
Real Madrid
90' + 2' Rudiger continues to wind up Verdu as Madrid wait for the corner to be taken, and the referee has had enough, so he books Rudiger for dissent.
90' + 1' Into four minutes of added time here and Madrid have a corner. Before it can be swung in, Rudiger is causing Verdu problems, and the referee calls them both over to have a word.
Real Madrid
89' It's a good run from Rodrygo down the left, and he has the pace to beat Palacios and swing a cross in.
Marco Asensio
Real Madrid
89' ASENSIO SCORES! It's a good break by Madrid and Rodrygo gets ahead of Palacios to lift a cross into the middle. Asensio is unmarked on the penalty spot, and he cushions his volley over Badia, who rushed off his line, and into the bottom corner. 3-0 Madrid!
D. Alaba
Real Madrid
88' And Nacho is brought on in place of Alaba.
Lucas Vázquez
Dani Carvajal
Real Madrid
88' Final changes for Madrid now as Carvajal is replaced by Vazquez.
88' WHAT A CHANCE! The Madrid players sit back and allow Palacios room down the left and he chips it over the top to pick out Ponce's run down the left of the box. He takes the shot on the half-volley but fires it over the bar from close range.
86' Milla swings a corner in for Elche and Verdu peels away from his defender in the middle to get on the end of it. His header is going wide until it hits Camavinga, but it falls kindly for Lunin.
84' GOOD SAVE! Madrid do move it quickly when they win possession as Benzema pulls it back to Valverde from the byline. He rushes the shot, not realising how much time he has, but Badia is still forced into a good save to deny him.
82' Elche are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but it's all in front of Madrid. Unlike before when they were surging forward, the hosts seem to be out of ideas.
E. Ponce
L. Boyé
80' Both sides are making a double substitution here, starting with Elche. Boye is the first to go off, with Ponce on for him.
Marco Asensio
T. Kroos
Real Madrid
80' And Asensio comes on in place of Kroos.
E. Camavinga
Vinícius Júnior
Real Madrid
80' For Madrid, Vinicius is taken off and replaced by Camavinga.
Domingos Quina
Tete Morente
80' And Morente is the other player making way, with Quina replacing him.
77' That last goal looks to have knocked the wind out of Elche, and they're moving it a lot slower when they do win it back. Clerc makes another good run down the left before picking out Ferrandez, but he's easily nudged off it by Kroos.
Real Madrid
75' Rodrygo dragged Bigas with him as he cut across the box to get the ball from Benzema before returning the one-two to set up the goal.
K. Benzema
Real Madrid
75' BENZEMA SCORES! And unlike the other two he's put in the back of the net, this one will stand! Benzema does most of the work himself before touching it through to Rodrygo in the area. He gets it straight back on the edge of the box, and he coolly slots it into the bottom left corner, out of Badia's reach. 2-0 Madrid!
73' Tchouameni cuts out Mascarell's attempted counter-attack and switches it out to Carvajal on the right. He's trying to roll it into Benzema's path for a tap-in, but Badia collects it at his near post.
Yellow Card
71' It's a late tackle on Benzema by Gumbau, and he's shown the first yellow card of the match.
70' WHAT A SAVE! Palacios curls a wonderful cross into the far post and Clerc gets in front of Rudiger to nod it towards the near post. Lunin makes himself big, stretching his arms high to smother his effort.
68' It's another good move from Madrid as Alaba threads it through to Benzema at the byline. He beat the offside trap this time and pulls it back to Valverde, but he can't get it out of his feet quick enough to have a shot.
66' Valverde has scored six goals in 15 appearances for Madrid this season in all competitions, as many as in his first 148 appearances for Los Blancos.
64' Madrid are keeping Elche penned back in their own half as they look for an elusive second goal. Tchouameni slides it into the box for Benzema, but he's forced wide and can't tee up Rodrygo.
A. Tchouaméni
L. Modrić
Real Madrid
62' Madrid are making a change of their own as well. It's Modric that's taken off for Tchouameni.
N. Fernández Mercau
62' And Fernandez is also making way, with Gambau on in his place.
Raúl Guti
62' Elche are making a double change here, as Guti is taken off and replaced by Ferrandez.
60' NO GOAL! For the third time in this match, Madrid have a goal ruled out by VAR for offside! They went direct, with Kroos going long to pick out Carvajal down the right. He lets it bounce before volleying a cross into the box for Benzema. He slotted it past Badia from close range, but the Spaniard went too early, and it doesn't count! Still 1-0!
58' Fernandez sprinted forward to try and keep the ball in play, taking a kick to the hand as he and Carvajal both slid in. He's receiving treatment on the sideline, and he'll be able to carry on.
56' Modric gets his head up and lifts a good cross onto the penalty spot. Again, Benzema sets off too early, but Clerc got in front of him anyway to stop him from getting a shot away.
54' GOOD SAVE! Alaba whips in another great delivery from a free-kick on the left and he picks out Benzema at the far post. He thumps a header straight at Badia, who didn't know too much about it, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as the flag goes up.
52' Vinicius has his pocket picked on the edge of Elche's box and the hosts break on the counter again. Milla is urging his side to join the attack, but they're slow to get forward and Madrid are able to get back into their shape.
50' SAVE! Vinicius lays it off to Benzema just outside the box before his continuing his run, but the Frenchman chooses to go it alone. He drags it past Verdu before curling a shot towards the near post, but Badia pushes it away.
48' Morente volleys a fairly hopeful cross in from the byline, and Fernandez meets it on the opposite side to cushion it down for Boye. He hits the shot first time but blazes it high over the bar.
46' Elche get us back underway for the second half!
Madrid were the dominant side in the first half, but Ancelotti will be looking for a quick start to the second half as they look to add to their lead. Elche had bright moments going forward, but Almiron will be hoping they can tighten up in defence so they can keep themselves in this game.
Valverde's strike separates the sides at the break, with Madrid leading 1-0. He scored with Madrid's only shot on target in the first half and it was a wonderful rifled effort into the bottom corner. They could've been further ahead, but were twice denied by VAR for offsides in the build-up of Benzema and Alaba's goals. At the other end, Lunin was forced into a good save to keep out Fernandez.
45' + 4' Alaba steps up to swing the free-kick in from the left and it's a good delivery into the middle. Vinicius is the only one that attacks it, though he may have just drifted offside, but it skims the top of his head on its way wide of the far post.
45' + 2' Elche win it back on the halfway line and surge forward on the counter again. Clerc cushions it forward for Fernandez and he tries to whip a low cross into the box, but Kroos slides in with a good block.
45' The problem in the crowd has been sorted and the game is back underway, with Madrid in possession.
43' Benzema kicks the ball out of play as it appears there's a problem in the crowd. The referee and the players all make their way to the sidelines while the issue is resolved.
41' Morente finds himself with space to run into down the right again, but can't decide which pass he should make. He eventually tries to drill it into the six-yard box, but Alaba was able to get back to block it.
39' CHANCE! It's a great run by Vinicius down the left and he drops a shoulder to lose Palacios before cutting inside. He takes it into the D before trying to curl a shot into the near post, but he gets it wrong and it flies well wide.
37' Morente rides the challenge from Kroos before driving down the right, but he has no one up with him in support. He holds it up well but Guti then cheaply loses the ball to Rudiger.
35' Another shaky moment for Elche as Benzema sprints to close down Badia, and he accidentally knocks it back towards his own goal. He regains his composure in time to spread it out to Clerc.
33' No player has scored more goals from outside the box than Valverde in Europe's big five leagues this season (three, along with James Maddison).
31' Alaba goes for a more direct approach this time, lifting it over the top when he spots Benzema's run through the middle. It's just too short though, and Verdu gets across to cut it out.
29' GOOD SAVE! It's better from Elche here as Fernandez bursts forward down the left. It opens up for him on the edge of the box so he decides to whip a low shot towards the far corner, but Lunin tips it wide with his fingertips.
27' NO GOAL! Benzema was coming back from an offside position when he got the ball from Alaba, and after seeing the replays, VAR disallows another Madrid goal. Still 1-0!
26' ALABA SCORES! Alaba plays his first one-two with Kroos before also using Benzema to get in behind Elche's defence. The return pass from the Frenchman cut the hosts wide open and Alaba coolly slots it past Badia into the net. VAR is having a look at this though...
25' Elche are still being penned back deep in their own half at the moment, but they're making sure all of Madrid's possession stays in front of them as they close down the space on the edge of the box.
23' Clerc tries to be too clever with the ball inside his box and he has his pocket picked by Benzema. He tries to tee up Modric in the middle, but Bigas steps in with a vital block.
21' CHANCE! The corner is whipped onto the edge of the six-yard box for Elche and Militao glances it away. He only gets it as far as Morente on the edge of the box, but he leans back as he hits the shot high over the crossbar.
19' Elche win a free-kick and Milla loops a free-kick into the far post. Guti nods it down to Boye, but he doesn't have space to turn and get a shot away with Militao tight to his back.
17' There's a nervy moment at the back for Elche as Bigas knocks it back to Badia under pressure from Kroos, not realising that Benzema is there as well. The keeper reacts quickly though and hooks it away just in time.
15' There are shouts for a penalty from the Madrid players as Vinicius goes down inside the box. He was sandwiched between two defenders as he ran onto a throughball, and the referee waves the claims away.
13' Badia goes long this time and Boye is complaining as Rudiger blocks him from chasing it. Guti does bring it down behind him but he can't turn away from Alaba to have a run at goal.
F. Valverde
Real Madrid
11' VALVERDE SCORES! And that one will stand! Benzema's shot from close range was blocked by Verdu, but the Frenchman kept it alive and Madrid pass it around on the edge of the box. It's poked to Valverde, who puts his laces through it. Rodrygo leaps out of the way, and Badia has no chance of stopping it. 1-0 Madrid!
10' Fernandez goes for the big switch to Morente, who has acres of space down the right. He cuts inside before threading it into Boye at the near post, but his back heel flick is easily cut out by Kroos.
8' Elche move the ball upfield quickly when they win it back, and the referee plays the advantage when Militao trips Milla. Fernandez tries to keep the attack alive, but can't get it out of his feet to pick out a cross.
6' NO GOAL! It's a shame, as it was a lovely goal by Madrid. They pass their way through with a lovely passage of one-touch football starting with the link-up between Modric and Kroos. It's the Croatian that slides it through for Vinicius, and he puts it on a plate for Benzema to slot it in. Vinicius just set off too early though, and it won't count! Still 0-0!
4' Madrid are enjoying all of the early possession here and they're patiently trying to open up the space in behind Elche. Valverde plays a one-two with Rodrygo to get away down the right, but his cross is straight into Badia's gloves.
2' Valverde touches it onto Rodrygo down the right and he gets a yard on Clerc to float a good cross into the box. None of his team-mates moved to attack it though and it's a comfortable clearance for Elche.
1' Benzema gets the game underway for Madrid!
The teams are coming out onto the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Elche are winless in their last 12 matches against Madrid in LaLiga (D2 L10) since a 3-1 win in March 1978 - it's their longest winless run against Los Blancos in the top-flight.
Carlo Ancelotti makes just two changes from the win over Barcelona on Sunday, with Rudiger and Rodrygo coming into the side. Mendy and Tchouameni start on the bench.
Jorge Almiron makes three changes to the side that drew with Valencia last time out. Verdu, Fernandez and Boye, who returns from suspension, are all brought in. Bigas is also okay to play after going off with a concussion in that game. Roco, Ferrandez and Collado drop to the bench.
REAL MADRID SUBS: Lucas Vazquez, Marco Asensio, Jesus Vallejo, Alvaro Odriozola, Ferland Mendy, Aurelien Tchouameni, Eden Hazard, Luis Lopez, Eduardo Camavinga, Nacho, Lucas Canizares.
REAL MADRID STARTING XI (4-3-3): Andriy Lunin; Dani Carvajal, Eder Militao, Antonio Rudiger, David Alaba; Federico Valverde, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric; Rodrygo, Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior.
ELCHE SUBS: Pol Lirola, Alex Collado, Roger Marti, Gerard Gambau, Fidel, Enzo Roco, Diego Gonzalez, Axel Werner, Domingos Quina, Josan, Ezequiel Ponce, Javier Pastore.
ELCHE STARTING XI (5-4-1): Edgar Badia; Tete Morente, Helibelton Palacios, Gonzalo Verdu, Pedro Bigas, Carlos Clerc; Pere Milla, Omar Mascarell, Raul Guti, Nicolas Fernandez; Lucas Boye.
Madrid currently sit three points clear at the top of the table and can extend their lead to six with a win here today with Barcelona not playing until tomorrow. The reigning champions are yet to lose a game this season in all competitions (W11 D2) and come into today on the back of a 3-1 win in El Clasico at the weekend. Elche are struggling at the other end of the table; they're currently bottom of the league and are still looking for their first win. They've drawn their last two outings though, after a five-match losing run.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Elche and Real Madrid at the Estadio Martinez Valero!