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Key Events

N. Domínguez
Yellow Card
C. Pinares
Yellow Card
S. Vegas
Yellow Card
R. De Paul
Yellow Card
G. Montiel
Yellow Card

Match Stats

49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 3
Total Passes 403 394
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That will do it for our live coverage of this friendly between Chile and Argentina. We hope you enjoyed following along, and will join us again soon!
As for what's coming next for these two sides, Chile will face Honduras in their next international friendly while Argentina will prepare for their third meeting with Mexico in the last 12 months.
The quality of play in this match waxed and waned throughout the 90 minutes, but the one consistent was the yellow card. In the end, 10 different players saw their names taken by the referee in a match that wound up being a friendly in name only. There was an interesting juxtaposition throughout this contest as Chile frequently looked the more composed on the ball, but lacked impetus, while Argentina looked sloppy for stretches of this match, but looked dangerous just about any time they pushed forward. In the end, neither side proved particularly effective with the match ending 0-0. In the second half, Pinares and Martinez had the best chances to get their sides on the scoresheet, but neither were able to do so on the day. Despite the inefficiencies in front of goal, however, both sides will likely be pleased to have picked up a clean sheet considering these two nations have recorded just three clean sheets in their last 10 matches combined. On the whole, things were fairly level throughout this match, and a draw seems the right result.
90' + 4' FULL-TIME: Chile 0-0 Argentina
90' + 2' Alario tries to beat two defenders while also keeping the ball in play, but the ball rolls out for a Chilean throw nonetheless.
90' There will be three minutes of added time.
90' Both sides are resorting to long balls now as they try to find some way to get on ther scoresheet.
I. Lichnovsky
C. Aránguiz
88' Aranguiz makes way for Lichnovsky who enters play for the final moments.
87' Rubio tries a long ball forward that just keeps running away from Jeraldino and ends up rolling out for an Argentina goal-kick.
G. Rodríguez
L. Paredes
85' Rodriguez will come into the match with Paredes the player to make way.
84' An Alexis clearance is blocked and Argentina win a throw deep in Chile's half. It looks like they will attempt a long throw into the box.
I. Jeraldino
C. Pinares
82' That will be Pinares' last action as he is replaced by Jeraldino.
N. Domínguez
Yellow Card
82' Pinares was on his way through the backline until his back heel was clipped by Dominguez. The latter picks up the 10th yellow card of the match for his actions.
80' Chile have not managed to beat Argentina in any of their last five meetings. Coul La Rojas overturn that trend with a goal today?
C. Pinares
Yellow Card
77' Pinares drags back Martinez on the left wing, and the former is shown yellow.
M. Acuña
N. Tagliafico
75' Tagliafico is withdrawn in favour of Acuna for Argentina.
S. Vegas
Yellow Card
75' Vegas is now the eighth player to be shown the yellow card today after a foul on Dominguez.
74' Chile are back in control of possession, having boasted 57.1 of the ball in the second half. Can they turn that momentum into a goal?
72' This match has turned into a frenetic mess over the past few minutes in all the best ways!
A. Mac Allister
P. Dybala
70' Dybala now leaves play as Mac Allister comes into the attack for Argentina.
70' CHANCE! Alario flicks an audacious chip into Martinez in the penalty area, and the latter just can't manage to lift it over the on-rushing Bravo! Great play from Argentina and a great reaction from Bravo to prevent a goal!
68' Dybala slipped behind his defender and was spotted, but the lofted pass was way overhit and bounced harmlessly to Bravo.
N. Domínguez
R. De Paul
67' De Paul departs just five minutes after picking up a yellow card as Dominguez comes on in his stead.
D. Valdés
E. Vargas
66' Vargas wasn't able to make a meaningful contribution in attack today, and is now withdrawn for Valdes.
65' Alexis spots a pass into the penalty area, but it's cut out at the last second by the Argentinian defence.
R. De Paul
Yellow Card
62' Now de Paul is shown yellow for a foul on Paulo Diaz. The referee might just run out of room on the back of his yellow card with all of the names he's taken today!
61' CHANCE! Pinares leaves the cross-bar rattling after he just couldn't keep his left-footed effort down! That opened up beautifully for the midfielder! 
G. Montiel
Yellow Card
59' Montiel is the fourth player to be carded for Argentina after a heavy challenge on Parot that leaves the latter limping.
L. Alario
J. Correa
57' Argentina make a change in attack as Correa comes off for Alario.
N. Tagliafico
Yellow Card
57' A minute after missing a chance at the other end of the pitch, Tagliafico is shown yellow for blocking the path of Pinares after the latter had already moved the ball on.
56' CHANCE! Tagliafico redirects a de Paul cross just wide of the target with Bravo frozen to the spot! The defender has to do better there!
T. Alarcón
C. Baeza
55' Chile make their second substitution with Alarcon replacing Baeza, who was on a yellow card.
E. Palacios
G. Lo Celso
53' Lo Celso, who has taken a beating today, is brought off with Palacios coming on in the former's stead.
51' The referee is quickly losing control of this match as Tagliafico is left rolling on the floor after being stepped on by a Chilean player.
C. Baeza
Yellow Card
49' Less than a minute after elbowing de Paul, Baeza picks up a yellow card for a late challenge on Lo Celso. The Chilean midfielder will have to be far more careful now.
49' De Paul goes to ground and clutches at his ribs after contact with Baeza. The former lifts his shirt to shoe the referee his bruise, though the referee is not swayed into showing a card.
48' Sanchez does well to keep the ball in play on the left, before playing a huge switch over to Opazo on the right. Fantastic ball that!
46' The referee's whistle sounds once more, and this match is back underway!
D. Rubio
Á. Sagal
46' Rubio enters the fray at the half with Sagal the player to make way.
It will certainly be interesting to see how these sides approach the second half. Chile can be pleased with their ability to hold the ball in midfield thus far, but they've lacked attacking impetus thus far. Without many established attacking players on the bench, we could see a formational shift from La Rojas in the second half to try and find an opening goal. Argentina, on the other hand, have just been a bit unlucky with their finishing thus far and will likely keep the status quo until either the 60th minute, or their first goal should it come before then.
Tempers are running high in this alleged friendly, but neither side has anything to show for it save for a few yellow cards. Argentina have looked the more likely to score thus far, and have taken three times as many shots (six) as their opponents (two). Dybala and Lo Celso have come the closest thus far, both firing just wide of the goal post from distance, while Aranguiz launched the only meaningful shot for Chile. There has been plenty of technical skill and passing on display in this match, but neither side has been able to capitalize when pushing forward. Whoever can improve the quality of their final balls will likely walk away from this match as winners.
45' + 1' HALF-TIME: Chile 0-0 Argentina
45' A bit of a shoving match from the two sides after Martinez Quarta went through the back of Vargas. No further action from the referee though.
44' CHANCE! Lo Celso tries a shot on the volley from outside the box that skips just left of goal! That looked good coming off his foot!
42' Dybala whips in a cross from a corner-kick, but it won't matter as the whistle sounds as Bravo was seemingly impeded.
40' CHANCE! After having a pass blocked, Aranguiz picked the ball back up in the box and tried a curling left-footed shot that forced an athletic, diving save from Marchesin! Terrific stuff from the midfielder there!
38' De Paul is incensed after successfully closing down a defender only to then see that Dybala had not done the same.
36' CHANCE! From a corner, Lautaro rises well to meet the cross, but head his chance a bit too high as it soars above the crossbar!
34' A de Paul cross is blocked and bounces out for Argentina throw deep in Chile's half.
32' Chile quickly push into the opposing half via Aranguiz only to then be pushed back into their own half to recollect and find another route forward.
30' A long, diagonal ball is launched out to Correa on the left, but the ensuing header fails to find the run of Dybala and Chile push forward.
28' We've just passed the 15th foul mark on the day. This match is proving to be a friendly in name only.
26' Chile have had more of the ball, but Argentina look far more dangerous, and a threat to score just about any time they push forward.
24' Aranguiz goes in with a late challenge on Lo Celso that tweaks the latter's ankle. The referee keeps his cards in pocket, and fortunately, the Argentinian midfielder seems to have escaped any serious injury.
23' A beautiful string of one-touch passes from Paredes, to Lo Celso, to Martinez, to Dybala ends when the latter's stinging shot is parried away by Bravo! That move deserved a goal!
21' Martinez picks up a loose ball in the midfield, surges forward, and attempts an early shot from an acute angle that was always heading wide of goal.
19' Martinez goes to the floor after a long ball forward and stares at the referee, but the latter is unmoved and play continues.
17' This match has been fairly level thus far, which is reflected in the possession stats which currently favour Chile who have had 51 per cent of the ball.
P. Dybala
Yellow Card
15' Five Argentinian players surround the referee after a foul is called on Lo Celso in their own half. Dybala has been shown yellow for what was seemingly dissent.
13' CHANCE! Dybala catches everyone off guard with a blistering shot from distance that bounces just wide of the far post! Bravo couldn't have done anything about that had it been on target.
11' A massive long-ball is switched to Pinares down the left for Chile, before the midfielder laid it off to Alexis who lost the ball in the box.
9' Argentina are forced to play the ball all the way back from the midfield to the goalkeeper, with Vargas chasing it all the way. Terrific effort from the forward there.
C. Aránguiz
Yellow Card
7' Aranguiz is shown yellow for catching de Paul with a wild elbow that connected with the face of the Argentinian midfielder.
L. Paredes
Yellow Card
6' Paredes picks up the first yellow card of the match after taking down Sanches right in front of the referee.
5' Chile pass the ball along the backline, before attempting a pass forward that fails to find anyone. Throw for Argentina.
3' Lo Celso tries a ball over the top to de Paul in the penalty area, but it's just a touch too heavy and rolls out for a Chile goal-kick.
1' Referee Jair Marrufo blows his whistle, and this match is underway!
The players are out on the pitch as the national anthems ring around Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Not long to go now!
Argentina should have plenty of confidence heading into this match considering they have not lost to Chile in any of their last five meetings.
Five changes from Argentina after their victory over Chile in the Copa America. Marchesin, Montiel, Martinez Quarta, Martinez, and Correa all get the start with Armani, Foyth, Pezzella, Aguero, and Messi failing to keep their spots. The latter two are obviously the most noteworthy, but neither led the country in goals at the Copa America… and Martinez did. If he and Dybala can link up well today, they will stand an excellent chance of picking up the win today.
Chile make six changes from their team that lost to Argentina back in July. Opazo, Vegas, Parot, Baeza, Pinares, and Sagal all come into the XI while Isla, Medel, Jara, Pulgar, Vidal, and Beausejour all either drop to the bench or out of the side entirely. Of course, the attention is so frequently drawn by Vargas and Sanchez up front, but it was Aranguiz who stole the show for Chile at the Copa America. The midfielder led La Rojas in both goals (three) and assists (three) this summer, and should have plenty of space to play in behind the forwards today.
Argentina substitutes: Jorge Figal, Leonardo Balerdi, Marcos Acuna, Nicolas Dominguez, Manuel Lanzini. Guido Rodriguez, Alexis Mac Allister, Adolfo Gaich, Esteban Andrada, Matías Zaracho, Roberto Pereyra, Marcos Rojo, Franco Armani, Exequiel Palacios, German Pezzella, Lucas Alario.
Argentina (4-3-3): Agustin Marchesin; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico; Rodrigo de Paul, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Paulo Dybala; Joaquin Correa, Lautaro Martinez.
Chile substitutes: Diego Rubio, Diego Valdes, Christian Bravo, Jean Meneses, Francisco Sierralta, Felipe Gutierrez, Felipe Campos, Ignacio Jeraldino, Jose Bizama, Gabriel Arias, Brayan Cortes, Tomas Alarcon, Guillermo Soto, Igor Lichnovsky.
Chile (4-3-1-2): Claudio Bravo; Oscar Opazo, Paulo Diaz, Sebastian Vegas, Alfonso Parot; Cesar Pinares, Claudio Baeza, Angelo Sagal; Charles Aranguiz; Eduardo Vargas, Alexis Sanchez.
Now, let's take a look at the team news!
These two sides faced one another not so long ago, with Argentina winning 2-1 in the Copa America third-place play-off.
Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of this friendly match between Chile and Argentina!