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T. Werner
N. Kanté
4 - 1
Thiago Silva
H. Ziyech
3 - 1
B. Chilwell
H. Ziyech
2 - 1
T. Abraham
M. Kovačić
1 - 1
D. McGoldrick
S. Berge
0 - 1

Match Stats

70% 29%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 9 3
Total Passes 762 320
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Both sides now head off for the international break. Chelsea visit Newcastle next and will surely fancy their chances of keeping their good run up. Sheff Utd host West Ham in their next game. They sorely need their first win of the season. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Chelsea's win lifts them to third in the Premier League table for now. A few teams can leapfrog them later this weekend but they're starting to look like possible title contenders if they can keep this run of form up. Sheff Utd stay rock-bottom with a single point to their name after eight games. They've got problems.
Chelsea romp to a comfortable win over a limited Sheff Utd side, inspired by the sparkling Ziyech. Lampard's team have won four consecutive games by three goals or more now and are really starting to fire on all cylinders. Sheff Utd are lacking the surprise factor they had last season. Without that going for Wilder's side, you have to worry for them.
90' + 3' Ziyech, who has without doubt been the man of the match, goes for a goal of his own as he tries to latch onto Silva's long ball. Ramsdale is out to gather it, the Moroccan smiles ruefully, and that's that!
90' + 2' McGoldrick goes down in front of Chelsea's box and appeals for the free-kick but it isn't coming. The striker's had quite a thankless shift up front for Sheff Utd since he scored.
90' + 1' Chelsea's corner ends in nothing worth writing home about. There'll be three more minutes of this.
90' Sheff Utd take the corner short and when the ball does eventually come in Mendy rises high to grab it. Chelsea counter quickly and Mount blasts a dipping shot straight at Ramsdale. The keeper tips it over the crossbar and out for a corner for Chelsea.
89' Now that the game is beyond Sheff Utd they look at least a little liberated. Baldock has a crack from distance and it deflects out for a corner.
88' Sheff Utd's corner is no fuss for Chelsea. McGoldrick tries to chase down a pass but can't prevent it from going out for a Chelsea throw-in.
O. Giroud
T. Werner
87' One of Chelsea's goalscorers Werner makes way for Giroud. Werner was effective when he needed to be and can be happy with his goal.
85' Sheff Utd huff and puff and manage to win a corner. They won't be heading back to Yorkshire with any points but at least they can try to improve their goal difference. Chelsea will make a change or two first.
83' Sheff Utd make a rare foray forward as the substitute McBurnie carries the ball down the left. McBurnie can't find his strike partner McGoldrick though and Chelsea manage to tidy up the mess.
82' Chelsea sense they can continue to rack up the goals. Sheff Utd have pretty much been beaten ever since they lost their lead in the first half.
N. Kanté
80' Kante's pass there had a touch of fortune about it as it seemed to take a deflection off Lowe straight into Werner's path. Kante will claim it though and Werner made no mistake.
T. Werner
80' GOAL! CHELSEA 4-1 SHEFFIELD UNITED! This has turned into a rout. Werner, who'd fizzed a shot wide seconds before, gets his name on the scoresheet, slamming a first-time shot past Ramsdale from Kante's throughball.
79' McBurnie clatters into Chilwell, handing Chelsea another free-kick. Sheff Utd have been burly and brave here but sadly for them they haven't shown a lot else.
H. Ziyech
77' Ziyech has been devastatingly effective for Chelsea. That's his second assist of the game now. The Moroccan's left foot really is deadly.
Thiago Silva
77' GOAL! CHELSEA 3-1 SHEFFIELD UNITED! Silva secures the win for Chelsea! It's been coming for a while. James is fouled by Lowe near Sheff Utd's corner flag. Ziyech swings the free-kick in and Chelsea's captain glances it past the despairing Ramsdale! 
S. Berge
Yellow Card
75' Berge's booked for that tug of Kante's shirt. That's the only way Sheff Utd has been able to get near Chelsea's players since the start of the second half.
75' Chelsea win a free-kick down their left as Berge tugs Kante's shirt and the hosts take it quickly. Egan is there to block Chilwell's cross. The referee will go back to revisit Berge's indiscretion.
73' Chelsea look full of confidence, popping the ball around with ease. Sheff Utd can't get anywhere near them, and when they do they're not creating anything of note, as Ramsdale punts another pass out of play for a Chelsea throw-in.
M. Kovačić
71' Jorginho comes on to replace the stricken Kovacic. Hopefully the Croatian will be able to shake that niggle off soon enough.
70' Kovacic is down on the turf just in front of Chelsea's box after overstretching with the ball. It doesn't look too serious but it looks like that's his last action in this game.
68' Mendy claims a cross from the right. Sheff Utd have yet to have a shot in this half. Chelsea have had 83 per cent of the ball. The hosts have got this game well under control.
67' Kovacic spots Ziyech in space wide right and finds the Moroccan. Ziyech returns the favour and Kovacic fizzes an effort just wide of the left-hand post.
65' Chelsea get a free-kick in a central position just inside Sheff Utd's defensive third. James goes for the knuckleball and Ramsdale is forced to punch it away. Not a bad effort at all.
O. McBurnie
R. Brewster
63' Brewster, who's had a quiet game, also goes off. McBurnie takes his place up front.
B. Osborn
O. Norwood
62' Here are those Sheff Utd changes. Norwood is replaced by Osborn.
62' Sheff Utd almost create a shooting opportunity. Lundstram is close to slipping McGoldrick through only for James to stick out a leg at the vital moment. Sheff Utd will make a few changes now.
60' Sheff Utd aren't getting any time on the ball at the moment. James darts inside in front of Sheff Utd's packed defence and takes a pot shot. It's blocked.
58' Chelsea get a corner as Egan dives in the way of a Ziyech effort. The Moroccan winger really has been menacing. Sheff Utd can't clear the corner and Egan heroically blocks Abraham's shot near the six-yard box. The visitors hurry the ball away and Stevens goes down for treatment, having hurt himself for the cause.
56' Ziyech receives the ball and passes wide to James. James swings the cross into the box and it's headed out. Chelsea try again. Abraham is crowded out again in the box and Mount's speculative shot is closed down.
55' Chelsea pass and pass and pass. They've had 75 per cent of the ball so far in this half.
53' Chelsea are playing a little more patiently now. They know they have the advantage and don't need to take any unnecessary risks.
51' Again Chelsea mop up a Ramsdale punt forward easily. Abraham holds the ball up in the box but finds himself crowded out by Sheff Utd defenders.
49' Chelsea are starting to settle back into the rhythm they found in the first half. Lowe scythes Ziyech down with a sliding tackle. The referee thinks for a moment before giving the free-kick.
48' Kovacic nearly makes it 3-1 Chelsea! Stevens misjudges a high ball and the Croatian is through on goal. Basham gets back just in time to make a sliding clearance. Mount takes the resulting corner which Sheff Utd clear.
46' Sheff Utd get the second half started. Neither side has decided to make a change at half-time.
Chelsea looked vibrant in that first half. They had 70 per cent possession and nine shots to Sheff Utd's five. Sheff Utd had more corners though and looked threatening from each one, including the one McGoldrick scored from. Can Wilder's team exploit that weakness in Chelsea's defence again?
So far, so good for Chelsea. The Blues have turned around Sheff Utd's unexpected lead with goals from Abraham and Chilwell, Ziyech being the architect of both. The hosts look in control of this game now but Sheff Utd aren't the type of side that will roll over that easily. There's still more for both sides to do.
45' + 2' Sheff Utd come forward for one last attack in this half. Chelsea eventually press the visitors back to Ramsdale who hands over possession. That'll be that for now.
45' There'll be two minutes added onto the end of this first half. It's been a decent game so far.
44' Lundstram receives the ball to the right of the penalty area and aims low for the near post with his left foot. Mendy's alert enough to see it coming. Chelsea have been on top but they still need to be careful.
43' Norwood sends the corner in and it gets a little hairy for Chelsea. Sheff Utd's best chance of scoring again is probably from set-pieces.
43' Silva sloppily hands over possession and Lundstram finds Lowe wide left. Lowe's cross is blocked and Sheff Utd get a corner out of it.
41' Sheff Utd see the corner out but Chelsea are starting to assert their dominance now. Wilder will be glad to get his team in at half-time to regroup.
39' Chelsea come close to extending their lead! Chilwell almost grabs his second goal of the game as Ramsdale tips his low shot out for a corner. It was heading for the bottom right corner.
J. Egan
Yellow Card
37' Egan sees yellow for that challenge on Werner. He's one of those good old-fashioned central defenders.
36' Sheff Utd's captain Egan commits a forceful foul on Werner. This will be a card of some kind.
H. Ziyech
34' Ziyech has had an outstanding start to this game, and to his Chelsea career so far. Sheff Utd are struggling to handle him. He could be Chelsea's next Eden Hazard if he carries on in this vein.
B. Chilwell
34' GOAL! CHELSEA 2-1 SHEFFIELD UNITED! Chilwell makes it a quick turnaround for Chelsea! Again Ziyech is the architect as Chelsea won a corner down their right. It's passed back to Ziyech who floats a wicked ball just in front of the far post. Chilwell can't miss.
33' Baldock thinks he's won a corner for Sheff Utd as Chilwell pokes the ball behind. The assistant official's flag has gone up though.
31' Werner hits the crossbar! Ziyech swings the free-kick in left-footed and it spooks Ramsdale, forcing him to tip it wide. It lands to Werner who smacks it up against the frame of the goal and back out. Sheff Utd survive for now.
29' Werner darts too far inside from the left and loses possession. Sheff Utd can't control it for long though and Lowe fouls Kovacic near the touchline. James and Ziyech are standing over the free-kick.
27' Chelsea have recovered well since going behind and are well on top of this game now. James fires in another cross from the right but Sheff Utd's backline do their job well.
25' Abraham has scored four goals in four games against Sheff Utd now. Only against Wolves and Nottingham Forest has the striker scored more goals than he has against the Blades, back when he was tearing it up in the Championship.
M. Kovačić
23' That was an incisive move by Chelsea, particularly Ziyech's pass which created the chance. The Moroccan's emergence in Chelsea's starting 11 has arguably been the main reason they've started firing now this season.
T. Abraham
23' GOAL! CHELSEA 1-1 SHEFFIELD UNITED! Abraham pulls Chelsea level! Ziyech sends Kovacic scampering down the right with a great ball over the top. Kovacic looks up and finds Abraham waiting near the penalty spot who slots into the bottom left corner.
22' Lowe decides to have a pop from distance. It's probably going just over the crossbar but it's right at Mendy and Chelsea's keeper reaches up and grabs it all the same.
20' Abraham puts Ramsdale under pressure and Sheff Utd's new goalkeeper whacks his clearance out of play. Ramsdale's had big gloves to fill since Dean Henderson returned to Manchester United.
18' Chelsea are controlling possession but we all know Sheff Utd are well-drilled defensively. Ziyech gets impatient and fires in a cross with his left foot aimed towards Werner but it bounces harmlessly wide.
16' Chelsea work the ball around the edge of Sheff Utd's box but there's no way through for the Blues. Mount takes a touch to cut inside onto his right foot and curl an effort towards the far post. Ramsdale has it covered.
14' McGoldrick doesn't score often but he likes scoring against Chelsea. The striker's scored three of his four Premier League goals against the Blues now. He's scored as many goals in eight games this season as he did in 28 last campaign.
13' Werner gets down the left and sends a high ball towards the centre but Chelsea aren't able to capitalise on it. Abraham tricks his way into the box and rolls a tame shot at Ramsdale shortly after. The hosts have suffered a setback for sure, but it's nothing more than that yet.
11' Sheff Utd look buoyed by that early goal. The visitors win a free-kick near the halfway line. Norwood floats it into the box and Mendy comes out of his goal to claim it.
S. Berge
9' Berge can claim the assist there but he surely didn't mean it. No matter! They all count.
D. McGoldrick
9' GOAL! CHELSEA 0-1 SHEFFIELD UNITED! First blood to the visitors! Norwood takes the corner short and it's worked back to Baldock who cuts back into the box. Berge takes a shot and it hits McGoldrick who diverts it into the net from inside the six-yard box!
8' Norwood's corner is cleared and put out of play for another. Norwood tries again and Sheff Utd force a third corner off Kovacic.
7' Sheff Utd have their first attack in the game as Baldock latches onto Stevens' direct ball from the back. Chilwell races back in time to put it out for a United corner.
5' Chance for Chelsea! Abraham misses his shot from the centre of the box and the ball rolls to Chilwell who hits it straight at Ramsdale in the Sheff Utd goal. The Blues are looking to get a grip on this game early.
3' Chelsea start the match brightly, popping the ball around with purpose. James gets forward down the right and floats a promising cross into the box but it's cleared.
1' We're off! Both Chelsea and Sheff Utd are playing in their usual home kits.
The two sides are out on the Stamford Bridge pitch. All the players stand in silence around the centre circle as a bugler plays The Last Post ahead of Remembrance Sunday.
Sheff Utd avoided defeat in both league games against Chelsea last season, coming from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 here in August 2019. In fact Sheff Utd are one of just four clubs against whom Chelsea have lost more Premier League games than they have won. Will Chelsea's recent form see them through or will this game be a banana skin for the Blues?
Chelsea make one change from their midweek Champions League win over Rennes as Kovacic replaces Jorginho. For Sheff Utd there are three changes to the side that lost 1-0 to Manchester City last week. Lundstram, Norwood, and McGoldrick are in.
SUBS: Ben Osborn, Oliver Burke, Phil Jagielka, Jack Robinson, Michael Verrips, Billy Sharp, Oliver McBurnie.
SHEFFIELD UNITED (3-5-2): Aaron Ramsdale; Chris Basham, John Egan (c), Enda Stevens; George Baldock, Sander Berge, Oliver Norwood, John Lundstram, Max Lowe; David McGoldrick, Rhian Brewster.
SUBS: Olivier Giroud, Emerson, Jorginho, Willy Caballero, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Cesar Azpilicueta, Antonio Rudiger.
CHELSEA (4-3-3): Edouard Mendy; Reece James, Kurt Zouma, Thiago Silva (c), Ben Chilwell; Mateo Kovacic, N'Golo Kante, Mason Mount; Hakim Ziyech, Tammy Abraham, Timo Werner.
Sheff Utd sit bottom of the Premier League after just one point in seven games. It's their joint worst ever start to a league campaign, level with 1975-76 when they were relegated from the top flight. Chris Wilder's shot-shy team need to start picking up points quickly if they want to avoid a difficult second season.
After a patchy start to the season Chelsea are starting to click. Frank Lampard's team are unbeaten in their last five Premier League games and sit top of their Champions League group after a 3-0 win over Rennes midweek. The Blues will want to continue their improvement as they face struggling Sheffield United.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Chelsea and Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge.