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H. Kane
S. March
J. Izquierdo
P. Groß
Penalty Goal
1 - 1
H. Kane
Son Heung-Min
0 - 1
L. Dunk
Yellow Card

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35% 64%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 6
Total Passes 357 634
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Brighton have 11 days to rest now before they head off to Turf Moor to tangle with European hopefuls Burnley, knowing that a win will most likely keep them in top-flight football for one more year. As for Tottenham? They have the small issue of an FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United on Saturday to deal with. Until then however, thank you for joining us and have a good night!
Harry Kane's close-range effort three minutes into the second half looked to have put Tottenham in control at the Amex Stadium; but a penalty from Pascal Gross two minutes later means that Brighton hold on for a vital point. The Seagulls go eight clear of the relegation zone with four games to go - and may have just secured their Premier League future in a pulsating encounter. At full-time, it finishes Brighton and Hove Albion 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur.
90' + 4' Ryan takes the free-kick and puts it long; both teams exchange headers and just as Spurs look to counter down the right, the referee blows for full-time! Brighton hang on for a vital point!
90' + 3' Mat Ryan picks that out perfectly! The keeper levels downfield - but the referee stops the game to award a free-kick to the hosts in the box regardless after a foul.
90' + 1' Ulloa slips just as he looked to make a slick counter-attack; Spurs return and come up with a corner on the left.
90' An exchange of headers clears the ball from the Spurs box and both teams try a counter to no avail. Three added minutes incoming.
89' Corner to Brighton after Stephens sees a deflection off a cross for March; though it is a poor effort, the hosts win another kick from the left edge.
87' Lamela nips around Dunk and tries from close range at Ryan; the keeper bobbles and then recollects his save as he dives to the ground. Brighton hold on.
H. Kane
85' That will be Kane's last act too; Fernando Llorente arrives to take the place of the England striker.
85' Kane goes for goal again outside on the right edge, from 25 yards away - and slips once more, pushing it wide at the far-left post.
83' March's long flat ball finds Knockaert, only for Eriksen to intercept his return and counter himself; the Spurs man can only pull it wide after a 50-yard run down the left flank.
82' Lamela threads Son into the box on the right around the Brighton defence, and he puts a cut-back to Eriksen who puts another cut-back on to nobody. Stephens sweeps in and Brighton are off in a counter-attack.
80' Another lazy back-pass from Dunk is almost exploited by Kane; Ryan just nips in with a second to spare, and the keeper boots it somewhere deep into the opposition half.
79' Son chases a long ball flicked on by Eriksen from halfway, only to see it slip away from his boot and out to the right of goal.
S. March
J. Izquierdo
77' Izquierdo now departs for the hosts and Solly March arrives in his place.
M. Dembélé
M. Sissoko
74' ...and Sissoko makes way for Moussa Dembele.
E. Lamela
Lucas Moura
74' ...whilst for Spurs, Erik Lamela replaces Moura...
74' Alderweireld tries his luck from just inside the box on the left after the corner is cleared to him; he only finds the side netting with his effort, with Brighton getting the goal-kick.
L. Ulloa
G. Murray
74' Changes now for both sides; Brighton switch out Murray with Leonardo Ulloa...
73' Duffy! The Brighton defender misses the goal - and just as well, since it was his own. On the back of a sustained spell of pressure, Tottenham turn a cross into the six-yard box where the Seagulls man sticks out a wayward boot, and deflects in dangerously close, with the ball just slipping out at the far-left post. Corner to Spurs.
71' Wanyama - in what is his 50th Premier League game for Spurs - sees a half-chance elude him as the pass doesn't quite come off for the Tottenham midfielder.
69' Aurier snakes his way downfield, and into the Brighton box, looking to pop off an effort; he finds the ball swept from under his feet with ease by Ryan, with the keeper hurling it back to midway.
67' Knockaert muscles his way down the left wing and sends a long cross into the box looking for Murray; his ball goes too deep for the forward, allowing the visitors to clear through Vertonghen.
65' Stephens concedes a soft free-kick 30 yards out on the right; Eriksen's lofted ball beats all however and bounces out for a free-kick.
63' Snappy play from Brighton pushes Spurs back into their own half, though players from both sides slip in the retreat. The turf has been rather lush in this game, it must be said; grip under-foot appears to be an issue.
61' Kane tries a cut-back header off a Son cross, looking for Eriksen; his effort is poor and Ryan gobbles it up before any Spurs player can get near.
60' Moura goes down under pressure from Bruno in the Brighton box and appeals for a penalty; none is forthcoming and Tottenham have to double back to halt a speedy counter started by Bong.
58' A double deflection now for the visitors; Eriksen's first effort comes back off the wall to Davies who then sees Kayal knock back his follow-up effort. Brighton survive the pair of attempts but their rearguard still looks rather shaky.
57' Free-kick to Spurs now - and in scoring distance too, as Kayal catches the ball with his left arm putting a tackle on Kane. Eriksen will take from the left, 25 yards out.
55' Moura slips down the left wing to meet an Eriksen through-ball and the Brazilian makes a lovely step inside to the right before shooting from 15 yards out, pulling his effort up short at the near post.
54' There's a spring in the step of Brighton, and Gross puts a lovely cross in for Izquierdo and Stephens that goes close. Sissoko gets the touch to deny them and Spurs clear their lines.
52' That has got the Amex Stadium crowd on their feet and in full voice to boot. Tottenham concede a penalty for the second game in a row and the Seagulls are back on equal footing.
P. Groß
Penalty Goal
50' Gross puts it to the left - and finds the back of the net! Lloris gets fingertips to the ball but can't keep it out as it nestles itself in the bottom corner. The age-old saying that you're most vulnerable after scoring yourselves rings true; Brighton hit back to level inside two minutes.
49' Penalty to Brighton! From the restart, the hosts cut into the Spurs box through Izquierdo who is then felled by Aurier. The referee points to the spot and the Tottenham players can't believe it. It's not Murray who will take but Pascal Gross for the Seagulls...
Son Heung-Min
48' Brighton seemed to think that Son had taken that ball out of play and their defence almost switched off - only for them to be ruthlessly exposed by the Spurs attack. It's going to take something special to get back into this game for the hosts.
H. Kane
48' Disaster at the back for Brighton! Another slack back-pass is intercepted by Son, who manages to dribble it along the touchline next to the right post, before cutting back inside for Kane to blast home. It takes a deflection on its way in - but the goal will be Kane's! No need for an enquiry; Spurs have the lead.
46' Back underway in Sussex for the second half; will either side find a breakthrough over the next 45 minutes? Brighton's back four looked rather leaky near the end of that opening period; they'll have to bulk up at the rear if they want to keep a clean sheet.
Two late, great chances for Tottenham could have deflated Brighton's buoyant confidence at the end there - but a bit of luck and some great keeping from Mat Ryan means that the hosts, very much the equal of their visitors in the opening 45, go in at level pegging at the break. At half-time, it's all square at the Amex Stadium; Brighton and Hove Albion 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur.
45' + 4' Brighton look more open at the back however and Kane cuts through all too easily to feed Son. From 10 yards out, he turns and blasts towards the bottom-right corner; Ryan dives and gets a hand to it to send it sprawling wide as the half-time whistle goes!
45' + 3' Saved! Eriksen is the man who takes the free-kick - but only a short tap so Kane can take the proper shot himself as the wall dissipates. He slips as he makes contact though and the effort skitters through the legs of the defence and to the crouching Ryan.
45' + 2' Moura gets some treatment as Eriksen and Kane argue over who will take the free-kick. Brighton line up their wall 10 yards away in the box...
45' Another back pass mistake from Brighton as Knockaert puts a slack pass to Kane. The Spurs man fails to put a shot on however and goes down from a defensive challenge; free-kick to the visitors 20 yards out in front of goal. Two added minutes in this half.
42' Great defence from Bruno sees him slip the ball out from under Son's feet on the left wing and he earns a throw-in to take the pressure off the Brighton defence as Spurs look to increase the pressure.
40' Ryan saves a Spurs effort on the back of a Son free-kick with ease and puts his side into counter-attack mode. The Australia keeper is an ever-present for the Seagulls in the Premier League this year and is very much proving his worth so far this season.
38' A long ball from Gross heads down the right flank, prompting a foot race between Davies and Murray. The Spurs man edges it and wins a throw in the process.
36' Just under ten minutes until the break and still no goals at the Amex Stadium. As it stands, a point will certainly strengthen Brighton's hand in a relegation battle - but a win may lift them above it entirely, with only four games to go after this round.
34' Gross turns in another great ball from the right lip of the penalty area and Izquierdo slides in through the middle looking to connect, only to arrive a few seconds too late to get a touch.
33' It's another poor corner from Spurs, swung out to the edge of the box, and Kayal clears to halfway.
32' Great shot from Moura! Cutting through the Seagulls defence with ease, he pops off a strong effort from the right flank, 25 yards out, which Ryan just tips over the crossbar at the near post. Corner to Spurs.
31' Kane is threaded a lovely through-ball from the right and cuts inside Duffy to shoot from the edge of the Brighton box; he too also puts his effort somewhere into the stratosphere, or at the very least, the top tier of the stand behind.
29' Brighton are showing a real verve and energy in the opening half-hour; indeed, they're shading the total number of shots at the moment. Gross crosses in for Murray; the ball is deflected back to him by Aurier however and the midfielder shoots himself instead, skying the ball over the crossbar.
27' Another great chance for Brighton, as Gross slips between Davies and wrongfoots the defender before turning in the cross for Stephens. It's a lovely delivery; the midfielder's attempted back-heel is too soft though and Lloris cleans it up easily.
25' Bong goes for goal from outside the box on the left after a deflection off Vertonghen skips across to his feet; from 25 yards out, he puts it to Lloris who stoops to collect with little difficulty.
23' Son repeats the same run a minute later and elects to go for goal himself; his low effort goes straight into the arms of Ryan however and the chance is easily defused.
22' Down the other end, Tottenham counter with speed, and Davies finds himself in space on the left. The defender turns a flat cross in across the goal, looking for Kane at the right post; but he puts too much weight on it and the ball skips away from the England man.
20' Now Knockaert has a go from 25 yards out, after he sidesteps Wanyama and opens up a gap. The forward's shot takes a deflection off Davies; it veers wildly to the left, forcing Lloris to dive to deal with it.
18' Close for Brighton! Sheer persistance in chasing Vertonghen from Murray sees him earn a corner on the right - and rising to meet it a moment later, Dunk lands the first shot of the game, putting his powerful header straight to the arms of Lloris.
16' Murray is looking for his first goal in three at home in the Premier League too – he last went a trio of games without a goal at the Amex in the top-flight at the beginning of the season.
14' Murray wins a free-kick in his own half now after Wanyama clatters him from the side; Brighton put it long, crossing it to the right, though Knockaert is pressed back by sharp defence before he can slip through.
12' Eriksen is the man with free-kick duties, and he puts it straight into the wall; the rebound lob in from Vertonghen is picked out by the keeper Ryan and Brighton counter to midfield down their left wing.
L. Dunk
Yellow Card
11' An error from Kayal now as the Brighton man looks to play back to his own box and instead gives the ball to Moura. Dunk nips at his heels at the edge of the penalty area and the Spurs player goes down; free-kick to the visitors 20 yards out in front with a booking for the Seagulls defender.
9' Both sides settle into a mid-tempo exchange now, as Tottenham probe around the edges of the hosts' defence, testing it around the wings. Brighton's defence muscles up to push Moura and Sissoko back towards halfway.
7' A dangerous moment for Brighton as Bruno's attempt to clear a Son cross falls to Davies inside the Seagulls box. The defender can't get a shot away before Knockaert cuts in; the Spurs man fouls the striker and gives away the free-kick.
6' Sissoko fails to collect the corner drifted in and Dunk clears to halfway with a lead-booted effort, to give Brighton some breathing space.
5' Play is resumed with Knockaert able to continue and Spurs thread their first attack now into Brighton territory. Son pops up inside the 18-yard area on the left where Bruno edges him out; the visitors get a corner.
3' Replays show that Wanyama accidentally caught Knockaert with a trailing arm in the face and the striker gets medical attention from the physio as play remains halted.
2' Knockaert goes down on the right edge of the Tottenham penalty area after Wanyama catches him; the referee waves play on however, and the game is only paused after the Brighton man remains prone on the ground for over half a minute.
1' We're underway on the south coast! The hosts make the first foray, with Knockaert trying to thread a through-ball around Alderweireld, though the Spurs defender presses him back to halfway with relative ease.
The teams are out at the Amex Stadium and we're moments away from kick-off.
Since the start of 2014-15, Harry Kane has scored 22 goals in 20 games against newly promoted sides. He’s also scored a hat-trick against one of them in each of the previous three seasons, managing the feat against Leicester, Bournemouth and Hull in successive years.
Mauricio Pochettino’s side have won travelled exceedingly well in this campaign; they have won 33 points on the road in the Premier League, only one less than their home tally at Wembley and only behind Manchester City overall. Brighton conversely have made the Amex Stadium something of a fortress; they have only four losses there all season, to Chelsea, Liverpool, City and Leicester.
It's been a while since these two sides met for a league game at Brighton; 35 years to be exact, when the pair met in the old First Division. The hosts prevailed on that occasion, 2-1; the result however, was not enough to save them as they finished bottom of the table the following month and were relegated, whilst Spurs finished fourth. Could lightning strike twice for Chris Hughton's side tonight?
Substitutes: Lamela, Trippier, Dier, Llorente, Foyth, Dembele, Vorm
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (4-2-3-1): Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies; Sissoko, Wanyama; Moura, Eriksen, Son; Kane
Substitutes: March, Schelotto, Krul, Baldock, Locadia, Ulloa, Goldson
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION (4-4-1-1): Ryan; Bruno, Duffy, Dunk, Bong; Gross, Kayal, Stephens, Izquierdo; Murray; Knockaert
Team news then and Spurs have made a sweeping six changes ahead of Saturday's FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United; Dele Alli is the big name rested whilst Lucas Moura makes his first Premier League start and Toby Alderweireld has his first since the end of October last year.
Tonight's result could go a long way to shaping the result of the campaign for both sides. A win for Spurs would hoist them 10 points clear of Chelsea in the race for the Champions League and would draw them level in third with Liverpool; victory for Brighton will help cushion a fearsome run in that includes games with City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Burnley, nearly all away from home.
Both sides are looking to bounce back from losses on Saturday; Spurs were felled by Manchester City 3-1 on the weekend the Sky Blues became champions, whilst Brighton lost a vital, five-goal thriller against fellow relegation rivals Crystal Palace to leave them stranded in 13th on 35 points. Any points today will haul them away from 18th-placed Southampton – but they face a stern test on the south coast to prevail.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2017-18 Premier League as relegation-battling Brighton and Hove Albion welcome Europe-chasing Tottenham Hotspur to the Amex Stadium. The Seagulls are looking to avoid a direct drop back to the Championship after last season's promotion; can they extend the seven-point gap between them and the bottom three against the Lilywhites?