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90' + 3'
Y. Yotún
Yellow Card
90' + 1'
R. Tapia
C. Cueva
Renato Augusto
Yellow Card
R. Ruidíaz
A. Polo
0 - 1
Lucas Lima
Yellow Card

Match Stats

65% 34%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 2
Total Passes 593 320
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Peru PER Peru 3 2 1 0 4 2 +2 7 W D W
2 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 3 1 2 0 6 2 +4 5 W D D
3 Brazil BRA Brazil 3 1 1 1 7 2 +5 4 L W D
4 Haiti HAI Haiti 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0 L L L




That's all for our live coverage from an unforgettable night at Gillette Stadium, thanks for following along! Goodbye!
It has to be said that this is a harsh result for Brazil given the circumstances of the goal, which clearly shouldn't have been allowed, but they rested on their laurels for far too long. Urgency was lacking and, while no one deserves to concede like that, they only have themselves to blame for letting it get to that point.
An undetected handball allows Ruidiaz to steal first-place in Group B as Los Incas make history, sending Dunga's side out of the competition! Peru will go on to face Colombia in the quarter-finals, while Brazil will be watching the game from the comfort of their living room!
Vilchez shows some quick feet to evade a challenge and force Renato Augusto into a foul. He's in no rush to get back to his feet here as Peru have a free-kick just inside the attacking half. Time is running out!
WAS THAT THE CHANCE?! Elias can't believe his luck! A cross in from the right gets by Ramos and straight through for Elias, but it almost seems to catch him by surprise! He's caught between two minds, unable to convert from six-yards out!
Y. Yotún
Yellow Card
Yotun is the first Peru player to be booked.
R. Tapia
C. Cueva
Renato Tapia, Feyenoord's hybrid holding-midfielder/defender, is on for Peru to help shore things up at the back, with Cueva giving way.
There will be six minutes added on at the end of this match....
Renato Augusto
Yellow Card
Peru break the other way and Renato Augusto is booked for dragging down Yotun to stop a counter.
DEFLECTED INTO THE ARMS OF GALLESE! Dani Alves lashes an effort at goal from range following a corner. He tries to navigate it through a mess of bodies, and it takes a deflection en route, but that actually takes the sting out of the shot at the keeper is able to collect.
Creativity is in short supply for Brazil at the moment. They lacked urgency for 80 minutes and are quickly coming to realise it's not easy to turn it on in the blink of an eye. Peru have everyone back to defend this lead, and they're keeping Gallese sheltered for the time being. Is there going to be a twist in the tale?!
HEADED OVER! Gil rises over his marker to get on the end of Willian's free-kick, but he can't keep his header down! What a time that would have been for his first international goal! Relentless pressure now from Brazil, as expected.
STAT: Brazil have lost only one of their last 15 Copa America games (within the 120 minutes of play), staying unbeaten in the last four (W2, D2).
Well Brazil have 10 minutes to find an equaliser, and they have to quickly forget about the referee's wrong-doing. They have to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Peru now. Strap in, this is going to be one heck of a finish!
IT'S GIVEN! The goal is awarded after a lengthy discussion, and the referee has got this all wrong! Ruidiaz swiped at the ball with his arm, basically slapping it into the back of the net - but neither the referee or his assistant got the right look at it and the call on the field stands!
ABSOLUTE SCENES AT THE COPA! Brazil furiously appeal for a handball on Ruidiaz after the goal is given, and the referee is conferencing with his linesman. Is this going to count or are Brazil going to be awarded a lifeline?!
A. Polo
Spectacular work from Polo to serve that up on a platter for Ruidiaz.
R. Ruidíaz
PERU ON THE VERGE OF A HISTORIC VICTORY! Polo does brilliantly down the right-hand side, surging down the flank and whipping a ball across the face of goal into the centre where Ruidiaz arrives to bundle it across the line! Brazil are on the ropes!
Gabriel Barbosa
Brazil go to the bench for the first time as Gabigol is replaced by the bullish figure of Zenit St. Petersburg striker Hulk.
Lucas Lima
Yellow Card
Lucas Lima is issued the first caution of the match as he arrives late into the back of Vilchez. It was an innocent challenge but a bookable offense nonetheless.
Has to be better! Renato Augusto scampers forward as Brazil have numbers on the break. He sprays the ball out wide for Coutinho, who cuts onto his right and has a decent shout at goal, but sends a tame effort right at Gallese in the end!
At what point do Peru start pushing the tempo? They're trending in the right direction, but eventually they're going to have to start taking chances in search of the goal they need to send them through. They've started to press the ball with a bit more energy, but getting bodies forward has to become a priority.
Rodriguez and Ramos have provided Peru with an excellent partnership at the back. They're growing in confidence with each passing minute after a bit of a timid start to the match. Every ball there for the taking is being won by one of the two, while taking away space brilliantly from Brazil in the final third.
R. Ruidíaz
E. Flores
Peru turn to Universitario striker Raul Ruidiaz off the bench as Flores is replaced.
BACK AND FORTH THEY GO! Brazil's best attack of the net results in a blocked shot, before Peru break quickly on the counter through Cueva - but the midfielder's throughball for Guerrero is knocked smartly behind by Miranda!
STAT: Brazil have won their last four Copa America clashes against Peru, scoring 2+ goals in each of these games (13 overall) and conceding only one.
Brazil are growing alarmingly static in possession, as Peru continue to suffocate them in transition. Gallese has been a spectator in the second half, while the loss of Casemiro to suspension is proving a big blow for the Selecao. They don't have many options like him off the bench, with Gremio's 21-year-old Walace the closest replacement - but is this too big a stage for a man who just made his debut for the national team on Wednesday?
Inspiration is lacking from a Brazil standpoint. Dunga has to be growing a bit restless on the touchline as just one Peru goal could inexplicably send them home before the knockout stage. He has to be considering a change right now, with Elias and Renato looking a bit vulnerable deep in midfield, unable to provide consistent cover for the back four.
DISAPPOINTING! A real wasted opportunity this time from Cueva who doesn't give any of his team-mates a chance to get on the end of his ball, nor does he test the keeper, curling an effort more than a few yards wide of the far post and behind for a goal-kick.
Peru have looked better in the opening 10 minutes of this second half than they did at any point during the first. They continue on the ascendency and Miranda concedes yet another free-kick, this one just to the left of the penalty area, about 10 yards from the touchline. It's a tight angle, but they're packing the bodies in the centre...
STAT: Peru have failed to find the net in only one of their last nine Copa America games, scoring at least once in each of the last five.
STRONG HANDS FROM ALLISON! Cueva takes, driving an effort towards the near post, but Allison was cheating that way and manages to get a pair of firm hands to it to deny Peru the breakthrough! Brazil living dangerously right now.
Miranda hacks down Cueva atop the area and is this the chance for Peru? Free-kick coming from about 20 yards just to the right of goal...
Peru just need that one chance - the one opportunity in front of goal that would turn this group on its head. They venture forward early in this second half, making strides down the left, but Flores puts too much behind his cross as Guerrero continues to be starved of service up top.
Here we go again!
Y. Yotún
A. Balbín
Peru turn to a bit of experience off the bench as Yoshimar Yotun - the second-most capped member of this squad - on to replace Balbin. He usually plays at left-back for Malmo, but Peru have been deploying him as a central-midfielder so this is a like-for-like swap.
Scoreless at the half as Brazil have nothing to show for their dominance through 45 minutes. A fine save from Gallese on Gabigol denied the Selecao their best scoring chance, while all was quiet at the other end until a late penalty appeal from Flores following a Renato challenge was wrongfully not awarded by the referee. With so much at stake tonight, nerves have undoubtedly played their part, as neither side have been willing to take the risks needed to make the difference in the final third.
There will be two minutes added on at the end of this first half.
PERU DENIED A PENALTY! Brazil have had four claims of their own in this first half, the referee got them all right in letting play continue. This time he's got it wrong, however, as it's Peru who appeal as Flores is clearly tripped up in the area by Renato Augusto. The referee was right there but he doesn't award the decision!
OFFSIDE! Gabriel contests the decision, but it was the right call by the linesman as the striker started his run a half-second too early. But that's yet another warning issued by Brazil, with Lucas Lima the architect, as the two Santos team-mates cause more panic at the back for Peru.
STAT: Overall, Brazil are the team to have scored 7+ goals the most times in a Copa America match (11, including twice against Peru, in 1997 and 1949). They shipped seven past Haiti in their penultimate group stage match on Wednesday.
These are some incredibly important minutes ahead as we approach half-time. Brazil would love nothing more than to get a goal to show for their dominance in this first half, but if they're unsuccessful, it would be a massive boost to Peru who could get into the room and make the necessary adjustments before making their inevitable push for the goal they need to send them through.
GREAT CHANCE! That's more like it from Lucas Lima! The number 10 goes on an inquisitive run across the top of the area before lifting a cross back towards the far post for Willian. It lands perfectly at his feet, but Trauco did well to apply pressure and force the effort over the bar!
We haven't really seen the creative flair from some of these Brazil players that we've come to expect. Lucas Lima has shown flashes, but otherwise has been quiet. The Selecao have managed good pressure in this first half, but a lot of it is the result of careless play at the back from Peru as opposed to creativity by Brazil.
A rare foray in attack from Peru comes at an inopportune time as Guerrero is off the pitch following an injury stoppage after a collision with Gil. The lack of a viable option in the centre for the Incas allows Brazil to deal with the threat easily, and they get right back on the front foot.
STAT: Peru have lost only one of their last seven matches in this competition (W4, D2): last year's semi-final against Chile (1-2).
This has been a very poor spell from Peru who are fighting for their tournament lives. They've spend the majority of the last 10 minutes in defence, hardly keeping the ball for more than a few seconds at a time. They need to make smarter decisions on the ball and start feeding it forward for Guerrero, who can hold it up with the best of them.
SENSATIONAL SAVE! OUTSTANDING! Peru give the ball away AGAIN at the back, as they can't break out of their own half at the moment. Gabigol is picked out in the area, and an excellent piece of play sees him fend off his marker, turn and place a shot towards the far post - but Gallese dives across and gets his fingertips to it!
PERU PLAYING WITH FIRE! Another collision in the area, this time Ramos on Lucas Lima, sends Brazil into a frenzy as they appeal yet again for a spot-kick. The number 10 left his leg trailing, running away from goal, looking for contact the whole time. He did get clipped, albeit slightly, but that's not a bad shout by any means - still, it would have been a harsh call.
Another injury concern for Peru as Gallese goes down after the play, following a collision with Guerrero. The keeper was able to wait for the pressure to go away before going to ground, which indicates it's just something he needs to shake off. Of course he'll be further evaluated as a precaution.
STAT: These two sides have met 16 times in the Copa America: Brazil lead by 11 wins to two, with three draws.
NO PENALTY GIVEN! Another appeal for Brazil, this one the only decent claim of the lot as Peru put themselves under unnecessary pressure as they give possession away cheaply at the back. Coutinho pounces and breaks into the area, but goes down under Ramos' challenge. The centre-half was simply standing his ground, however, so the referee gets it right again in not giving the spot-kick.
It may sound cliche, but the first goal of this match will be absolutely vital. Given the parameters surrounding the group and this game in particular, should Peru concede first they would have a massive uphill climb. It would force them to open up and throw the kitchen sink at their opponents, which in turn would leave them very vulnerable at the back.
That will put a pit in the stomach of these Peru supporters! Guerrero stays down after a hard coming together in midfield that saw him sandwiched between two Brazil players. It doesn't look like anything serious, however, as he seems to be trying to catch his breath. They've escaped a scare there.
LOVELY HIT! Pressure escalating on the Peru goal as Brazil commit more bodies forward in search of the opener. Filipe Luis strikes for goal from 20 yards, making excellent contact, but Gallese is up to the task as he parries behind for a corner.
Brazil asking the majority of the questions thus far, with Gabriel making some excellent runs off the ball as he gives the Peru defence something to think about. The striker hasn't quite got on the end of a chance yet, but it certainly appears to be coming.
STAT: Their last meeting in this competition was in June 2015 when Brazil won 2-1; prior to that game, the Canarinho had kept a clean sheet in six consecutive Copa America games versus Peru.
REFEREE SAYS NO! Gabriel, or Gabigol as he's been nicknamed by his compatriots, gets on the end of a diagonal ball from Coutinho, but a stern challenge from Rodriguez halts the striker in his tracks. Gabigol looks up at the ref in the hopes of winning a penalty, but Andres Cunha from Uruguay points to the keeper for a goal-kick.
Excitement is lacking in the early stages, but it's hardly much of a surprise as these two sides - very familiar with one another - just feel each other out. Brazil manage the first dangerous attack of the evening, but have to settle for a corner as a strong challenge inside the area takes the ball away from Dani Alves.
The result in the earlier Group B match certainly changed the landscape of this match as it forces Peru to now force the issue as they require all three points. Added pressure falls on the shoulders of Guerrero, but the accomplished striker is lively early on as he appears up for the task at hand.
AND WE'RE OFF! Brazil in their yellow tops and blue shorts. Peru in all red. Los Incas kick-off, attacking right to left.
There's a wonderfully observed moment of silence ahead of kick-off to pay tribute to the victims of last night's tragic mass-shooting at an Orlando nightclub.
Passion is never lacking when the Brazil national anthem sounds and this time is no different. The Peru players and supporters match the enthusiasm as their nation's song sounds through the stadium - we're about to get going here, finally.
Kick-off has been pushed back to 20:50 local time, so we're still about 13 minutes out from getting underway here at Gillette Stadium.
Ecuador's 4-0 victory means one of these two teams is going home tonight, while the other would be on to face Colombia in the quarter-final. Peru need a victory to advance, which would see them top the group, while any other result would send them packing.
After blowing their lead against Ecuador, Peru boss Ricardo Gareca has opted to make three changes to his starting line-up. Aldo Corzo, Adan Balbin and Andy Polo come into the team for Renzo Revoredo, Renato Tapia and Alejandro Hohberg, making it one change each in defence, midfield and attack.
Brazil hand a pair Santos' young stars their first starts of the tournament, with Lucas Lima coming in for the suspended Casemiro, while striker Gabriel replaces Jonas. Those are the lone two changes made by Dunga this evening as the Selecao look to secure top spot in Group B.
PERU (4-2-3-1): Gallese; Corzo, Ramos, Rodriguez, Trauco; Vilchez, Balbin; Polo, Cueva, Flores; Guerrero.
BRAZIL (4-3-3): Alisson; Alves, Marquinhos, Gil, Luis; Elias, Renato, Lucas Lima; Willian, Coutinho, Gabriel.
Should Ecuador win by two goals or more and Peru fail to defeat Brazil, Ricardo Gareca’s side would be heading out tonight. If they draw and the Tricolor defeat Haiti by just the one goal, it could come down to a drawing of lots – so still plenty to play for, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all permutations throughout.
The loser tonight would be sent packing if Ecuador defeat Haiti – currently in progress in the second half with the Tricolor leading 3-0. A Brazil-Peru draw would be enough to send the Selecao through as group winners on goal differential, but for Los Incas, a point leaves them no guarantees.
Tonight’s winner will guarantee themselves a first-place finish in the group, setting up a quarter-final clash with Colombia, while avoiding the hosts USA in the next round – although it may not be much of a reward given the Cafeteros’ higher world ranking.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage from Gillette Stadium as Brazil and Peru battle it out for Group B supremacy on a beautiful night in Foxborough!