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90' + 3'
Roberto Firmino
2 - 0
I. Rakitić
Yellow Card
Philippe Coutinho
1 - 0
Yellow Card
I. Perišić
Yellow Card

Match Stats

62% 37%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 2
Total Passes 658 383
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The second-half performance will have delighted Tite, whose side now go on to play Austria in their final game before the World Cup gets underway. Croatia, meanwhile, face a clash with Senegal on Friday before flying out to Russia.
Brazil looked slightly off the pace in the first half but thoroughly impressed after the break, and from then onwards they were firmly on the front foot. Croatia struggled to get forward and found themselves pegged back inside their own half of the pitch, where the introduction of Neymar and Coutinho's subsequent move into midfield made all the difference.
90' + 3' That really was a wonderful lofted ball from Casemiro, who easily got the better of the Croatia defence with a pinpoint pass.
Roberto Firmino
90' + 3' GOAL! It's a second for Brazil! A lifted pass from Casemiro perfectly picks out Firmino inside the middle of the Croatia penalty area, setting up the Liverpool forward to easily shrug off Jedvaj before beating Subasic with a delicate chip.
90' + 1' Croatia are pressed deep iniside their own half of the pitch and end up losing possession in a dangerous area. Neymar's quick shot is blocked by Caleta-Car and bounces over to Firmino, who shoots himself from the edge of the box but can't hit the target.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
88' Chance for Firmino! The Liverpool forward is able to burst into the right-hand side of the Croatia penalty area and shoot from a tight angle, but his strike is overhit and fails to test the onrushing Subasic.
T. Jedvaj
Š. Vrsaljko
87' Jedvaj has come on to replace Vrsaljko at right-back in a late switch by Croatia.
86' And now Brazil are presented with a free kick in a dangerous area of the pitch, which Neymar eyes up with intent. He steps up and shoots, but his bouncing effort fails to hit the target and bounces wide of the near post.
84' Kovacic is clumsily bundled over by Firmino on the right wing, resulting in a free kick for Croatia in a decent position. The set-piece finds Caleta-Car, but the centre-back can't make decent contact with the ball.
F. Bradarić
I. Rakitić
83' Meanwhile, Rakitic has made way for Bradaric in another alteration for Croatia.
82' And the second is Fred, with Willian making way.
Philippe Coutinho
82' With just under 10 minutes left to play, Brazil have decided to make a double substitution. The first player to come on is Taison, who replaces Coutinho.
80' Slightly sloppy play from Brazil allows Croatia to pick up possession and push forward. Rakitic tries his hardest to penetrate the penalty area but can't quite get the better of Luis, who then fires the ball out for a throw-in.
I. Rakitić
Yellow Card
78' Rakitic is the latest player to enter the referee's book for a poorly timed sliding tackle on Coutinho, which momentarily left his Barcelona team-mate in a heap on the floor.
77' Willian, who has impressed this afternoon, breaks into the right-hand side of the Croatia penalty area on another great run. He then manages to get a shot away, but his low effort is comfortably blocked by Vida before it can test Subasic at the near post.
75' Kramaric drifts over to the left wing and is able to swing a cross into the Brazil box. It's a decent pass from the striker, but Marquinhos is able to nod the ball away from Pjaca with a glancing header that just about does the job.
73' Brazil quickly push forward once again after winning back possession, but a chipped cross from Danilo can't quite find a team-mate inside the Croatia penalty area and is just about cleared away from danger.
71' What do Croatia do now? They haven't managed to carve out as many chances on goal this half as they did before the break, as they're being pushed back by a more attack-minded Brazil side. They need to push forward themselves if they're to get back into the game.
Philippe Coutinho
69' That was a clever piece of play from Coutinho, who easily carved out a pocket of space for himself just outside the penalty area before teeing up Neymar with a well-weighted pass.
69' GOAL! Brazil take the lead, and it's Neymar with a sublime strike! A lovely pass from Willian picks out Coutinho, who then works the ball over to Neymar. The forward easily gets the better of Vrsaljko before taking on Kovacic and shooting, and his thumping shot rifles straight into the top of the net. He's back!
68' A clever cross from Perisic flies towards the near post, where Silva is able to poke the ball behind for a corner. Croatia are unable to make it count, though, allowing Brazil to comfortably regain possession once again.
66' Neymar is trying his hardest to get involved in the game but he's yet to see a great deal of the ball inside the final third of the pitch. He embarks on a weaving run as he attempts to find a way through a sea of Croatia midfielders, but he's comfortably dispossessed before he can reach the box.
65' Meanwhile, Marquinhos has been brought on to replace Miranda for Brazil.
M. Pjaca
A. Rebić
64' Croatia have made another substitution, with Rebic, who has impressed today, making way for Pjaca.
63' Luis finds some space down the left wing as he bursts towards the byline, but his Atletico Madrid team-mate Vrsaljko is there to dispossess the Brazilian with a well-timed sliding tackle.
M. Brozović
M. Badelj
61' Meanwhile, Brozovic has come on to replace Badelj in the Croatia midfield.
Roberto Firmino
Gabriel Jesus
60' And the second is Jesus, with Firmino receiving a rousing round of applause as he comes on to take the Manchester City striker's place.
Filipe Luís
60' Brazil have decided to make a double substitution. The first player to make way is Marcelo, who is replaced by Luis.
59' Decent chance for Rebic! A well-placed cross from Kramaric sails into the heart of the Brazil box and brilliantly picks out Rebic. He gets the better of Miranda but has his downward header parried away by Alisson.
M. Kovačić
L. Modrić
58' Kovacic has come on to replace Modric in Croatia's second change of the afternoon.
57' With 57 minutes on the clock, Brazil have finally managed to have a shot on target. It comes through Neymar, but the forward's curling effort is easily collected by Subasic in the middle of the goal.
56' This time it's Lovren who commits a foul, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Brazil a free kick deep down the right flank. It's sent short and worked over to Danilo, who shoots from 25 yards out but fires his strike well wide of the goal.
54' Lovren steals the ball from Jesus and is caught from behind by the striker, resulting in a free kick for Croatia in a promising position. It's Modric who sends a cross into the penalty area, but it's overhit and sails straight into the hands of Alisson.
D. Ćaleta-Car
V. Ćorluka
52' Croatia have made their first alteration of the game, with Corluka making way for Caleta-Car, who comes on to make his senior international debut.
51' Willian twists and turns over on the right wing before crossing once again, but Lovren is there to knock the ball behind for a corner. They can't make it count, though, as the danger is cleared before Marcelo's long-range shot fails to hit the target.
50' Brazil patiently knock the ball around before Willian sends in a dangerous chipped cross. It looks set to find Marcelo inside the box, but Modric is there to nod the ball away from his Real Madrid team-mate.
48' Jesus breaks into the Croatia penalty area and latches onto a clever throughball from Willian. The Manchester City striker is slightly offside, though, and the linesman's flag is raised before he can get a shot away.
46' Brazil have made one substitution, with Neymar coming on to replace Fernandinho. The PSG star has been handed 45 minutes to ease back into things after over three months out with injury.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
According to Opta, when Brazil defeated Croatia in the opening game of the 2014 World Cup, they had 60.9% of possession - their highest percentage in the entire competition. They've had 65.3% so far today but are yet to really enjoy any decent chances on goal.
An even game remains goalless at the half-time break. Croatia have arguably enjoyed the better chances of the two sides but are yet to force Alisson into doing too much work. At the other end, Brazil have looked far from their best and need an injection of energy in the second half.
45' + 2' Marcelo spins over on the left flank and tries to pick out a team-mate on the edge of the box, but Vrsaljko is there to win the ball back for Croatia. Rakitic then bursts forward and fires a lofted pass towards Rebic, who goes close to beating Alisson to the ball just outside the penalty area but can't quite do so.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
44' There's yet another break in play, and this time it's Vida who has gone down after being caught by Danilo. He seemed to be accidentally caught on the nose by the Brazil defender, leaving him in need of medical attention.
42' Vrsaljko received a slight cut to the side of his head but is able to get back to his feet as the game resumes. Brazil quickly push forward, but Jesus is penalised for a push on Corluka as they battle for the ball inside the box.
Yellow Card
40' The yellow card is out once again, and this time it's Fernandinho who finds himself on the receiving end for a high boot that caught Vrsaljko. The midfielder was going for the ball but ended up striking the full-back in the face.
I. Perišić
Yellow Card
38' Croatia lose the ball out wide, allowing Brazil to counter-attack once again. It's Jesus who bursts forward, but Perisic is there to halt the Manchester City forward with a cynical challenge that earns him a yellow card.
36' A Croatia free kick can't find a red and white shirt in front of goal, allowing Brazil to break away quickly. They're unable to carve out a chance on goal, though, as Vida is there to win the ball back with a well-timed tackle.
35' A long ball is blasted down the right wing and into the path of Willian, who once again does well to keep the pass in play. He then tees up Paulinho to cross, but Subasic is able to get a hand on the ball after it deflects towards his near post.
33' Willian sprints into the right-hand side of the penalty area and crosses, but Subasic is there to parry the ball away from goal and towards the edge of the box. Croatia then try to hit their opponents on a counter-attack, but Modric's pass towards Rebic is overhit and can only find the hands of Alisson.
31' Vrsaljko is caught out of position out wide, allowing Brazil to quickly counter-attack. Jesus sends a clever lofted pass over to Willian and sets up the winger to shoot, but his low effort is thumped away by Badelj after deflecting towards goal.
29' Perisic goes close! Rebic darts down the left flank and gets himself into a good position to cross. He cuts a low pass into the path of Perisic, who tries to shoot from inside the box but ends up completely missing the ball.
27' With 27 minutes on the clock, neither side have enjoyed too many clear-cut chances on goal. Both seem content to sit back and wait for pockets of space to emerge rather than commit too many bodies forward, resulting in the majority of the game being fought in the centre of the pitch.
25' Coutinho picks up the ball in a bit of space over on the left wing, allowing him to quickly cut inside and head towards the penalty area. He easily gets the better of two players before shooting, but once again his strike is poor and fails to hit the target.
23' This time it's Badelj who goes in hard and catches Willian, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Brazil a free kick. It's taken quickly and worked to Coutinho, who shoots from just outside the box but sends his effort high and wide of the goal.
21' Paulinho picks up the ball in the middle of the pitch and is immediately clattered into by Lovren, leaving him in a heap on the floor. Some of the Brazil fans don't sound too pleased with the challenge, but the referee decides to keep his cards in his pocket.
19' Willian makes a run down the right flank once again as Brazil try to get the better of the Croatia back line with a long ball down the wing, but this time Vida is there to nod the ball back to Subasic.
17' Brazil patiently work the ball around before Marcelo sends a lofted pass over to the right wing. It picks out Willian in a promising position, but the Chelsea man is slightly offside and the linesman's flag is quickly raised.
15' Once again, Brazil are caught out trying to play from the back, with Miranda giving the ball away in a dangerous position. Kramaric picks up possession and shoots from 25 yards out, but his strike is easily dealt with by Alisson.
A. Kramarić
Yellow Card
13' Brazil are guilty of over-playing inside their own penalty area, leaving Silva in an awkward position. Kramaric flies into the defender and tries to steal the ball, but he instead catches him with a high boot and receives a yellow card as a result.
12' Lovren goes close! A Croatia corner is curled into the middle of the Brazil box and perfectly picks out Lovren, who rises high and meets the ball but sends a bullet header just wide of the near post.
11' Modric twists and turns over on the right flank as he tries to carve out a pocket of space for himself. He's eventually able to do so and whips in a cross with the outside of his foot, but it narrowly misses finding Rebic.
9' Almost a chance for Willian! After dealing with the set-piece, Brazil quickly burst forward on a counter-attack. Willian weaves his way through the Croatia midfield before poking a pass over to Jesus. The striker then tees up Danilo to cross, but Willian can't quite make contact with the pass in front of goal.
8' Another foul results in a free kick for Croatia, this time over on the right wing. Modric steps up and curls a cross into the heart of the penalty area, where Silva rises high and easily clears the danger.
7' Modric is caught late by Fernandinho and Croatia are awarded a free kick on the halfway line. They're unable to make it count, though, as a poor pass gifts possession back to Brazil.
5' A lovely cross-field pass is fired over to the right flank and picks out Willian. The Chelsea winger cuts inside and fires a low cross towards Jesus, but it's Lovren who gets to the ball first.
3' After an even start to the game from both sides, Alisson is put under pressure as Brazil try to play out from the back. He's almost caught out but blasts the ball out for a throw-in before Kramaric can steal it from under his nose.
1' We're off! It's Croatia who get us underway.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Brazil’s record in England is a slightly mixed one, as they’ve only won one of their last four friendlies there. They did beat Chile 1-0 at the Emirates Stadium in 2015, though, and last played in Liverpool back in 1995, when they comfortably won 3-0 against Japan. They’ll be hoping for more of the same today.
Meanwhile, Croatia boss Dalic has made five alterations to the team that featured against Mexico back in March, with Subasic, Lovren, Modric, Perisic and Kramaric coming into a very strong starting line-up.
Tite has decided to name an unchanged Brazil side to the one that started their last friendly, with Gabriel Jesus once again leading the line alongside Willian and Coutinho. Neymar is fit enough for a place on the bench and should feature at some point today.
Croatia substitutes: Ivan Strinic, Mateo Kovacic, Marcelo Brozovic, Lovre Kalinic, Tin Jedvaj, Matej Mitrovic, Duje Caleta-Car, Nikola Kalinic, Mario Mandzukic, Marko Pjaca, Josip Pivaric, Filip Bradaric.
Croatia XI (4-2-3-1): Danijel Subasic; Sime Vrsaljko, Dejan Lovren, Vedran Corluka, Domagoj Vida; Milan Badelj, Ivan Rakitic; Ante Rebic, Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic; Andrej Kramaric.
Brazil XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Marcelo; Paulinho, Casemiro, Fernandinho; Willian, Gabriel Jesus, Philippe Coutinho.
Brazil substitutes: Pedro Geromel, Filipe Luis, Douglas Costa, Neymar, Marquinhos, Cassio, Fred, Roberto Firmino, Taison, Fagner, Ederson.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
Brazil have faced Croatia four times and are yet to lose against them, winning two games and drawing twice. They previously met in the opening game of the last World Cup, with the Selecao comfortably winning 3-1, meaning it’s now 12 years since Croatia last enjoyed their solitary victory against South American opposition.
Whereas Brazil will feel confident about their chances of successfully making it through their World Cup group, Croatia’s task looks set to be a significantly more difficult one. With clashes against Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria facing them, Zlatko Dalic’s men are faced with a huge challenge, one that they’ll be aiming to prepare for today with a positive result against their illustrious opponents.
Their opponents are unlikely to be swatted aside easily, though, as they also boast a plethora of top talent. Croatia needed a play-off win against Greece to book their place in Russia but have impressed in recent matches, suffering just one defeat in six outings. They most recently got the better of Mexico but will need the likes of Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic to be at their very best today.
Today’s game is Brazil’s first since their win against reigning world champions Germany back in March, and it’s one of only two final chances they have to prepare before heading off to Russia. The revitalised Selecao are able to welcome back Neymar - albeit on the bench - and they certainly have enough firepower in their ranks to see off Croatia and continue their excellent World Cup preparation.
With just one defeat in almost two years and four wins from their last five games, Brazil go to the World Cup as one of the favourites to lift the trophy. They comfortably topped the South American qualifying group and have been in near-unstoppable form recently, leaving them in a very confident mood heading into this summer’s tournament.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of today’s international friendly between Brazil and Croatia at Anfield.