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Brazil v Costa Rica Live Commentary, 22/06/2018

2 - 0
Philippe Coutinho (90+1)
Neymar (90+7)
Saint-Petersburg Stadium


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Costa Rica are eliminated from the tournament as a result of their second defeat on the bounce. They displayed resilience at the back, but were broken down in the end by Brazil's quality in the final third.
Relief for Brazil as late goals from Philippe Coutinho and Neymar secure their first win of the 2018 World Cup, keeping them on course for the knockout stages. Costa Rica put forward a stubborn defence for the majority of the match and it seemed when Neymar had a penalty decision overturned by VAR that it was not going to be Brazil's day. However, they kept plugging away and were rewarded when Coutinho stabbed home in the first minute of stoppage time before Neymar added a second to end the match.
Douglas Costa
90' + 7' Douglas Costa raids down the right before crossing for Neymar to score.
90' + 7' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! NEYMAR GETS HIS GOAL!!! BRAZIL 2-0!!!! Neymar secures the win for Brazil as he converts from close range. Douglas Costa's run down the right proved to be too much for the tiring Costa Rica defence to handle. He put the ball on a plate for Neymar to tap home and he made no mistake from six yards. Game over.
90' + 5' Marcelo raids down the left flank to kill off the clock and his low cross is diverted behind by Oviedo.
90' + 4' WIDE! Firmino goes for the kill in the closing stages as he and Coutinho combine in the final third. However, the former cannot provide the finish, firing wide of the target.
Gabriel Jesus
90' + 3' Fernandinho replaces Jesus for the closing stages.
Gabriel Jesus
90' + 1' Jesus inadvertently pokes the ball towards Coutinho, who applies the finish.
Philippe Coutinho
90' + 1' GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! COUTINHO FIRES HOME!!! BRAZIL HAVE A 1-0 LEAD!! Finally Brazil get the breakthrough as Coutinho stabs home from close range. Marcelo's cross from the left was knocked down by Firmino. Jesus took a poor first touch, but it fell perfectly for the run of Coutinho, who fired his effort through the legs of Navas. Relief on the bench for Tite.
90' There will be six minutes of added time.
90' Casemiro hooks a cross into the box towards Coutinho, but Gonzalez is there to head away from danger.
89' Navas comes through a crowd of players to punch a cross from Neymar away from danger and he goes down in a heap. Who knows what to believe here?
88' Costa Rica are doing their utmost to frustrate Brazil in the closing stages. They're taking their time at every stoppage.
87' SHOT! Casemiro latches on to Douglas Costa's cut back on the edge of the box and goes for the drive. However, Navas sees the strike all the way to make the stop.
85' SAVE! Coutinho goes for a strike at goal from 25 yards, but all the pace is taken out of his strike by a block from Gonzalez.
J. Acosta
Yellow Card
Costa Rica
84' Acosta is booked for timewasting at a throw-in down the right flank.
Y. Tejeda
D. Guzmán
Costa Rica
83' Guzman has put in the hard yards this afternoon and is replaced by Tejeda.
82' Desperate times now for Costa Rica as Marcelo probes down the left flank. However, there are two defenders there to block his cross.
Philippe Coutinho
Yellow Card
81' Coutinho goes into the book for dissent after another decision did not go the way of Brazil.
Yellow Card
81' Neymar slams the ball to the deck in frustration and the referee pulls out the yellow card.
79' OVERTURN! The referee wants to take a second look at his decision. Neymar went down too easily in the box on second look and referee Kuipers overturns his initial decision.
78' PENALTY TO BRAZIL! Neymar is pulled down in the box by Gonzalez and the referee points to the spot.
76' BLOCK! Neymar collects in space on the left flank and he goes for the stabbed shot between the legs of Calvo, but the defender holds firm to direct it out for a corner.
F. Calvo
C. Gamboa
Costa Rica
75' Calvo comes on to replace the tiring legs of Gamboa, who has put in a good shift down the flank.
74' Marcelo threads the ball forward for the run of Coutinho. However, there's a fraction too much pace on his pass and it allows Navas to gather.
72' CHANCE! Gamboa makes a mistake at the back to open up a path to goal for Neymar 20 yards out. He curls his effort towards the top corner, but it sails the wrong side of the post to miss the target.
70' Casemiro pulls off his man at Brazil's second corner, but he guides his headed effort straight at Navas from Neymar's delivery.
69' Neymar drifts into space to move into the right inside channel. Oviedo reads the danger to get across the forward to clear behind before he can fire at goal.
Roberto Firmino
68' An aggressive substitute from Tite as he withdraws Paulinho for Firmino.
68' CLOSE! Costa Rica threaten as Ruiz heads into the path of Venegas in the six-yard box, but Miranda does well to clear ahead of the midfielder. The Brazil defender had to make that challenge.
67' Douglas Costa breaks down the right flank and sends a low cross into the box, but Duarte clears his lines at the near post.
65' Neymar curls a cross into the box for the run of Paulinho at the back post, but a high boot from from the midfielder on Duarte results in a free-kick for Costa Rica.
63' SAVE! Neymar carves out room for a left-footed strike on the edge of the box. Navas fumbles his first attempt at saving the tame strike, although he scampers off his line to gather at the second chance.
61' Neymar leads the break from the back, only to see his offload just evade Douglas Costa on the right flank.
61' Bolanos fails to deliver a threatening delivery, although it comes back to Gamboa who does send in a good cross into the box. However, Duarte cannot connect with his attempt at the near post before Brazil break on the counter.
59' Bolanos does well down the right flank to win his side a corner off the legs of Marcelo. Breathing space for the Costa Rica defence.
58' SHOT! Brazil have space on the counter as Paulinho again finds space on the right flank. There's no room for a shot for the Barcelona man, but Coutinho takes over to shoot, only to fire straight at Navas.
56' SAVE! Paulinho gets the better of Oviedo down the right flank and he fires a low cross into the box. Neymar latches on to the ball and shoots first time, but the PSG forward is denied by a brilliant fingertip by Navas.
C. Bolaños
M. Ureña
Costa Rica
54' Urena is withdrawn after Brazil's strong start to the second half and is replaced by Bolanos.
53' Ruiz gives the ball away in his own half and Neymar slides the ball to Marcelo. He curls a cross to the back post, but it sails out for a goal-kick.
52' Venegas takes the pressure off his side with a run down the right flank to win a throw-in off Coutinho.
51' It's all hands on deck for Costa Rica at the back to temper Brazil's lightning start to the second half.
50' BLOCK! Brazil keep the attack alive and the ball lands at the feet of Coutinho in the box. He has the target to aim at, but Gamboa throws himself in front of the ball to divert the Barcelona man's strike wide of the target.
49' OFF THE BAR! Fagner raids down the right and lifts a pinpoint cross into the box. Jesus pulls off his man to head at goal, but his effort clatters off the bar.
48' CLOSE! Brazil work the ball into the box with a neat one-touch passes. Oviedo puts Navas under pressure with a short backpass, although he clears his lines. Brazil keep the pressure on as Paulinho lifts a cross to the back post, but Navas puts his body on the line to gather ahead of Neymar.
Douglas Costa
46' Douglas Costa replaces Willian for Brazil down the flank.
46' We're back underway at the Krestovsky Stadium.
Brazil have failed to score in the first half in three of their last four World Cup games - scoring against Switzerland in their Group E opener.
Brazil have been uninspiring at the World Cup thus far. Tite's men need to find their rhythm to kickstart their tournament otherwise they'll be putting themselves under huge pressure in their final Group E match.
It's goalless at the break as Brazil have been thwarted in the final third by Costa Rica's stubborn backline. Oscar Ramirez's men had the best opening of the first half when Cristian Gamboa teed up Celso Borges, who placed his effort past the post. At the other end Gabriel Jesus has had a goal chalked off for an obvious offside, while Neymar has been frustrated by stout defending.
45' + 1' Urena wins a free-kick after being brought down by Miranda. However, Guzman overhits his delivery to waste the opening.
45' + 1' Neymar goes on the charge down the right and falls to the ground after Gamboa's challenge, but the referee points for a goal-kick.
45' There will be one minute of added time.
45' Urena has space to offload on the edge of the box, but he plays a poor pass to Ruiz to allow Miranda to make the interception.
43' Venegas almost gets the better of Thiago Silva in the final third. The defender recovers from his mistake to make the challenge before the Costa Rica forward can threaten.
41' SAVE! Marcelo probes towards the edge of the box before firing at goal on his right foot. His effort travels towards the bottom corner, but Navas gets down to make a comfortable save.
40' Gamboa makes a good run down the right flank and offloads towards Urena, only for the forward to move too soon and being caught offside.
39' Paulinho goes down in the box from the resulting corner. The referee has a great view of the incident, but he waves play on as Costa Rica break on the counter.
38' Willian has another dart at Oviedo down the right flank and Brazil win a corner as the winger deflects his cross off the Sunderland man's legs.
37' Oviedo dives in on the flank and almost leaves space for Willian to raid, but the Chelsea man cannot keep the ball in play on the right.
36' Brazil's shooting has not been at the level expected. Costa Rica are forcing their hand to fire at goal from distance, which has increased the degree of difficulty.
34' OVER! Willian goes on the charge and cuts inside from the right flank to shoot on his left. However, his strike goes well wide of the target.
33' Neymar is not a fan of contact and he looks at the referee after being fairly challenged by Gamboa on the flank.
31' Neymar raids with menace down the left flank before curling a cross to the back post for Jesus. Oviedo does well to cover by clearing behind, although the offside flag is raised against the City forward anyway.
30' OVER! Coutinho opens up space on the left flank to cut inside to shoot on his right foot. He curls his effort towards the top corner, but unlike his effort against Switzerland, this one sails over the bar.
28' WIDE! Space opens up for Marcelo to line up a drive on the edge of the box. He connects sweetly with his strike, although it travels just wide of the target.
27' Coutinho lifts a perfect pass over the top of the Costa Rica defence for Neymar's run. The forward takes a poor first touch as he latches on to the offload, allowing Navas to race off his line to make the stop.
26' DISALLOWED GOAL! Jesus latches on to Marcelo's low drive into the box before controlling and firing past Navas. The offside flag goes up late to disallow the attempt, although it was a late one from the linesman.
25' Neymar searches for Jesus in the box with a first-time cross from the left. His delivery sails out for a goal-kick, well away from his team-mate. The PSG forward has not looked himself to start the contest.
24' Jesus surges towards the edge of the box and tries to thread a pass through for Marcelo's run. However, Gonzalez makes the intervention to break up the attack.
23' Thiago Silva wins the header in the box from Neymar's delivery, although his effort trickles out harmlessly for a goal-kick.
22' Duarte collides with Jesus in the Costa Rica half and once again Brazil have a free-kick to send into the box.
21' Gamboa makes another surge down the right flank and Venegas wins his header in the box. Miranda senses the danger and is able to clear the ball ahead of Urena.
20' Coutinho looks for the run of Jesus behind the Costa Rica defence, but the ball skips off the surface and lands in the grasp of Navas.
19' Neymar floats the delivery into the box, but Navas comes through a crowd of players to make the claim.
18' Neymar beats the challenge of Gamboa with a neat piece of skill down the left flank. Venegas chooses to bring down the forward before he can threaten, although the forward is not booked for his challenge.
17' Brazil win another free-kick that Neymar whips into the box, this time from the left flank. The outcome is the same as Gonzalez rises to clear the danger.
16' Guzman collides with Neymar as the PSG forward attempts to hold possession. The striker goes down, but is back on his feet pretty sharpish.
15' Costa Rica press high up the pitch to put Brazil under pressure at the back. It almost leads to another shooting opportunity, although the resistance from Tite's men stiffens on the edge of the box.
13' CHANCE! Borges should put Costa Rica ahead, but he places his effort wide of the post. Gamboa did brilliantly down the right to drive into the right inside channel after collecting Venegas' offload. He cut the ball back for Borges to latch on to and strike at goal, only for the midfielder to curl his strike wide of the target.
11' Casemiro makes his way off the pitch, but it's only for treatment for a nosebleed.
10' Neymar curls his delivery in from the right flank, but the Costa Rica defence are able to clear their lines as Gonzalez rises to head away.
9' Guzman brings down Jesus in the final third and it hands Brazil a threatening free-kick, which Neymar will whip into the box.
8' Both sides have not impressed with their early sighters at goal from distance.
7' Costa Rica work the ball around the edge of the Brazil box before Gamboa goes for a speculative blast. However, he sends his effort well over the bar.
5' Urena is played into space by Ruiz, but Thiago Silva tracks back to make the covering challenge to deny the Costa Rica forward.
3' OVER! Ruiz gives the ball away on the edge of the box and Coutinho goes for the strike. However, the Barcelona man blasts his effort over the bar.
2' A couple of early touches for Oviedo as he feels his way into the tournament after missing out on selection for the opener.
1' We're underway at the Krestovsky Stadium.
The players are out on the pitch and the anthems are underway, so we should be off and running shortly.
Brazil are winless in three World Cup matches (D1 L2), their worst run since June 1978, when they went four matches without a win.
This is the third meeting between Brazil and Costa Rica at the World Cup. Brazil won their first contest 1-0 in 1990, before recording a 5-2 victory in 2002.
Costa Rica have also made one change to their side as Ramirez has rotated the wing-back position. Oviedo comes into the fold to replace Calvo in the side that was beaten by Serbia last time out.
Neymar has been passed fit to play despite not training ahead of the contest with a foot injury. Brazil have made one change from their draw against Switzerland as Danilo has been ruled out of action and is replaced by Fagner in the right-back position.
Costa Rica subs: Ian Smith, Christian Bolanos, Daniel Colindres, Joel Campbell, Rodney Wallace, Randall Azofeifa, Francisco Calvo, Yeltsin Tejeda, Patrick Pemberton, Kendall Waston, Kenner Gutierrez, Leonel Moreira.
COSTA RICA (3-4-3): Keylor Navas; Oscar Duarte, Giancarlo Gonzalez, Johnny Acosta; Cristian Gamboa, Celso Borges, David Guzman, Bryan Ruiz; Bryan Ruiz, Marco Urena, Johan Venegas.
Brazil subs: Geromel, Filipe Luis, Douglas Costa, Renato Augusto, Marquinhos, Cassio, Fernandinho, Fred, Roberto Firmino, Taison, Ederson.
BRAZIL (4-3-3): Alisson; Fagner, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Marcelo; Paulinho, Casemiro, Philippe Coutinho; Willian, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar.
Let's take a look at the two teams this afternoon, starting with Brazil.
Brazil have won nine of their 10 previous internationals against Costa Rica, losing only in a friendly in March 1960.
Costa Rica are in danger of elimination should they suffer their second-straight defeat of the tournament. Aleksandar Kolarov's strike condemned them to defeat in Samara. Oscar Ramirez's men need a response this afternoon to keep their hopes of reaching the knockout phase.
Brazil were frustrated in their opening match of the tournament. Philippe Coutinho put them ahead in the 20th minute of their Group E match, but Steven Zuber scored a second-half equaliser for Switzerland to earn them a share of the spoils in Rostov.
Hello and welcome to live text commentary of the Group E match between Brazil and Costa Rica at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.