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A. Vidal
Yellow Card
Ederson Moraes
Yellow Card
C. Palacios
Yellow Card
Gabriel Jesus
Red Card
Lucas Paquetá
1 - 0

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41% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 351 504
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Brazil are into the semi-final and will face Peru in Rio de Janeiro. Chile couldn't pull off a shock by knocking out the holders, and their next game will see them face Brazil again in a World Cup qualifier in September.
10-man Brazil hold on to beat Chile 1-0 to reach the semi-final. Paqueta, who was brought on as a sub at the start of the second half, scored the winner less than a minute after coming off the bench when he slotted past Bravo following Vegas' poor clearance. Two minutes later, Jesus was sent off after catching Mena in the face with a very high boot. Brereton looped a header onto the crossbar, Ederson denied Meneses late on, and Chile just couldn't find the equaliser they needed.
90' + 6' One last chance for Chile as we head into the final minute of stoppage time. Isla squares it to Palacios in space on the edge of the box, but he leans back as he hits the shot and blazes his effort high over the bar.
90' + 5' Chile can't do anything with the corner and Neymar breaks quickly on the counter again. He has two up with him in support and curls it towards Paqueta in space through the middle. His first touch is poor though and the chance is gone.
90' + 3' Chile are still keeping the pressure on here and Meneses does well to clip a cross towards Vargas at the far post. He has Militao tight to him though and the defender clears his lines.
Éder Militão
Renan Lodi
90' + 1' And Militao is also brought on for Lodi.
90' + 1' There's a double change for Brazil now as Richarlison goes off for Everton.
90' There's a scramble in the Brazil box as Vidal slides the ball through for Vargas. He knocks it onto Medel, but it gets caught under his feet and he can't sort himself out quick enough to have a shot.
D. Valencia
C. Aránguiz
88' There's another change for Chile now as Aranguiz is taken off for Valencia.
A. Vidal
Yellow Card
88' Vidal catches Neymar with another late challenge, and this time the referee pulls out his yellow card, much to the midfielder's frustration.
87' Neymar is still making runs in behind Chile's defence whenever they win the ball back and Ederson goes long trying to seek him out. They're not on the same wavelength this time though, and Bravo comes off his line to collect it.
85' Richarlison has stayed down here after being caught slightly late by Palacios when he stepped across the substitute to win the ball back. He slowly gets back to his feet and he isn't happy as he thinks Palacios should've been shown a second yellow card.
83' Chile are keeping possession well at the moment, but it's all in front of Brazil. They're trying to break the hosts down, but they're switching it from left to right and they can't get into the final third.
Ederson Moraes
Yellow Card
81' Ederson is taking his time over a goal-kick for Brazil, so he's booked for time-wasting.
80' The only Brazilian player sent off in the Tite era (59 games) is Jesus. In addition to today, he also saw red against Peru in the 2019 Copa America.
78' GREAT SAVE! Vargas' shot hits the back of Vidal, but it bounces up nicely for Meneses, who brings it down on his chest. He drills his shot towards goal and Ederson, who sees it late, does well to parry the shot away.
C. Palacios
Yellow Card
76' Palacios is shown a yellow card for dissent.
J. Meneses
E. Pulgar
76' Another attacking change for Chile now as Pulgar is taken off and replaced by Meneses.
75' Neymar wins a free-kick just outside the D after a quick break and he steps up to take it. He stutters his run-up, but fires his shot straight into the wall and Vargas clears his lines.
73' Casemiro turns away from Vidal in the centre circle, before laying the ball off to Lodi in space. He drives forward and has to go it alone, but he's crowded off the ball by three Chile defenders when he gets into the box.
71' Brazil are being penned back deep in their own half as Chile attack again and Mena floats another good ball over the top into the box. Vargas peels away to the back post, but Lodi gets ahead of him to put it out for a corner.
69' OFF THE BAR! Mena whips a great cross into the box from the left and he picks out Brereton in the middle. He flicks his header on and it loops over Ederson before bouncing off the top of the crossbar.
67' GOOD SAVE! Brazil break quickly on the counter and Neymar gets ahead of Medel down the left of the box. Bravo rushes off his line, so the forward tries to loop his effort over the keeper, but Bravo gets a hand to it.
66' Chile are trying to pass their way into the box with Palacios dancing past two defenders to get to the edge of the box. Casemiro gets back quickly for Brazil though and cuts out his pass into Vargas.
C. Palacios
S. Vegas
64' Chile are making their second change of the game now and it's Vegas that's making way for Palacios.
62' OFFSIDE! Vargas thought he'd equalised for Chile after a free-kick was knocked down to him and he thumped a close-range effort past Ederson. The linesman's flag goes straight up and the VAR check shows it was the right decision.
60' Aranguiz has stayed down after being caught by Neymar and Isla puts the ball out of play so he can get treatment. He gets back to his feet without being seen to and Brazil aren't happy as they think Chile were time-wasting.
F. Sierralta
Yellow Card
58' Sierralta is shown the first yellow card of the game after catching Richarlison in the face as he blocked his run.
57' Brazil are edging their way upfield down the left, with Lodi trying to slide the ball through Richarlison ahead of him. He can't find a way past Sierralta though and Chile come away with it.
55' Neymar swings a free-kick into the box from the right and he picks out Marquinhos in the middle. He was pushing Sierralta in the back to get to it though and the foul goes Chile's way.
53' CLOSE! Pulgar goes for goal from the free-kick and he lifts his effort over the wall and is trying to curl it towards the near top corner. There's not enough dip on it though and it sails just over the crossbar.
52' Chile are trying to make the most of their man advantage and are piling the pressure on Brazil here. Brereton weaves his way through midfield before being brought down by Casemiro for a free-kick in a dangerous position.
50' Mena is still down and the referee is motioning to the sidelines for the stretcher to be brought on. Luckily, it isn't needed and Mena is back onto his feet after receiving treatment from the medical team.
Gabriel Jesus
Red Card
48' JESUS SENT OFF! Mena is waiting to bring the ball down and Jesus flies into him, with a very high boot and catches the defender in the face with his foot. The referee is in no doubt and quickly goes to his pocket to pull out the red card and Brazil are down to 10!
Lucas Paquetá
46' PAQUETA SCORES! He's only been on the field for less than a minute, but he's opened the scoring. Paqueta knocks it to Neymar, who flicks it up and Vegas' attempted clearance is cut out by the substitute. He coolly slots his effort past Bravo. 1-0 Brazil!
46' Brazil get us back underway for the second half!
B. Brereton
A. Sánchez
46' And Chile are making one as well. Sanchez looked like he was struggling with another injury at the end of the first half, so he makes way for Brereton.
Lucas Paquetá
Roberto Firmino
46' There's a change for Brazil at the start of the second half. Firmino is off, with Paqueta on in his place.
Chile saw more of the ball in the first half and they looked dangerous going forward without really testing Ederson. Lasarte will be the happier of the two managers though. Brazil haven't fully clicked in the final third but still managed to carve out a couple of good chances and Tite will want to see a big improvement after the break.
It's goalless at the break between Brazil and Chile. The hosts created the better chances in the first half, with Firmino volleying an effort just wide from very close range before Danilo fired one over the bar. Bravo was also forced into a good save just before the break to deny Jesus, while Vargas' drilled shot from a tight angle was smartly tipped wide by Ederson.
45' Fred catches Vargas with a high boot and gives away a free-kick through the middle. Aranguiz floats his cross into the box, but it's cleared away by Marquinhos.
43' GOOD SAVE! Neymar's throughball is almost cut out by Vegas, but his deflection ends up helping it onto Jesus. He tries to lift his shot over Bravo, who rushes off his line, but the keeper tips it over the bar.
42' Bravo goes long and Mena plays a one-two with Sanchez to get away from Silva down the left. He takes it to the byline before pulling a cross back into the box, but Ederson collects it at his near post.
40' Richarlison is asking for a penalty after he goes to ground under pressure from Isla. There was nothing in it though as he ran into the defender and the referee tells him to get back to his feet.
38' Neymar has dropped deep into his own half and he sloppily gifts the ball to Vidal with his crossfield pass. He turns before trying to slide in Vargas, but Lodi is there to win it back for Brazil.
36' Brazil are knocking it around well at the moment and Firmino knocks it through for Jesus. He pulls it back across goal from the byline, Neymar misses it and Medel follows in behind to put it out for a corner.
34' Mena whips a cross into the box from the left and Silva gets there ahead of Vargas, but he only half-clears it. It loops to Pulgar through the middle and he attempts an ambitious volley from distance but it flies well high and wide of the target.
32' CLOSE! The Chile defenders sit back and allow Danilo to carry the ball forward, so he decides to have a shot from the edge of the box. He drills it towards the far top corner, but it sails just over the bar.
31' Vidal gives away a cheap free-kick out wide on the left and Neymar stands over it. He whips it into the penalty spot, but it hits the first man as Vargas heads it clear.
29' Danilo nicks the ball off Sanchez and makes a brilliant run down the right for Brazil, riding the challenge from Mena to get into the final third. He cuts back before trying to curl a cross into Neymar, but it's blocked by Vegas.
27' GOOD SAVE! Vargas breaks for Chile on the counter and he's up against Lodi on the right. He has to go it alone, so he drills a shot across goal from a tight angle but Ederson gets down quickly to tip it wide.
26' It's a late challenge from Vidal on Richarlison but the referee takes a moment to decide before awarding the free-kick. It's in a good position for Neymar just outside the box, but it comes to nothing.
24' Sanchez is causing all sorts of problems down the left and he turns away from Casemiro to clip a long ball forward for Mena. His first touch lets him down though and Danilo is able to nick it back.
22' GREAT CHANCE! None of the Chile defenders close Neymar down as he drives down the left and he lifts a great cross into the far post. Firmino stretches to reach it on the volley and ends up sending it just wide.
21' Chile are still dominating possession here and they're keeping Brazil penned back in their own half. Sanchez floats another cross into the box from the left, but this one is headed clear by Silva.
19' CLOSE! Sanchez chips the ball over Marquinhos to pick out Vargas' run into the box and he brings it down before lifting his shot over the onrushing Ederson, but it bounces wide just as the offside flag goes up.
17' Sierralta swings a good cross into the box from the right and Sanchez nods it down to Aranguiz before getting it back. He tries to create some space for a shot, but can't find a way past Marquinhos.
15' SAVE! Sierralta's pass to Isla is picked off by Richarlison and he sets off on the counter. He gets away from the defender before drilling a long-range shot on goal from the left wing, but it's straight into Bravo's gloves.
14' Richarlison dances away from three challenges as he cuts inside from the left before laying the ball off to Neymar on the edge of the box. He instantly has two defenders around him and he can't carve out the space for the shot.
12' The last time these sides met in the Copa America was in the 2007 quarter-final, with Brazil coming out on top that day with a 6-1 victory over Chile.
10' SAVE! Isla drives forward down the right, but can't find any space for a cross, so he pulls it back to Vegas. Despite being a long way from goal, he tries his luck, but it's straight at Ederson, who parries away.
8' Sanchez has drifted out to the left to get on the ball and he cuts away from Danilo before floating a cross into the near post. It's just too high for Vargas though, and Ederson comes out to collect it.
6' Vargas steps across Danilo and gives away a free-kick in a good position for Brazil. Neymar curls it towards the far post, but Isla glances it out for a corner just ahead of Silva.
4' Ederson does well to clear his lines as Vidal rushes to close him down and he picks out Fred. The midfielder turns away from his marker before lifting a long ball over the top towards Neymar, but it's over his head and straight to Bravo.
2' Chile are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes here and are knocking it around comfortably in midfield. Sanchez skips his way past three challenges before being knocked to ground by Firmino.
1' Vargas gets the game underway for Chile!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Chile have won just one of their last 16 meetings with Brazil in all competitions (D2 L13) - a 2-0 victory in a World Cup qualifier in October 2015.
Martin Lasarte makes just three changes to his team after their loss to Paraguay. Sanchez returns from injury to start, with Vegas and Pulgar also brought in. Alarcon, Pinares and Brereton all drop to the bench.
Tite rested a lot of his key players in the last game against Ecuador, so he makes eight changes today. Ederson replaces Alisson in goal, with Danilo, Silva, Casemiro, Fred, Jesus, Richarlison and Neymar also being brought into the side.
CHILE SUBS: Marceloni Nunez, Enzo Roco, Jean Meneses, Gabriel Arias, Tomas Alarcon, Carlos Palacios, Diego Valencia, Ben Brereton, Claudio Baeza, Pablo Galdames, Cesar Pinares, Gabriel Castellon.
CHILE STARTING XI (5-3-2): Claudio Bravo; Mauricio Isla, Francisco Sierralta, Gary Medel, Sebastian Vegas, Eugenio Mena; Arturo Vidal, Erick Pulgar, Charles Aranguiz; Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas. 
BRAZIL SUBS: Emerson, Everton Ribeiro, Weverton, Fabinho, Gabriel Barbosa, Leo Ortiz, Alisson, Lucas Paqueta, Eder Militao, Vinicius Junior, Douglas Luiz, Everton.
BRAZIL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Ederson; Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Renan Lodi; Casemiro, Fred; Gabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino, Richarlison; Neymar.
The holders, Brazil, went unbeaten to qualify top of their group and reach the quarter-final. They won three first three, but a disappointing 1-1 draw with Ecuador last time out means that their 10-match winning run in all competitions was ended. As for Chile, they finished fourth in their group after a strong start to the tournament (W1 D2). They struggled last time out though and come into today on the back of a 2-0 defeat to Paraguay.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Copa America quarter-final meeting between Brazil and Chile at the Estadio Nilton Santos!