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M. Verratti
Yellow Card
T. Meunier
Yellow Card
E. Haaland
G. Reyna
2 - 1
K. Mbappé
1 - 1
E. Haaland
1 - 0
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These two sides will meet again at the Parc des Princes in three weeks' time. On this evidence, PSG are continuing to flatter to deceive in Europe. There's still hope for them yet though. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Dortmund continue their record of scoring at least two goals in each of their Champions League home games against French clubs. The home side deserve their victory here. Favre's side worked hard and were vibrant when they needed to be. PSG need to improve at home if they want to progress.
Dortmund head to Paris with a one-goal advantage after defeating PSG 2-1. Haaland secured the victory with two second-half goals after Dortmund were slightly wasteful in the first half. PSG weren't great but Neymar's away goal gives them something to take into the second leg.
90' + 2' Dortmund drop deep, trying to see the final seconds out. Marquinhos finds himself in space on the edge of the box and shoots. It's deflected out for a corner. Neymar takes it, Silva heads over from the left of the six-yard box, and that's that!
90' + 2' There'll be two minutes added onto the 90. PSG get forward in search of an equaliser and Piszczek hooks the ball away. Tuchel taps his head, urging his players to think carefully.
M. Schmelzer
J. Sancho
90' + 1' Dortmund substitution. Sancho has put in a decent shift. Schmelzer comes on for him.
M. Verratti
Yellow Card
89' Witsel gets himself in the way of Gueye who pulls the Belgian over. Dortmund free-kick. Verratti rushes into the referee's face and talks himself into the book.
T. Meunier
Yellow Card
87' Dortmund have to be careful as PSG still have a goal in them. Neymar's shot in the box is blocked. Meanwhile, Meunier earns himself a booking for a foul on Reyna. He'll be suspended for the second leg of this tie.
85' Dortmund go looking for a third. Sancho spots Hakimi on the overlap as he enters the box and lays out wide to his team-mate. Hakimi sweeps the ball across the box - it might well be a shot - but no one in yellow can get on the end of it.
83' Haaland has now scored 10 Champions League goals in just seven appearances, four fewer than anybody else. He's the second-youngest player to hit that 10 goal milestone after - you guessed it - Mbappe. The future is bright.
81' PSG almost equalise again! Dortmund unwisely let Mbappe's tame header bounce in the box. Neymar rushes onto it and fires an effort towards goal which glances off the left-hand post. Burki shouts at his team to wake up.
79' PSG are playing with greater urgency now as they sense they can score again. Neymar drifts inside and tries to find Kurzawa who's offside.
G. Reyna
77' The teenager Reyna gets an assist to remember. He's the youngest player to get a Champions League assist since Bojan did it for Barcelona in November 2007. Dortmund have the lead once again! Now, can they keep it?
E. Haaland
77' GOAL! 2-1 DORTMUND! Erland is a freak of nature. The Norwegian receives the ball from Reyna just outside the box and smashes it left-footed into the top left corner. Navas wasn't getting anywhere near it.
Pablo Sarabia
Á. Di María
76' PSG substitution. The fading Di Maria is replaced by Sarabia.
K. Mbappé
75' That was a clinical assist by Mbappe who's looked much better since he moved over to his usual right flank. He's averaged a goal or assist every game he's played in the Champions League. Things are level once again.
75' GOAL! 1-1 PSG! PSG score with their first big chance of the game. Mbappe skips over Zagadou's challenge in the box and squares it to Neymar who can't miss from a few yards out.
74' To their credit, PSG aren't panicking here. Nor should they - there's plenty of time left in this tie. Witsel wins a free-kick as he's fouled by Mbappe.
72' That Haaland goal, by the way is his 10th in seven appearances for Dortmund. He's a cult hero for Dortmund already. Hummels concedes a corner for PSG that doesn't lead to very much.
70' Haaland celebrates by sitting with his legs crossed in a meditation pose. It's an apt celebration - the Norwegian was cool as anything as he poked that ball into the net. It's no less than Dortmund deserve.
E. Haaland
69' GOAL! 1-0 DORTMUND! Dortmund have a lead in this first leg! Hakimi finds Guerreiro in the box and his first-time shot is blocked. The ball pops up nicely for Haaland who stabs it home from close range!
G. Reyna
T. Hazard
67' Dortmund make the first substitution of the game. Hazard is replaced by the American midfielder Reyna. The 17-year-old becomes the third-youngest player to appear in the knockout stages of the Champions League.
67' Hakimi has a pop with his left foot from outside the box. It's too high though and floats out of play. Worth a try.
65' PSG get their first shot on target! Mbappe bursts into the box from Meunier's pass and blasts straight at Burki. Burki covers his near post well. Shortly after, Mbappe has an almost identical chance. Neymar tries to find the winger again but now Mbappe's offside.
63' Neither side is managing to get anywhere for now. PSG have learned from the first half by playing a little deeper so Dortmund can't catch them out as easily.
61' Piszczek telegraphs his pass forward to Hazard a bit too much and Kurzawa intercepts. PSG's left wing-back tries getting forward but is soon crowded out.
Yellow Card
59' Witsel cleverly shields the ball from Neymar near the halfway line and Neymar trips him up. The Brazilian gets a yellow. Tuchel bellows a few choice words at Witsel, presumably for making a meal of it.
58' Can fires a wonderful pinpoint pass forward to Haaland. Haaland leaves Silva on the deck with a sudden burst of pace. Marquinhos comes across to help his captain out. Dortmund get a corner. PSG clear.
56' Verratti tries the same direct ball for Neymar he's tried a few times this game and is just as unsuccessful. PSG are short of ideas.
I. Gueye
Yellow Card
54' PSG create nothing from the free-kick, passing backwards. Gueye takes revenge on Witsel by bringing him down on the flank. Gueye's booked.
53' The game gets a bit scrappy all of a sudden as Hummels trips Mbappe on the edge of Dortmund's box. Witsel is nearby and doesn't get a touch but puts his hands in the air anyway to avoid being sent off.
51' PSG look as sturdy as a craft chocolate teapot at the moment. Hazard goes on a run forward and sends Haaland into the box. Luckily for PSG Haaland hasn't got enough time to test Navas before he's closed down.
49' Dortmund win a corner down their right as Kurzawa switches off and Hakimi steals in over the overlap, forcing Navas to come across to block. The home side take the corner short and almost create a shooting chance in the box with a clearly rehearsed move. PSG hack it away.
48' Dortmund are still looking bright. Guerreiro gets forward down the left and passes inside to Hazard. The Belgian's initial touch is poor and sends the ball out for a goal-kick.
46' Piszczek fires in a deep cross that's cleared by Marquinhos. PSG try to work the ball down their left to Mbappe. Dortmund's captain has it covered though.
46' PSG get the second half going. No changes at half-time.
That half saw PSG fail to record a shot on target in the first half for just the second time in their last 41 Champions League games. The last time that happened was against Man Utd this time last year. We all know what happened there. Can Tuchel liven his side up for the second half?
It's all even at the break but Dortmund have been the more fluid side. The home team have threatened repeatedly during transitional phases of play and could have gone a goal or two up through Sancho and Haaland in particular. PSG have created very little so far.
45' Verratti lays the free-kick off to Neymar who blooters it high and wide from over 35 yards out. That was ambitious even by the Brazilian's high standards.
A. Witsel
Yellow Card
44' PSG clear the corner easily enough. Witsel is booked for chopping down Di Maria as they look to break.
42' Dortmund get a few more chances. First, Witsel blazes over from range when he receives a pass from Hazard. Next, Hazard wins his side a corner down their left as Marquinhos blocks his cross.
40' Marquinhos nicks possession off Guerreiro and finds Di Maria. Di Maria powers inside and is about to get a shot away when Zagadou uses his strength well to muscle the Argentinian off the ball.
39' Di Maria gets down the right thanks to a nice one-two with Verratti. Di Maria cuts the ball back to the outer edge of the box but Neymar can't pick anyone out with his chipped pass.
38' Neymar loses out to Hummels who rushes out to close him down. The centre-back tries to switch the play to the opposite side but his pass is overpowered and bounces out for a throw.
36' Yet again PSG are sloppy in possession and Dortmund break! This time Sancho hangs the ball up for Haaland at the far post. The Norwegian has a free header but it's uncharacteristically poor and goes out of play. Dortmund need to do better with these chances.
35' Gueye slips in the centre of the park and hands Can possession. Again, Dortmund get forward quickly and Haaland smashes an effort wide of the left-hand post. This is a recurring theme.
33' Verratti tries another one of his over-the-top balls for Neymar to chase. Neymar beats Piszczek to it but not Hakimi, who shepherds it out for a Burki goal-kick.
31' Dortmund look measured in possession. PSG, meanwhile, look vulnerable whenever they lose the ball. Neymar runs past Zagadou but is stopped by Witsel.
29' PSG have only had the one shot so far from Neymar's early free-kick. Dortmund are doing well at preventing them from creating many chances.
27' It's clear now that PSG are mirroring Dortmund's back three. PSG's latest attack breaks down and Dortmund counter. Can finds Haaland who lays off for Sancho. Sancho spanks a shot towards the bottom-right corner and Navas dives across to push it away! Hakimi looks to strike on the follow-up but PSG block it and scramble it clear.
25' Witsel picks the pocket of Neymar and Dortmund gallop forward again. PSG get the ball back quickly enough but they're not finding things easy at the moment.
24' Dortmund put together some lovely interplay that sends Sancho bursting into the left of PSG's box. The winger crosses looking for Haaland but it's too close to Navas who smothers the chance.
22' Sancho wins a free-kick in PSG's half as he's brought down by Gueye. Sancho sends the free-kick in but Hummels is offside. Favre applauds his team's effort.
21' Dortmund have a penalty shout turned down as Hakimi receives the ball on the run in the box and goes down from a push from Verratti. The referee waves play on.
20' Dortmund's pressing is causing PSG problems. The visitors struggle initially to get out of their half before bypassing the press. Neymar looks for Mbappe but it's intercepted. Verratti soon lofts the ball straight into Burki's arms.
19' It's been a feisty start to the game. Neymar is left on the deck again as Can scythes through the back of him. It's an obvious free-kick.
17' Dortmund are growing into the game as Sancho gets hacked down by Gueye. The home side are looking to get forward down their right at every opportunity. It seems like they've identified Kurzawa as a weak point with Neymar unlikely to help his team-mate out.
15' Witsel tangles with Neymar and gives PSG a free-kick. The fans boo and whistle their disapproval.
14' Can hands PSG their first corner of the game as he nips in to stop Mbappe receiving the ball. Haaland heads it away at the near post and Dortmund are off on the break! Sancho has plenty of options but skids a low shot wide from outside the box. There were better choices there.
12' Sancho slips in a promising position but Dortmund manage to keep possession. The passage of play ends as Guerreiro's wayward cross floats out. PSG goal-kick.
10' PSG get a free-kick in a central position as Guerreiro brings down Neymar. Neymar and Di Maria stand over it. Neymar soon steps up and fires a curling effort just wide of the right-hand post. Not far off.
8' The offside flag goes up against Mbappe as he chases after a pass down the left-hand channel. The World Cup winner is annoyed but it's the right decision.
7' PSG put some extended pressure on Dortmund who are all back in their own half. Mbappe can't latch onto Verratti's ball forward for him.
5' PSG are getting a feel for the ball in these early stages but Dortmund look lively on the counter-attack. Hazard keeps a pass in play down the left flank and fizzes a cross into the area but it bounces harmlessly out for a goal-kick.
3' PSG threaten themselves as Di Maria almost slides through Mbappe in a quick break forward. Zagadou is there on the edge of Dortmund's box to put a stop to it.
2' Dortmund start the game with intent as Hakimi takes on Kurzawa on the overlap. The Moroccan wins a throw but the home side can't keep it in play.
1' And we're off! Dortmund get this first leg underway!
The two sides are out on the pitch. Dortmund are wearing their black and yellow home kit. PSG will play in their white away strip.
There's no clear favourite to go through here. The only previous meetings between these two sides were in the 2010/11 Europa League group stages – both games ended in a draw. However, on paper, PSG have superior firepower - no side scored fewer goals in this season's group stage than Dortmund. Can Dortmund grab a first leg advantage at home?
Dortmund stick with the same XI that romped to a 4-0 victory over Frankfurt last weekend. Their captain Piszczek becomes the first player to reach 50 Champions League appearances for the club. In contrast, PSG ring in the changes from their wild 4-4 draw with Amiens in the Coupe de France. Only four players who started that game start here as their big guns Mbappe and Neymar return.
SUBS: Pablo Sarabia, Mauro Icardi, Thilo Kehrer, Sergio Rico, Tanguy Kouassi, Edinson Cavani, Julian Draxler.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (4-3-3): Keylor Navas; Thomas Meunier, Thiago Silva (c), Presnel Kimpembe, Layvin Kurzawa; Idrissa Gueye, Marquinhos, Marco Verratti; Angel Di Maria, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar.
SUBS: Mario Gotze, Marwin Hitz, Mahmoud Dahoud, Manuel Akanji, Nico Schulz, Giovanni Reyna, Marcel Schmelzer.
BORUSSIA DORTMUND (3-4-3): Roman Burki; Lukasz Piszczek (c), Mats Hummels, Dan-Axel Zagadou; Achraf Hakimi, Emre Can, Axel Witsel, Raphael Guerreiro; Jadon Sancho, Erling Haaland, Thorgan Hazard.
In charge of Dortmund that season was current PSG boss Thomas Tuchel. PSG have reached this stage for the eighth season in a row now, but have made it no further in the last three. They've never made it beyond the quarterfinals. With another Ligue 1 title looking certain, PSG's success this season depends on making progress here.
Here we go then - the long-awaited Champions League knockout stage. Dortmund have made it past the round of 16 of this competition just once in the last five seasons, back in 2016/17. Lucien Favre's side will be hoping they can go at least one better this year.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg match between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain at Signal Iduna Park.