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90' + 1'
R. Oudin
Yellow Card
L. Kurzawa
Yellow Card
Y. Adli
Yellow Card
Danilo Pereira
Yellow Card
Pablo Sarabia
I. Gueye
0 - 1

Match Stats

43% 56%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 3
Total Passes 443 596
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Lille LIL Lille 32 20 9 3 53 19 +34 69 W W L D W
2 PSG PSG PSG 32 21 3 8 71 23 +48 66 W L W L W
3 Monaco ASM Monaco 31 19 5 7 64 38 +26 62 W W D L W
4 Olympique Lyonnais OL Olympique Lyonnais 31 17 10 4 60 31 +29 61 D L D W D
5 Lens RCL Lens 31 13 10 8 47 43 +4 49 D W D W D
6 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 32 13 10 9 43 39 +4 49 D W L W W
7 Montpellier MON Montpellier 32 12 10 10 52 53 -1 46 D D W D D
8 Rennes REN Rennes 31 12 9 10 39 35 +4 45 D W W L L
9 Nice NIC Nice 31 12 6 13 41 42 -1 42 W W D W W
10 Metz MET Metz 32 11 9 12 36 38 -2 42 L L L D L
11 Angers SCO SCO Angers SCO 31 11 8 12 34 44 -10 41 D D L W D
12 Reims SR Reims 31 9 12 10 38 38 0 39 D W D W D
13 Bordeaux GIR Bordeaux 31 10 6 15 34 41 -7 36 L L W L L
14 Strasbourg STR Strasbourg 32 10 6 16 41 50 -9 36 L W L L W
15 Saint-Étienne ASS Saint-Étienne 31 9 9 13 32 46 -14 36 W L W L L
16 Brest BRE Brest 31 10 5 16 43 54 -11 35 L D L W L
17 Lorient FCL Lorient 31 8 8 15 37 54 -17 32 W D D D W
18 Nîmes NIM Nîmes 31 8 5 18 30 58 -28 29 L W D L D
19 Nantes NAN Nantes 31 5 13 13 32 48 -16 28 L D W L D
20 Dijon DIJ Dijon 31 2 9 20 20 53 -33 15 L L L L L


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UEFA Champions League Qualifiers
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League Qualifiers
Relegation Play-off


That's all for today, goodbye! 
PSG move back into second, above Lyon after their win earlier, but they're still two points behind leaders Lille, who also won today. Their attention now turns to the Coupe de France and their round of 32 tie against Brest. As for Bordeaux, their winless run extends to eight in all competitions. Gasset will be hoping they can turn things around against Dijon next time out.
Sarabia's goal seals a 1-0 win for PSG over Bordeaux. It took them just 20 minutes to break the deadlock when Sarabia drilled a low shot across goal which nestled into the far bottom corner. Neither side really created any clear cut chances after that until stoppage time when Bordeaux had a chance to equalise. The ball was chipped into Briand at the near post and his header was pushed away at the near post by Navas.
90' + 2' GREAT SAVE! It's a great chipped cross over the top by Oudin and he picks out Briand at the near post. He pulls away from his defender to head it towards the near post, but Navas get a strong hand to it to tip it wide.
R. Oudin
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Oudin is shown a yellow card for dissent.
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Gasset wasn't happy with the fact that PSG just won a free-kick after the challenge took place right in front of him and he's made his feeling clear to the referee which results in him shown a yellow card.
90' PSG are just happy to keep hold of the ball at the moment as they try to run down the clock as we head into stoppage time. They have chance to break quickly on the counter but choose to play it safe.
L. Kurzawa
Yellow Card
88' It's a late tackle from Kurzawa, who slides in on Ben Arfa, and he has his name taken by the referee.
A. Diallo
Pablo Sarabia
87' PSG are also making a change and it's the goalscorer, Sarabia going off, with Diallo on for him.
J. Briand
Y. Sabaly
87' Final roll of the dice for Bordeaux now and it's Briand that's coming on to replace Sabaly.
86' Bordeaux are still keeping the pressure on PSG here, but they just can't find a way in behind the visitors. Oudin dribbles past Kehrer but then overhits his cross into the box and the chance goes to waste.
84' Ben Arfa has a lot of players to aim for in the box as he drills the free-kick in from the left. De Preville pulls away to the near post, but Navas is quickly off his line to collect it. 
82' Kehrer chips the ball to Icardi, but he can't sort his feet out quick enough to get a shot away. Benito touches it away from him but gives it straight to Rafinha, who takes the shot first time but fires it high over the bar.
80' Bordeaux are still pushing for an equaliser, but their passing in the final third is letting them down at the moment. Adli tries to thread it through to Ben Arfa, but there's too much on it and it goes straight out of play.
T. Lacoux
M. Zerkane
78' Zerkane is also coming off, with Lacoux on in his place.
A. Traore
J. Seri
78' There's a double change for Bordeaux as well and it's Seri that's being taken off first for Traore.
T. Kehrer
C. Dagba
78' Second change for PSG now and it's Dagba that's making way for Kehrer.
76' Bordeaux have everyone sitting back in their own half at the moment as PSG patiently try to break down their shape. Kurzawa pushes forward down the left again but is blocked off by Mexer and he's forced to go backwards.
Ander Herrera
J. Draxler
74' First change for PSG now and it's Draxler that's making way for Herrera.
73' Kurzawa slips just as Adli fizzes a great throughball into Sabaly's path. He would be one-on-one with the goalkeeper if he could catch it, but Navas is quickly off his line to collect it.
71' Dagba gets the better of Seri down the right and pulls the ball back from the byline to try and pick out Icardi in the middle. Benito reads it well though and steps across to block it.
69' CLOSE! Adli squares it to Ben Arfa on the edge of the box, who just drifted away from Draxler. His first touch opens up the space ahead of him before he drills his shot across goal, but it's just wide of the far post.
67' It's another quick break from PSG as Draxler plays a good throughball into Icardi on the edge of the box. He tries to catch out the defenders by taking the shot first time, but it's blocked by Koscielny.
H. Ben Arfa
Hwang Ui-jo
65' Hwang is also making way, with Ben Arfa replacing him.
N. de Préville
S. Kalu
65' Double change for Bordeaux now and Kalu is the first to make way, with De Preville on for him.
63' Rafinha touches it into Icardi on the edge of the box, but he gets the ball caught under his feet which gives Bordeaux chance to get back. He has to play it back to Pereira, but his cross is blocked by Mexer.
61' The visitors break quickly on the counter and Sarabia plays a good throughball into the box for Icardi to chase. He gets away from his defender, but Costil is quickly off his line to shield the ball out of play.
59' PSG just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Bordeaux continue to push forward in search of an equaliser. Oudin plays it into Hwang ahead of him on the left, but he can't find a way past Gueye.
57' Zerkane doesn't give Marquinhos any time on the ball and sets Kalu on the attack when he wins it off the defender. He makes a driving run forward, but a well-timed challenge from Kimpembe stops him on the edge of the box.
55' The hosts are keeping the pressure on her as Adli curls a deep cross into the box. It's over Hwang's head in the middle but Oudin is running onto it at the far side, only for Dagba to step across and intercept it.
53' It's another good move by Bordeaux to get in behind PSG in the final third and Zerkane plays a long ball over the top to try and pick out Oudin. Marquinhos tracks him all the way though and has to put it out for a corner.
51' Bordeaux are moving it upfield much quicker than they were in the first half and Hwang makes a darting run into the box. He dribbles past Rafinha but slips, which gives chance for Kimpembe to clear his lines.
Y. Adli
Yellow Card
50' Adli's first touch gets away from him and he steps on Pereira in his attempt to keep hold of it and he's shown a yellow card.
48' PSG don't deal with the corner into the box and it falls to Hwang at the far post. He doesn't know much about his first touch but tries to get a shot away and a good bit of goalkeeping from Navas keeps it away from him.
46' Bordeaux get us back underway for the second half!
PSG have been the better side and have looked dangerous going forward, especially down their left which Bordeaux haven't found a way to deal with. Pochettino will be looking more of the same from them after the break. As for the hosts, they haven't pushed forward often and they need to take more chances if they want to get back into the game.
Sarabia's goal gives PSG a 1-0 lead over Bordeaux at half-time. It's been a game of very few clear cut chances, with Sarabia having the best for the visitors. He saw an early shot punched away by Costil before he drilled a low shot into the bottom corner to break the deadlock. Bordeaux's only shot on target came at the end of the half when Adli's volley looped towards the top corner, but it was a comfortable save for Navas.
45' It's patient play from Bordeaux at the moment as they steadily move upfield. Zerkane makes a good run down the right, but when he pulls back the cross, it's blocked by Kimpembe.
Danilo Pereira
Yellow Card
43' Pereira is shown a yellow card after nudging Kalu off the ball.
42' PSG don't clear their lines properly and the ball bounces up in front of Adli, who goes for the volley. He hits the shot into the ground and it loops up towards the far top corner, but Navas stretches to catch it.
Pablo Sarabia
Yellow Card
40' Sarabia is booked for dissent.
38' Marquinhos plays a lovely pass over the top to Kurzawa, and he times his run perfectly to stay onside. He cuts into the box, but can't sort his feet out quick enough and ends up tripping over the ball before he can put in a cross.
36' GREAT CHANCE! Kalu nicks the ball off Dagba but then runs into trouble in Marquinhos. His interception falls to Oudin and he plays it through to Hwang in the middle, but he doesn't get enough on it to turn it into the far corner.
34' Yet another chance falls for Icardi and it's Sarabia that curls a good cross into him at the near post from the left. The forward flicks on his header sending it wide of the target, and there's no one at the back to turn it in for PSG.
32' Pereira gets the better of Mexer and he whips in a great cross from the left this time. Icardi has pulled away from his defender at the far post, but it's just over his head and bounces out of play.
30' Kurzawa plays in Draxler ahead of him on the left and he fizzes a low cross into Icardi in the middle. He's unmarked in the middle and sends his shot on target, but the offside flag goes up against Draxler.
28' Oudin drifts inside from the left and drills a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Navas is diving for it, but Kimpembe makes a good block ahead of him. The corner is played to Seri on the edge of the box, but he fires over.
26' Sabaly whips a brilliant cross into the box from the right and he has Hwang and Kalu to aim for in the middle. It's just ahead of both of them though and nobody in the middle gets a touch on it as it goes wide.
24' Draxler cuts inside from the left and manages to get away from Zerkane and into a pocket of space on the edge. It's a poor effort from him though as he sends his shot flying high over the bar and into the stands.
22' Bordeaux have all of their players sitting deep in their own half at the moment and PSG are happy to keep possession on the halfway line as they try to draw the home side out to them.
I. Gueye
20' Gueye does well to pull away from Mexer to pulls the ball back for Sarabia in the middle of the box.
Pablo Sarabia
20' PSG LEAD! It all comes down PSG's left again after their win the ball back and it's pulled back for Sarabia. His first touch takes his around Koscielny before he drills it across goal and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 PSG!
J. Seri
Yellow Card
18' It's late by Seri and he completely misses the ball as he slides in and catches Sarabia, so he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
16' GOOD SAVE! It's Draxler that peels into space on the left again and he pulls it back for Sarabia in the middle of the box. He hits it towards the near post, but Costil has it covered and punches the shot away.
14' Seri lifts the ball over the top to switch play out to Zerkane on the right and he just manages to keep it in play at the byline. He swings a cross into the box first time but overhits it and Kalu can't do anything with it.
12' It's better from Bordeaux now as they're closing the visitors down higher upfield and forcing them into mistakes. Marquinhos just manages to turn away from Hwang and then gets lucky when his pass hits Seri and goes out of play.
10' Bordeaux push forward in numbers for their first attack of the game with Oudin making a good run down the left. He pulls it back for Adli on the edge of the box and he drills his shot towards goal but sends it wide of the near post.
8' Yet again, Draxler gets the better of Mexer on the left of the box, this time sliding his low cross through the defender's legs to pick out Sarabia. He hits the shot first time, but it's well blocked by Koscielny.
6' Draxler slides it into Kurzawa making the overlapping run on the left. His cross takes a big deflection off Sabaly which sends it looping over Icardi's head and out of play.
4' Bordeaux just can't get out of their own half at the moment as PSG are closing them down high up the field. Zerkane switches play out to Adli on the right, but he can't find a way past Kurzawa.
2' PSG have started the game brightly and are already causing Bordeaux some early problems down their right side. Kurzawa turns and plays a great throughball into Draxler, but it's an excellent tackle from Mexer to take it off him.
1' The game is underway!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Bordeaux have conceded at least one goal in each of their last nine home league games against PSG (14 goals in total), after keeping a clean sheet in 10 of the previous 11 before that. 
Mauricio Pochettino makes five changes to his side after their win over Dijon at the weekend, but he's missing a lot of key players. Kylian Mbappe misses out through suspension while Moise Kean is absent after a positive coronavirus test. Kurzawa, Dagba, Gueye, Sarabia and Icardi all come in.
Jean-Louis Gasset makes just two changes to the team that lost to Metz last time out as he welcomes back both Benito and Adli from suspension. Lacoux starts on the bench.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Ander Herrera, Timothee Pembele, Edouard Michut, Thilo Kehrer, Mitchel Bakker, Xavi Simmons, Abdou Diallo, Leandro Paredes, Sergio Rico. 
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Keylor Navas; Colin Dagba, Marquinhos, Presnel Kimpembe, Layvin Kurzawa; Idrissa Gueye, Danilo Pereira; Pablo Sarabia, Rafinha, Julian Draxler; Mauro Icardi.
BORDEAUX SUBS: Issouf Sissokho, Enock Kwateng, Gaetan Poussin, Jimmy Briand, Hatem Ben Arfa, Amadou Traore, Nicolas de Preville, Maxime Poundje, Tom Lacoux.
BORDEAUX STARTING XI (4-3-3): Benoit Costil; Youssouf Sabaly, Laurent Koscielny, Mexer, Loris Benito; Yacine Adli, Mahdi Zerkane, Jean Michael Seri; Samuel Kalu, Hwang Ui-Jo, Remi Oudin.
Things are getting tight at the top of the table and PSG have the chance to go first with a win today if other results around them go their way. They've lost just one of their last seven in all competitions (W6) - a 2-0 defeat to Monaco - but bounced back last time out with a big win over Dijon. They face a Bordeaux side that are winless in their last seven in all competitions (D1 L6), with their only point coming in a 0-0 draw with Marseille. 
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Ligue 1 meeting between Bordeaux and Paris Saint-Germain at the Matmut Atlantique!