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90' + 8'
L. Martínez
Yellow Card
90' + 8'
M. Martins
Yellow Card
J. Correa
L. Martínez
1 - 2
L. Martínez
1 - 1
M. Martins
A. Chumacero
1 - 0

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56% 43%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 453 335
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Brazil BRA Brazil 4 4 0 0 12 2 +10 12 W W W W
2 Argentina ARG Argentina 4 3 1 0 6 2 +4 10 W D W W
3 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 4 3 0 1 13 6 +7 9 W W W L
4 Paraguay PAR Paraguay 4 1 3 0 6 5 +1 6 D D W D
5 Uruguay URU Uruguay 4 2 0 2 7 7 0 6 L W L W
6 Chile CHI Chile 4 1 1 2 6 6 0 4 L W D L
7 Colombia COL Colombia 4 1 1 2 6 11 -5 4 L L D W
8 Venezuela VEN Venezuela 4 1 0 3 2 6 -4 3 W L L L
9 Peru PER Peru 4 0 1 3 4 10 -6 1 L L L D
10 Bolivia BOL Bolivia 4 0 1 3 5 12 -7 1 D L L L


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Intercontinental Play-off


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Scaloni's men now have six points from six in World Cup qualifying. They return to action next month with a home match against Paraguay, while Bolivia - bottom of the standings after the first two rounds of fixtures - play host to Ecuador.
Argentina recover from a goal down to beat Bolivia 2-1 in La Paz. Marcelo Moreno headed the hosts into a deserved lead but Martinez scored a fortuitous equaliser just before half-time and substitute Correa fired in a winner 11 minutes from time, the goal allowed to stand after a lengthy VAR check for offside.
L. Martínez
Yellow Card
90' + 8' Yellow Card Lautaro Javier Martínez
M. Martins
Yellow Card
90' + 8' Yellow Card Marcelo Moreno Martins
90' + 6' Argentina are happy to sit back on their slender advantage now. They do not commit bodies forward for the free-kick as they instead focus on keeping hold of the ball.
S. Torres
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Bolivia full-back Torres shoves over Tagliafico and enters the referee's book. That is one challenge too many.
90' + 4' Torres brings down Tagliafico and Argentina will take their time over this free-kick. There are three minutes to go in La Paz.
90' + 3' Bolivia just cannot seem to get the ball to drop to Orozco or Marcelo Moreno. Argentina look a little nervy but it would be harsh to say they are holding on to their 2-1 lead.
E. Palacios
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Palacios is the latest Argentina player to be cautioned for a sloppy challenge.
90' + 1' SEVEN minutes have been added on at the Estadio Hernando Siles. This one is not over yet!
N. Domínguez
Yellow Card
90' Argentina substitute Dominguez is booked for a challenge in the final third.
F. Medina
L. Martínez
89' Medina is on for his first Argentina cap, taking over from Martinez for the closing stages.
88' Tagliafico again gets in behind down the left. It is a promising situation for Argentina but the final pass is lacking and Bolivia see out the danger. We are into the final two minutes of normal time.
C. Arabe
R. Cardozo
87' Here comes the last of Bolivia's changes - Arabe, a starter against Brazil, on for Cardozo.
86' Orozco is stood alongside Marcelo Moreno in the Argentina penalty area, desperately waiting for the cross to come in. Argentina are going to have to do a fair bit of defending in these closing stages.
84' Messi wins his side a corner to take a bit of sting out of the game. He has not been at his best today but the Barcelona superstar played a key part in that third goal of the game.
J. Orozco
D. Wayar
83' Orozco is brought on for Wayar with Bolivia now chasing an equaliser.
81' After a pretty lengthy VAR check for a possible offside against Martinez, the referee allows Argentina's second goal to stand. 
L. Martínez
79' Martinez would have liked to have taken on the shot himself but Correa was better positioned alongside him. That is a goal and an assist for Martinez now - not a bad day's work.
J. Correa
79' GOOOOOAAAALLL!!! BOLIVIA 1-2 ARGENTINA!! The visitors complete the turnaround with 11 minutes to go in La Paz! Messi plays it to Martinez between the lines and the Inter forward knocks it into the path of Correa to rifle past Lampe with a thumping first-time finish.
79' A sloppy pass in the final third runs through for Lampe to gather. Scaloni must surely be considering another attacking change.
78' That one-on-one for Martinez has to be considered a warning for Bolivia. The hosts have been pressing for a second goal but it is perhaps time to sit back on what they have.
76' BRILLIANT SAVE! Messi finally comes to life as he gets away from an opponent and then plays in Martinez. The striker only has Lampe to beat but the Bolivia keeper is equal to the shot.
75' Tagliafico gets his flying tackle spot on to prevent Bolivia breaking in behind. The last 15 minutes have been very evenly matched in La Paz.
73' Argentina are unable to get the ball into the opposition half at the moment. This has been a very good spell for Bolivia, who are on course for a surprise point.
71' Bolivia are seeking a second goal. After some promising build-up play, a pass in behind the Argentina defence is cut out and eventually pounced on by Armani. The visitors need to find some rhythm.
G. Rodríguez
L. Paredes
69' It is another midfield change for Argentina, with Rodriguez on for Paredes.
N. Domínguez
R. De Paul
69' De Paul is off and Dominguez on in his place in the second of Argentina's changes. It is cap number seven for the incoming player.
68' Martinez is played in behind down the left. He has a bit of time and Messi is an option in the middle, though in the end he clips the ball straight out of play.
B. Miranda
A. Chumacero
66' Chumacero, who has been heavily involved today, makes way for Miranda.
B. Cespedes
R. Castro
66' Farias makes a double change with around 25 minutes to go. Cespedes replaces Castro in the first of those substitutions.
66' The game is becoming a little stop-start now. Paredes is caught by Chumacero and initially stays down before getting to his feet a minute or so later.
65' A deep corner is knocked back towards Otamendi but he is unable to bring it under control 10 yards from goal.
64' Messi knocks the ball into the path of Martinez but Torres gets across to make a vital challenge. Argentina are enjoying their best spell of the game.
62' Poor from Messi! He tries to catch out the wall by going low with his free-kick, but it is blocked and Bolivia launch the ball clear.
61' Messi is stood over the free-kick, which is around 20 yards from goal in a right-sided position.
J. Carrasco
Yellow Card
60' Messi plays a nice pass through to Martinez and the Inter forward takes it in his stride. Carrasco sticks out an arm to halt Martinez's run on the edge of the box and earns himself a yellow card.
J. Correa
L. Ocampos
59' Correa comes on for Ocampos out wide in the first of Argentina's changes.
58' Bolivia have had hold of the ball for a good couple of minutes now. The hosts are nod holding on for a draw - they want all three points.
57' Martinez is the latest Argentina player to have a shot blocked in the opposition box. That sparks a Bolivia counter that comes to little in this gripping, end-to-end contest.
56' WAY OVER! Messi is given a ball to chase down over the top. He cuts inside and his shot is blocked. The Barcelona superstar then lays it off for Paredes, who shoots high into the stands.
54' SHOT! Tagliafico is given some time and space down the left - a real rarity so far - and he only has one thing in his mind as he powers a shot towards goal. It is not quite on target, however, and Lampe is able to watch the ball drift wide.
52' Palacios, winning his fifth cap today, gives away a pretty needless free-kick. Despite being all of 50 yards from goal, Cardozo puts his laces through the ball and does at least test Armani, who has a routine stop to make.
50' Messi gets away from one man on the edge of the box but another opposition player is instantly on top of him. Argentina are not being given a moment on the ball.
48' A decent passing move from Bolivia comes to a disappointing end as a pass down the right towards Torres is overhit and rolls out of play.
47' Both coaches can make up to five substitutions today, incidentally, but Scaloni is holding off from making a change for now.
46' RESTART! Bolivia, with that one half-time change, get us back up and running at the Estadio Hernando Siles in La Paz.
A. Bustamante
C. Saucedo
46' Veteran Bolivia striker Saucedo is replaced by Bustamante for the start of the second half.
Full credit to Argentina for digging in and finding a leveller before the break, but Scaloni will know that far more is required from his side in the second half if they are to claim all three points. Messi was barely involved in the opening 45 minutes and will surely improve after the restart.
Bolivia and Argentina go into half-time level at 1-1. Marcelo Moreno gave the home side a deserved lead with a well-taken header 24 minutes in, but Scaloni's side improved as the half went on, hit the post through Paredes' long-ranger and then equalised via Martinez's bizarre goal on the brink of the interval.
L. Martínez
45' GOOOOAAAALLL!!! BOLIVIA 1-1 ARGENTINA!! Martinez levels for the visitors on the brink of half-time with a freak goal. The forward takes it past Torres but Carrasco pounces on the loose ball. However, Carrasco's clearance ricochets back off Martinez's outsretched leg and ends in the back of the net.
44' Left-back Tagliafico gets on the end of this latest Argentina corner but is unable to find the target. Bolivia could do with the half-time whistle.
43' Tagliafico tries to squeeze the ball in behind for Messi but Carrasco gets a vital touch to it. Bolivia are having to really dig in now to keep their lead intact.
42' OFF THE POST! Paredes' third long-range effort of the day is easily his best of the lot. A corner is not properly dealt with and the midfielder puts his foot through the ball when it falls to him, sending a delightful shot crashing against the frame of the goal.
41' Messi pulls the trigger from around 30 yards - the first time we have seen him shoot today - but it ends wide of the target. A touch on its way through means Argentina will have another corner.
39' Scaloni's side are looking a lot better all of a sudden. Tagliafico is played into some space down the left and his low cross is an awkward one for Bolivia's defenders to deal with. In the end it is collected by Lampe without anyone getting a touch.
J. Valverde
Yellow Card
38' Valverde takes one for the team by fouling Martinez to halt an Argentina attack, earning himself a booking in the process.
37' DEFLECTED WIDE! Ocampos' left-sided cross takes a heavy touch off Torres and clips the side netting. The corner from Martinez is far too deep and another Argentina attack fizzles out.
35' Ocampos caught Castro when attempting to get on the end of that Messi delivery. The Bolivia midfielder initially stays down but is now back to his feet and okay to continue.
34' The visitors get in behind for the first time today but Ocampos' cutback is dealt with. A free-kick is won on the right from the same attacking move, which is sent in low by Messi and cleared away.
32' NEARLY! Marcelo Martins turns provider by sending in a cross for Saucedo. The 41-year-old striker swoops down to meet the ball but cannot quite find the target with his header.
30' Argentina really are all over the place. Another cross into the box causes panic but they just about deal with the danger, albeit at the expense of a corner. The set-piece is worked short before being swung into the six-yard box, where Armani is waiting to gather.
28' Farias' men again hit Argentina on the counter. An early pass is played into the feet of Marcelo Moreno, who is giving the visitors all sorts of problems, but he is unable to bring it under control 25 yards from goal.
26' Bolivia want a penalty for an incident that happened in the box but the referee says no. The visitors really need to dig deep now if they are to turn things around and escape here with a win.
A. Chumacero
24' Chumacero had the option of an overlap to his left but instead bided his time and crossed into the middle for skipper Marcelo Moreno, who made no mistake with this third headed chance of the game.
M. Martins
24' GOOOOOAAAAALLL!!! BOLIVIA 1-0 ARGENTINA!! Bolivia take the lead - and it is fully deserved, too! Moments after having a weak penalty appeal rejected, Argentina are caught out at the back and Chumacero crosses for Marcelo Moreno to brilliantly head past Armani from eight yards.
23' Marcelo Moreno gets between Tagliafico and Otamendi but guides a header wide at the back post. The offside goes up, anyway, but that is yet another big chance for the home team.
22' Paredes is shooting at every opportunity. This latest attempt goes the same way as the last one - a yard or so wide of the target.
21' Argentina win a corner from nothing - their first of the game - but Bolivia successfully deal with the delivery into the box.
20' OVER! Chumacero is teed up by Marcelo Moreno and sends a shot flying over the bar from 20 yards. That is another half-decent opportunity for the home side.
18' Argentina finally put together some passes but the attack comes to an end when Ocampos deliberately handles a misplaced pass. Farias will be by far the happier of the two coaches.
N. Tagliafico
Yellow Card
16' Tagliafico lunges in on Chumacero. The Argentina full-back does get a bit of the ball but he is not in control of the tackle and is rightly cautioned.
15' Argentina's players are not getting any time on the ball. Scaloni was concerned the altitude would play a part today and, on the basis of the first 15 minutes, that appears to be the case - how else can you explain the visitors' inability to string a few passes together?
13' Bolivia are looking a lot sharper than Argentina. Castro turns over possession high up the pitch and feeds in Marcelo Moreno down the right. The veteran striker's cross is cut out by Martinez at full stretch for a corner.
11' Marcelo Moreno's effort from a long way out is well off target. It is clearly a shoot-on-sight policy in La Paz today!
10' SHOT! Messi knocks the ball into the path of Paredes and probably expects it to be returned to him. From more than 35 yards out, however, Paredes opts to have a go and does not miss the target by much.
8' That really was a big chance for Marcelo Moreno, with his reaction saying it all. Argentina have not got going at all so far.
7' BIG CHANCE! The hosts are really getting stuck into their opponents in the early stages. Torres floats a delightful cross into the box, Armani gets nowhere near it and Marcelo Moreno heads into the side netting.
5' Carrasco barges into Tagliafico and Argentina have a free-kick in a decent crossing position on the left. Paredes' inswinger is into a good zone but none of his team-mates can get on the end of it in the six-yard box.
3' Bolivia have spent the first few minutes of the game knocking the ball around. Argentina are not interested in pushing their opponents high up the pitch, perhaps wary of fatigue becoming a factor.
1' KICK-OFF! Argentina skipper Messi gets the game under way! The visitors are looking to make it back-to-back wins to begin their qualifying campaign, while Bolivia are seeking a response to their heavy loss against Brazil.
The two sets of players are making their way down the tunnel at the Estadio Hernando Siles and kick-off is now less than five minutes away. Playing in La Paz has caused teams issues in the past due to its altitude, but Argentina enter this game as heavy favourites.
Not since 1994 have Bolivia qualified for a World Cup finals, finishing second-bottom in the qualifiers last time around with just four wins from 18 games.
Farias has heavily rotated his Bolivia side on the back of the heavy defeat to Brazil - Saucedo, Castro, Chumacero, Cardozo and Moreno all earning recalls to the starting line-up. Among those to drop out are Menacho and Arabe.
Argentina show just one change from their slender win over Ecuador, with Palacios coming into the side for Acuna in central midfield. That means Messi and Martinez once again start in attack, while Ocampos, Paredes and De Paul will provide some support. 
ARGENTINA XI (4-4-2): Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico; Lucas Ocampos, Exequiel Palacios, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul; Lionel Messi (c), Lautaro Martinez.
BOLIVIA XI (4-4-2): Carlos Lampe; Saul Torres, Jose Sagredo, Gabriel Valverde, Jose Maria Carrasco; Diego Wayar, Raul Castro, Alejandro Chumacero, Rudy Cardozo; Marcelo Moreno (c), Carlos Saucedo.
Argentina got off to a winning start in their opener thanks to a 1-0 victory at home to Ecuador - Lionel Messi's early penalty proving the difference in that contest. Lionel Scaloni's charges have gone eight games since last tasting defeat.
Bolivia kicked off their qualifying campaign with a 5-0 defeat against Brazil at the weekend, leaving them bottom of the 10-team standings after the opening round of fixtures. Cesar Farias' side have won just two of their last 22 matches.
Hello and welcome to our live text coverage of the World Cup qualifying clash between Bolivia and Argentina at the Estadio Hernando Siles in La Paz.