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E. Choupo-Moting
7 - 0
J. Kimmich
L. Goretzka
6 - 0
R. Lewandowski
5 - 0
V. Lampropoulos
Own Goal
4 - 0
S. Gnabry
T. Müller
3 - 0

Match Stats

69% 30%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 15 0
Total Passes 676 297
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That's all for today, goodbye! 
That win extends Bayern's unbeaten run to eight games in all competitions this season, and they move top of the table ahead of Wolfsburg, who are yet to play this weekend. Next up for them is Furth. Bochum have now lost their last three in a row, with a visit from Stuttgart up next for them.
Bayern cruise to a 7-0 win over Bochum. They led 4-0 at half-time, with Sane opening the scoring from a direct free-kick before setting up Kimmich for the second. Gnabry then added a third, with Lampropoulos scoring an unfortunate own goal just before the break. Lewandowski tapped in from close range before Kimmich got his second following a slick move from the hosts. Choupo-Moting came off the bench to score on the volley and Muller thought he'd made it 8-0 late on only to be denied by VAR for offside.
88' NO GOAL! After looking at the replays of the goal, it appears that Muller had just strayed offside when Goretzka hit the shot. It's the tightest of margins, but it won't stand. Still 7-0! 
87' MULLER SCORES! Goretzka isn't closed down as he drives towards the box, so he decides to have a go from range. There's a lot of power on the shot and Riemann can only parry it straight to Muller. He knocks it past the goalkeeper, but this is going to be looked at by VAR...
85' Bayern are happy to just keep possession in and around the halfway line at the moment as we head into the final five minutes of the game. Bochum are sitting back and letting them keep it as they close down the space.
83' Sule's throughball to Gnabry is cut out by Soares and he sets Ganvoula off on the counter down the left. He's all on his own as he breaks though and Bayern crowd around him to stop the attack.
81' Goretzka has drifted out to the left and he whips a brilliant cross over everyone in the middle to pick out Gnabry's run to the far post. The winger meets it on the half-volley but ends up lifting his effort high over the bar.
E. Choupo-Moting
79' CHOUPO-MOTING SCORES! There was an excellent bit of goalkeeping just before the goal, with Riemann making a triple save, first to deny Muller before smothering two attempts from Choupo-Moting at his near post. The forward gets it back again though and this time, he volleys his shot under the keeper and into the far corner. 7-0 Bayern! 
78' Lewandowski is the first player in Bundesliga history to score in 13 consecutive home matches in the competition; previously, he had shared this record with Gerd Muller and Jupp Heynckes (12 each).
76' GANVOULA! Gnabry is tracking back towards his own goal when a heavy touch gifts the ball to Soares, who holds off the winger to fizz in a dangerous cross from the byline. Ganvoula is waiting in the middle, but he can't get his angles right and ends up poking it wide.
C. Antwi-Adjej
M. Pantović
73' Bochum are making another change now as Pantovic goes off for Antwi-Adjej.
73' GREAT CHANCE! Bella-Kotchap goes long to pick out Holtmann on the left and he whips a brilliant cross onto the edge of the six-yard box. Ganvoula gets caught under it though and his header ends up looping high over Neuer's goal.
T. Nianzou
J. Kimmich
72' Final change for Bayern now as Kouassi comes on in place of Kimmich.
70' Bochum are trying to get themselves forward and ease the pressure on their defenders, but sloppy passing is letting them down. Bockhorn has space to run into down the right, but his throughball into Pantovic rolls straight out of play.
E. Choupo-Moting
R. Lewandowski
68' Fourth change for Bayern now as Nagelsmann brings on Choupo-Moting to replace Lewandowski.
67' It's a brilliant run down the right by Sarr as he brushes Holtmann aside before outmuscling Soares. He pulls a cross back from the byline, but can't pick out a team-mate in the middle and Bochum clear their lines.
J. Kimmich
65' KIMMICH SCORES! Seconds after Ganvoula thought he'd pulled one back, Kimmich makes it 6-0! He started the move on the edge of the box by picking out Gnabry, who chipped it up for Goretzka. He nods it down for Kimmich, who is one-on-one with Riemann, and he turns it in off the inside of the post.
L. Goretzka
65' Goretzka has Lampropoulos tight to him, but he rose above the defender to cushion the ball down for Kimmich.
64' OFFSIDE! Ganvoula thought he'd pulled one back for Bochum after he slid a shot through Neuer's legs and into the far bottom corner of the net from the left of the box. He sets off too early though and the flag denies him.
B. Sarr
J. Stanišić
62' And Stanisic is also making way, with Sarr on for him.
M. Sabitzer
L. Sané
62' Bayern are making a double change now, with Sane going off to be replaced by Sabotzer.
R. Lewandowski
61' LEWANDOWSKI SCORES! Sane saw another shot well saved by Riemann, and Bayern won it back quickly to keep the attack alive. Sane drifted out to the right to get on Gnarby's throughball before fizzing a low ball into the box which is deflected to Lewandowski, who's left with a simple tap-in from very close range. 5-0 Bayern! 
59' GOOD SAVE! Sane spins away from Losilla on the edge of the box before drilling a low shot on goal which is smothered by Riemann. Lewandowski is following it in, but the keeper manages to get his fingertips to it to take it away from the forward.
S. Ganvoula
S. Polter
58' There's a triple change here for Bochum and Polter, who has struggled to get into the game, is the first to go off, with Ganvoula on for him.
E. Löwen
E. Rexhbeçaj
58' Rexhbecaj is also going off, with Lowen on to replace him.
H. Bockhorn
K. Stafylidis
57' And Stafylidis, who is on a booking, is also making way, with Bockhorn on in his place.
56' Hernandez switches play out to the right, but there's too much on it for Gnabry and Bella-Kotchap collects. Muller keeps the pressure on him and wins it back, only for his low cross into Lewandowski to be cut out by Lampropoulos.
54' Bayern are still dominating play here and Bochum just can't get out of their own half. The visitors are trying to close their opponents down with a high press, but just can't get anywhere near the ball.
J. Stanišić
Yellow Card
52' Stanisic slides in to try and win the ball off Soares but ends up catching the left-back which results in him being shown a yellow card.
50' Sane has dropped deep after making up for a mistake when he gave the ball away. He slides in Muller and he floats a lovely cross into the box, but it's just too high for Lewandowski and Riemann is there to collect for Bochum again.
48' Bayern are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes of the second half here and Bochum can't get close to them. Kimmich spots Muller making a run off the back of Tesche, but overhits the throughball, and Riemann collects.
46' Bayern get us back underway for the second half!
O. Richards
A. Davies
46' Nagelsmann is making a change at the start of the second half, with Davies not coming back out onto the pitch. Richard is on in his place. 
Nagelsmann looked very happy with his side's performance as he made his way down the tunnel and he'll be looking for more of the same. Reis will already be looking at damage limitation for Bochum though as they haven't been able to get Polter into the game at all and they've looked shakier at the back with each goal they concede.
Bayern are cruising at half-time as they lead Bochum 4-0. Sane opened the scoring with a free-kick into the bottom corner, before assisting Kimmich for the second. Gnabry then made it 3-0 following a quick break when he beat Riemann with a low shot. There was a horrible mix-up at the back for Bochum when Lampropoulos' backpass rolled past the keeper right before the break to make it 4-0.
V. Lampropoulos
Own Goal
43' OWN GOAL! It's a horrible moment for Lampropoulos! Muller is trying to slide it through to Lewandowski in the middle, but the defender gets there ahead of him and tries to touch it back to Riemann. He doesn't realise the keeper is already off his line and his backpass trickles over the line. 4-0 Bayern! 
41' Muller hits a shot from the edge of the box and it looks like Bella-Kotchap has dealt with it when it gets caught under his feet. Lewandowski is waiting to pounce on the loose ball, but the defender does well to get back and poke it wide of the post.
39' Gnabry catches out Soares with a clever pull back to Stanisic, who makes an overlapping run down the right. He floats a good cross into the near post, which Muller tries to flick on, but Lampropoulos is behind him to clear his lines.
37' Rexhbecaj pulls away from Goretzka and he slides a great throughball into Polter, who's got himself in between Bayern's central defenders. His first touch lets him down though, and the hosts have it back again.
K. Stafylidis
Yellow Card
35' Stafylidis has his arms wrapped around Davies as he drags the left-back away from the ball and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
34' Bochum are just trying to slow the pace of the game down a little bit now as they knock it around in their own half. They patiently try to work their way upfield until Soares overruns it straight out of play.
T. Müller
32' Muller picks out another great pass into the final third, and this time has managed to set up a goal for his side.
S. Gnabry
32' GNABRY SCORES! Bayern break on the counter, and Gnabry times his run perfectly to stay onside and get on the end of Muller's throughball. He cuts inside from the right before fizzing a low shot across goal, under Riemann and into the bottom corner. 3-0 Bayern! 
31' Bochum have a rare chance to push forward and Pantovic has Stafylidis making an overlapping run on the right. He tries to pick out the full-back but sees his pass cut out by Hernandez.
29' SAVE! Bochum are still struggling to get on the ball here as Bayern continue to dominate and Sane plays in Lewandowski. He squares it into Gnabry on the right of the box, who hits the shot first time, but it's parried away by Riemann.
L. Sané
27' Sane just drifted away from his defender to get into the wide-open space on the left before drilling a low cross into Kimmich.
J. Kimmich
27' KIMMICH SCORES! It's a good play from Bayern, with Kimmich being picked out perfectly by Sane from the left. He had so much space near the penalty spot to spin and hit the shot on goal, but a big deflection off Bella-Kotchap lifts it over the diving Riemann and into the back of the net. 2-0 Bayern! 
25' BLOCK! Bella-Kotchap misses his clearance in the six-yard box and Davies' cross runs through to Gnabry. He plays a one-two with Muller to open up the space before drilling a shot on goal, but it's well blocked by Lampropoulos.
23' Rexhbecaj brings the ball down well before picking out Holtmann's run down the left. He spots Polter, unmarked, in the middle and tries to curl an early cross into him, but Kimmich gets back to block it.
21' Hernandez's throughball to Davies is intercepted, but he gets it back and sets Bayern on the attack down the right this time. Gnabry picks out Lewandowski, who spins before hitting the shot on the edge of the box, but it's straight at Riemann.
19' Bochum just can't keep hold of the ball when they manage to nick it back and they're being penned back deep in their own half. Muller switches it out to Davies on the left, but his early cross is blocked by Stafylidis.
L. Sané
17' SANE SCORES! Gnabry was clipped by Losilla just outside the box and Sane steps up to take the free-kick. He curls it through an unorganised wall and it creeps in low at the near post, out of reach of the stretching Riemann. The goalkeeper is furious with his wall, while Bayern are off celebrating. 1-0 Bayern! 
16' Lewandowski has drifted out to the right and he fizzes a dangerous low cross into the box, but all of his team-mates are at the far post, and it's cleared by Lampropoulos in front of the keeper, much to the forward's frustration.
14' At home, Bayern have lost just one of the 34 Bundesliga games they've played against Bochum (W25 D8) - a 0-2 loss back in August 1991.
12' A quick turn from Holtmann gets him away from Hernandez and a pocket of space opens up for him on the edge of the box. He curls a shot towards the far post, which looks like it's heading wide, but Neuer gets across to make sure by pushing it away.
10' It's patient play from Bayern as they knock it around in their own half and try to force Bochum out of their shape before Goretzka threads a great throughball down the left to Sane. He whips an early cross into the box, but there's no one there for the hosts.
8' It's a promising move from the hosts as Muller intercepts another pass and slides it through to Davies. He touches it into Lewandowski, who pulls it back for Sane, but his first touch is heavy and Bochum have it back.
6' Pantovic does well to keep hold of the ball under pressure from Kimmich and he pushes his way into the box. He ends up overrunning it in the end though and Herandez hooks it clear.
4' Gnabry's throughball to Lewandowski is blocked by Rexhbecaj, but Goretzka recycles it with a good throughball into Sane. Riemann rushes out of his box quickly and is able to clear his lines.
2' Bayern have made a bright start here and after an early blocked shot for Lewandowski, Muller wins a free-kick on the right. Gnabry steps up to take it and curls a shot towards the far top corner, but it curls wide of the post.
1' Polter gets the game underway for Bochum!
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
Bayern are unbeaten in 29 Bundesliga home games, a run which goes back to November 2019 (W24 D5), winning each of the last five - the last time they had such a long run without a home defeat was between March 2016 and April 2018 (38 matches).
Thomas Reis makes just two changes to his side from the defeat against Hertha Berlin last weekend. Tesche and Pantovic both come into the starting line-up, with Lowen starting on the bench. Simon Zoller didn't travel with the squad.
Nagelsmann makes three changes to the team that beat Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday, as he brings Stanisic, Hernandez and Gnabry into the side. Upamecano, Pavard and Musiala all drop to the bench.
BOCHUM SUBS: Saulo Decarli, Herbert Bockhorn, Michael Esser, Erhan Masovic, Eduard Lowen, Patrick Osterhage, Danny Blum, Silvere Ganvoula, Christopher Antwi-Adjei.
BOCHUM STARTING XI (4-1-4-1): Manuel Riemann; Konstantinos Stafylidis, Vasilios Lampropoulos, Armel Bella-Kotchap, Danilo Soares; Robert Tesche; Milos Pantovic, Anthony Losilla, Elvis Rexhbecaj, Gerrit Holtmann; Sebastian Polter.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Benjamin Pavard, Marcel Sabitzer, Sven Ulreich, Omar Rochards, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Jamal Musiala, Tanguy Kouassi, Bouna Sarr, Dayot Upamecano.
BAYERN MUNICH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Josip Stanisic, Niklas Sule, Lucas Hernandez, Alphonso Davies; Joshia Kimmich, Leon Goretzka; Serge Gnabry, Thomas Muller, Leroy Sane; Robert Lewandowski.
Bayern are still unbeaten in all competitions this season, going seven games without losing under new boss Julian Nagelsmann. They started with a draw against Borussia Monchengladbach, but have since won all six of their matches. They face a Bochum side that have won just one of their four games since earning promotion back to the Bundesliga (L3) and haven't won either of their away games in the top flight this campaign.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Bundesliga meeting between Bayern Munich and Bochum at the Allianz Arena!