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Barcelona v Manchester City Live Commentary, 24/08/2022

3 - 3
P. Aubameyang (29)
F. de Jong (66)
M. Depay (79)
J. Álvarez (21)
C. Palmer (70)
R. Mahrez (90+9 pen)
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Both teams now turn their attention back to their domestic leagues; Barcelona host Real Valladolid in LaLiga on Sunday, while City welcome Crystal Palace to the Etihad Stadium on Saturday in the Premier League.
City come from behind twice to draw 3-3 with Barcelona. Alvarez gave the visitors the lead early on after he pounced on Pena's fumble to poke it over the line. Aubameyang equalised with a great finish from a tight angle. In the second half, De Jong gave Barca the lead after taking advantage of De Bruyne's loose pass, but Palmer quickly got City back on level terms with a tap-in. It looked like Depay had won it for Barca, but Haaland won a penalty deep in stoppage time which Mahrez brilliantly dispatched into the top corner.
R. Mahrez
Penalty Goal
Manchester City
90' + 9' MAHREZ EQUALISES! We're back on level terms again! It's a brilliant penalty from Mahrez, and even though Tenas went the right way, he was getting nowhere near it. The winger fires it into the top-right corner of the net, and it's 3-3!
90' + 8' PENALTY TO CITY! Haaland was chasing De Bruyne's throughball and he got himself in front of Christensen, who was tracking back towards goal. As the defender ran past him, his knee knocked Haaland's foot. There wasn't much in it, but the referee points to the spot.
O. Bobb
L. Mbete
Manchester City
90' + 7' Once Mbete is taken down the tunnel, Bobb is able to come on in his place as we go into 11 minutes of added time.
90' + 5' Mbete gets a warm ovation from everyone in the stadium as he's lifted onto the stretcher and driven off the field.
90' + 2' The concussion checks on Mbete have been ongoing for the last few minutes and they've now been able to move him onto the stretcher. It could still be a little while before they're able to drive him off the pitch.
89' Mbete has sat back down so he can continue receiving treatment, and Guardiola has a substitute ready to come on for him. The stretcher has been driven onto the pitch and they're moving him onto it now.
87' Christensen is quickly back to his feet after treatment, but Mbete is slower to rise. The Barcelona defender is going to carry on, but Mbete looks shaky and he's going to have to make way.
85' There's a clash of heads in the box, with Christensen and Mbete staying down. The medical teams quickly rush onto the field so they can receive treatment.
83' There's a nervy moment for Tenas, who has just come on, as Garcia knocked it back to him. His first touch gets away from him and De Bruyne rushes in, but the keeper remains calm and skillfully flicks it away from him.
A. Christensen
J. Koundé
81' And Kounde's debut comes to an end as Christensen is brought on in his place.
S. Dest
Sergi Roberto
81' Roberto hands the captain's armband onto Fati before Dest comes on for him.
Arnau Tenas
Iñaki Peña
81' Xavi is trying to give game time to as many of his players as he can here. There's going to be a change in goal, with Tenas replacing Pena.
Sergi Roberto
79' It's another good delivery from Roberto down the right, and this time, Depay is able to finish it off.
M. Depay
79' DEPAY SCORES! Garcia goes for the big switch out to Roberto, and he has acres of space down the right. He chests it down before fizzing a dangerous low cross into the box and Depay steers it past Ortega with his first touch. 3-2 Barca!
78' It's a loose pass out from the back by Garcia this time, and Rodri stretches out a leg to cut it out. Gundogan tries to help it through to Haaland first time, but there's too much on it for him to reach.
76' GOOD SAVE! Barcelona move it quicker upfield this time, with Gavi carrying it out of his own half to the edge of the D. He knocks it out to Depay on his right, and Ortega makes himself big to smother his first-time shot.
C. Palmer
Yellow Card
Manchester City
74' Palmer catches Gavi with a late challenge and is shown the first yellow card of the game.
Pablo Torre
F. de Jong
72' And De Jong is taken off for Torre.
M. Pjanić
Sergio Busquets
72' Pjanic is also being brought on for Busquets.
A. Ezzalzouli
72' Xavi is making another round of changes. Raphinha is the first to go off, with Ez Abde on for him.
E. Haaland
J. Álvarez
Manchester City
72' Guardiola is making another change here and Haaland gets a good reception from the crowd as he comes on to replace Alvarez.
João Cancelo
Manchester City
70' Barcelona were focusing on Mahrez which allowed Cancelo to make the overlapping run down the right to pick out the cross.
C. Palmer
Manchester City
70' PALMER EQUALISES! None of the Barcelona defenders were tracking Cancelo's run and he puts it on a plate for Palmer. The low cross is squared into the six-yard box and he gets in front of Kounde to slot it over the line. 2-2!
68' MISS! City work it upfield quickly and Gundogan's throughball cuts open Barcelona's backline. Alvarez's shot catches Pena off guard, but he's in the right place to block it, and the forward blazes his follow-up shot into the stands.
M. Depay
66' It was good work from Depay to put City's backline under pressure and take advantage of the mistake.
F. de Jong
66' DE JONG SCORES! City try to play it out from the back, but De Bruyne sells Rodri short and Depay pounces on the loose ball. Ortega rushes out and trips the Dutchman, knocking the ball away before he took out the man, but De Jong followed in and fired it past Ortega into the back of the net. 2-1 Barca!
65' SAVE! The substitutes have quickly found their footing with De Bruyne picking out Gundogan's run through the middle and he then helps it onto Palmer on the left of the box. He keeps his shot low, but Pena smothers it.
İ. Gündoğan
P. Foden
Manchester City
65' And Foden is the last to leave the pitch, with Gundogan on for him.
L. Mbete
Rúben Dias
Manchester City
64' Dias is also going off, with Mbete coming on in his place.
K. De Bruyne
Bernardo Silva
Manchester City
64' Another triple change for City now as Silva makes his way off the pitch to be replaced by De Bruyne.
63' Foden's heavy first touch is pounced on by Roberto, but the forward doesn't give it up as he chases the full-back down. Foden wins it back and lays it off to Mahrez, but it's pulled back for a foul on Roberto.
61' Barcelona play themselves out of trouble well, with De Jong picking out Gavi in space through the middle. He tries to lift it over the top for Depay, but it's shepherded out by Wilson-Esbrand.
59' It's back to how it was before the game was stopped for Phillips' injury. City are comfortable in possession, but without posing any real threat to the hosts at the moment.
K. Phillips
Manchester City
57' Guardiola is taking no chances with Phillips after he had to receive treatment, so Rodri is brought on for him.
M. Depay
P. Aubameyang
57' And Depay is being introduced for Aubameyang.
Alejandro Balde
Jordi Alba
57' Alba is the third to be taken off as Balde comes on for him.
Eric García
57' Pique also makes way, with Garcia on in his place.
F. Kessie
57' Xavi is using the break in play to make a quadruple change. Kessie is the first to go off, with Gavi replacing him.
56' It looks like Phillips might have a slight problem here after he tried to nick the ball off De Jong. He seems to be holding his shoulder, and the medical team are on to see him.
54' Barcelona seem happy to just sit back and let City keep possession in their own half at the moment. Ortega tries to go long to get them upfield, but Busquets forces Silva back over the halfway line.
52' Pena slices a clearance straight to Phillips in the centre circle, and City start to up the pressure again. He looks for Foden down the left, but he can't get past Roberto.
50' City are in control in the opening minutes of the second half, and they're comfortably knocking it around in their own half. Barcelona are trying to press them, but can't get close at the moment.
48' DOUBLE SAVE! Kounde doesn't react quick enough to cut out the throughball, and Alvarez is one-on-one with Pena. The keeper makes himself big to smother the first shot and then follows him around to block the follow-up with his foot.
46' Barca get us back underway for the second half!
Ansu Fati
Ferran Torres
46' Barcelona are making a change of their own as well. Torres' game is over, with Fati on in his place.
J. Wilson-Esbrand
Sergio Gómez
Manchester City
46' And Wilson-Esbrand comes on for Gomez.
J. Stones
K. Walker
Manchester City
46' Walker also makes way, with Stones on for him.
João Cancelo
R. Lewis
Manchester City
46' There's a triple change for City at the break. Lewis is the first to go off, with Cancelo replacing him.
It might only be a friendly, but both managers have been shouting instructions from the technical area to make sure they're giving it their all. It's been a tight match-up between them so far, and both managers will be urging them to go for the win after the break.
It's all square at the break between Barcelona and Manchester City, who are drawing 1-1. The hosts made a bright start to the game, with Aubameyang and Raphinha having early shots saved on either side of Kessie striking the post. It was City that took the lead when the ball slipped through Pena's hands and Alvarez poked it over the line. Aubameyang quickly found an equaliser though, slotting in from a tight angle.
45' Mahrez steps up to take the free-kick that he won, but he fires it straight into the wall. It bounces back out to Gomez, who lets it bounce before hitting the shot, but he slices it wide of the post.
43' Mahrez is starting to find his footing in the game as he surges forward down the right again. As he cuts inside, both Alba and Busquets slide in to stop him, resulting in a free-kick just outside the box for City.
41' Mahrez cuts inside from the right and lays it off to Silva before continuing his run into the box. He's looking for him to return the one-two, but Pique gets an important foot in to take away the chance.
39' Silva goes for the big switch out to Foden and he attempts to volley a first-time cross into Alvarez. Roberto blocks it and Foden is asking for a penalty for a handball, but his arm was tight to his side and the referee says no.
37' It's well worked by Barca as Busquets wins the ball off Lewis before picking out Aubameyang on the edge of the D. He spins away from Walker before squaring it to Raphinha, but Dias throws himself in front of the shot.
35' Kessie is caught on the ball by Phillips and he instantly looks to get Palmer in behind. Barcelona recover well though as bodies flood back into the box, and his cross is blocked.
33' Another nervy moment for Pena as it's knocked back to him by Pique and Mahrez is chasing him down. The winger slides in to try and block his clearance, but the goalkeeper keeps his cool to pick out Roberto.
31' SAVE! City are moving the ball upfield much quicker now as they attempt to retake the lead. Silva finally finds some space down the right and cuts inside before having a go, but Pena pushes it away.
Sergio Busquets
29' Busquets was actually beaten to the ball, and he didn't know too much about the assist as Palmer's attempted clearance was helped onto Aubameyang by him.
P. Aubameyang
29' AUBAMEYANG EQUALISES! It's a lovely free-kick from Alba on the left as he whips it into the middle of the box. Palmer tries to flick it on, but it skims Busquets' head before falling for Aubameyang, who slots his shot under Ortega into the far bottom corner. 1-1!
27' CHANCE! It's a poor clearance by Kounde as he gifts it straight to Palmer. He dummies a shot, causing the defender to commit himself, before having a go from range. He tries to chip the keeper, but it's just too high and it flies over.
25' De Jong helps it out to the left and Alba has space to whip a cross into the box. Aubameyang is hovering in the middle, but the ball is too close to Ortega, who holds onto it.
23' The home fans are rallying behind Pena as the ball is knocked back to the keeper, and he gets a big cheer from the crowd as he starts the move out from the back. They'll be hoping he can quickly put that mistake behind him.
J. Álvarez
Manchester City
21' ALVAREZ SCORES! And it's a moment to forget for Pena! It looked like a poor cross from Gomez on the edge of the box as it looped into the air and Pena confidently came off his line to collect it. The ball slipped through his gloves though and Alvarez was on hand to poke it into the empty net. 1-0 City!
19' Gomez is struggling to keep up with Barcelona's attacks down the right as Raphinha sprints to the byline. He knocks it away from the defender, but Gomez then does well to stop him from fizzing in a cross.
17' Again, Barcelona look to their right to make something happen, and Raphinha plays a good throughball into Aubameyang. He unselfishly decides to tee up Roberto, but the offside flag goes up against him.
15' City are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but it's all in their own half until Palmer wrongfoots Busquests. He sets Foden away down the left, but his run is well cut out by Kounde.
13' Torres skips his way down the left and when he reaches the byline, he pills it back to Kessie on the edge of the six-yard box. He takes the shot first time, but Dias is stood right in front of him.
11' It's better from City now as they put more pressure on Barcelona's back line when they try to keep possession in their own half. Silva picks De Jong's pocket, but then can't pick out Lewis' run.
9' City are struggling to find their rhythm in this game as Barcelona patiently work it out from the back. The hosts look a big threat down the right as Kessie bursts forward again, but he can't pick out a cross this time.
7' Barcelona have started this game really well, and this time, Kessie turns provider as he picks out Raphinha down the right of the box. He keeps his shot low, but Ortega denies him at the bottom corner.
5' OFF THE POST! Barca suddenly start moving the ball a lot quicker, and they get in behind City down the right again. Roberto picks out Kessie this time, and his first-time shot bounces off the outside of the near post.
3' GOOD SAVE! Kessie slides it in behind Gomez for Roberto, and the right-back lifts a lovely cross into the near post. Aubameyang rises highest to flick the header on, and Ortega is in the right place to block it.
2' After City's early possession, Barcelona are now having their turn at passing it upfield. Roberto picks out Raphinha's run down the right, but his switch out to Torres is intercepted by Phillips.
1' Alvarez gets the game underway for City!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
All six of the previous meetings between these sides have come in the Champions League, with City only winning one of those (L5), though it was the most recent clash - a 3-1 victory at home in November 2016.
Guardiola hinted that he would pick players who needed more game time today, and he makes eight changes from the draw with Newcastle on Sunday. Phillips and Gomez make their full debuts, with other new signings Ortega and Alvarez also starting here. Foden, Walker and Silva are the only ones to retain their places.
Xavi makes nine changes to the side that brushed Sociedad aside at the weekend. Only De Jong and Torres, who faces his former club today, retain their places, while Kounde and Kessie make their first starts for Barcelona. Lewandowski, Gavi, Pedro, Dembele and Christensen are among the long list of substitutes.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Rodrigo, Erling Haaland, Scott Carson, Ben Knight, Luke Mbete, Ilkay Gundogan, Josh Wilson-Esbrand, Kevin De Bruyne, John Stones, Oscar Bobb, Joao Cancelo, Ederson.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Stefan Ortega Moreno; Rico Lewis, Kyle Walker, Ruben Dias, Sergio Gomez; Bernardo Silva, Kalvin Phillips, Cole Palmer; Riyad Mahrez, Julian Alvarez, Phil Foden.
BARCELONA SUBS: Pablo Torre, Ousmane Dembele, Miralem Pjanic, Sergino Dest, Eric Garcia, Ronald Araujo, Arnau Tenas, Ansu Fati, Robert Lewandowski, Pedri, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Alejandro Balde, Pablo Gaviria, Memphis Depay, Abdessamad Ezzalzouli, Andreas Christensen.
BARCELONA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Inaki Pena; Sergi Roberto, Gerard Pique, Jules Kounde, Jordi Alba; Franck Kessie, Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong; Raphinha, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ferran Torres.
The sides are meeting for a special charity game which has been organised to raise funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research after ex-Barcelona goalkeeper Juan Carlos Unzue, who worked under Pep Guardiola during his time in Spain, was diagnosed. Barca's season started with a goalless draw with Rayo Vallecano, but they turned things around with a big win over Real Sociedad last time out. Meanwhile, City have made an unbeaten start to the Premier League, winning two and drawing one of their games so far.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the friendly meeting between Barcelona and Manchester City at Camp Nou!