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Atlético Madrid v Rayo Vallecano Live Commentary, 18/10/2022

1 - 1
Álvaro Morata (20)
R. Falcao (90+2 pen)
Estádio Cívitas Metropolitano


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Atletico miss the chance to go level on points with Barcelona in second, and they stay in third, five points off leaders Real Madrid. They're unbeaten in four league games and travel to Real Betis next. Rayo stay in 10th and are now winless in their last three. They host Cadiz next time out.
Falcao's stoppage-time penalty earns Rayo a 1-1 draw with Atletico. The hosts had the better first half and took advantage of a loose pass from Fran Garcia as Morata stroked Griezmann's cross past Dimitrievski. Rayo pushed for an equaliser in the second half, but almost found themselves 2-0 down when Griezmann fired in, but he was just offside. VAR then awarded the visitors a penalty very late on for Gimenez's handball and Falcao fired it into the roof of the net.
90' + 4' It's the Atletico players and fans that are asking for a penalty now. They're claiming that it bounced up and hit Camello on the arm, but it hit him on the thigh after coming off Savic's arm and the referee waves it away.
R. Falcao
Penalty Goal
Rayo Vallecano
90' + 2' FALCAO EQUALISES! It's a confident spot-kick from the forward, and he catches Grbic out as he just stutters his run before striking the ball. The keeper leans to his left, and Falcao fires a powerful strike down the middle into the roof of the net. 1-1!
J. Giménez
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
90' + 1' Gimenez is also booked for the handball.
90' PENALTY TO RAYO! After seeing the replays for himself, the referee goes back out onto the pitch and points for the spot-kick.
89' VAR is looking at a possible penalty for Rayo here. Nteka glanced a header towards goal and Gimenez was just in front of him with his arm out to the side as he jumped. The ball did hit his arm, and the referee has been called over to the monitor...
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
88' Saul catches Fran Garcia with a late challenge, and he picks up a yellow card.
Unai López
Isi Palazón
Rayo Vallecano
88' Final changes for Rayo now as they continue to look for an equaliser. Palazon is the first to make way, with Unai Lopez replacing him.
R. Nteka
P. Ciss
Rayo Vallecano
87' And Ciss is also taken off for Nteka.
87' CHANCE! Reinildo gambles the wrong way on Palazon's cross, and he whips a dangerous ball into the far post through the gap. Falcao lunges forward, but it's just out of his reach on the stretch.
85' Rayo are still making a push for a late equaliser here, but all of their possession is in front of Atletico. They're keeping the ball well but can't find a way in behind the hosts.
83' SAVE! Atletico win it back deep in their own half, and Carrasco breaks forward down the left. He has Cunha just ahead of him, but the angle is against the forward and his low shot is pushed away by Dimitrievski.
81' OFFSIDE! Catena is too casual with his pass and Saul cuts it out before quickly sliding it into Carrasco. He picks out a good throughball for Griezmann, who rifles it past Dimitrievski as he rushed off his line. He set off too early though, and it won't count!
Pablo Muñoz
Álvaro García
Rayo Vallecano
80' Third change for Rayo now, and it's Alvaro Garcia that goes off for Munoz.
78' Fran Garcia knocks it back to Dimitrievski, who decides to go for a more direct route. He plays it long for Falcao through the middle, but he'd just drifted offside, and the flag goes up against him.
R. De Paul
Atlético Madrid
76' Final change for Atletico now and it's De Paul that's making way for Saul.
75' The Rayo defenders are static as Carrasco plays a wonderful throughball into the box for Cunha to chase. He's forced wide, so instead of going for goal, he tries to tee up Griezmann for a tap-in, but Dimitrievski gets enough on it to deflect it away from him.
73' The corner is played into the box for Rayo and Catena rises at the far post to nod it back across goal. It bounces through the six-yard box and wide, much to Atletico's relief.
71' GREAT CHANCE! Falcao is one-on-one with Grbic in the box and he tries to drill his low shot under the keeper. He gets a hand to it, but it bounces against Gimenez, who then has to scramble back to hook it away before it can bounce to the goal line.
69' CLOSE! It's a lovely weaving run from Camello to get to the edge of the D, and he fizzes a low shot towards the bottom right corner. It's out of Grbic's reach on the stretch, but it flashes wide of the post.
67' Atletico break quickly on the counter again, and Molina threads another good throughball down the right for Kondogbia. He picks out Cunha between the defenders, but his shot is caught by Dimitrievski.
65' Rayo are struggling to keep hold of the ball when they push out of their own half again here. Ciss spots Falcao peeling off the back of Savic, but plays a poor throughball straight to the defender.
63' SAVE! Catena does well to block Molina's throughball, but De Paul latches onto the loose ball. He feeds it through to Correa, who drills a low shot across goal first time, but Dimitrievski holds onto it.
Sergio Camello
Óscar Valentín
Rayo Vallecano
61' Rayo are making another change of their own. Valentin is taken off for Camello.
Á. Correa
A. Witsel
Atlético Madrid
61' And Witsel is also making way, with Correa on to replace him.
Matheus Cunha
Álvaro Morata
Atlético Madrid
61' Atletico are making a double change here. The goalscorer, Morata, is the first to go off, with Cunha on in his place.
59' Kondogbia slides it through for Griezmann, who shakes off Catena to get into space down the left of the box. He's looking to pick out a cross to Morata, but the offside flag goes up before he can.
57' GREAT CHANCE! It's a good delivery from Griezmann on the corner and Morata has peeled away to the far post. Balliu just does enough to put him up though and he glances his header wide.
55' Balliu somehow manages to squeeze a cross into Valentin, who quickly plays it back to the defender. He lifts it into the near post this time, but Grbic rushes off his line to get there ahead of Falcao.
53' Griezmann does well to hold off Valentin on the edge of the D, and he lays it off to Witsel when he can't find a way into the box. He switches it out to De Paul, but Rayo quickly crowd him off the ball.
51' Rayo have started the second half brightly and they're keeping Atletico penned back in their own half. It's worked out to Fran Garcia on the left, but he's asking too much of Falcao with his fizzed cross.
49' Palazon curls a good free-kick in from the right, and Ciss is just held back by Gimenez. Alvaro Garcia swings it back in from the left, but Ciss glances his header wide of the far post.
S. Savić
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
47' Savic is late getting across to Falcao, and he catches the forward just above the ankle with his studs. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
46' Rayo get us back underway for the second half!
Santi Comesaña
José Ángel Pozo
Rayo Vallecano
46' Rayo are making a change at the start of the second half. Pozo is taken off, with Comesana coming on in his place.
Simeone looked fairly pleased heading down the tunnel at the break. His side might not have created a lot, but they've looked a threat going forward and have been comfortable in defence. Iraola will be asking for more from his side though - they've been sloppy in possession and he'll want to cut that out in the second half.
Morata gives Atletico a 1-0 lead over Rayo at half-time. It's been a match of few clear-cut chances, but Atletico took the only one that fell to them. Griezmann pounced on a loose backpass from Falcao and curled a low cross into the box which Morata slotted in first time. Rayo have struggled to create anything of note, with Grbic comfortably saving Palazon's early chance from range.
45' + 1' Rayo are trying to work it upfield for one last chance before half-time. Falcao wins a free-kick on the halfway line which Palazon clips into the box, but Witsel comfortably clears it.
44' Ciss goes through the back of De Paul and Atletico have another free-kick in a good position. Griezmann swings this one in from the right and picks out Kondogbia at the near post, but he pokes it wide.
42' Rayo are making it difficult for Atletico to get near their box due to their high press. They're forcing the hosts back into their own half and stopping them from getting forward.
Y. Carrasco
T. Lemar
Atlético Madrid
40' Atletico are being forced into a change here after Lemar pulled up with what looked like a muscle problem. He's replaced by Carrasco.
38' Griezmann has been involved in seven goals in his last 13 LaLiga games (three goals, four assists), two more than in his previous 23 league appearances for Atletico (five - three goals, two assists).
36' De Paul and Griezmann link up well down the right and the Frenchman tries to set Kondogbia away through the middle, but he loses the ball. Valentin lifts it over the top for Palazon, but he can't pick out a team-mate in the middle.
34' Balliu squares it into Falcao through the middle, and he spins away from Gimenez. He has no support, so he has a go from a long way out, but there's no power on the shot, and it rolls harmlessly wide.
32' The pace of the game was just slowing down until Griezmann burst forward down the right, weaving his way through Rayo's defence. He pulls it back from the byline, and Dimitrievski initially spills it before collecting the loose ball.
30' Atletico try to take a free-kick quickly, but it's Reinildo that sloppily gives the ball away this time. Rayo are happy to keep possession in their own half for the moment though as they try to find their rhythm.
28' It's better from the visitors as Pozo weaves his way through the middle before laying it off to Palazon. He has another go from range but slips as he takes it, and it flies high and wide of the target.
26' Rayo are struggling to get a foothold in this game, and they can't keep hold of the ball. Palazon tries to drag his team upfield down the right before running into Reinildo and giving away a cheap free-kick.
24' Atletico pounce on another sloppy pass from Rayo, with Ciss gifting it straight to De Paul. He bursts forward before squaring it to Witsel just outside the box, but he drags his low shot well wide of the far post.
22' It's another good move from Atletico as Kondogbia sweeps it out to Lemar on the left, and he fizzes a low cross into the middle. Morata slips just before it gets to him though and Rayo comfortably clear their lines.
A. Griezmann
Atlético Madrid
20' Griezmann was alert as Falcao cut back to play it to Fran Garcia, and he reacted quickly to win it back and play in Morata.
Álvaro Morata
Atlético Madrid
20' MORATA SCORES! It's a poor bit of play from Falcao as he tries to touch it back to Fran Garcia but gifts it straight to Griezmann instead. He curls a low, early cross into the box and Morata meets it first time, stroking it into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Atletico!
18' Atletico are working it upfield nicely and Kondogbia spots Molina in space down the right. He drags it past Fran Garcia before cutting inside, but he can't pick out a team-mate with his cross.
16' Falcao has two attempts at taking Griezmann down before the referee awards Atletico another free-kick. Lemar looks to the near post from the right this time, but Catena flies forward to make another vital block.
14' Atletico win a free-kick down the left and Lemar swings a good cross into the far post. He's looking for Savic's run, but Catena stretches just ahead of him to put it out for a corner.
12' Atletico have lost two of their last home games in LaLiga (W2), as many defeats as they had in the previous 26 such matches in the competition (W18 D6 L2).
10' SAVE! It's Rayo with the first shot of the game as Palazon cuts inside from the right and isn't closed down by the Atletico defenders. He tries his luck from outside the box, curling it down the middle, but Grbic holds onto it.
8' Reinildo goes for the big switch out to Molina, and he cushions it into Lemar on the edge of the box. He touches it through to the near post, but Griezmann wasn't on the same wavelength and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
6' It's a poor clearing header from Mumin as he nods it straight to Morata's feet. He surges into the box, but can't open up an angle for a shot with Catena getting tight to him.
4' Rayo are struggling to get on the ball here, but they are pressing high upfield. Savic is forced to knock it back to Grbic and Falcao is bearing down on him, but the keeper clears his lines just in time.
2' Atletico are looking to break quickly down their right, with Molina driving down the wing. He tries to feed it into De Paul, but he's sandwiched between two defenders and can't reach it.
1' Griezmann gets the game underway for Atletico!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Rayo have lost their last eight away games against Atletico in LaLiga, failing to score in the last three. The last time they collected points on the road against them was back in August 1999 in a 2-0 win.
Andoni Iraola makes four changes from the draw with Getafe last time out, with Mumin, Ciss, Pozo and Falcao coming into the side. Lejeune, Comesana and Camello drop to the bench, while Oscar Trejo misses out after fracturing his hand during that match.
Diego Simeone makes just two changes to the side that beat Athletic on Saturday, and they're both enforced. Jan Oblak was taken off after suffering a concussion in that hame, while Koke is out with a thigh injury. Grbic and Witsel are the players brought in.
RAYO VALLECANO SUBS: Pablo Munoz, Mario Suarez, Unai Lopez, Diego Lopez, Josep Chavarria, Randy Nteka, Bebe, Mario Hernandez, Esteban Saveljich, Santiago Comesana, Florian Lejeune, Sergio Camello.
RAYO VALLECANO STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Stole Dmitrievski; Ivan Balliu, Alejandro Catena, Abdul Mumin, Fran Garcia; Oscar Valentin, Pathe Ciss; Isi Palazon, Jose Pozo, Alvaro Garcia; Radamel Falcao.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Mario Hermoso, Joao Felix, Matheus Cunha, Alejandro Iturbe, Sergio Diez, Sergio Mestre, Saul Niguez, Yannick Carrasco, Angel Correa.
ATLETICO MADRID STARTING XI (4-4-2): Ivo Grbic; Nahuel Molina, Stefan Savic, Jose Gimenez, Reinildo; Rodrigo De Paul, Axel Witsel, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Thomas Lemar; Antoine Griezmann, Alvaro Morata.
Atletico are looking to close the gap at the top of the table to three points if they can win here today. They're in great league form, winning their last three in a row, including a narrow 1-0 victory against Athletic Bilbao last time out. They face a Rayo side that have only won two of their last seven outings in the league (D1 L4) but are winless in their previous two, with their last victory coming at the start of October against Elche.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the LaLiga meeting between Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano at the Civitas Metropolitano!