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90' + 2'
A. Dragović
S. Bender
L. Alario
K. Demirbay
Renan Lodi
1 - 0
Yellow Card
K. Bellarabi
Yellow Card

Match Stats

40% 60%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 1
Total Passes 414 616
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Juventus JUV Juventus 6 5 1 0 12 4 +8 16 W W W W W
2 Atlético Madrid ATM Atlético Madrid 6 3 1 2 8 5 +3 10 W L L W W
3 Bayer Leverkusen LEV Bayer Leverkusen 6 2 0 4 5 9 -4 6 L W W L L
4 Lokomotiv Moskva LOK Lokomotiv Moskva 6 1 0 5 4 11 -7 3 L L L L L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


These two teams will meet again in two weeks' time on Matchday 4 in Leverkusen. A Leverkusen win might keep their European dreams alive in some form, while Atletico could all but seal their place in the round of 16. We shall see. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Atletico's 1-0 win puts them top of Group D with seven points ahead of Juventus' match with Lokomotiv Moscow shortly. They're surely certs to qualify, and outside favourites to make it deep into the knockouts as usual. Leverkusen are rock bottom after three defeats. The Europa League is probably the best they can hope for now.
You'd be tempted to call that a vintage Atletico performance under Simeone. Leverkusen huffed and puffed without ever really threatening, and Atletico punished them as the substitute Morata finished the one clear chance of the game. Atletico march towards qualifying for the knock-out phase, while Leverkusen will have to work hard not to finish bottom of the group.
90' + 3' Thomas wins a free-kick in Leverkusen's half courtesy of Baumgartlinger. There should be no more time for Leverkusen now, and there isn't! The referee blows his whistle!
A. Dragović
S. Bender
90' + 2' Leverkusen are resorting to throwing the kitchen sink at Atletico now. Sven Bender off, Dragovic on.
90' + 1' Volland jinks into the box and his shot deflects out for a corner that Atletico don't completely get away. Paulinho is in a pocket of space on the edge of the box but leans backwards and his effort whistles over.
90' Lars Bender floats a ball over the top that lands harmlessly out of play. Bosz is unhappy at Atletico's timewasting. There will be three added minutes.
88' Leverkusen are trying to press the issue but Simeone's Atletico are made to defend leads like this. Bellarabi's shot is intercepted and Morata holds the ball up on the left flank, conceding a throw.
86' Volland fires in a cross from wide and gets Leverkusen a corner. Amiri steps up to take it but it's right over the Atletico defence. Not what Leverkusen need at this stage.
85' German teams have failed to score in their last five away matches at Atlético Madrid (W0 D1 L4). Leverkusen don't look like they'll buck that trend now.
L. Alario
K. Demirbay
84' Leverkusen substitution. Demirbay is sacrificed to make way for the Argentine striker Alario.
82' Baumgartlinger - who's been quiet - threads a pass through the Atletico defence but it's cut short. Morata's goal has turned Atletico's performance from a poor attacking one to a good defensive one.
80' Atletico almost grab a second as Leverkusen open up at the back! Hradecky is out just in time to smother the ball before Costa can get onto it. Leverkusen are unlucky to be losing, but they need to be careful.
78' GOAL! 1-0 ATLETICO! Morata latches onto Lodi's cross from the left and powers a header past Hradecky in the Leverkusen goal from the centre of the six yard box. The keeper dives the right way but can't keep it out! That is typical Atletico.
Renan Lodi
78' Lodi's cross was great, and it came just seconds after Amiri forced a low save from Oblak. This game was always going to be decided by narrow margins, and it seems to be going Atletico's way.
K. Havertz
76' Leverkusen substitution. Havertz off, Paulinho - the teenage forward one - on.
75' Volland decides to take on Atletico's centre-backs by himself and wins a corner off Felipe. Demirbay takes the corner and Atletico clear. Bellarabi gets onto the rebound but can't decide whether to cross or shoot. Either way, it's blocked.
74' Atletico get a free-kick as Trippier is brought down in his half by Demirbay. Lodi's shot in the 32nd minute is the only shot on target of the game so far. This game has been lacklustre, in truth.
72' Costa has now been joined up front by Morata. Leverkusen will have to be careful with that pair to deal with.
70' Atletico make their final change. It's Koke who'll make way for Morata.
68' We're entering the final quarter of the game. A winner doesn't look to be forthcoming. Bellarabi gets free down the right but can't create anything.
66' Amiri looks for Volland in the box but Atletico's defence stand firm. Weiser finds himself in space and blazes over from range wastefully. Atletico are preparing Morata to come on. You'd imagine it's Costa he'll replace.
64' Leverkusen get the corner away, but the pressure's still building! Hradecky tips Herrera's looping effort over the bar. That's the best chance of the game so far. The midfielder is offside anyway.
63' Was that a penalty for Atletico? Costa races into the box and Sven Bender slips, inadvertently bringing the Atletico striker down. Simeone raises his hands in protest but it's just a corner.
T. Lemar
Á. Correa
62' Simeone has seen enough. Correa leaves the pitch. Lemar replaces him for Atletico.
61' Lars Bender slides in on Trippier and gives away a free-kick on the right flank. Trippier whips it in and Felipe's snap effort from the centre of the box is blocked. Atletico are starting to assert themselves.
60' It's hard to know what would give this game a spark. Both sides look keen but there's been a lack of creativity on display in the first hour.
58' Atletico try a long throw from the right. Trippier's delivery causes confusion in the Leverkusen defence and Tah gets it away before Costa can capitalise. Trippier tries again and Costa leans forward but can't get his header on target!
56' Bellarabi wriggles free down the right and tries to cut back for a teammate, but Thomas intercepts. Bellarabi tries to cross in again three times. Hermoso blocks three times, giving away the corner on the third attempt. Amiri volleys over from the set-piece.
Yellow Card
54' Koke's first touch lets him down and he earns himself a yellow card by sliding into a tackle on Havertz. The referee urges the players to calm down. The officials have been decent so far.
52' Thomas wins possession in the centre of the park and Trippier plays a one-two with Correa down the right. Correa overplays the return pass and the chance breaks down.
50' Atletico keep possession at the back for a while. They don't get anywhere. Now it's Leverkusen's turn to stroke the ball around.
48' Trippier plays a quick angled ball for Correa into the box. Correa can't reach it, though, and it's a Leverkusen goal-kick.
47' Bellarabi races after a pass down the inside-right channel from Demirbay but just can't keep it in play. Leverkusen's counter-attacks down the flanks have looked like the most promising source of a goal so far.
46' Atletico get this second half going. Let's hope this period's a bit more lively.
A first half stalemate is pretty standard for Champions League games involving Atletico. Of the 11 goals scored in such games this calendar year, only one has come in the first half, with all six this campaign coming in the second half. If we see a goal in the second period, you get a sense the scorers will go on to win this.
It's not been enthralling viewing so far. Atletico look somewhat subdued, and Leverkusen have been the marginally better side. However, apart from a few long-range efforts, neither side has really created a decent chance to speak of.
45' + 2' Weiser delivers another cross from the right. Hermoso heads away. Bellarabi bursts into the box on the follow-up and hangs the ball up but Oblak rises high to grab it.
45' There'll be two added minutes in this half. Correa chases after an optimistic ball over the top but Tah has it covered.
44' Lars Bender impedes Thomas' progress and it's an Atletico free-kick which Trippier takes. It's a decent delivery but Hradecky is alert and comes out to claim it.
43' Thomas lets fly from an inside-left position but it's well wide of the goal. Atletico might need a few words from Simeone at half-time.
41' Leverkusen play keep-ball for a while, attempting to draw Atletico out. Weiser lofts a hopeful cross into the box and Trippier shepherds it out of play.
40' A scrappy period in midfield ends with Amiri getting a half-chance to whip a cross in. He takes too long and Trippier puts a stop to it.
39' Now Atletico get a corner. That's cleared too. This match is something of a stalemate at the moment.
K. Bellarabi
Yellow Card
38' Leverkusen can't do much with the free-kick, and Bellarabi fluffs his header to keep the pressure on. Atletico attempt to break and Bellarabi crudely brings Correa down. It's a deserved booking.
37' Leverkusen are growing into this game. They win a free-kick on their right flank as Hermoso illegally blocks off Havertz.
35' Leverkusen take an interesting corner with almost all their players in the six yard box, overloading Atletico's zonal marking. Atletico head away but Leverkusen have a throw-in.
34' Volland picks up the ball in the box from Bellarabi's pass and Leverkusen get a corner out of it. There's a bit of argy-bargy before the corner and the ref tells the player to calm down.
34' Bellarabi has the chance to counter down the right. He beats one Atletico defender but can't beat the second, and the home side clear away.
32' Lodi darts inside from the left and fires a low daisy cutter at goal. It's straight at Hradecky, but that's better from Atletico.
30' Another Atletico attack breaks down as Sven Bender nips in and Leverkusen look to capitalise. Amiri goes down holding his mouth after taking an accidental elbow from Saul. He'll have to go off temporarily to have that looked at.
29' Bellarabi sends a pass forward and Oblak is there to intercept. Simeone is shouting furiously at his players, telling them to hurry things up. 
28' Atletico haven't had a shot on goal since Trippier's shot in the fifth minute. Leverkusen have done well to nullify the home side's threat so far.
26' The official's flag goes up against Atletico as Trippier tussles with Lars Bender in Leverkusen's box. Trippier protests his innocence. 
24' Thomas is pickpocketed in midfield and Havertz slides a ball through the centre of midfield for Volland. Felipe stumbles but does just enough to put the striker off. Atletico free-kick.
23' Lodi tries to beat Weiser on the flank but slips. Leverkusen rush out of their half only to give the ball straight back to Atletico. This hasn't been a great game so far.
21' Atletico claim that Sven Bender committed handball a moment ago when that attack broke down but he clearly used his head. Leverkusen get a free-kick as Trippier commits a foul in midfield.
20' Hradecky clears upfield but his clearance is awry and intercepted by Herrera. Atletico work the ball forward quickly but can't create an opportunity.
19' Leverkusen are looking solid. Hradecky ventures far out of his area to punt a long ball out of harm's way before Costa gets there.
17' Herrera holds up the ball for Atletico down the right and Lars Bender wins it, only to put his side straight back into trouble with his clearance. Hradecky slides out to sweep up the mess.
16' Atletico are finding it hard to create chances at the moment with Leverkusen snapping at them at every opportunity. Thomas rolls a tame ball straight through to Hradecky in the opposition goal.
J. Giménez
15' Atletico substitution. Hermoso replaces the injured Gimenez.
13' Amiri wins a throw for Leverkusen down the left after beating Gimenez to the ball. It looks innocuous but Gimenez immediately signals to the bench. His game is over.
12' Atletico see the corner away. This will be an intriguing match, as both sides prefer to play on the counter-attack. As the home side, Atletico will have to take the initiative.
11' Thomas plays a nice slide-rule pass for Saul who almost latches onto it. Leverkusen get upfield and win a corner after Demirbay's cross is blocked.
9' Now Leverkusen go away on the counter-attack. Demirbay has a pop from distance and it bounces out for a corner on the right. It's taken short and Baumgartlinger skies his first-time shot.
8' Atletico work the ball left to Costa, who holds the ball up. The home side put together some neat interplay on the edge of Leverkusen's box before the attack breaks down. Simeone furiously gesticulates down on the touchline.
6' Leverkusen are setting up in two banks of four off the ball, making it hard for Atletico to pass their way through. Amiri passes inside for the visitors but it's intercepted.
5' Trippier has an early shot at goal from range but it's way over. No threat to Leverkusen's goal there.
5' Thomas passes wide to Saul who curls a cross in at the byline. Costa goes over in the area but the referee isn't interested. Play on.
4' Contrary to pre-match reports, Leverkusen have lined up in more of a 4-2-3-1 with Havertz just behind Volland. They're having to stay patient at the moment as Atletico pop the ball around.
2' Atletico have started well. Koke looks to make a pass into the area from the right and Sven Bender puts it out for a corner. Trippier swings his delivery in and a Leverkusen head gets there first.
1' And we're off! Leverkusen get this Group D match underway.
The two sides stand patiently as the Champions League anthem parps out across the PA. Atletico are wearing their usual red and white striped shirts and blue shorts, while Leverkusen are in their smart away strip.
This will be the seventh European meeting between Atletico Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen and the fifth in the Champions League – Atletico are unbeaten in their last three (W2 D1 L0) since a 1-0 defeat in February 2015. Atletico are strong at home in the Champions League. Will they get a routine win, or can Leverkusen spring a surprise?
Atletico make four changes from their 1-1 draw with Valencia over the weekend. Renan Lodi, Trippier, Herrera and Correa come in. Hermoso, Arias and Morata drop to the bench, while Felix is out with an ankle injury. Leverkusen change three players from their 3-0 away defeat to Frankfurt, as Tah, Lars Bender and Bellarabi all get the nod.
SUBS: Lucas Alario, Paulinho, Joel Pohjanpalo, Moussa Diaby, Panagiotis Retsos, Aleksandar Dragovic, Ramazan Ozcan.
BAYER LEVERKUSEN (3-4-3): Lukas Hradecky; Lars Bender (c), Jonathan Tah, Sven Bender; Mitchell Weiser, Julian Baumgartlinger, Kerem Demirbay, Karim Bellarabi; Kai Havertz, Kevin Volland, Nadiem Amiri.
SUBS: Alvaro Morata, Antonio Adan, Marcos Llorente, Vitolo, Santiago Arias, Mario Hermoso, Thomas Lemar.
ATLETICO MADRID (4-4-2): Jan Oblak; Kieran Trippier, Jose Gimenez, Felipe, Renan Lodi; Koke (c), Hector Herrera, Thomas Partey, Saul Niguez; Angel Correa, Diego Costa.
Leverkusen have struggled so far this season, starting their European campaign with two straight defeats. Leverkusen boss Peter Bosz is still looking for his first win as a Champions League manager. It would be a memorable victory if Leverkusen were to triumph here.
Atletico Madrid are well on course to qualify for the knock-out stage after a 3-0 win away to Lokomotiv Moscow last time out in this competition. Diego Simeone's men sit second in Group D on four points and can cement their position with a victory over bottom side Bayer Leverkusen.
Hello and a very warm welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Champions League Group D clash between Atletico Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen at Wanda Metropolitano.