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J. Ramsey
Bertrand Traoré
K. Davis
Fábio Silva
Willian José
R. Barkley
M. Sanson
M. Sanson
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Villa stay in ninth, now just five points off the European places, but Smith will be hoping they can bounce back against struggling Newcastle United next weekend. As for Wolves, they stay in 12th and next up for them is a visit from the champions, Liverpool.
It finishes goalless between Aston Villa and Wolves. The hosts came close twice in the first half only to be denied by the crossbar, first through Watkins' long-range strike before Konsa rattled the bar from the edge of the six-yard box. After the break, Coady hit the post with a header with Saiss then firing over from one yard out on the follow-up. Coady saw another effort stopped at point-blank range before Watkins was denied by Patricio in stoppage time.
90' + 4' Traore gets the better of El Mohamady down the left and he swings in a cross from the byline. He's looking for Neto at the far post, but Targett is there for Villa to make an important block that takes it away from the attacker.
90' + 3' SAVE! The corner is curled into the middle for Villa and Coady's clearance ends up falling for Watkins at the far post. He sets himself before drilling his shot towards the near post but Patricio gets down quickly to make the save with his foot.
90' + 1' Mings has gone down off the ball and it looks like he has a problem with his knee after landing awkwardly from an aerial challenge and he's getting treatment on it now, but he'll be able to carry on.
89' Villa haven't managed a single shot on target in this game. Prior to today, they've managed at least one shot on target in all of their Premier League games this season.
87' Wolves win another free-kick, this time just outside the box on the right and Neto is standing over it. He chooses to go for goal, curling his effort around the wall, but it's a comfortable one for Martinez down the middle.
85' Davies does really well to keep hold of the ball when McGinn plays him in as he's under pressure from three Wolves defenders. He manages to squeeze it past Dendoncker but then runs into trouble as Coady nicks it off him.
J. Ramsey
Bertrand Traoré
83' Final roll of the dice for Villa now and it's Bertrand Traore that's coming off, with Ramsey replacing him.
82' Neto wrongfoots Watkins on the right to open up a pocket of space for himself to put another cross into the box. He's looking for Adama Traore at the far post, but Mings rises above him to had it clear for Villa.
80' Bertrand Traore has stayed down after a challenge with Jonny when they both went for the ball to stop a throw-in. He's holding his leg, but he's quickly back to his feet after receiving some treatment.
Fábio Silva
Willian José
78' Wolves are making a change as well and Willian Jose is the one making way for Silva.
K. Davis
78' Second change for Villa now and Smith is bringing on Davies to replace Trezeguet.
76' GREAT SAVE! It's sloppy from Villa again as Barkley gives the ball away in his own box and Neves drills it towards goal, but it hits Coady and he turns before getting his own shot away. Martinez gets down quickly though and manages to tip it wide of the post.
75' It's a poor pass out on the edge of his own box by Mings and he gifts it to Adama Traore. The Villa players quickly drop back to close down the space ahead of him so he tries to switch play out to the right, but can't pick out Neto.
73' It's patient play from Wolves at the moment as they keep possession in their own half and try to draw out Villa who are sitting deeper. Trezeguet eventually comes out and intercepts Coady's pass, but puts it straight out of play.
71' CHANCE! Barkley swings the corner into the box for Villa and El Mohamady's run to the near post isn't picked up by the Wolves defenders. He flicks his header towards goal but sends it wide.
69' Villa win a free-kick in midfield which Targett plays short to El Mohamady. He curls a deep cross to the edge of the box where Mings nods it down into the middle, but he can only pick out Dendoncker, who clears his lines.
67' Another free-kick for Wolves, this time down the right, and it's another good cross into the box from Moutinho. He picks out Saiss at the near post, but he gets caught under it and can't direct his header towards goal.
65' Jonny does really well to hold off Bertrand Traore as he waits for support to join him down the left and he has Moutinho making an overlapping run. He tries to slip it through to him, but overhits it and sends it straight out of play.
63' Villa just haven't got going in the second half and they keep giving the ball away whenever they do get out of their own half. Bertrand Traore picks out McGinn, but he can't turn away from Jonny and Wolves have it back again.
R. Barkley
M. Sanson
61' Villa are making the first change of the game and it's Barkley that's coming on for Sanson, who seems to have picked up an ankle problem.
60' It's Neves that's standing over the set-piece and he curls a good cross into the middle of the box. The Wolves players have split to go to both posts though and Mings is left with a simple clearance.
59' Neto is finding a lot of space down the right for Wolves and he cuts inside away from Targett again to whip a cross in. Trezeguet is covering behind him but makes the block with his hand just outside the box and Wolves have a free-kick in a dangerous position.
57' OFF THE POST! The corner was taken short for Wolves and Neto puts a brilliant cross into the box for Coady at the far post. He dives onto it and his header beats Martinez before bouncing off the post. It flashes across goal for Saiss who chased it in, but he fires over on the goal line.
56' Adama Traore cuts inside and whips a good cross into the box from the left and Neto is waiting at the far post. He's waiting for it to drop for him but Targett jumps ahead of him to flick it out for a corner.
54' Neto pulls away from Sanson down the right and curls a cross towards Adama Traore at the far post, but it's just behind him and Mings heads it clear. It falls to Neves on the edge of the box, who hits the shot on the volley, but he sends it high over the bar.
52' Only Sheffield United (22) have failed to score in more first halves in the Premier League this season than Wolves (21).
50' GOOD SAVE! Wolves break quickly with Coady's clearance picking out Neto in his own half. He drives forward down the right and is one-on-one with the goalkeeper when he gets into the box. He drills his shot at the near post and Martinez has to push it away.
48' Wolves have made a bright start to the second half, with Adama Traore making a good run down the left for the visitors. He has Konsa with him all the way though and can't find a way past the defender.
46' Villa get us back underway for the second half! 
Villa have looked the better side for big parts of the game, but without testing Wolves' defence too often. Smith will take encouragement from how close they've come to scoring though and will want more of the same after the break. As for Wolves, they were on the back foot for a lot of the first half and Nuno will want a much better performance when they come back out.
It's goalless at the break between Aston Villa and Wolves. There hasn't been a shot on target in the game so far, but Villa have had the better chances and have hit the woodwork twice. Watkins was first, just four minutes in, when he drilled a shot on goal from outside the box but it bounced back off the crossbar. Konsa also rattled the bar from close range when he tried to turn in Bertrand Traore's cross.
45' Adama Traore is dragged down by Luiz and Moutinho comes across to take the free-kick on the right. He puts another good cross into the middle, but can't pick out a team-mate and Mings clears his lines.
43' El Mohamady steps across Adama Traore to intercept Jonny's pass and his clearance loops forward for Watkins. He chests it down, but can't turn past Coady and Wolves win it back.
41' Despite Villa enjoying more of the possession, they're still struggling to get in behind Wolves as El Mohamady plays another throughball forward down the right. He's looking for McGinn, but Neves is dragging him back so he wins a free-kick, but it comes to nothing.
39' Villa are still keeping the pressure on Wolves and they're starting to find a bit more space down the left. Targett plays another throughball into Sanson, but his cross is put out for a corner by Dendoncker.
37' Targett plays an early cross into the box from the left and Watkins hooks it back into the middle towards Bertrand Traore from the near post. It's behind him, but it doesn't matter anyway as the offside flag goes up against the forward.
35' It's great play by Watkins as he touches the ball through Dendoncker's legs on the left before cutting into the box and pulling away from Coady. He drills a shot towards goal, but it's blocked by Saiss in the middle.
33' The hosts are just starting to get on the front foot again now and El Mohamady plays a throughball into McGinn down the right. He tries to knock it past Jonny and into space, but can't find a way in behind him.
31' Villa are trying to make something happen down their left at the moment as Sanson and Targett link up well. The midfielder curls a good cross into the middle of the box, but none of his team-mates are there to get on the end of it.
29' Moutinho swings the free-kick into the box from the right Saiss gets a touch on it at the near post. It bounces towards the far post, but Coady can't get there quick enough to touch it past Martinez.
M. Sanson
Yellow Card
27' It's a clumsy one from Sanson as he clatters into the back of Neto and he's shown the first yellow card of the match.
25' It's patient play from the visitors as they steadily advance forward down the right, but Neto has it by the corner flag. He tries to turn it past Targett but he can't keep hold of it as he spins past the left-back and misses the chance to put in a cross.
23' Wolves are starting to move the ball a bit quicker now when they do win back possession and Jonny tries to play in Adama Traore down the left with a throughball. He's caught on his heels though and El Mohamady steps across for Villa.
21' Semedo does brilliantly to hold off Trezeguet as he drives forward before playing it out to Neto on the right. He can't pick out a cross, so plays it back to Moutinho, but his chip misses everyone and goes straight out of play.
19' Wolves just can't get out of their own half due to Villa's high press and Jonny is forced to go with a long clearance forward. He's trying to set Adama Traore off down the left but gives it straight to Konsa.
17' Villa break quickly again and Watkins is slipped in through the middle. He has a lot of space ahead of him, so chooses to have a go from range. It takes a deflection off Saiss which loops it into the air and safely into Patricio's gloves.
15' OFF THE BAR AGAIN! Villa win a free-kick on the left which Targett plays short to Bertrand Traore and he drills a dangerous cross into the box. Wolves have a lot of bodies back, but none of them reach it and Konsa gets it at the far post. He takes the shot on the stretch and the woodwork saves Wolves again.
14' Villa are keeping the ball well at the moment and are stopping Wolves from getting out of their own half, but they're struggling to get in behind the visitors and into the final third.
12' Watkins has hit the woodwork more times than any other player in the Premier League this season (seven).
10' McGinn is fouled, but he managed to slip the ball through to Watkins first so the referee plays an advantage. He pulls it back to get around Coady and unselfishly tries to pick out Bertrand Traore in the middle, but it's cut out by Jonny.
8' It's good pressure from Wolves at the moment as they're keeping Villa penned back in their own half. Jonny squares it to Willian Jose on the edge of the box and he tries to get a shot away quickly, but it's blocked by Konsa.
6' Wolves break quickly, with Neto making a great driving run down the right. He dribbles past Targett and pulls a cross back into the middle, but Adama Traore didn't gamble on it and El Mohamady is able to clear his lines.
4' OFF THE BAR! It's fizzed into Watkins by McGinn and he turns away from Coady to find himself in a lot of space. He chooses to have a go from distance and fires his shot on goal. Patricio is beaten but it bounces back off the crossbar.
2' Wolves have seen more of the ball in the opening minutes here but Mings does well to nick it off Neto just outside the penalty area. He spots Watkins pulling away up front, but can't pick him out with a long pass over the top.
1' Willian Jose gets the game underway for Wolves!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
After a 1-0 win over today's opponents at Molineux in December, Villa are looking to secure their first league double over Wolves since the 2003-04 campaign.
Nuno Espirito Santo makes just one change to his side after their defeat at City last time out. He brings in Willian Jose to lead the line for Wolves, with Hoever starting on the bench.
Dean Smith makes three changes to the team that lost to Sheffield United on Wednesday. Sanson makes his first start for the club, with Luiz and Trezeguet also brought in. Nakamba and Ramsey both drop to the bench.
WOLVES SUBS: Willy Boly, Morgan Gibbs-White, Rayan Ait Nouri, Maximilian Kilman, Ki-Jana Hoever, John Ruddy, Fabio Silva, Vitinha.
WOLVES STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio; Leander Dendoncker, Conor Coady, Romain Saiss; Nelson Semedo, Ruben Neves, Joao Moutinho, Jonny; Pedro Neto, Adama Traore; Willian Jose.
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Jaden Philogene-Bidace, Tom Heaton, Keinan Davies, Ross Barkley, Jacob Ramsey, Kaine Kessler, Marvelous Nakamba, Neil Taylor, Bjorn Engels.
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Emiliano Martinez; Ahmed El Mohamady, Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Tyrone Mings, Matt Targett; John McGinn, Douglas Luiz, Morgan Sanson; Bertrand Traore, Ollie Watkins, Trezeguet.
Villa have struggled in recent weeks and come into this game having won just two of their last six (D1 L3) but lost their last outing to bottom side Sheffield United in a 1-0 defeat on Wednesday. As for Wolves, they were on a five-match unbeaten run in the Premier League, winning three and drawing two of those, but that came to an end with a 4-1 loss to Manchester City on Tuesday.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Aston Villa and Wolves at Villa Park!