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Ahmed El Mohamady
Yellow Card
Douglas Luiz
Yellow Card
Bertrand Traoré
1 - 2
H. Barnes
0 - 2
J. Maddison
H. Barnes
0 - 1

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There's no rest for Leicester now though. They have a date with Slavia Prague in the Europa League on Thursday. Next up for Villa though is a must-win for their European hopes, against Leeds United. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a great week!
But Jack Grealish's absence proved just too insurmountable for Dean Smith. The Three Lions star is the creative heartbeat of this Villa side, and without him, they took too long to get going, allowing their visitors to pounce early and put the game beyond their reach. They rallied well after the break, but it is a disappointing result for the hosts.
He may have been forced off through injury, in what will surely be a concern that tempers this result for Brendan Rodgers, but Maddison's performance was the stuff of dreams, alongside his partner Barnes today. Gareth Southgate, sat in the stands, will have some further selection headaches for England now.
James Maddison and Harvey Barnes' first-half finishes are enough to seal the deal for Leicester City, who withstand Bertrand Traore's close-range strike just after the break to down Aston Villa in the Premier League. The hosts pushed hard at Villa Park, searching for an equaliser - but the Foxes proved resilient enough, and lift themselves into second behind Manchester City. At full-time, it has finished Aston Villa 1-2 Leicester City.
90' + 5' Mings! Villa pound and pound at Leicester's defence, flicking deliveries all over as they look to find the magic touch - and ultimately, the defender steers his close-range header wide to the left, the ball just slanting beyond him. That surely is the game.
90' + 4' A free-kick for the hosts now. Martinez wants to know if he should go up. Dean Smith, unhelpfully, is not looking at his goalkeeper.
90' + 2' A corner for Villa. A sturdy clearance by Leicester. A break by Vardy and Barnes to ease the pressure. Rinse and repeat. The hosts are running out of time.
90' Watkins thinks he has a penalty shout, down at the left post after he comes together with Amartey, but he gets no luck from the referee or the VAR. We're in for five added minutes here.
H. Choudhury
Y. Tielemans
88' Youri Tielemans - something of an unsung performer in the middle for Leicester today - is off in the Foxes' latest change, with Hamza Choudhury on for the final few minutes here. 
86' Brendan Rodgers has managed five, won five as a visiting manager in the Premier League at Villa Park. That perfect record looks set to stay intact right now. Watkins is pinged for a foul on the edge of Leicester's box, frustrating the hosts no end.
84' Vardy generates an excellent counter after he blocks a McGinn cross, combining with Barnes to send himself downfield. Villa's last-gasp defence gets the block in but now Leicester are on the front foot.
82' The hosts whip a promising corner in and Leicester struggle to push back against Villa's attacking options. They manage to slip the ball back to midfield but the heat is on.
M. Sanson
Douglas Luiz
81' Villa make another change now, with Morgan Sanson on for Douglas Luiz in their latest gamble.
80' Trezeguet has something a golden opportunity now after Targett helps open up the Leicester defence, only to slip as he attempts to unload his shot. Schmeichel has no problem claiming that one.
78' Luke Thomas has put himself in a brilliant defensive position there to deny Traore, the Leicester man muscling the Villa goalscorer away from a potential second as a tempting cross flies into the Foxes' penalty area. Ross Barkley is making a very slow walk around the edge of the pitch, possibly tempering his emotions again.
D. Amartey
Ricardo Pereira
76' Leicester also make a change now, with Pereira replaced by Daniel Amartey.
J. Ramsey
R. Barkley
76' Ross Barkley is off for Villa now, with less of a frustrated outburst this week, and Jacob Ramsey takes his place for the hosts.
75' Villa find themselves under the cosh again as Leicester break forward once more and win a corner. They deal it cleanly enough - and then go straight down the end with a booming cut-out pass to Trezeguet, winning their own corner before they are shortly flagged for offside.
73' Vardy races away after a long ball on the right and gets squeezed out by Mings, ultimately finding the side netting with his attempted cut-back near the post.
71' There's 20 minutes on the clock. What can Villa conjure up in this final quarter? What can Leicester do to keep them out?
69' Barnes now pulls off a crucial block at the back following a Villa free-kick, clipping the set-piece floated into the Foxes box away from danger. Traore looks to spear a follow-up in; his delivery is particularly off-target though and tumbles away for a goal-kick.
A. El Ghazi
67' Now it is Villa who make their first change of the game, with El Ghazi replaced by Trezeguet.
66' Barnes continues to frustrate Villa down the left wing, cutting in and around to keep them on their toes. He doesn't find the final pass he's looking for in this instance however and the hosts spirit the ball away to midfield.
N. Mendy
J. Maddison
64' Now Maddison is off and Leicester have brought on Nampalys Mendy to replace him.
64' What's going on here? Maddison is back on again, having limped to the sidelines. Nampalys Mendy is waiting, but he's not coming on. Vardy meanwhile times a lovely forward run down the middle and scythes a left-footed finish across the face of goal.
62' Scratch that, Maddison is not recovered. He's back on the turf again and clutching his side now. Brendan Rodgers is going to take no further chances. His substitutes are stripped on the sidelines.
60' Save by Martinez! It would have been a cracker if Maddison, now apparently recovered, had found the mark, but the goalkeeper made another acrobatic stop to tip it away.
Ahmed El Mohamady
Yellow Card
59' Barnes puts a spark back into the match with a neat run through the middle, one where Elmohamady catches him with a hasty challenge and gets booked. Maddison will take the free-kick.
57' The sting has just dropped out of this game following that knock for Maddison. Leicester are playing a little more cagily, their opponents a little more poised. The tempo will surely rise again.
55' Tielemans nudges a particularly tame finish in to Martinez before medics take to the pitch to attend to Maddison. If the Foxes man has to go off - which it looks like he might - it is a major blow for the visitors.
53' Maddison tries to dart around two defenders on the edge of the Villa box and is dispossessed before he can make a serious move. It looks to have jarred his ankle though; that's a worry for Leicester.
Douglas Luiz
Yellow Card
51' Barnes looks to make an immediate response for Leicester, tearing away himself on the left flank. Douglas Luiz cuts him down and gets penalised for it with a yellow card. Maddison turns the subsequent free-kick in; it beats everyone and skips out at the right post.
50' Well that has upset the apple cart, hasn't it? Schmeichel was not happy with something there, squaring up with Traore after the goal, but Villa will be delighted to have such an early response. That has blown this game wide open.
Bertrand Traoré
48' GOAL! BERTRAND TRAORE PULLS ONE BACK FOR ASTON VILLA! 2-1! That is just the start that the hosts would want! Leicester have been slow out of the blocks from the restart and are exposed with a lovely run down the left flank. The delivery tipped in by El Ghazi is tapped to the side by McGinn, attempting to pull it in himself and instead his partner manages to hack a finish home past Schmeichel. Game on!
46' We're back underway at Villa Park for the second half of this Premier League clash. Is it plain sailing for Leicester City from here on out or can Aston Villa craft a comeback to remember?
Much for Rodgers to be satisfied with there, and a lot for Gareth Southgate in the stands to be delighted with too. But Dean Smith will perhaps be frustrated to have seen his side concede two goals so far. He'll demand more after the break.
Clinical finishes from the England hopeful duo of James Maddison and Harvey Barnes ensure that it is Leicester City who have the advantage against Aston Villa in the Premier League. Brendan Rodgers' side have exploited a home team bereft of Jack Grealish's talisman spark - but Dean Smith's hosts have shown enough to suggest they are not completely buried yet. At half-time at Villa Park, it is Aston Villa 0-2 Leicester City.
45' It's a second corner after Mings sees his possession displaced close to the post, before Schmeichel punches the latest set-piece away. There's going to be one added minute here.
44' Villa are ending the half strongly here, and win another corner after Evans deflects an attempted close-range pass inside the Leicester penalty area from El Ghazi.
42' Barkley draws the foul off Tielemans and Villa spear the free-kick, some 45 yards out, into the Leicester box. The danger is particularly minimal and the Foxes are left untroubled around the penalty area as they work the ball back on the counter.
40' Maddison is snapped by the linesman now for an infringement following another Leicester corner, just as he looked to work the overlap with Barnes and Vardy into the Villa box.
38' It's three shots for Villa against nine for Leicester, but the hosts have clawed their way back into this one on the possession front, up to almost half of the ball in this match. It's a long way back for them still though.
36' Now McGinn blazes over a shot following a well-earned Barkley corner, unable to keep his effort low as he takes aim from outside the box. Villa are growing in composure however.
W. Ndidi
Yellow Card
34' Ndidi picks up the first booking of the game after a particularly messy attempt to halt McGinn as the latter looked to engineer a counter-attack.
33' It's a busted flush of a set-piece in the end for the hosts, as Barkley's delivery sails over everyone. Douglas Luiz returns fire a moment later, but the threat is muzzled by some sturdy Foxes work, clearing their lines away with clean efficiency.
31' This could be a chance for Villa now. Targett sees a cross deflected away for a corner. Leicester pack the box with defenders.
29' Ndidi is doing a wonderful job at breaking up Villa's attempts to build momentum through the middle. On the sidelines, the hosts' Craig Shakespeare - a Leicester City legend after their Premier League triumph - confers with Dean Smith.
27' It's Barnes and Maddison again! This Leicester double act appear to have more hits than Sonny and Cher. The former feeds the latter on the back of another jaunty run and they nearly turn Villa's defence inside out before Konsa throws himself to the turf with a last-gasp defensive move that pays off.
25' He's got one England cap to his name, claimed in November against Wales as a second-half substitute, but Barnes is undoubtedly playing himself onto the metaphorical Euro 2020 plane right now. Quite where he'd play would be another matter, but his form is simply too brilliant to ignore.
H. Barnes
23' GOAL! HARVEY BARNES MAKES IT TWO FOR LEICESTER CITY! 2-0! It is a poacher's goal for the youngster, but he will not mind. The ball bounces into the box, Villa fail to clear and Vardy rifles a finish in. Martinez stops and spills it - right into the bath of the midfielder, who pounces and lashes it into the top of the net.
21' Pereira looks to double Leicester's lead in quick succession now, stepping onto a throughball near the edge of the 18-yard area and curling a strike towards the top-right corner. Martinez reads it neatly and seizes the ball with an acrobatic finish.
H. Barnes
19' It is a smart, collected assist from Barnes and one that has quite readily delighted his fellow Foxes. Hidden behind his mask in the stands, England manager Gareth Southgate - indeed, the Three Lions supremo has chosen this match for his daily watch - is more inscrutable, but such a touch surely appealed to him too.
J. Maddison
19' GOAL! JAMES MADDISON SLIPS LEICESTER CITY INTO THE LEAD! 1-0! That is a wonderfully composed finish from the Foxes. They come forward, Barnes holds it up on the edge of the box and side-foots it to his fellow midfielder, who tucks his shot just around the last defender and in off the right post to beat Martinez. A quality goal for the visitors.
17' Now that is much better from Villa. Watkins works the ball down the left wing, and under pressure, manages to smuggle it into the Foxes box. El Ghazi squares it in and Tielemans just gets there in the nick of time to deny the hosts a close-range finish.
16' We're a quarter-hour in and it seems readily apparent that Villa have not been able to counteract the absence of Jack Grealish so far. The drive of their creative engine is relatively inert without him there as a central conduit.
14' Castagne draws the foul from McGinn and Leicester spear the free-kick off the right sideline into the Villa box. It's ably defended, pushed back to midfield. The heavens have just opened in Aston, the drizzle intensifying by the minute. Umbrellas up.
12' Pereira! From the set-piece, Leicester play it short and back around the edge of the box, before the right-back unloads a finish from outside the box. It takes the deflection and sails out for another corner, one Traore muscles away before it can cause further problems for the hosts.
11' Barnes! The Foxes man embarks on a lovely run down the left and steps in around two Villa defenders. Konsa does enough to get the block on the shot and it rumbles away for a corner instead.
9' Tyrone Mings is less than impressed with his side's lack of forward momentum so far. The Villa defender is barking orders to his fellow defensive partners, urging them to push up. Leicetser have had most of the promising field positions so far.
7' Leicester have their fullbacks on both the left and right playing particularly high up the park so far. It is forcing Villa onto the back foot, but also is leaving a few gaps to be exploited on the counter. That could be an interesting area to watch.
5' The visitors play this one short, and Thomas turns it back into the box a moment later. Villa see out the danger, looking for an offside flag against Soyuncu, before they fly down the other end on a counter with Watkins that fizzles out with a misplaced pass.
4' Castagne, offering some immediate width for Leicester, wins a corner after Mings hooks his cross behind with quick instincts. Evans goes down as Maddison swings it in; the ball is cleared as far as Thomas, who sees his shot deflected for another corner.
2' It is a lively start from Leicester, who unlock Villa again with a neat throughball for Vardy to pound after. Martinez just snags it before the striker can make a glancing connection near the penalty spot.
1' Pereira wastes absolute no time from the start, and after the visitors move down the right flank, unloads a shot through a crowded box for Martinez to cleanly take.
1' We are underway in this Premier League clash between Aston Villa and Leicester City!
The teams are out at Villa Park and we are moments away from kick-off.
But the absence of Grealish - very much the creative heart of Smith's side - is a major blow. He's only missed two top-flight games since Villa returned to the Premier League and they lost both of them. The onus is on the hosts to find a successful workaround.
Southgate, in attendance the other day at Wolves' narrow win over Leeds United, will likely have an eye on several faces in this match. Ollie Watkins, much like the Whites' Patrick Bamford, is one name on the lips of punters for Euro 2020 - and if he was to reverse his retirement call, Jamie Vardy would surely be in with a shout again.
Last time out, of course, Ross Barkley snaffled three points in injury time for Villa at the King Power Stadium. Slotted in behind Ollie Watkins again today, the England man - looking to push his way back into Gareth Southgate's reckoning this year - will be out to enjoy double delight with the hosts.
Subs: Marc Albrighton, Danny Ward, Kelechi Iheanacho, Daniel Armartey, Cengiz Under, Hamza Choudhury, Nampalys Mendy, Christian Fuchs, Vontae Daley-Campbell.
LEICESTER CITY (4-2-3-1): Kasper Schmeichel; Ricardo Pereira, Jonny Evans, Caglar Soyuncu, Luke Thomas; Youri Tielemans, Wilfred Ndidi; Timothy Castagne, James Maddison, Harvey Barnes; Jamie Vardy.
Subs: Tom Heaton, Neil Taylor, Trezeguet, Marvelous Nakamba, Morgan Sanson, Keinan Davis, Jacob Ramsey, Carney Chukwuemeka, Kaine Kesler.
ASTON VILLA (4-2-3-1): Emiliano Martinez; Ahmed Elmohamady, Ezri Konsa, Tyrone Mings, Matt Targett; Douglas Luiz, John McGinn; Bertrand Traore, Ross Barkley, Anwar El Ghazi; Ollie Watkins.
Timothy Castagne and Ricardo Pereira meanwhile are the two new faces for the visitors following that rather frustrating Europa League draw with Slavia Prague in midweek. Daniel Armartey and Marc Albrighton drop down to the bench to make way.
But Villa are going to have to see if they can do it without the talismanic Jack Grealish today; the England winger is MIA through injury. Matty Cash also misses his first Premier League game of the season, with Anwar El Ghazi and Ahmed Elmohamady in to replace the pair.
Old-fashioned chin-stroking purists of the game must be delighted that two Midlands clubs, coached by young British managers, are challenging at the right end of the table though. Indeed, it is a delight to watch both when on-song; here's hoping they serve up a treat today.
Dean Smith's hosts however have proven to be, alongside West Ham, one of the biggest surprise stories of the season to date. They are already a point ahead of their entire tally from last season; a win here puts them four behind Chelsea, on the edge of the top four, with two games in hand.
Brendan Rodgers may be yet to yield the level of success spawned by Claudio Ranieri, but the former Celtic boss has reaffirmed the Foxes' ability to challenge at the summit. Victory today will take them clear into second - at least for the moment - ahead of Manchester United.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2020-21 Premier League season as Leicester City look to further consolidate their top four credentials against fellow European hopefuls Aston Villa at Villa Park.