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Arsenal v Leicester City Live Commentary, 22/10/2018

3 - 1
M. Özil (45)
P. Aubameyang (63)
P. Aubameyang (66)
Bellerín (31 og)
Emirates Stadium


Arsenal now head to Lisbon for their Europa League group stage match against Sporting CP on Thursday, while Leicester will soon have the chance to make amends at home to West Ham on Saturday. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Arsenal's win leaves them in fourth place, behind Chelsea on goal difference and just two points behind Man City and Liverpool. The top five are tantalisingly separated by two points. More of the same please! Leicester, meanwhile, stay in 11th spot.
Arsenal aren’t Premier League challengers yet but… Could they be? That’s 10 wins in a row now for the Gunners for the first time since October 2007 – the last time they were true contenders. Leicester caused Arsenal problems in the first half but quickly ran out of puff, despite Ndidi's header off the bar. Eventually Ozil and Aubameyang blew them away.
90' + 2' One last attack for Arsenal as Lacazette tries to spring Leicester's offside trap but Mendy is alert. That'll be that.
90' + 1' Ghezzal and Xhaka dance off against one another on the right-hand touchline. It ends when Ghezzal accidentally kicks Xhaka, giving away a free-kick.
89' This match is done as a contest but not entirely over as a spectacle. Ghezzal blazes a cross-shot way wide of goal. There will be three minutes of added time.
87' Vardy has run off the pitch, apparently with an injury. Leicester will end this match with ten men.
86' To their credit, Arsenal are chasing another. This time Lacazette is called offside.
85' Leicester feebly put together an attack. Again, it's a Chilwell cross. Again, it's a comfortable catch for Leno. The Foxes are going home empty-handed.
83' Guendouzi finds Iwobi wide on the right. The Nigerian finds Lacazette free in the area but the Frenchman blazes over from close range again! It just isn't his day.
82' Guendouzi finds Aubameyang smartly on the left. The Gabonaise teases his opponents on the edge of the box and passes it back inside. Arsenal have no need to score another.
81' Leicester have a free-kick deep in midfield. Apart from Ndidi's header against the bar, they haven't had a shot this half. Albrighton's effort doesn't lead to another one.
A. Ramsey
M. Özil
79' Ozil gets a standing ovation from the home supporters. He's been fantastic today. Ramsey takes his place.
77' Astonishing save from Schmeichel! Or should that be an astonishing miss from Lacazette?! Ozil cuts the ball back to offer the striker a simple tap-in but he hits it tamely into Schmeichel from a yard out!
77' Leicester have recovered slightly but still don't look like scoring again. Ghezzal bamboozles a few players near the corner flag, including himself. It's with Arsenal again.
76' Chilwell picks up the ball deep in Arsenal's midfield and attempts to pick out Okazaki. It's too powerful a pass for the Japanese striker to reach and it rolls out for a goal-kick.
S. Okazaki
J. Maddison
Leicester City
74' Puel makes one final change. Maddison makes his way off, applauding the away support. He'll be replaced by Shinji Okazaki.
72' Arsenal sense they can keep the ball at the back for a bit. Leicester look tired. The Emirates crowd are cheering every touch. 
71' Arsenal come on the attack again. The Gunners' front four tip-tap their way towards Leicester's defence but this time Leicester cut it out. Chilwell crosses for Vardy but it's headed away by Mustafi.
70' Aubameyang has been directly involved in 21 goals in his 22 Premier League games for Arsenal (16 goals, 5 assists). The man has had an amazing start to his Arsenal career.
R. Ghezzal
Ricardo Pereira
Leicester City
69' Pereira is hauled off and replaced by Ghezzal. Leicester need to chase the game as they've been nowhere this half.
68' Arsenal race forward again and a hashed clearance gives Bellerin the chance to slash a shot wide. We could easily end up seeing a few more goals.
M. Özil
66' That was a lovely assist from Ozil. You can't imagine that he misses playing for Germany that much right now.
P. Aubameyang
66' GOAL! 3-1 Arsenal! Game over! Aubameyang has got his second in five minutes. Bellerin gots loose down the right again. This time he finds Lacazette just outside the area. He puts together a lovely one-two with Ozil, who slides the ball across to Aubameyang. Arsenal have blown Leicester away.
Ricardo Pereira
Yellow Card
Leicester City
65' Pereira also sees yellow.
M. Albrighton
Yellow Card
Leicester City
64' Albrighton is booked. This game is slipping away from Leicester now.
63' That's four assists from Bellerin in nine games this season, the same number he got in 35 appearances last season. He's loving life under Unai Emery.
P. Aubameyang
63' GOAL! 2-1 Arsenal! And just like that, Aubameyang scores! A wonderful through-ball from Ozil finds Bellerin racing down the right again. The Spaniard squares it for Aubameyang and Arsenal have the lead!
P. Aubameyang
S. Lichtsteiner
61' Lichtsteiner also goes off. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang comes on.
M. Albrighton
K. Iheanacho
Leicester City
61' Leicester react. Iheanacho goess off and is replaced by Marc Albrighton.
M. Guendouzi
H. Mkhitaryan
61' Arsenal make the first substitution of the game. Mkhitaryan is replaced by Mattéo Guendouzi.
60' Lichtsteiner gets impatient and punts a cross from the left. It drops harmlessly wide of Schmeichel's goal.
59' It's back down the other end again. Arsenal keep the ball for a while waiting for their opportunity.
57' Leicester have a corner from the right. Maddison takes it and Ndidi heads towards goal but it rebounds off the crossbar! What a chance for Leicester.
56' Arsenal pass; Leicester wait. Mustafi angles a long ball towards Lacazette but the forward is judged offside by the assistant referee Sian Massey-Ellis.
55' Leicester can't get hold of the ball but they're trying. Maddison briefly dispossesses Xhaka but his team-mates bail him out.
54' Schmeichel pumps a goal-kick long. Vardy senses scraps of the second ball but Mustafi deals with it well enough. 
53' Another minute, another Arsenal attack. This time Pereira clears a low cross into the centre of Leicester's area. The Arsenal wave retreats then prepares to come back again.
52' Leicester's energy levels have dropped a bit after that mammoth effort in the first half. Amartey cuts out a long ball from Holding.
50' Arsenal really want to take the lead here. The Gunners pop the ball around nicely in front of Leicester's defenders before they work it back to Mkhitaryan. He fires over again.
50' Some Leicester tomfoolery at the back grants Lacazette a chance. His shot is blocked but it bounces up to Mkhitaryan who goes for the spectacular. Spectacular it isn't.
49' Xhaka stands over the free-kick again. Leicester clear comfortably enough but can't counter. Xhaka punts the ball at goal in anger. It bounces wide.
48' Half-chance for Arsenal as Iwobi whips in a cross from the left that's too high for everyone in the area. It rolls out to the other side where Ozil is knocked over by Vardy. Arsenal free-kick.
47' Chilwell tries to find Maddison down the left but can't. Arsenal are controlling the ball early this half as they did in the first.
46' Xhaka and Maddison continue their duel in midfield as the Swiss midfielder throws his arm out while shielding the ball, catching the Leicester man in the face. It's accidental but still a foul.
46' The players are back on the pitch and the second half gets underway. Will this half be as good as the first half?
Arsenal ended the half with 66 per cent possession and 10 shots to Leicester's five but it really didn't feel that one-sided. The Gunners have been a second half side this season - is another late win on the cards?
This is a fascinating game so far, and one that both sides could feasibly be leading. Leicester took a deserved lead via Chilwell after they could easily have had a penalty from Holding's missed handball, but Arsenal pulled themselves together quickly. You wouldn't want to bet on a winner here.
45' + 1' The ref declares one added minute. Everyone's still getting their breath back.
45' Bellerin really had to bust a gut to get onto that ball when it arrived to him, but his delivery was perfect when it did. This is anyone's game.
M. Özil
45' GOAL! 1-1 Arsenal! Arsenal build from the back again under pressure from Leicester's front three. Initially they hold Arsenal off but can't keep it, and suddenly Arsenal are away down the right! Bellerin puts in a delightful low cross and Ozil, arriving late into the area, dinks it into the net. Lovely goal.
41' Chance for Arsenal! Iwobi slips away down the right-hand side and forces Schmeichel into a low save at his near post. The corner's taken too quickly and leads to nothing.
40' Arsenal corner from the right. Xhaka takes a weirdly slow left-footed effort that initially escapes Leicester's defenders before it lands to Amartey at the far post. He boots it clear.
39' Xhaka tries to shoot again from the free-kick. It ends about as badly as his first effort.
37' Every Leicester player is in their defensive third. Arsenal thread a few passes together and try to find their way through. It's crossed towards Mhkitaryan. Maguire clears, but Maddison clumsily shoves Torreira over and gives away a free-kick in a central position.
36' It's a lively game, this. Leicester's back three see off another Arsenal attack yet they can't get the ball upfield this time.
G. Xhaka
Yellow Card
35' Xhaka is next to land himself in the book for fouling Maddison just after the midfielder had passed the ball on.
34' Iwobi almost beats the Leicester offside trap but the Foxes' centre-backs and Schmeichel do just enough to stop him getting a shot away.
33' Xhaka has a dipping shot and Schmeichel tips it over. The corner is taken short and eventually winds up with Schmeichel again.
32' That goal is no less than Leicester deserve. They've been great in this first half. Meanwhile, Arsenal have a free-kick which Xhaka is standing over.
Own Goal
30' GOAL! 0-1 Leicester! Arsenal faff around with the ball at the back and give it away. Chilwell races forward from full-back, taking the ball perfectly first-time, and shoots low across goal. It deflects unfortunately off Bellerin and bounces over Leno into the net. 
28' Chilwell tries to find Vardy but it doesn't come off. Leicester are looking dangerous when they get the ball, which is quite often.
26' Leicester continue to sit deep. Eventually they win the ball back. Iheanacho tries to break but has too little support so he waits for Pereira on the overlap. The Portuguese full-back whips a cross towards the far post but Vardy's head just can't reach it!
25' Chance for Lacazette! The Frenchman receives the ball deep, shakes off Mendy and shoots from just outside the area. It's too high, but that's better from Arsenal.
24' A languid pass by Ozil is cut out but the ball winds up with Bellerin anyway. He crosses from the right and Schmeichel claims. Pereira is penalised for a foul on Lichtsteiner.
22' Arsenal win a corner. It's headed out for another by Maguire. Xhaka takes it again and again it's headed away. Leicester eventually win a free-kick.
21' Five Leicester shots to Arsenal's three so far. You have to say that Leicester aren't here to roll over. They're very much here for the win. Meanwhile, Amartey cuts out a pass from midfield.
19' Arsenal are very lucky not to have had that decision go against them, but they nearly concede immediately anyway! From another Maddison free-kick from the right, Maguire is free at the far post. He nods the ball low towards goal but Leno pushes it wide!
R. Holding
Yellow Card
17' Iwobi loses the ball and suddenly Arsenal are in trouble. Holding is booked for fouling the onrushing Iheanacho.
17' Leicester claim for a penalty after the free-kick is handled in the area by Holding. The ref waves play on. On the bench, Claude Puel shakes his head in disbelief.
14' Mendy wins a free-kick for Leicester in midfield. It's taken long by Evans towards Chilwell, who passes inside. Arsenal have had 60 per cent possession so far but it doesn't feel that imbalanced a game.
14' Leicester win a free-kick on the far edge of Arsenal's box after Vardy is hauled back unfairly. Maddison fancies his chances... But he fires high and wide.
13' Leicester sit back and wait for Arsenal to approach again. Lichtsteiner, drifting inside from left-back, has a pop from range but it's way over Schmeichel's goal.
11' Bellerin shoots from distance as Arsenal get the ball back up the other end. It's blocked. Iwobi tries to slip Lacazette through in the box but the Frenchman's outmuscled far too easily.
9' Leicester have the ball again. Iheanacho, who appears to be up front in a 3-5-2 for Leicester, turns cleverly and feeds Vardy on the turn but Leno rushes out to claim the ball before the forward can reach it.
8' There's been a replay of Mkhitaryan wrestling Vardy to the ground at that last Leicester corner - could that have been a penalty?
7' Arsenal put some short passing play together, gradually nearing Leicester's goal. Amartey brings down Lacazette in the area - the Emirates crowd appeal but the Arsenal player himself doesn't.
6' Maddison takes the corner from the left. He aims towards the far post but his teammate can't keep the ball down.
5' Bellerin powers down the right side again but is muscled off the ball by Chilwell on the edge of Leicester's area. Leicester break via Maddison - he passes inside to Iheanacho who forces a save from Leno!
4' Chilwell clears the ball out for a throw as Bellerin tries to get loose down Arsenal's right. Arsenal are dictating play in these early stages.
3' The corner is cleared and Leno eventually reclaims the ball comfortably. 
2' Mendy powers away in midfield and passes to Iheanacho who's racing down the right hand side. The Nigerian cuts back inside on his left foot and shoots. It deflects off Lichtsteiner for a corner.
1' Leicester let Arsenal have the ball in the early stages. The Gunners pass it around themselves at the back until Iwobi can't control a pass and the ball rolls out of play.
1' The referee Chris Kavanagh gets this match underway!
Arsenal step onto the Emirates pitch in their traditional red shirts and white shorts, while Leicester are in all-blue. It's all satisfyingly old-school.
Leicester's best hope for a result today will of course rest on Jamie Vardy - the ex-England forward has scored six goals in six Premier League starts against Arsenal. Both of these sides have no problem scoring this season - if that trend carries on, a fun match lies in store.
Arsenal boss Unai Emery makes two changes from his side's 5-1 demolition of Fulham last time out, as Ozil and Lichtsteiner come in for Nacho Monreal and Welbeck. Leicester's captain Wes Morgan is serving a three-match ban for his sending off in their home defeat by Everton so Jonny Evans takes his place in the heart of the Foxes' defence.
SUBS: Danny Ward, Shinji Okazaki, Vicente Iborra, Christian Fuchs, Rachid Ghezzal, Caglar Soyuncu, Marc Albrighton.
LEICESTER CITY (4-2-3-1): Kasper Schmeichel (c); Daniel Amartey, Jonny Evans, Harry Maguire, Ben Chilwell; Wilfred Ndidi, Nampalys Mendy; Ricardo Pereira, Kelechi Iheanacho, James Maddison; Jamie Vardy.
SUBS: Emile Smith-Rowe, Matteo Guendouzi, Zech Medley, Emiliano Martinez, Aaron Ramsey, Danny Welbeck, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
ARSENAL (4-2-3-1): Bernd Leno; Hector Bellerin, Shkodran Mustafi, Rob Holding, Stephan Lichtsteiner; Lucas Torreira, Granit Xhaka; Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Mesut Ozil (c), Alex Iwobi; Alexandre Lacazette.
In the way of Arsenal are Leicester City, who've made a mediocre start to their league campaign with four wins and four defeats. Arsenal have never lost at home to Leicester in the Premier League - will the Foxes have it in them to break that unwanted record today?
After a rocky start to life under their new coach Unai Emery, Arsenal are currently firing on all cylinders. The Gunners are fifth in the Premier League, having won their last nine games in all competitions, and are hoping to win 10 in a row for the sixth time in their history.
Hello and welcome to our coverage of this Premier League match between Arsenal and Leicester City at the Emirates Stadium.