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90' + 7'
M. Guendouzi
Yellow Card
J. Ayew
J. McArthur
2 - 2
L. Milivojević
Penalty Goal
2 - 1
David Luiz
2 - 0
S. Papastathopoulos
G. Xhaka
1 - 0

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56% 43%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 4
Total Passes 444 345
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Arsenal remain fifth in the table, just ahead of Palace, but they were booed off by their fans at the full-time whistle. It only gets tougher for them though as they travel to Anfield on Wednesday to face Liverpool in their EFL Cup tie. Palace will be pleased with the point after coming back from two goals down, but Hodgson will know his side's performance needs to improve when they face Leicester City in the league next weekend.
Arsenal are denied a late winner by VAR as they draw 2-2 with Crystal Palace. The home side took the lead early in the first half with two goals in two minutes. Palace's defending was poor and they were punished by Sokratis and David Luiz from two corners. Milivojevic then converted a penalty kick that was awarded by VAR after they overturned the referee's decision that Zaha had dived. Ayew then nodded Palace level after the break and Sokratis thought he'd won it for Arsenal late on, only to have the goal disallowed as Milivojevic was fouled in the build-up.
M. Guendouzi
Yellow Card
90' + 7' Guendouzi is shown a yellow card for that foul on Zaha despite the Palace players' protests that he'd stopped a clear goal-scoring opportunity.
90' + 6' Pepe swings yet another corner into the box for Arsenal, but this time it's cleared by Cahill. He picks out Zaha who is ready to break on the counter-attack but Guendouzi rugby tackles him to the ground to stop his run.
J. McCarthy
C. Kouyaté
90' + 4' Palace's second change of the game sees Kouyate coming off to be replaced by McCarthy.
90' + 3' Palace have a free-kick on the left which Milivojevic crosses into the box. It's cleared by Lacazette, but only to Townsend on the other side and his cross is better as he picks out McArthur. He can only flick it around the back of David Luiz though and it's a comfortable save for Leno.
90' + 1' ZAHA COMES CLOSE! Benteke rises high to nod on Hennessey's long goal kick and he picks out Zaha on the edge of the box. He turns past Sokratis before drilling his shot low towards the bottom left corner, but his effort is just wide of the post.
90' Lacazette and Tomkins are just down on the edge of Palace's box after clashing heads and are receiving some treatment. They're both back on their feet quickly though and they'll be able to carry on.
89' GREAT SAVE! Guendouzi does brilliantly to dribble past Kouyate and into the box from the left. Lacazette has his back to goal when he receives the ball though so he lays it off to David Luiz and his first-time shot is pushed over the crossbar by Hennessey.
87' Palace are being put under a lot of pressure now as Arsenal try once again to regain the lead late on. It's a good flick on by Ceballos to Pepe in the box but he can't bring it under control with his first touch and Tomkins puts it out for a corner.
85' GOAL DISALLOWED! Arsenal are celebrating but VAR are having a look at the goal as it looks like there was a foul on Milivojevic in the build-up to the goal and it has been chalked off. Still 2-2!
83' SOKRATIS GIVES ARSENAL THE LEAD AGAIN! It's yet another corner which catches Palace's out. Chambers goes to ground and the fans are asking for a penalty but it's not given and Tomkins tries to poke it clear. He gives the ball to Sokratis and he fires it into the back of the net. 3-2 Arsenal!
C. Benteke
J. Ayew
81' Hodgson makes his first change ahead of the game, choosing to bring on Benteke for a corner with Ayew making way.
79' Chambers is getting a lot of joy down the right side for Arsenal as he pulls away from Van Aanholt again. He takes the ball to the byline and chips a good pass into the middle of the box where Lacazette is waiting, but Cahill gets ahead of him to clear Palace's lines.
77' Ayew has netted four goals in his last eight Premier League games, as many as he managed in his previous 34. 
S. Kolašinac
K. Tierney
75' Second change from Emery now and it's Tierney that's making way with Kolasnic coming on to replace him.
73' Palace break quickly and Van Aanholt squares the ball to Zaha just outside the box. He takes a touch before firing his shot towards goal, but it's a wild effort from him that sails high over the crossbar.
72' GOOD CHANCE! Guendouzi chips a pass over the two Palace defenders ahead of him and picks out Lacazette's run ahead of him. It's a tight angle for the forward but he gets his shot away. It looked like it would've bounced off the post but Hennessey makes pushes it away anyway.
70' It's Pepe that steps up to take the free-kick and he's looking to curl his shot into the top corner. He gets his effort over the wall but there isn't enough dip on it as it flies high over the crossbar and into the stands. 
69' Arsenal are just starting to up the pressure on Palace now as they keep possession in the final third. Ayew tries to win the ball back for his side but ends up fouling Ceballos in the process and giving away a free-kick in a dangerous position for Arsenal.
67' GOOD CHANCE! Pepe goes across to take the corner and once again, it's another good ball into the box. He picks out Lacazette at the near post and the forward directs his header on target, but it's saved by Hennessey.
66' Arsenal have a free-kick on the right and it's Pepe that whips a good cross into the box. Sokratis rises highest for Arsenal but McArthur gets there just ahead of him to flick it on and it's just wide of the far post.
64' Ceballos is being urged to shoot by the Arsenal fans on the edge of the box but he chooses to lay it off to Guendouzi instead. The midfielder takes a touch before driving his shot low towards goal, but it's straight at Hennessey who makes a comfortable save.
62' CHAMBERS COMES CLOSE! His first effort on goal is pushed away comfortably by Hennessey but it comes back to the right-back. This time, he's aiming for the top corner, but there's not enough dip on his shot and it flies just over the crossbar.
B. Saka
G. Xhaka
61' Emery makes the first change of the game and it's Xhaka that makes way for Saka. The fans are cheering the manager's decision and the captain is not happy with that reaction.
60' Palace win back possession on the edge of their own box and break quickly on the counter-attack. Ayew plays a clever throughball to Zaha and he has a chance to run at the Arsenal defenders. He takes it into the box before having a shot, but it's blocked by David Luiz. 
58' Pepe is being very tightly marked by Van Aanholt down the right and it looks like he's out of options. He pulls away from his defender with some clever footwork though and puts his cross into a good area in the middle of the box, but can only find Ward who heads it away.
56' Ward takes a free-kick for Palace in their own half and picks out Kouyate down the right. He nods it down and he's looking for Milivojevic on the edge of the box, but Xhaka gets across to intercept it.
54' Arsenal are trying to break quickly following the restart and it's Chambers leading the attack down the right. He's quickly closed down by Zaha and Van Aanholt though and Palace have the ball back once again.
J. McArthur
52' McArthur just pulls away from Xhaka with some good footwork and floats his cross over the Arsenal defenders and into the far post where Ayew is making his run.
J. Ayew
52' PALACE ARE LEVEL! Arsenal have looked shaky in defence in the second half and they're caught out again. It's a good cross into Ayew, who gets behind David Luiz and heads his effort past Leno and into the back of the net. 2-2!
C. Chambers
Yellow Card
51' Chambers picks up the first yellow card of the game after he catches Townsend with a late challenge.
50' Palace have a free-kick in a good position and Van Aanholt swings the cross into the box. Kouyate nods it down into Ayew's path, but Sokratis recovers really well to get across and clear the ball before the forward can get onto it.
48' Milivojevic's free-kick into the box was poor for Palace and Arsenal comes away with it and break quickly. It comes out to Aubameyang on the left wing but the final pass lets them down as he gives the ball straight to Tomkins.
46' Palace get the game back underway for the second half!
It took Palace a while to get going in the game and Hodgson will be hoping his side can make a quicker start to the second half. They just didn't have players making runs into the box in the first half, but if they can change that, they could cause Arsenal some problems. As for the home side, Emery will want another goal to give them some breathing space in the game. They have looked dangerous going forward, but need to be a bit more clinical after the break.
Two goals in two minutes for Arsenal gives them a 2-1 lead over Palace at the break. The away side made a very slow start to the game and were caught out early on by two corners. They failed to clear their lines both times and were punished by Sokratis and David Luiz who found the back of the net. VAR then overturned the referee's decision by awarding Palace a penalty as replays showed that Zaha hadn't dived in the box and Milivojevic converted from the spot.
45' + 2' GOOD SAVE! Van Aanholt finds himself high up the field and when the ball falls to him in the middle of the box, he decides to have a shot on goal. It's a good effort from the left-back, but it's a comfortable height for Leno who pushes it away with both hands.
45' + 1' Hennessey plays a long ball over the top which Kouyate does really well to bring down under pressure from Xhaka. Once again, the problem for Palace is that there are no players making runs into the box and he's forced to go backwards.
44' OFF THE POST! Arsenal take a quick free-kick and Aubameyang plays a clever pass forward to Pepe on the edge of the box. He takes a touch before drilling his shot low towards the bottom right corner, but his effort hits the outside of the post.
42' Palace look a lot more confident since scoring the penalty but their build-up is just too slow. They're trying to use their wide players to find some space but they're not having much luck at getting in behind Arsenal.
40' Since returning to the Premier League in 2013-14, Palace have both won (48) and scored (39) more penalties than any other side in the competition.
38' Arsenal are struggling to clear their lines at the moment as Palace are closing them down so high up the field. Townsend wins it back from David Luiz again and lays it off to McArthur just outside the box who tries to cross it in. It's blocked by Sokratis and the midfielder wants a handball but the referee waves away the claim.
36' Ceballos drifts into the box and isn't picked up by anyone as the ball is played to him. He decides to go for goal despite the very tight angle and his chipped effort over Hennessey is very close to going in but ends up just wide of the far post.
34' Palace are pushing forward once again from the restart and have won a corner which Milivojevic swings into the box. It's a good cross but he can't pick out a team-mate and Arsenal clear their lines.
L. Milivojević
Penalty Goal
32' MILIVOJEVIC SCORES! He calmly steps up to the spot and fires his shot into the right side of the net to beat Leno and halve Arsenal's lead. 2-1!
31' PENALTY GIVEN! VAR have had a long look at the penalty decision and the replays do show that Chambers stuck his leg out and caught Zaha. They also checked he wasn't offside in the build-up, but he wasn't and the spot-kick is awarded.
29' Zaha has just gone down in the box and the referee has shown him a yellow card for diving and given Arsenal a free-kick. VAR are having a look at this though to see if there was a potential penalty.
28' Ward slips before he can get on the end of Cahill's pass and Aubameyang comes away with the ball. He wants to break quickly but there's no one upfield with him which allows Palace to get back into their shape.
26' Arsenal have never failed to score in 20 home league games against Palace - they've faced the Eagles more often without ever failing to score at home than they have against any other side in their top-flight history.
24' Arsenal have a corner and once again, Palace don't really know how to deal with it. It's a great cross into the box from Pepe, but luckily for the away side, he can't pick out a team-mate in the box and Van Aanholt heads it clear.
22' Townsend finally finds himself in some space down the right and he puts a good cross into the box. Nobody is making a run to the near post though and Leno comes off his line to collect it and end Palace's attack.
20' It's very slow from Palace when they play out from the back and it's easy for Arsenal to deal with at the minute. All of their possession is in front of the home defenders and the wide players are struggling to make something happen as there are no runners into the box. 
18' Palace give the ball away sloppily in midfield once again and Xhaka comes away with it. He gets his head up and spots Lacazette's run towards the box, but he overhits the pass and it's comfortable for Hennessey to deal with.
16' Palace are patiently building up an attack from the back now, but their passing is slow as they work their way forward. Townsend can't find any space down the right wing, so they switch play out to Zaha on the left but his way into the box is blocked by Chambers.
14' Arsenal break quickly on the counter-attack following a Palace corner and it's a great ball upfield for Aubameyang. He brings it down well with his first touch but Ward gets back to put him under pressure and the forward ends up dragging his effort well wide of the far post.
12' GOOD CHANCE! Arsenal work the ball upfield really well and the ball falls to Lacazette on the edge of the box. He keeps his shot low as he aims for the bottom corner, but Hennessey gets down well to make the save at his near post.
11' Palace just can't get hold of the ball at the minute as Arsenal push forward once again. They're sitting back in their own half and letting Arsenal push forward with no real pressure on the ball.
David Luiz
9' THEY HAVE ANOTHER ONE! It's another corner into the box for Arsenal and Palace just can't cope with it. David Luiz is unmarked at the far post and he gets there just ahead of Sokratis to score. 2-0 Arsenal!
G. Xhaka
7' Xhaka is being quickly closed down by McArthur but he somehow manages to squeeze his pass to Sokratis.
S. Papastathopoulos
7' ARSENAL LEAD! It's poor defending by Palace as they just don't clear their lines from a corner and Xhaka works it to Sokratis. He takes a touch before firing his shot past Van Aanholt on the line and into the back of the net. 1-0 Arsenal!
6' Arsenal are closing Palace down high up the field and they get a corner for their efforts. Pepe whips the cross into the box, looking for Lacazette at the near post, but McArthur just gets ahead of him to clear the danger for Palace.
4' Tierney doesn't close down Townsend which gives the winger time to pick out a cross into the box. He picks out McArthur on the edge of the area but his header doesn't trouble Leno as it's straight down the centre of the goal.
2' Arsenal are keeping hold of the ball well here early on. Luiz is the first to look forward as he tries to pick out Pepe on the right with a throughball, but he overhits it and Hennessey comes out of his box to clear it.
1' Lacazette gets the game underway for Arsenal!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away. 
Arsenal haven't lost a home league game in October since 2002 (1-2 vs Blackburn Rovers), winning 25 and drawing five since.
Roy Hodgson makes just one change to his side from their last game. Schlupp drops down to the bench, with Townsend coming in to replace him.
Unai Emery makes nine changes to his team after their win in the Europa League on Thursday, with only Tierney and Lacazette retaining their places. Pepe is rewarded for his two goals that won them the game with a place in the starting line-up and Aubameyang also comes in. 
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Stephen Henderson, Scott Dann, Max Meyer, Jeffrey Schlupp, Christian Benteke, James McCarthy, Martin Kelly.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-5-1): Wayne Hennessey; Joel Ward, James Tomkins, Gary Cahill, Patrick van Aanholt; Andros Townsend, Cheikhou Kouyate, Luka Milivojevic, James McArthur, Wilfried Zaha; Jordan Ayew.
ARSENAL SUBS: Emiliano Martinez, Rob Holding, Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka, Hector Bellerin, Lucas Torreira, Sead Kolasinac.
ARSENAL STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Bernd Leno; Calum Chambers, Sokratis, David Luiz, Kieran Tierney; Matteo Guendouzi, Granit Xhaka; Nicolas Pepe, Dani Ceballos, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang; Alexandre Lacazette.
Arsenal come into this game having lost just one of their last eight games in all competitions (W6 D1), but that did come in their last outing in the league when they were beaten 1-0 by Sheffield United. They bounced back from that on Thursday though with a last-minute win over Vitoria. Palace were on a three-match unbeaten run in the league, winning two and drawing one of those matches, but that ended last weekend when they lost to Manchester City.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Arsenal and Crystal Palace at the Emirates!