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Adelaide United v Sydney Live Commentary, 14/01/2018

0 - 0
Coopers Stadium


FULL TIME - The final whistle sounds to end an epic contest at Coopers Stadium!  Despite neither side being able to find the back of the net, this match had just about everything.  Sydney FC really cranked up the tempo in the second half and seemed destined to break the match open however a young and undermanned Adelaide United were able to absorb the pressure as well as creating some good chances of their own.  At full time: Adelaide United 0 Sydney FC 0.
90' + 5' With time virtually up on the clock, there are chaotic scenes deep inside the Reds' penalty area with Sydney desperately looking to find a winner - as has been the case right throughout this contest however, the determined Adelaide defence is able to keep the league leaders out.
J. O'Doherty
Yellow Card
Adelaide United
90' + 4' YELLOW CARD UNITED - Jordan O'Doherty is booked for time wasting in the dying stages of this pulsating contest.
90' + 4' A free kick to Sydney FC just short of half way inside the final minute - can the home side scramble a winner in the dying seconds?!
M. Simon
B. O'Neill
90' + 2' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - A very late change for the visitors with Brandon O'Neill to be replaced by Matt Simon.
90' + 2' OFF THE LAST LINE! Adelaide United are really pressing now for the late winner with Jordan O'Doherty driving his cross to the goal mouth however Alex Wilkinson arrives in the nick of time to clear off the last line.
90' There will be four minutes of additional time played in what has been a thrilling contest - will we have a winner in injury time?!
89' Injury concern in the dying minutes for Adelaide United with Apostolos Stamatelopoulos going down with what appears to be a hamstring or cramp complaint - he will need to battle to the final whistle however with no more substitutions remaining for the home side.
87' Ryan Strain wins a crucial ball, stripping Luke Wilkshire of possession before sending the Reds deep into attack with a long ball out to the right for Apostolos Stamatelopoulos.
86' The play opens up for Alex Brosque who is through on goal but the skipper is unable to keep his balance and goes to ground before getting a shot on goal away.
P. Niyongabire
Yellow Card
Adelaide United
84' YELLOW CARD UNITED - Fresh onto the field, debutant Pacifique Niyongabire begins his A-League career with a booking after his foul on Joshua Brillante.
82' You can cut the air at Coopers Stadium with a knife at the moment as we enter the final ten or so minutes of what has been an absorbing contest.
P. Niyongabire
M. Ochieng
Adelaide United
80' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - The home side make their third and final change with Mark Ochieng making way for debutant Pacifique Niyongabire.
78' End to end action at the moment!  On the end of a counter attacking move, Daniel Adlung wriggles off his opponent before unleashing from the top of the box however his slightly mis-hit attempt rolls to the left of the woodwork.
75' A long ball out to the right releases Mark Ochieng who has Apostolos Stamatelopoulos steaming towards goal however his attempted cross is not his best effort and is comfortably dealt with by the Sydney defence.
71' Adelaide United have been under the pump for much of this second half but, much to their credit, they have been disciplined and resolute in defence and are still very much a chance to take the three points from this contest.
69' STILL DEADLOCKED!  Alex Brosque gets on the end of a delighful ball down the right hand side - with the keeper fast approaching, the Sydney skipper deftly flicks towards goal but the ball rolls tantalisingly to the left of the post.
K. Konstandopoulos
L. Brook
Adelaide United
66' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Adelaide swing the first change of the second half with the 16 year old Lachlan Brook to be replaced by Kristin Konstandopoulos.
63' SO CLOSE!  Adrian Mierzejewski thunders his volley towards goal drawing a great save from Daniel Margush - the rebound falls for Luke Wilkshire however the defender's shot never looked likely and is well wide of the mark.
61' Sydney FC are really cranking up the intensity now and, given the current state of play, it seems just a matter of time before the Reds' defence cracks.
60' Sydney FC are really starting to build the pressure now - Milos  Ninkovic weaves a dangerous path towards goal however he takes one touch too many which allows Mark Ochieng to get in a timely boot and remove the impending danger.
58' GREAT SAVE!  Jordy Buijs unleashes a wicked strike from outside the box that appears destined for the back of the net however Daniel Margush climbs high to tip the ball just over the crossbar.
56' Milos  Ninkovic goes to ground after contact with Lachlan Brook and is awarded a free kick just outside the area - it will be Adrian Mierzejewski to step up to take the set piece for the visitors.
54' The free kick count continues to mount against the home side in this second half with Alex Brosque taken down right on the half way line.
52' CHANCE!  Following some lovely interplay with Jordan O'Doherty, Lachlan Brook runs onto the ball on the edge of the area before pulling the trigger - the ball skews off the youngster's left boot however and has missed high and out to the left.
50' Following a Ryan Strain handball, Jordy Buijs sends the free kick in to the 6 yard box from out to the right however the Reds' defence has all the numbers at the fall of the ball.
49' Daniel Adlung bustles Adrian Mierzejewski off the ball and has conceded a free kick in the process.
47' Daniel Adlung wins possession for the Reds in midfield however it was deemed that the challenge on Bobô was illegal and the Sky Blues will take the free kick as a result.
46' Under pressure from Apostolos Stamatelopoulos, Jordy Buijs safely clears the ball over the sideline for an attacking throw in for the home side.
45' SECOND HALF - Sydney FC kick off to get the second half underway!
Players are in position and we are just moments away from a start in the second half.
HALF TIME - Plenty of feeling in this one as a tight and tense first half comes to an end - some excellent goal scoring opportunities were created at both ends of the ground but neither side was able to convert on the scoreboard.  Stay tuned for what is shaping as a thrilling second half!  At half time: Adelaide United 0 Sydney FC 0.
45' + 3' MISSED OPPORTUNITY!  The youngster Lachlan Brook drives a long free kick in from the right deep into the area - it beats all-comers before dropping to Ryan Strain at the far post but the defender cannot keep his shot on goal down.
45' We will have three minutes of additional time played in this first half.
44' The cross from the left hand side to the far post where Mark Ochieng floats in dangerously but he can't control the header and the moment passes for the home side.
42' WIDE!  A poor clearance at the back from Daniel Margush creates an huge opportunity for Adrian Mierzejewski - the dangerous midfielder has the keeper well beaten but he has fired his shot just wide to the right hand side.
B. Warland
E. Gülüm
Adelaide United
41' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Ersan Gülüm has eventually succumbed to injury and will come from the field to be replaced by Benjamin Warland.
39' With the free kick, Adrian Mierzejewski lays the ball off to Brandon O'Neill who fires from long range but his effort, much to the delight of the home crowd, never looked likely and lands in the crowd behind the goal.
38' Ersan Gülüm will come to the sideline for treatment but it appears as though he will be ok to continue.
36' Ersan Gülüm comes off second best following a clash with Alex Brosque - the Reds' defender is in plenty of discomfort as he gets to his feet clutching his shoulder.
34' We enter the crucial final ten minutes of this first half - Adelaide United have had the best of general play in the last 5 minutes with 70% of possession and they would love to convert that dominance into a lead on the scoreboard.
32' Sydney FC play a dangerous ball into the area for the run of Alex Brosque however Jordan Elsey arrives in the nick of time with an excellent sliding tackle to deny the Sky Blues' skipper.
30' We cross the half hour mark of what has been an absorbing contest to date - the undermanned Adelaide United have so far been able to more than match it with their more highly fancied opponents and have had the best of the goal scoring chances so far.
28' David Carney swings a long ball down the left hand side line however Jordan Elsey beats Bobô to the ball before playing the ball back to Daniel Margush.
26' Fresh from a goal in midweek, Apostolos Stamatelopoulos fires on the turn however he has driven his shot wide of the post, narrowly missing out to the left hand side.
25' Tempers becoming more than a little heated in the middle of Coopers Stadium after Milos Ninkovic drove in low and hard on Ersan Gülüm.
22' Alex Brosque goes to ground appealing for the free kick but the referee rules there was nothing in the contest and waves the play on.
20' Brandon O'Neill looks to have recovered after his earlier shoulder injury as he bustles Mark Ochieng off the ball before forcing it over the sideline.
18' OFF THE WOODWORK!  Ryan Strain spots Andrew Redmayne off his line and fires from long range - his well struck effort has the home crowd rising to its feet before it defects off the cross bar and over.  Adelaide United are pressing hard for the opener!
15' Andrew Redmayne reads the play well, leaving the box to thump the clearance over the sideline for an Adelaide United throw.
13' JUST WIDE!  Adrian Mierzejewski breaks forward with time and space inside the penalty area - he fires low and hard but fortunately for the home side the advancing Daniel Margush is able to deflect the ball wide of the post.
12' An injury concern here early in this first half after Brandon O'Neill, on the end of some friendly fire, crashed to the turf heavily.  He is clutching his shoulder but, after some treatment, is fortunately able to get to his feet and looks set to continue.
10' A disappointing result for the Reds with Daniel Adlung firing the free kick straight into the wall - in particular it was Bobô who copped the full force of the ball in his face.
8' Apostolos Stamatelopoulos fires his shot straight at Andrew Redmayne however play will come back for a free kick to the Reds after Jordan O'Doherty was brought down.
6' Sydney FC are setting into a nice rhythm early in this contest with the Sky Blues flicking the ball around with the supreme confidence of a side currently sitting 5 points clear at the top of the table.
4' Alex Brosque is taken down in the centre of the field with the skipper picking up a free kick for Sydney.
3' Perfect conditions in Adelaide for this clash with the ground bathed in sunshine and the pitch looks to be in excellent nick.
1' EARLY CHANCE!  Apostolos Stamatelopoulos slides the ball into the 6 yard box for Mark Ochieng however Andrew Redmayne is on hand to deflect the ball wide.
1' FIRST HALF - Adelaide United kick off and we are underway at Coopers Stadium.
We are just moments away from kick off with players heading to their positions for the kick off.
Sydney FC (4-2-3-1): Redmayne (GK); Wilkshire, Buijs, Wilkinson, Carney; Brillante, O'Neill; Mierzejewski, Brosque, Ninkovic; Bobo. Subs: Hewerd-Belle (GK), Retre, Calver, Simon, Zuvela. 
Adelaide United (4-3-3): Margush (GK); Strain, Gulum, Elsey, Marrone; Isaías, O'Doherty, Adlung; Mileusnic, Isaías, Ochieng. Subs: Richards (GK), Niyongabire, Konstandopoulos, Brook, Warland.
The teams sheets are in so let's have a look at how the two sides will line up for this evening's clash.
Sydney FC continue to go from strength to strength with Sky Blues currently sitting 5 points clear at the top of the ladder with tonight's fixture an opportunity to extend that lead even further.  The reigning champions were always in control in their last match and in the end put 3 unanswered goals past the Brisbane Roar.
It's been a mixed bag of late for host Adelaide United who have registered 3 wins, a draw and 2 losses from their past six matches.  The draw came in their last match against Western Sydney when the Reds salvaged a point with a late equaliser after dominating the second half.  A win this evening will see Adelaide leap back into 4th spot on the ladder.
Round 16 concludes with a massive clash at Coopers Stadium between fifth placed Adelaide United and league leaders Sydney City.