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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Presentation LIVE!
Ibracadabra! Zlatan Ibrahimovic is being unveiled this evening as a new FC Barcelona player, and Goal.com brings you the event LIVE! Join us for his first steps and first words in the Blaugrana shirt in front of tens of thousands of fans at Camp Nou...

21:18 BST


The player is nowhere to be seen after this surprising pitch invasion. This concludes our coverage of Ibrahimovic's unveiling as a Barcelona player. Thanks for joining us. Stay tuned to Goal.com tomorrow, July 28, for Samuel Eto'o's presentation at 14.30 (CET time).

21:03 BST


Ibrahimovic quickly rushes down the tunnel as the stewards cannot control the crowd, with several people jumping onto the pitch to be as close as possible to the striker...

21:01 BST


Ibrahimovic kisses the club's badge and is now walking around the pitch. An eager fan jumps onto the pitch but is quickly stopped by some stewards...

20:58 BST


The fans roar 'Ibra, Ibra'... They look clearly happy that their club have landed the player, who now holds a microphone and says, "Gracias a todos [Thank you all]".

20:53 BST


Ibrahimovic is now wearing a Barcelona kit for the first time as he steps onto the pitch and kicks the ball a couple of times for the joy of the fans.

20:48 BST


75,000 is the club estimate for the crowd - to be honest it looks very slightly lower than that, but quibbling over the exact level of interest seems a bit foolish. Ibra should he outside very, very shortly.

20:45 BST


That concludes the press conference. And now he meets the 75,000+ fans outside! Stay tuned.

20:43 BST


Q. How did Italian football change the way you play?

Ibra: I think it taught me a lot. When I came to Italy I had a trainer like Fabio Capello - he's a fantastic trainer, I had great experience from him and he taught me a lot. He said, you should train in front of the goal. He showed me a 12 minute video. It was just about how Van Basten scored goals. He said, you're exactly like him but you must train like him in front of the box. I thank him, because the player I am today is all thanks to the trainers I had in Italy. Same with (Roberto) Mancini, and with Mourinhi - I had him last year. I learned a lot and I'm very thankful to have been under them.

20:41 BST


Now RAI TV are asking him to speak on his transfer from Inter. Again he thanks the president, but also Inter as a whole, as well as his squad, for understanding his departure.

20:40 BST


Q. Have you met the coach already and has he told you his expectations? "I didn't yet, but I've spoken to him on the phone. He said he wants me to be happy, and if I'm happy he won't worry about the rest. That's very important!"

20:35 BST


Q. How will be the Spanish league this season with all the major transfers?

"I'm looking forward to it, as I think it makes it even more interesting worldwide than it was before. To be in the Spanish league to represent Barca could not be better. I'm here to win and to beate everybody. I see nobody in front of us and everyone behind us. It's a big honour for me: I'm here to learn and enjoy it."

Q. 75,000 people outside for just one Swede! Tell us your feelings.

"Everyone's excitied and they make me feel very welcome, as did all those who work for the club. That's very important - it makes it easier for a player. Everywhere I go, I see smiles and people saying welcome. I'm very happy that I can go out and meet the supporters. In football you must give something back to the supporters who come to the stadium. Especially the children - they are the future."

20:34 BST


A dreadlocked journalist asks: five years ago was Eto'o's presentation. His words live in memory: what is your promise?

Ibra: "I will promise a lot of success, a lot of joy, and for sure, good memories."

20:30 BST


Joan Laporta is receiving as much attention from the gathered journalists as he once again praises the fans, and the work carried out by sporting director Txiki. His words do not always pass with universal approval but few are disagreeing with him in recent months.

20:27 BST


When asked about the quality of his teammates, he's asked if he has a goalscoring target."

"Obviously I want to do better than last season. I scored 25 in the league, and was top scorer, so to be sure I want to beat that. But I won't cite a number: if you do that in your head you get desperate to score. I'm here to help my teammates and they're here to help me.

"But my objective is to do better than last year. I'm not a person who's easily satisfied. If I win something I want to win it again next year right away, and go on and on.

20:26 BST


And the lights come back on after that showreel as Txiki continues his 'sale' of the signing, as it were. Ibra appears to be in quiet conversation with his interpreter, no doubt preparing for the onslaught of questions to come.

20:25 BST


Ibra: "To play for Barca is a big honour. There are many big clubs but only one special club, and for me it's Barca

"I come here to become even better, to play with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Toure - I know this whole team in my head - it's a fantastic team, I know I can become even better

"Why didn't I win the Champions League before? I don't know. I did my best, but now I'm playing with the best. I'm not worried about that now."

20:24 BST


Laporta goes on to describe negotiations with Massimo Moratti at Inter, and now the questioning begins to Ibra...

20:21 BST


Zlatan Ibrahimovic speaks at as a Barcelona player!

Many months ago I said to the president, if any club comes to me, say no: the only club that can come in for me is Barcelona. President Moratti said he agreed to that, so I'm delighted that he's kept his word and I am at the club that I want.

I'm delighted that Inter now have a player like Eto'o... I do not come here to replace Eto'o, but I'm here to be a player of my own.

To be here is like living a dream... it's been difficult over the last couple of weeks, but thanks to all the people here.

I'm here to win, and I will do my best to win.

20:20 BST


20:20 BST


Laporta has emphasised that Ibra is a loyal Cule - perhaps trying to compare him with the outgoing Samuel Eto'o, a cynic might say. He said, "The most important thing is that this player has always wanted to come to Barca, and has made a huge personal effort. He's shown this not only with words, but by signing the contract."