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Calciopoli Trial LIVE!
April 20, 2010 - After last week's explosive developments, the Calciopoli trial in Naples resumes. Goal.com will have the latest news from the proceedings as they break...

11:10 BST


Judge Casoria has now closed proceedings for today. She has adjourned the hearing until next week when Carlo Ancelotti is expected to arrive, flying conditions permitting. Carabinieri inspector Salvagno, who was part of the investigating team into the 2006 trial has also been summoned by Casoria. Pierluigi Pairetto's legal team was expected to deposit further phonecalls, but they were unable to. Casoria established that on a hearing dated for May 4th, the court will appoint that man tasked with trasncripting all the 74 calls presented last week by Moggi's legal team, and the further 20 calls that will be deposited by Pairetto's lawyers.

The next hearing will take place next Tuesday, April 27. Casoria expects to see Ancelotti and Salvagno. The attorneys will question others including magistrate Cosimo Maria Ferri and Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini among others.

Paolo Bergamo's secretary Maria Grazia Fazi was also present at today's hearing. She is sais to be involved too.

The case continues.

10:22 BST


Here is the statement from de Santis: "Col. Auricchio has taught me that when I went on a course with him he said that investigations were meant to be done on a 360 basis, but here we find that referees spoke to others, but they are not accepted. There are calls with Collina, Trefoloni, Rosetti and others. Then those from the Telecom security started to following me as we can see, but there was nothing that was incorrect about my behaviour. Why was there no proper official investigation rather than a clandestine one from the police?" De Santis told the court.

10:20 BST


The hearing started, but was brief as the judge adjourned proceedings until next Tuesday April 27 to hear Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti. The flying restrictions across Europe because of the ash cloud have prevented the Italian and others from attending the hearing.

But, Massimo de Santis, a former referee did make a brief statement in the court.
During his statement he alleged that other referees made calls with club directors, and he claims he was being secretly tracked by Telecom security.

09:20 BST


The court room is not as packed out as last week, but there are plenty of television crews and journalists inside. It should start soon. Luciano Moggi has not yet arrived. Meanwhile, the FIGC are expected to arrive in Naples for the latest hearing. They could ask Judge Teresa Casoria for the evidence of the now 100 phone calls.

09:00 BST


Tuttosport reports another 20 calls have come to light. They allege Brescia and Empoli are involved. The court hearing is about to start.

14:45 BST


That is all for Goal.com's live coverage of today's Calciopoli trial from Napoli. Join us again a week today when the case re-adjourns. We will have a round-up article summing up everything from the session online very soon.

Good day!

14:40 BST


"Once I heard the interception of Facchetti and Bergamo, I smiled because I already knew the facts," he concluded, in reference to possibly the most damaging thing to come out of today for Inter.

14:35 BST


Moggi told Radio Radio after today's hearing: "I'm happy that there are people who still support me", in reference to the unwavering support of Juventus fans through the ups and downs.

14:30 BST


When Moggi left the courtroom he was applauded by a large group of Juventus fans, who also sang songs cheering his name.

13:55 BST


The hearing is closed by Judge Casoria who sets the date for the next session to Tuesday, April 20th when the trial resumes.

Casoria confirms the court has accepted the evidence presented by Moggi's legal team from today's hearing. 75 phone calls and over 3,000 records of calls that were not part of the orginal Calciopoli trial in 2006. The attorneys do not oppose the judge's decision.

13:50 BST


Penta: "Moggi was not the first to know the name of the assistant referees."

Defence Counsellor Nicola Penta has reconstructed another circumstance in relation to the 2006 Calciopoli trial. Moggi was accused of knowing which referees and assistants would be assigned before everyone else.

But, Penta argues he did not know before everyone else. In fact he claims Inter were the first to know on one occasion.

"In reality, we have documents and recordings which show that Moggi was third to know. There was once a time when the then Inter president (un-named) called the vice designator Mazzei on the Thursday at 17:50 and he obtained names that were only made public the next day. Then Meani was next to know after receiving two text messages on the Friday morning at 11:15. Moggi then received a penal charge because he received the names on the same Friday at 11:53."

13:38 BST


In another extract of a phone call recording, the court hears a conversation with the then Inter president Facchetti and Bergamo. Facchetti is not pleased with one of the referee's Bertini who was assigned an Inter game.

"We have a problem with him [Bertini]" Faccheti told Bergamo. Facchetti asks for reassurances, and suggests Bertini is removed from the game.

13:38 BST


Inter president Massimo Moratti prefers not to comment on the on-going hearing.

"I have not had the time to follow it." he told reporters.

13:26 BST


Moggi's Lawyer continues his cross-examination of Auricchio.

Moggi's lawyer Trofino is Ironic. "For Milan and Juventus the association to defraud was a ramshackle."

Trofino questions Auricchio on the game between Milan and Juventus. "the mother of all games."

Auricchio: "The grid was Collina, Trefoloni and Paparesta."

Trofino: "Can you confirm that these referees were not friends of Moggi?"

Auricchio: "Of course Collina, but also Trefoloni and Paparesta... Even though Paparesta had called and went to Canossa to Moffi after the game in Reggio. But I cannot say he was a friend of Juve's. Trefoloni was like Bergamo's son, even though nothing came out on Juventus."

Trofino then hits out at the accusation of association to defraud.

"I think it's a ramshackle accusation because in the draw for referees, not one ref was a friend of Juventus."

Trofino then asked about the referee De Santis who was also considered part of an alleged plot.

Trofino: "That year De Santis buried Juventus in at least three games and you know this. How can you consider him an associate? Can you tell me which phone calls shows you that he was part of Moggi's system?"

Auricchio: "The games are two not three. As for the calls to De Santis...ehm..."

Trofino: "My cross examination can end here."

12:40 BST


The trial is really heating up now. Italian courts are almost like UK parliament - there is laughing and shouting as the prosecutors and defendants talk.

12:30 BST


Tuttosport is reporting that Inter president Massimo Moratti is "intoxicated" by the recent developments and may even be considering selling the club due to what is happening in the Calciopoli II trial.

12:13 BST


The cross-examination of Auricchio continues with one of Moggi's lawyers who questions him about the relationship he [Moggi] had with referees [designators].

12:08 BST


After pausing for a break, the trial has now resumed.

11:59 BST


Auricchio is getting extremely heated up as the examination continues...

11:45 BST


The counsellor of the accused Nicola Penta has burst out in court: "There has been great negligence in this story: Can someone explain why there is no telephone call from when Moggi bought Vieira? Moggi was being followed and recorded and he knew it and so he protected himself with the Swiss sim cards. I think there needs to be more clarity on the case. I am about to denounce heavy threats I receieved since I have been doing this work doing this analysis which others should have done."