Ultimate River Plate dream team - Di Stefano, Ortega, Francescoli all make the cut

River Plate Francescoli OrtegaGOAL

River Plate are one of South America's big guns for a reason.

They are not just one of the most successful teams on the continent, but they have also had absolute phenomenons wearing their iconic jersey.

Even the youngest football fans will have heard of Alfredo Di Stefano, Enzo Francescoli was one of the best of his generation, and more recent stars such as Hernan Crespo, Marcelo Gallardo, and Pablo Aimar all made a big impact on the game.

So picking an all-time greatest XI from that impressive list of players is not particularly straightforward.

There's simply not enough room to squeeze in all the stars to have represented River.

Yet we gave it a go after all; this is our ultimate River Plate dream team!