Zaza: I went crazy at West Ham, I needed someone to kick my ass

Simone Zaza, West Ham
The striker says he could not adjust to the training methods with the Premier League side which was why he failed to shine with the Hammers

Simone Zaza has revealed why his West Ham move failed to work out after a difficult spell with Slaven Bilic’s side.

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The striker failed to score during his time in East London and managed just eight Premier League appearances for the Hammers.

Zaza has now joined Valencia on loan after less than five months with West Ham and has explained why he struggled to adapt to English football.

“I didn’t feel great in so many ways: environment, culture, training, nutrition,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I was not good physically. I had been through pre-season with Juventus so I was okay.

“When I got there [West Ham] I found a different method of training – you exercise less, sometimes the sessions last 40 minutes and almost immediately I didn’t feel good.

Zaza West Ham

“I need to train more, for someone to kick my ass. The problem is that on Sunday other people went to a thousand per cent. Not me.

“I wanted to do things that come naturally when I’m playing well and I could not do them. And I became crazy.”

Zaza insists he is not trying to make excuses for his time at West Ham and says he accepts the blame for his failed spell.

“I’m not being a victim, I know that plying your trade as a footballer allows you to earn so much,” he added.

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“I’m just trying to explain the causes of my failure. I knew I’d find some difficulties, but I did not think there could be so many.

“I do not blame anyone – 99 per cent of it’s my fault because I was not able to adapt.

“I was sure that I’d make it, but it was probably because I’m set in my ways. I’m attached to my habits, my things, my points of reference otherwise I’m lost and I can’t find myself.”