South Africa match-fixing: Fans want ban extended to players, club & match officials

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South African football fans aren't satisfied with the life bans handed to South African fourth-tier sides Matiyasi FC, Shivulani Dangerous Tigers, Kotoko Happy Boys and Nsami Mighty Birds after being found guilty of fixing matches, and want the suspensions extended beyond the teams.

The four sides caught the administrators’ attention after posting some unusual results in the fourth division with 94 goals scored in just two matches.

In a match where Tigers and Matiyasi were fighting for the top position to gain promotion, the former won 33-1 over Happy Boys as the latter defeated Mighty Birds 59-1.

After investigations, they were found guilty of match manipulation, leading to the bans.

Reacting to the report filed by GOAL, fans now want the bans meted on club and match officials as well.

“It should be all the players and coaches who are banned for life,” said erikwray. “They are the guilty ones. (Anyway, I mean, if you're going to throw the game, you have to hide it. What did they think was going to happen after full time?),” he added.

“They are so foolish,” said Gbenupo Cadmus. He added: “Even if you wanted to fix games, you were so foolish about it. How can you score 41 own goals? Only in Africa will this happen.”

“The entire FA should be banned. They are the main cause of this problem by encouraging cheating from the start. Things like these happens when members of the FA are largely involved from the back stage,” commented Lamarck80.

“Match fixing happens everywhere to a certain extend. This was just too obvious though. I would say ban the match officials and club reps and then heavily fine the clubs almost to bankruptcy but don't ban them,” is Adolf T. Ndih’s diagnosis for the vice.

Thembani Godfrey Maluleke, who watched the match, cannot believe he was watching a sham.

“I witnessed the 59-1 game. I wasted my time going to the soccer field to watch the match,” he said,

He went on: “I'm not lying. I watched the horrible match between birds and Matiyasi. Venue: Makosha village (Giyani Region in Limpopo province).”

Some fans feel the incident has given South African football a bad name.

“We are a laughing stock now because of these idiots,” said Azania.

“What a disgrace for South African football. We all look like idiots who would stop at nothing to make ourselves look like jokes in front of the world. That whole 4th division league needs to be investigated now,” replied Slyde.

Here is how fans reacted to the incident on Twitter.

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