PLAYER RATINGS: Perak vs Pahang

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Perak reach the FA Cup final after overturning their first leg semi-final defeat, thanks to several players' resurgence. Find out who they are.

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Perak have reached the FA Cup final after stunningly overturning their first leg semi-final defeat to Pahang, thanks to several players' resurgence. Find out who they are.



Hafizul Hakim - 7/10

A much-improved performance by the custodian as compared to the first leg thanks to better covering by his defenders, and he did enough to keep a clean sheet.

Idris Ahmad - 7/10

The right back did enough to keep out the threat of Pahang's Norshahrul down his flank.

Shahrul Saad - 8/10

The centre back put in a good shift, keeping out Dickson and the visitors' other attackers, as well as protecting under-fire goalkeeper Hafizul.

Hussein El Dor - 8/10

The centre back combined well with Shahrul to help his side keep a clean sheet, en route to performing a spectacular comeback that has taken them to the final.

Rafiuddin Roddin - 7/10

The left back had a decent game, but was lucky to not have received a second yellow for his second half fouls, after receiving his first booking quite early in the match.

Leandro dos Santos - 8/10 (Man of the Match)

Leandro dos Santos, Pahang v Perak, Malaysia FA Cup, 21 Jun 2019

Leandro dos Santos. Photo by Sports Regime

The defensive midfielder was the fulcrum of the Bos Gaurus gameplay on Saturday, expertly shutting down the middle channel so it could not be utilised by the visitors' superior midfielders Azam and Safuwan. He again did a good job of disrupting the visitors' concentration, getting in their faces in dead ball situations.

Brendan Gan - 8/10

The midfielder was slightly outshined by his resurgent teammates, which is not necessarily a bad thing, considering that his headed goal sparked the hosts' fine comeback, and that the hosts rightly launched more of their attacks down the flanks. 

Firdaus Saiyadi - 8/10

The forward did well to help in their first half offensive moves, and it was his corner kick that led to their first goal of the night.

Partiban Janasekaran - 8/10 

The right winger was equally as dangerous as he had been in the first leg, the difference in the return fixture being his teammates matched his performance. A good move in the first half ended in his goal; Perak's second of the night. Another dangerous attempt by him towards the end of the match was expertly turned away by goalkeeper Helmi.

Hakim Hassan - 7/10

The forward was outshined by the other attackers in overall, but it was his low cross from the left that was unintentionally turned in by Pahang's Faisal Rosli for the hosts' third goal of the night.

Careca - 7/10

The striker was slightly underwhelming playing in place of compatriot Ronaldo who was suspended, but he nevertheless performed sufficiently well to help his side overturn the first leg defeat and reach the final, especially with his assist that led to their second goal.


Kenny Pallraj, Nasir Basharudin - NA

Late changes who did enough to help Perak avoid conceding.


Helmi Eliza - 5/10

The experienced goalkeeper could do little to stop the three good goals scored by the hosts.

Matthew Davies - 5/10

The right back and skipper was unable to muster his fellow defenders to perform well, and on a night they could not attack as freely as they had in the first leg, he rarely joined in their offensive moves.

Herold Goulon - 5/10

After all the attention the centre back received for his amazing first leg goal, he failed to help the Elephants maintain their lead in the tie, with Perak's first two goals could directly be blamed on poor defending by the visitors' centre backs.

Muslim Ahmad - 5/10

The defender contributed little in the encounter, allowing the hosts to find the three goals they needed to overturn the tie.

Faisal Rosli - 4/10

The left back seemed to be hurt in the early stages of the game, perhaps contributing to his disastrous performance in the final five minutes of the first half. His poor marking allowed Partiban to slip past him en route to scoring Perak's second, while his own goal just a minute later capped off a miserable night for the defender. Faisal was surprisingly allowed to finish the match by head coach Dollah Salleh.

Azam Azih - 5/10

The midfielder contributed little to proceedings, and was taken off late in the match.

Safuwan Baharudin - 5/10

A first half yellow card ensured that midfielder would miss the final regardless of success, but he ultimately was taken out of the equation by Leandro.

Norshahrul Idlan - 6/10

The winger looked dangerous in patches in the first half, but could not do more to help his side find a goal in Ipoh, and was taken off towards the end of the match.

Mohamadou Sumareh - 5/10

If Perak's three first-half goals had been the Pahang defenders' fault, the visitors' inability to find just the one goal needed to restore parity in the second half should be blamed on their forwards. The winger was far from effective in the encounter, and was too isolated from their target man Nwakaeme.

Lazarus Kaimbi  - 4/10

The support striker contributed little to his team's miserable performance.

Dickson Nwakaeme - 5/10

The big target man was fielded despite lacking fitness, and in the end massively underwhelmed with his sluggish and lethargic performance.


Faisal Halim, Saddil Ramdani, Wan Zaharulnizam - NA

Disappointing second half substitutions who failed to help the defending champions come back in the match.

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