No National Stadium for Malaysia Cup final as FMLLP turn to Shah Alam Stadium

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Shah Alam Stadium
FMLLP forced to seek alternative option for 2017 Malaysia Cup final following Bukit Jalil National Stadium's unavailability.

After all the upgrading done and supposedly better pitch put in place at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, it will not be the venue for the 2017 Malaysia Cup final.

Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) today announced that the final will be held at Shah Alam Stadium instead. The final is scheduled to be played on 4 November 2017.

The initial final date of 28 October 2017 was pushed back due to the scheduling changes that had to be taken into effect because of the recently concluded KL 2017 SEA Games.

As all the other group matches, quarterfinals and semi-finals had to be delayed, this caused the final to be pushed to the now November date.

However, this change also meant that the final cannot be played in the spanking refurbished National Stadium. This comes after the SEA Games football final also couldn't be held at Bukit Jalil.

As the National Stadium had already been booked for another event, it meant that FMLLP had to seek alternative option and it has been now decided that Shah Alam Stadium will be the venue of the final.

It's another big blow to situation surrounding the National Stadium when cup final isn't given the priority. Imagine if the English FA Cup final had to be held in a different stadium because Wembley Stadium had already been booked by another event.

Eight teams are still left in the Malaysia Cup competition this season after the completion of the group stage last Saturday. The first leg of the quarterfinals will take place this weekend.