Missed flight, embargo and more: Nus-GFA saga takes wild twist

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Gerard Nus
Gerard Nus
Exclusive: The Spaniard narrates the latest event that prevented him from leaving back for Spain on Saturday

Like a Hollywood blockbuster, there’s just one explosive sequel after the other.

After seven weeks of a sit-in protest over unpaid allowances, Spanish coach Gerard Nus, one of Ghana’s assistants at the recent Africa Cup of Nations, has seen his tussle with the Ghana Football Association hit a new gear.

The 32-year-old had refused to leave Accra back to Europe until all monies owed him were settled, even after receiving an initial $10,000 last two weeks. He was eventually ‘settled’ on Saturday, and just when everything was thought to be coming to an end, we’re thrown an all-new, and indeed surprising, chapter.

“Yesterday they paid me and a flight ticket was booked for me - I was so happy to go back home,” Nus told Goal on Sunday morning.

“I [didn’t expect] this. When it was time to check out, the hotel told me that there was a bill that I’m supposed to pay. I was prevented from leaving and the ticket is gone. I had to sleep in the sofa in the lobby for the night. This morning, the hotel duty manager allowed me back to my room.

“I have been coming here for more than two years and I never had to pay any of those expenses. Why does it have to be different now?

“If for whatever reason, the people that booked this hotel for me – the GFA - changed the condition and they wanted me to pay for something, they should have told me that on the first day when I came to this hotel; not on the last day when you are leaving.”

But just what makes up this bill?

“[GFA official] Alex [Asante] told me on Friday afternoon that I have to pay for all expenses from laundry, coffee, snacks between meals, or whatever, for the seven weeks that I have been here, and that they will only pay for the room and for the meals. This is around $1,000.”

Initially, Nus, the assistant technical director of Spanish outfit Rayo Vallecano, had taken a stance to stay on until fully paid. Later, he decided to leave, but only with an extra money, in addition to the initial $10,000 paid him, plus an official letter stating when the GFA intends to pay the remainder.

“I have more money now but no letter,” he narrates.

“I have decided to leave because it’s been seven weeks, also I have to work because the club has been waiting for me for a long time, I miss my family, and many other reasons.

“I’m still expecting some money from the GFA but the question is ‘do I believe I’ll get that money?’ At this moment, I cannot believe so many things. With the current situation, let’s just say that the amount that I have received now is okay for me to go back.”

With the GFA unwilling to take care of this controversial bill, his ticket expired, and the hotel literally taking him hostage, the topic of Nus’ next step certainly remains of interest.

“Since the incident, I tried to get back to the GFA. I have sent a lot of WhatsApp messages and we tried to call but there was no answer. I always call Alex Asante.

“He replied some of the WhatsApp messages. He said to me: ‘if you don’t leave and the ticket [expires], we’ll not give you a new one. You might have to buy it yourself’. And I said: ‘yes, but I cannot leave the hotel. How can I use the ticket?’ Then he said: ‘so pay the extra and go. It’s just over $1,000.’

“Hopefully, the GFA will sort out this bill, and find a flight for me to go back tonight, tomorrow or as soon as possible. I don’t know my next step. If they don’t pay the bill, I will just have to stay for another week and another week.”

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