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Melaka United provide RM15K assistance to amateur side opponents Southern FC

08:10 SAST 2018/02/21
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The Mousedeers will host their second round FA Cup tie against social league side Southern FC instead, following a request by Southern.

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Malaysia Super League (MSL) side Melaka United have graciously offered assistance to their 'non-league' second round FA Cup opponents Southern FC.

The Klang-based amateur side qualified for the second round when they shocked FAM Cup side Selangor United 2-1 in the first round, and they were then scheduled to host Melaka in the second round.

But according to M-League and FA Cup organiser Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP), the amateur club have applied to have their opponents host the tie instead, which the Mousedeers have obliged.

"Melaka through its Secretary-General Noor Azman Rahman have agreed to host the match at the Hang Jebat Stadium. Additionally, as a sign of support for football development, Melaka have agreed to donate RM15,000 (USD3,835) to Southern FC. 200 complimentary tickets will also be provided as well as special parking for Southern FC players and staff."

Azman also was quoted as saying that the assistance was provided in line with the association's desire to assist football development through the social leagues.

"As the team's Secretary-General, I am of the opinion that the participation of social league teams is very good as it provides opportunities and exposure to talented players.

"Melaka have also taken a proactive step by supporting the Melaka Social League by providing technical and promotional assistance, as the league has a particular appeal to the youth, especially to university and college students," said Azman.

Southern meanwhile have expressed their gratitude towards their would-be opponents on their Instagram page.


We have just formalized and completed on the changeover of HOME status for our 2nd Round Malaysia FA Cup 2018 match. Melaka United will now play host for this match scheduled on 4 Mac 2018 in Stadium Hang Jebat at 9pm. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to Melaka United for their kind generosity to accept this change over. We also like to thank Melaka United's Secretary General, Tuan Noor Azman Haji Rahman, for his professionalism in handling this matter and disregarding completely the gap of status between this 2 soccer clubs. Correspondences have been extremely smooth with a mutual agreement reached in matter of days Thank you @melakaunitedsa and see you soon _____________________________ Kami baru sahaja melengkapkan pertukaran hak TUAN RUMAH bagi Pusingan Ke-2 Piala FA Malaysia 2018. Melaka United bakal menjadi tuan rumah untuk perlawanan kami yang dijadualkan berlangsung pada 4 Mac 2018 di Stadium Hang Jebat jam 9malam. Kami ingin merakamkan terima kasih dan sekalung penghargaan pada Melaka United dalam persetujuan menjadi tuan rumah untuk perlawanan ini. Kami juga berterima kasih pada Setiausaha Agong Melaka United, Tuan Noor Azman Haji Rahman untuk penampilan profesional beliau dalam mengendalikan hal ini tanpa mengira darjat antara 2 kelab bolasepak ini. Maklum balas yang amat lancar membolehkan kedua dua pihak mencapai kata sepakat dalam beberapa hari sahaja. Terima kasih @melakaunitedsa Match up poster Credit : @melakaunitedsa #southernfc #pialafamalaysia2018

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