Who does Lana Del Rey support? Net worth & favourite football team revealed

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Lana del Rey Steven Gerrard Liverpool
The 'Video Games' singer is known for her sentimental and highly personal songwriting, and has been spotted at various football games over the years

Lana Del Rey has been one of the most celebrated musicians in the alternative and indie pop genre over the past decade, with a trademark of incorporating nostalgia of America's past into her emotive songwriting.

Having emerged into the independent music scene around 2010, she has enjoyed considerable success, even garnering an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song for her contribution to 2013's 'The Great Gatsby' remake with the song 'Young & Beautiful'.

Del Rey also has a penchant for football, having been pictured at a handful of high profile matches in recent seasons.

Goal takes a look at Del Rey's net worth, how much she earns, charity work and more.

  1. What team does Lana del Rey support?
  2. What is Lana del Rey's net worth?
  3. What does Lana del Rey do?
  4. What sponsorship deals does Lana del Rey have?
  5. What charity work does Lana del Rey do?
  6. How many social media followers does Lana del Rey have?

What team does Lana del Rey support?

Del Rey is a Liverpool fan through her manager Ben Mawson, and has attended games at Anfield as well as having met former captain Steven Gerrard.

She also wished the Reds the best of luck before their ultimately victorious 2019 Champions League final win against Tottenham.

What is Lana del Rey's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Del Rey's net worth is at an estimated £11 million ($14m).

What does Lana del Rey do?

Del Rey is a musician, songwriter and producer. She has released four full-length albums since under her current moniker, starting with her 2012 major label release 'Born to Die'.

She is best known for her melancholy, stylized cinematic quality and themes that touch upon tragic romance, glamour, and wistfulness as well references to pop culture including Old Hollywood and 1950s and 1960s Americana.

She scored her first major hit with single 'Video Games' off of her debut album and has enjoyed significant success ever since, having earned Grammy and Golden Globe nominations. 

Her music falls into the indie and alternative genres, with her maudlin lyrics giving her a reputation as a 'sadcore' musician.

What sponsorship deals does Lana del Rey have?

In November 2018, Del Rey was announced to be the face for Gucci's Guilty Fragrances, alongside actor Jared Leto. The pair starred in a print-and-digital campaign, which debuted in January 2019.


Gucci Guilty @guccibeauty

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What charity work does Lana del Rey do?

In 2014, Del Rey  performed during the amfAR Charity Gala in Cannes, which raised $38 million to fund HIV/AIDS research.

During a 2013 issue of French magazine Le Figaro, she spoke about her own charity work and revealed that she admires actress Angelina Jolie's acts of philanthropy and charity work.

She said: "Music was my passion, but my work with this foundation is more important. I myself had the chance to be [helped by an establishment].

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"Helping others now feels like it's my turn to give something back. I want to become a sort of Angelina Jolie.

"Like her, I think fame is nothing in itself, but it can be put to good use - by using it to generate money for charity for example."

How many social media followers does Lana del Rey have?


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Del Rey boasts 13.1 million Instagram followers at the time of writing, posting photos of her live performances, promotional material, and day-to-day activities.

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