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Arsenal v Liverpool

'We should've won today' - Klopp exasperated by Liverpool's defensive display

01:37 SAST 2017/12/23
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Three goals away at Arsenal should have been enough to secure victory for Liverpool, says Jurgen Klopp.

Jurgen Klopp rued a sloppy defensive display from Liverpool as they let a two-goal lead slip against Arsenal and were forced to rescue a 3-3 draw at the Emirates Stadium.

Everything looked like it was going to plan for Klopp's free-scoring Reds when Mohamed Salah doubled Liverpool's lead after 52 minutes – the Egyptian adding to Philippe Coutinho's first-half opener.

However, Arsenal came storming back into the clash and were 3-2 ahead six minutes after Salah's strike – Alexis Sanchez, Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil completing the turnaround.

It was a crazy period of Friday's Premier League crash and Liverpool's defending – and goalkeeping – left much to be desired.

Klopp was not too downhearted, though, as Roberto Firmino secured a point in a match that will be remembered for that frantic six-minute spell.

"Three goals at Arsenal should be enough. We should've won today," he told Sky Sports

"Defending is a team thing and we made individual mistakes. Three in one game gave Arsenal a chance to come back but the performance, again, was a winning one.

"The consistency was good. We had one draw where we couldn't understand how we got a point but it's the truth, we carry on and in this moment it is disappointing.

"I am angry but I cannot change it tonight. We have things we have to work on and play the next game."

A lot of attention will focus on the performance of Simon Mignolet, particularly for his feeble attempt to save Xhaka's long-range strike.

Klopp conceded his goalkeeper should have done better but chose not to dwell on the mistake. 

"I think Simon could've made a save in this moment," he added. "He misjudged it, that's how life is. 

"The second hand would have helped. He was surprised and that's how it is, we don't have to make it bigger than it is."

Liverpool vice-captain James Milner said after the match that the side need to "become more boring" to see matches out, and the Liverpool boss was in full agreement. 

“He’s right, he is 100 per cent right – controlling a game is what he means, but it was not the situation, it was not that we gave the game away," Klopp told reporters. 

“Pretty much everyone was in and around the box [for the first goal]. We are professional football players so everyone saw it, if Joe Gomez makes a step in this direction and shoots the ball to Tottenham and let them play with it, there would not be a situation. It was a non-situation. But because we didn’t react well, they had a goal. It was nothing about controlling the game – you cannot avoid all crosses over 95 or 96 minutes.

“The second goal, if Xhaka shot a few more times like this in his life, Simon Mignolet saves these balls 99.9 per cent of all situations, but not tonight. We have to take that how it is. It is not about control; yes, we need to control games but I thought we did control the game. Then we opened the door for them and Arsenal is a real threat then. They have this quality, Mesut Ozil enjoyed the game for a few minutes.

“It’s difficult then and that’s why you have to avoid these situations – and five minutes can be enough to learn from the game, but in this five minutes they scored three times so that then makes it even more difficult. They could have scored once and we are still in the lead and everything is fine."