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Five Twitter accounts which have set India alight, this World Cup season!

12:23 SAST 2018/07/06
Russia fans
These social media accounts are providing some much needed humour as the World Cup boils down...

The World Cup is, without a doubt, one of the most widely followed sporting events and has the entire world hooked on as the drama unfolds. 

It might only feature 32 teams but the interest and excitement surrounding the competition is unparalleled and engulfs the globe. 

As is the case nowadays, social media plays a huge role in helping the fans express themselves with the world listening. Last time around, the World Cup set a record for maximum tweets per minute. 

As we enter the last phase of the 2018 edition of the World Cup, it’s time you knew about the 5 most popular Twitter handles being followed in India now.

1. The Verbal Striker

The Verbal Striker has really been making waves on Twitter this World Cup. Tweeting from the account @TrendinFootball , he/she may be a new entrant on Twitter but quirky real-time updates and tweets have caught attention among the fans of the beautiful game.

His/her tweets feature engaging content relating to the World Cup, something fans of the game will absolutely enjoy. We still don’t know who this Verbal Striker is, but he or she has definitely got the ball rolling!

Check out the Twitter handle for the interesting content of memes, jokes and a lot more!

2. Footy Humour 

If you are a football fan who can really take the game in a sporting sense, this is the Twitter handle for you. 

Footy Humour (@footyhumour) is the home for all football related jokes, some of which are downright snarky and hilarious. Check out some of his/her work and get entertained:

3. Troll Football  

What is social media without memes? And with World Cup fever at its peak, memes attract attention like hot cakes on a rainy day. 

And the account to go to for that is @TrollFootball . They have been really knocking out its followers with engaging and timely memes which take no prisoners. For  more football and more memes, check the twitter handle:

4. Indian Football News 

It’s World Cup and any news related to the tournament is in high demand. If you are on Twitter, the account to go to for World Cup news is @indianfootynet . 

More than any news channel, the place to go for World Cup News is Indian Football News! And what’s more? It’s totally unbiased! 

Could you ask for more?

5. Outside of the Boot 

This account is for the dedicated followers of the game who keep tabs on the next Ronaldo or Messi. Outside of the Boot (@OOTB_football ) is all about young players and the next big thing in football.

If you want news of all the rising talent in the global game of football, there cannot be a better account for you. 

And the World Cup is a tournament which always throws up young stars. Kylian Mbappe, anyone?