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England and Germany among the five favourites to lift the FIFA eNations Cup

15:44 SAST 2019/04/09
Tekkz FIFA eClub World Cup
The first ever iteration of the tournament will take place on April 13-14 and there will be 20 nations represented

The first ever FIFA eNations Cup will take place in April as the tournament, which is part of the EA Sports FIFA 19 Global Series, sees 20 nations competing with teams of two. The 2v2 format debuted at the eClub World Cup returns, meaning that the players not only have to worry about themselves but their team-mates too.

With 1,500 Global Series Points on the line, and $40,000 for the winning team, the eNations Cup has attracted some of the biggest names in FIFA. Sifting through those teams, here are Goal's five favourites to lift the trophy.

England - F2Tekkz and FUTWIZTom 

Every time Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt enters a FIFA 19 tournament, he will be the heavy favourite. Nobody can come close to matching his Global Series Ranking tally. He has already shown he can carry in a 2v2 tournament after he lifted the eClub World Cup earlier this year.

He will have to quickly build up synergy with his new eLions team-mate Tom 'FUTWIZTom' Leese, who defeated ePremier League finalist Kyle Leese (no relation) in the PlayStation finals. FUTWIZTom hasn't quite had the same success and currently finds himself outside the top 100 in the PlayStation rankings. Still, that will only make him more determined and, with Tekkz on his side, he'll realise this is a huge opportunity for him.

If Tekkz and Tom work well together then you'd have to put your money on them but it won't be easy for England, who find themselves in the extremely tough Group A, alongside Finland, France, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. In fact, there are another two teams from Group A on this list.

Germany - MoAuba and MegaBit

Germany have hit the jackpot considering the 2v2 format as their representatives are already team-mates and both are extremely talented. Those players are Werder Bremen's Mohammed 'MoAuba' Harkous and Michael 'MegaBit' Bittner.

Megabit is considered one of the best players in the world and is currently ranked third on Xbox with 3,221 Global Series points. Meanwhile, MoAuba is eighth in the PlayStation rankings with a tally of 2,670 and every player will be wary of his all-out offensive style.

These two will know each other's play-styles inside out, which could be a huge advantage going forward in this tournament, keep an eye on these two.

Saudi Arabia - MSdossary and TheRoyal

Another heavy hitter from Group A, Saudi Arabia were one of the favourites for the tournament before the teams were even announced. That was mostly because there was never any doubt that the two players would be Mossad 'MSdossary' Aldossary and Khalid 'TheRoyal' Aloufi.

By his own high standards, reigning eWorld Cup champion MSdossary will be disappointed with how his season has gone so far, despite the fact that he is currently ranked second and won the December and April FUT Champions Cups. That has mostly been down to the dominant performances of Tekkz and we'll get to see the two behemoths of the FIFA scene clash for the second time this month - a match-up which should be even more heated following their war of words during the FUT Champions Cup earlier this month.

Of course, TheRoyal is no slouch either as he currently sits 13th in the Xbox Global Series Rankings. It's interesting that Saudi Arabia have opted for two Xbox players, though MSdossary is well known for his proficiency on both consoles, meaning he will be a terrifying opponent if any game goes to a 2v2 tiebreaker.

Argentina - Nicolas99fc and Yago

Another team with 2v2 experience, Nicolas 'Nicolas99fc' Villalba was the team-mate who helped F2Tekkz lift the FIFA eClub World Cup earlier in the year. This time he'll be teaming with Yago 'Yago' Gabriel Fawaz who is also a strong PlayStation contender, currently sitting 27th in the Global Series Rankings.

Still, Nicolas99fc is undoubtedly the star of this team as he is one of the most dominant players in the world. He currently holds the number one spot on PlayStation and, if you combine both leaderboards, he is second, with only Tekkz ahead of him.

Like Saudi Arabia, Argentina have opted for two players from the same console, however, neither of them are known to be particularly good on Xbox - though Nicolas99fc did win a cross-console final for the first time in his career earlier this year. Still, if these two win the coin toss and get to play the 2v2 on PlayStation, they will have a serious advantage.

France - DaXe and Maestro

Finally on this list we have France, a country filled to the rims with talented FIFA 19 players. Representing Les Bleus will be Paris Saint-Germain's Lucas 'DaXe' Cuillerier and Team Vitality's Corentin 'Maestro' Thuillier.

DaXe is having a strong year and currently sits sixth in the Xbox Global Series Rankings after reaching the Xbox finals of two events this season. Meanwhile, on the PlayStation side, Maestro is also a very accomplished player as he currently sits fifth in the rankings.

This is a very strong French squad but, with England and Saudi Arabia in their group, advancing to the knockout rounds will be a mountain of a task. However, these two are more than capable of pulling it off.

The Group of Death

The FIFA eNations Cup begins with a group stage, featuring all 20 teams in groups of five. When the draw was announced, it was hard to find consensus on which group would be the toughest.

FIFA commentator Richard Buckley suggested Group D, with its pairing of Denmark and the Netherlands would be the toughest, whereas his co-commentator Brandon Smith picked Group A, with its combination of England, Saudi Arabia and France.

Hashtag United's Spencer Owen agreed with Smith but also suggested Group C, with Germany, Sweden, Argentina and Brazil, looked 'naughty'.