Arsenal tried to sign Troy Deeney but ex-Watford striker claims he turned down shock transfer because he wouldn't say sorry for 'cojones' comment that infuriated fans

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  • Deeney claims Arsenal tried to sign him
  • Forward was asked to apologise for 'cojones' comment
  • That led to him turning down Gunners

WHAT HAPPENED? Deeney claims that, following Watford's relegation from the Premier League in 2020, he was offered the chance to join the Gunners. He had made headlines before for insisting the Gunners lacked "cojones" after they lost to 2-1 to Watford in Arsene Wenger's final season. As part of the apparent offer from the Gunners to take him to Emirates Stadium, the 34-year-old was asked to apologise to the fans for his comments - he refused, and the move collapsed.

WHAT THEY SAID: Speaking on the Filthy Fellas podcast, the striker said: "You know I was close to signing [for Arsenal]. The year I got relegated. We lost at Arsenal, 3-2, me and Welbz (Danny Welbeck) scored, we could have probably beaten you, it was that COVID year, behind closed doors. We got relegated on that day, this is at Arsenal, and everyone was like, 'Ahhh cojones!' and whatever, 'shut your mouth man'.

"Then, back in training, I’m just on the bike because my knee isn’t right. Someone from Arsenal calls, like, 'Yo, would you go to Arsenal? But what you have to do, you have to apologise for that comment.' I said I wasn’t going to apologise for that."

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WHAT NEXT FOR TROY DEENEY? Other than Arsenal, Tottenham were also reportedly interested in signing the striker in 2020, but he decided to stay back at Watford for one more season before heading to his hometown club Birmingham City.

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