Alwyn Tera: Kenya midfielder lifts Super Cup with FC Saburtalo in Georgia

Kenyan Alwyn Tera won the Georgian Super Cup with FC Saburtalo.Alwyn Tera.

Kenya international Alwyn Tera won the Georgian Super Cup on Sunday after FC Saburtalo downed Dynamo Tsiblisi 1-0.

Giorgi Kokhreidze scored the all-important goal in the 14th minute at Mikheil Meskhis Sakhelobis Stadium to hand Saburtalo the third title in three years.

The club's president Tariel Kechikashvili explained why the win could be a start for a great future for the Georgian top-flight side.

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“It is natural to have this kind of joy after winning. Many teams have got the good infrastructure, history and a huge number of fans than us but we have done it,” Kechikashvili was quoted as saying by the club's website.

“Thank you fans, the players and the coach. We will choose commitment, professionalism and unity forever and the win has confirmed the main values for the team are important than personal values.

“Two weeks ago, we had a crisis and many people said it was bad for us, fortunately, we have found something great from this victory. This is a great celebration for us.

“Saburtalo will continue with its development projects and sure enough, we will have more success coming.”

Head coach Pablo Franco Martin revealed why he was satisfied with the result.

“We are the champions after winning the cup. It was a tough and interesting match but I think we deserved the win,” Martin said.

“Winning a title is good for any coach at any time but more important to me especially this being the first game as a Saburtalo coach.

“I am glad I had a successful debut.”

Tera played 22 games for his Georgian side in 2019 and will hope to have a better season with the club in the new season, which they will open against Chikhura on March 1.

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