Abia Warriors’ Obi Samson returns from knee injury

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The Warriors leading scorer has resumed back to training after a brief stint on the sidelines due to a knee complaint

Abia Warriors’ Samson Obi who was unable to complete his side's friendly tie with Abia Comets in Umuahia last weekend due to a knee complaint has returned to training.

Obi, who is the Warriors leading scorer with nine goals received a knock on his knee in the first half of the test game and had to be replaced for precautionary motive.

The striker revealed that he returned to practice sessions on Tuesday and has been taking part in their sessions without pains thereafter.

He said the decision to substitute him immediately as he felt the pain on his knee was what saved him from a possible long-term injury.

“It was a good game by both sides because we are neighbours and they much about us and were prepared for us,” Obi told Goal.

“I was not able to complete the first half because I was substituted after I got a knock on my knee. I was constantly harassed throughout my stay on the pitch by Abia Comets defenders and the knee injury was the height of all.

“It was good that I was withdrawn because I was able to recover quickly. Had they delayed it a little, it would be a more serious injury. I have recovered and I have started training with my teammates.”

The attacker thumbed up the performance of Abia Comets who were very close to recording an upset before the equalizer but he charged them to reduce their rough tackles if they want to remain as a team to reckon with.

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“I will say that they are a good side because they played very well against us and they could have beaten us if not for the late goal," he continued.

“They were however rough and if not that it was a friendly game, they could have had some of their players getting sent off.

"They are a good side and can't still play better than they did against us if they refined their game."