Khoza: Sono needs mental help after claiming Orlando Pirates ownership

Bucs chairman Irvin Khoza has responded after a labour court application from Julius Sono was filed to remove him from the famous club

Julius Sono is the brother of Jomo Cosmos boss Jomo Sono, and believes Orlando Pirates should also be owned by the Sono's.

Julius' father is the legendary Bucs player Eric 'Scara' Sono, so Pirates chairman Khoza has moved to clear the air.

"It is really painful to see the son of an Orlando Pirates great, Eric 'Scara' Sono in such a sad state of mind.

"This is the second time in a space of a month that Orlando Pirates had to attend to his spurious claims. First it was a case he went to open at the Hillbrow Police Station which after an investigation by Detective Cokozani was thrown out by the prosecutors.

"Yesterday he tried to sneak in a case at the Labour Court hoping to get a default judgement resulting from a possible 'non-appearance' of respondents, he cited.

"It is time that Julius get help as it is really painful to see him in such a compromised mental state," stated Khoza on Pirates official website.

Khoza has been the owner of Pirates since 1991 and is also the Chairman of the PSL.

He has commented after labour court judge, Edwin Molahlehi gave Pirates 10 days to respond to Sono's application.

Lawyer Michael Murphy has underlined the baseless nature of the case.

“We have 10 days to present an answering affidavit, so we will deal with it, but it’s probably going nowhere,” Murphy told Drum.

“We’re not even sure who the applicant is, because different parties have been mentioned. To me, this is a serious pile of drivel,” said Murphy.