I wasn't careless - Pato

The 24-year-old has acknowledged the disappointment of supporters after his failed chip from the spot - but refuted accusations of carelessness
Alexandre Pato has insisted he was not careless in missing a crucial penalty that saw his Corinthians team knocked out of the Brazil Cup - but accepts the criticism that has come his way.

The former AC Milan striker took to the spot with his team trailing 3-2 on penalties, knowing a miss would send Gremio to the semi-finals, and promptly sent a low chipped effort into the waiting arms of Dida.

The penalty was saved by the Brazilian keeper with ease, but Pato insists he thought the 'Paneka' would work against his former team-mate.

“I accept all criticism for my mistake,” he said in a statement released by the club. “But I want to make clear that I was not careless or indifferent to defeat.

“I worked many years with Dida [in Milan].

“I was sure he would come out before I hit it, as he has done the other four times, getting to the corner against Romarinho and Alessandro.

“Knowing this, I chose to hit in the middle of the goal, to account for this. I thought this was the best option to score the goal.”