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90' + 1'
A. Diamanti
Yellow Card
S. Nigro
J. Davidson
Roderick Miranda
J. Brimmer
0 - 1
S. Luštica
Yellow Card
J. Geria
Yellow Card

Match Stats

53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 4
Total Passes 554 480
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Final Series
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FULL TIME: WESTERN UNITED 0 MELBOURNE VICTORY 1 - Melbourne Victory run out 1-0 winners over Western United, courtesy of Miranda header in the 75th minute of the game. There two strong appeals for a penalty, one for each side but they were not awarded. A good first up win for Melbourne Victory.
90' + 3' A high boot in the middle ends up turning the ball over to Victory, which will allow them to use up some valuable seconds.
A. Diamanti
Yellow Card
90' + 1' YELLOW CARD UNITED - Diamanti throws out the leg and brings down Brimmer as the referee brings out the yellow card.
90' We have four minutes of stoppage time to play for the match.
88' Kilkenny with the cross into the box for Prijovic who heads it over the box for a goal kick.
86' All Melbourne Victory need to do is to hang on and retain possession to record a first up win.
S. Nigro
J. Davidson
84' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Davidson succumbs to cramp and Nigro is the man to replace him.
84' Margiotta brings it down and tries to make something out of nothing, but he is unable to curl it in.
82' Diamanti turns Davidson inside out as he goes down inside the box, in the challenge. There are appeals for a penalty and it is not paid.
80' Margiotta lets one fly at goal and it is off target, going through for a goal kick.
D. Pierias
L. Wales
77' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Western United make a change as Wales is replaced by Pierias.
M. Rojas
C. Ikonomidis
77' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Melbourne Victory make another change as Ikonomidis heads off for an early shower, with Rojas introducing himself to the game.
Roderick Miranda
75' GOAL VICTORY (Roderick Jefferson Gonçalves Miranda) Western United 0 Melbourne Victory 1 - Brimmer takes the corner kick as he spots the head of Miranda in the pack, pushing the ball into the back of the net.
74' It's now or never for both teams, if we are going to see the dead lock broken.
72' There is a bit of a break in play as Garuccio is being attended to for what looks like cramping.
70' Ikonomidis crosses it into the box and Velupillay heads it for goal, but Young is underneath it.
68' Broxham has pushed up into the midfield, which has assisted with Victory having more possession inside their attacking half.
66' Melbourne Victory continue to spend a bit of time inside their attacking half, without really threatening the goal.
F. Margiotta
N. D'Agostino
64' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Make that a double change for the Victory, as D'Agostino is off and Margiotta is on.
N. Velupillay
Ben Folami
64' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Folami succumbs to cramp and he is exchanged wih Velupillay.
S. Luštica
Yellow Card
63' Yellow Card Steven Luštica
A. Prijović
D. Wenzel-Halls
62' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Western United make their first change, as Wenzel-Halls makes way for Prijović.
60' We are heading into the final 30 minutes of the game with the scores all tied up at 0-0.
58' Folami has cramped up in the middle of the ground. He may be one of the first players to come off.
56' Miranda with a defensive header, as the ball is crossed in from Risdon, into Pain, who sends it into goal but Kelava makes the save.
54' Western United push it forward, but they are unable to be able to take clear possession.
52' Davidson lifts it into the box as Miranda looks to head it into the box, but there appeals for a handball, but the referee waives it away.
51' It will be interesting to see how long it will take for us to see the first goal of the match and what impacts it will have.
49' Kilkenny goes backwards in defence to Diamanti to be able to clear it away.
48' It has been a slow start to the second half from both teams.
46' SECOND HALF - Western United kick off to get us back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME: WESTERN UNITED 0 MELBOURNE VICTORY 0 - We go into the sheds with the scores all tied up at 0-0. We did have a couple of near misses from both teams, but nothing managed to get past either keeper.
45' We have one minute of additional time to play for the first half.
44' Wenzel-Halls takes it into the box as he tries to get around his opponent but ends up being dispossessed.
42' The game is being played in the middle of the ground at the moment.
J. Geria
Yellow Card
40' YELLOW CARD VICTORY - Geria goes in late on Pain and is awarded a yellow card.
39' Melbourne Victory have continued to exchange blows with Western United without any success in front of goal.
37' The game is starting to be played inside the attacking half of Western United.
35' Kelava takes the goal kick as he looks to turn defence into offence.
33' Wenzel-Halls has a strong shot on goal and it is saved by Kelava as he safely takes it on the chest.
31' Ikonomidis gets the shot on goal from outside of the box and blasts it over the crossbar.
29' There is a bit of a lull in the contest at the moment.
27' Garuccio with a shot on goal and Kelava is able to make his first real save of the match.
25' Kilkenny with a through ball over to Wenzel-Halls but the flag is up for offside,
23' Western United are looking to slow down the pace of the game.
21' These teams look evenly matched at the moment.
19' There has been some positive signs from Melbourne Victory inside their attacking half, but nothing to celebrate as yet.
17' Western United are able to extract a corner kick from their promising attacking play.
15' Victory are starting to get on top around the ground, which is a great sign, for the team that won their first wooden spoon last season.
13' Young is starting to feel the pressure from D'Agostino, but he kept a cool head and found an ally in Imai.
11' Davidson with a delivery to the top of the box, but he is unable to work out the run of Brimmer and ends up turning over the ball.
9' Davidson with a cross into the box, as D'Agostino goes down inside the box. There are appeals for a penalty but it is not awarded.
7' It has been a slow start to the game from both teams.
5' Wales breaks free in the middle of the ground and he is unable to take it into attack.
3' Western United take it into attack and the Melbourne Victory defenders are already on the back foot.
1' FIRST HALF - Melbourne Victory kick off and we are under way.
MELBOURNE VICTORY  SUBS - Jerrad Tyson (GK), Francesco Margiotta, Robbie Kruse, Jay Barnett, Stefan Nigro, Marco Rojas, Nishan Velupillay. 
MELBOURNE VICTORY (4-2-3-1)  STARTING XI - Ivan Kelava (GK); Jason Geria, Brendan Hamill, Roderick Miranda, Jason Davidson; Leigh Broxham, Rai; Chris Ikonomidis, Jake Brimmer, Ben Folami; Nicholas D'Agostino. 
WESTERN UNITED  SUBS - Ryan Scott (GK), Dylan Pierias, Nicolas Milanovic, Jerry Skotadis, Christian Theoharous, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Aleksandar Prjovic. 
WESTERN UNITED (4-2-3-1)  STARTING XI - Jamie Young (GK); Josh Risdon, Tomoki Imai, Leo Lacroix, Ben Garuccio; Steven Lustica, Neil Kilkenny (c); Lachlan Wales, Alessandro Diamanti, Connor Pain; Dylan Wenzel-Halls. 
Melbourne Victory ran out to a 6-1 win in their last A-League Men game against Western United FC (May 2021), their first ever win against them in the competition from six attempts. They also made 2.3 direct attacks per game in the 2020/21 A-League Men season, the most of any team in the competition.
Western United FC come into this A-League Men game on the back of an eight-game losing streak in the competition. They made 17 direct free kick shots in the 2020/21 A-League Men campaign, the joint-most of any team in the competition alongside Sydney FC, however, they were unable to score a single direct free kick goal last season.
Welcome to GMHBA Stadium for the match between Western United and Melbourne Victory.