Wellington Phoenix v Western Sydney Wanderers Live Commentary, 2021/12/03

0 - 2
T. Hemed (66)
J. Koutroumbis (90+3)
WIN Stadium


FULL TIME: WELLINGTON PHOENIX 0 WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 2 - The Wanderers break through for their first win of the season after a 66th minute goal to Hemed and the sealer from Koutroumbis at the 93rd minute. They end the Phoenix 13 match undefeated streak, who will be scratching their heads wondering how this game, which appeared in their control, was able to get away from them.
T. Russell
T. Hemed
Western Sydney Wanderers
90' + 4' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers make their final change as Hemed is applauded off the ground as he is replaced by Russell.
J. Koutroumbis
Western Sydney Wanderers
90' + 3' GOAL WANDERERS (John Koutroumbis) Wellington Phoenix 0 Western Sydney Wanderers 2 - Aquilina spots Sail up the ground as he feeds it to Koutroumbis, who runs the length of the ground and scores a goal into an unmanned Wellington Phoenix goal.
90' + 2' It's now or never for the Phoenix. All the stars must align for them now, as time is not on their side.
90' We have four minutes of additional time to play.
90' Petratos is trying to take the sting out of the contest and use up as much of the clock as possible.
88' The Phoenix are struggling around the ground. Can they find a super sub, to save them from conceding a loss?
D. Ball
Yellow Card
Wellington Phoenix
86' YELLOW CARD PHOENIX - Ball gets into the back of Aquilina and is awarded a yellow card by the referee.
84' Antonis lifts the ball to the top of the box, but it is just over the crossbar and it hits the outer top netting.
T. Mourdoukoutas
J. Rodwell
Western Sydney Wanderers
83' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers make their third change of the night as Rodwell comes off and Mourdoukoutas enters the arena.
B. Waine
C. Lewis
Wellington Phoenix
82' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - An attacking change from the Phoenix as midfielder Lewis is exchanged with Waine.
81' The Phoenix need to change something here to go for broke.
79' The Wanderers are starting to play the possession game around the ground. 
A. Rufer
Yellow Card
Wellington Phoenix
77' YELLOW CARD PHOENIX - Rufer goes into the referee's book after going in late on Najjarine.
76' The Phoenix remain unchanged from their starting line up.
R. Najjarine
K. Ogawa
Western Sydney Wanderers
74' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - Ogawa comes off to be replaced by Najjarine.
D. Petratos
B. Ibini-Isei
Western Sydney Wanderers
74' SUBSTITUTION WANDERERS - The Wanderers make the first of a double change as Ibini is replaced by Petratos.
72' There is a bit of a sense of urgency in the play of the Phoenix at the moment.
70' The Wanderers just need to control the possession and they will win this one tonight.
68' The Phoenix streak of 13 undefeated matches in a row is in real threat of coming to an end.
G. Hooper
Yellow Card
Wellington Phoenix
68' YELLOW CARD PHOENIX - Hooper is awarded a yellow card for dissent.
T. Hemed
Western Sydney Wanderers
66' GOAL WANDERERS (Tomer Hemed) Wellington Phoenix 0 Western Sydney Wanderers 1 - Ibini with a header as it falls to the feet of Hemed, who kicks it for goal and it appears like it has crossed the line for a goal before McGarry clears it. The referee checks it on the VAR after a break in play. The VAR advise the referee the ball had fully crossed the line for a goal.
A. Traoré
Yellow Card
Western Sydney Wanderers
64' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Traoré goes into the ref's book after bringing down Old from behind.
61' The Phoenix continue to have the bulk of the attacking play around the ground.
59' It won't be too long before we start to see some changes off the bench.
57' Old takes a shot from just outside of the box, but he angles his shot just wide.
56' The Phoenix have had 209 completed passes to 184 of the Wanderers.
54' Williams asks the question of the referee as he accuses Hooper of holding his shirt. No free kick was forthcoming.
52' Piscopo with an early ball for Hooper and the ball is intercepted by the Wanderers defence.
50' Ibini attempts to bend it on goal, as it starts to dip but not enough to be able to worry Sail.
49' McGarry with a bit of a prod at goal but it flies over the crossbar for a goal kick.
48' Old gets the better of Ugarkovic, who attempts to foul him inside the Phoenix attacking half and a free kick is paid to Wellington.
47' Williams is able to eliminate the clear and present danger from inside his own six yard box.
46' SECOND HALF - The Phoenix get us back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME: WELLINGTON PHOENIX 0 WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS 0 - The Phoenix were the sllightly better team of the first half, having spent more time inside their attacking up than the Wanderers, but in the end, they did not score meaning, the game is up for grabs in the second half.
45' + 2' Piscopo is up against Aquilina on the left boot as he fires a shot on goal and it is just wide of the mark.
45' We have two minutes of additional time to play for the first half.
45' Lovely shot by Piscopo on the right boot, forcing Mejias to make a diving save, as the ball rebounds off his chest and running out for a corner kick.
43' Hemed is brought down from behind by Old. The replays actually show that Hemed was able to deceive the referee on this occasion.
41' Ogawa looks to thread it through the middle of the ground to Hemed, but it is cut off by Rufer for the Wanderers.
39' Hemed does brilliantly to cut it back, but it is cut off and cleared away by Paine.
37' The Wanderers defence continue to play under immense pressure. They can't keep up this level of intensity.
35' There has been a couple of near opportunities for the Phoenix. Perhaps this is their time to strike while the iron is hot.
33' Confirmation has come through there has been no goal paid to Laws as replays show the offside decision was correct.
31' There is some controversy here, as Mejias comes off his line and it looks like the ball has crossed over the goal line from Laws, but it looks like the flag has been raised for offside.
29' Ibini is a little late in the challenge on Piscopo, as he ends up giving away the free kick in the middle of the ground.
27' The Wanderers are now starting to enjoy some time inside their attacking half.
25' Antonis lifts it into the box for Hemed, but he ends up being dispossessed.
23' Piscopo lifts it to the edge of the box for the Phoenix, but there was nobody home and the Wanderers clear it away.
21' Ogawa takes the ball to the last line of attack, but in the end he is dispossessed and ends up conceding a goal kick.
19' The Wanderers need to tighten up inside their attacking half.
T. Aquilina
Yellow Card
Western Sydney Wanderers
17' YELLOW CARD WANDERERS - Aquilina gets into the back of Piscopo and is awarded a yellow card from the referee.
15' Play is held up momentarily after Mejias has an awkward fall, trying to avoid his team mate, Aquilina. He looks like he is set to continue.
13' Rufer reads the ball well, but Hemed ends up giving away the free kickin the middle of the ground.
11' The Wanderers need to do more around the ground, although they have started a lot better than they did last week.
9' The Phoenix are starting to take control of the game, spending some quality time inside their attacking half.
7' Ball takes a shot on the right boot from outside of the box, but it flashes across the face of goal.
5' The Wanderers are playing the bulk of the match inside the middle of the ground.
3' Hooper threads it through to Elliot who takes a right foot shot on goal from inside the box, but the shot is blocked.
1' FIRST HALF - The Wanderers kick off and we are under way.
WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS  SUBS - Daniel Margush (GK), Ziggy Gordon, Tass Mourdoukoutas, Ramy Najjarine, Tate Russell, Dimitrios Petratos, Mark Natta. 
WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS (4-2-3-1)  STARTING XI - Tomas Mejias (GK); Thomas Aquilina, Johnny Koutroumbis, Rhys Williams (c), Adama Traore; Jack Rodwell, Steven Ugarkovic; Keijiro Ogawa, Terry Antonis, Bernie Ibini; Tomer Heded. 
WELLINGTON PHOENIX  SUBS - Alexander Paulsen (GK), Matthew Bozinovski, Luka Prso, Nicholas Pennington, Louis Fenton, Ben Waine, Oskar van Hattum.
WELLINGTON PHOENIX (4-2-2-2)  STARTING XI - Oliver Sail (GK); Callan Elliot, Tim Payne, Joshua Laws, James McGarry; Alex Rufer (c) Clayton Lewis; Benjamin Old, Reno Piscopo; David Ball, Gary Hooper. 
Western Sydney Wanderers FC have not logged a win in their last seven A-League Men games as the away team on the day with 3 draws and 4 losses. Their last away win came against Western United FC at Mars Stadium in March 2021 (1-0). The Wanderers have an 85% passing accuracy in the 2021/22 A-League Men season, the highest of any team in the competition and their highest ever in a single season in the competition.
The Wellington Phoenix have won five of their last eight A-League Men games against Western Sydney Wanderers FC with one draw and two losses, including a 2-1 win at CommBank Stadium in their last encounter. The Phoenix are undefeated in their last 13 A-League Men games (7 wins and 6 draws), a club record. The last time any A-League Men team went longer without a defeat was a 15-game stretch by Sydney FC from 2017 to 2018 (12 wins and 3 draws).
Welcome to WIN Stadium for the match between Wellington Phoenix and the Western Sydney Wanderers.