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Key Events

J. Barnett
Yellow Card
Ben Folami
Yellow Card
L. Ivanovic
M. Ninković
A. Caceres
L. Brattan
1 - 0

Match Stats

63% 36%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 3
Total Passes 666 383
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - Sydney FC break their run of draws after defeating Melbourne Victory 1-0 thanks to Bobo's sixth minute goal. The win takes Sydney FC to second position, just one point behind Melbourne City.
90' + 1' Brattan's ball is deflected onto the path of Acton who takes it comfortably. 
90' + 1' Sydney have the free kick in a very dangerous position. Brattan will take it. 
90' + 1' There will be four minutes of stoppage time. 
87' Butterfield tries one from distance but he will have to do better than that to beat Redmayne.
J. Barnett
Yellow Card
86' YELLOW CARD - Jay Barnett almost rugby tackles Ninkovic and he is booked. 
Ben Folami
Yellow Card
83' YELLOW CARD - Ben Folami is booked for tugging Buhagiar's shirt. 
L. Ivanovic
81' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Bobo comes off to be replaced by Luke Ivanovic.
80' Brattan to Barbarouses at the far post. Barbarouses tries to cut it across to Ninkovic but the communication breaks down and it goes out for a goal kick. 
79' Buhagiar looks for Barbarouses but Ansell saw it all unfolding and dealt with it. 
75' Matt Acton is having a very good night between the sticks for Victory. 
73' Ninkovic tries one from distance but Acton makes a comfortable save. 
70' The corner is sent into the box but Ansell fouls Wilkinson and that will be the end of that attack. 
69' Kamsoba gets into the box and looks to cut it back but he will have to settle for the corner. 
69' The corner is dealt with by Victory and they can counter. 
68' Ninkovic drives it low and hard at Acton who dives low to force it out for a corner. 
65' Some pressure from Victory with Folami winning the corner against McGowan. 
B. Lauton
L. Brooks
64' SUBSTITUTION VICTORY - Lleyton Brooks makes way for Brandon Lauton.
M. Ninković
A. Caceres
64' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Anthony Caceres comes off for Miloš Ninković.
T. Buhagiar
A. Baumjohann
64' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Alexander Baumjohann is replaced by Trent Buhagiar.
63' This time Victory defend it well and push the ball out of the danger zone. 
63' Baumjohann's corner is met by a powerful header by McGowan and it's another fine save by Acton who palms it over for another corner. 
62' Barbarouses shoots first time from inside the box on the volley but Acton makes a magnificent save! Corner.
61' Victory have the corner and it's sent towards the middle of the box with the header back claimed by Redmayne. 
59' Kamsoba with another shot and McGowan is in his way once again. 
56' There's a bit of activity on the Victory bench with all players warming up. 
54' Baumjohann plays Barbarouses into a one on one but he doesn't capitalise on the chance, firing straight at Acton.
53' Elvis Kambsoba attempts a cut back from inside the box but McGowan blocks his cross with a diving tackle sending the ball out for a corner.
51' Luke Brattan fires the ball into Bobo who takes on a first time volley, but his shot is fired straight into the ground and well wide of the goal.
49' Like the first half Sydney FC are dominating possession and are in absolute control of the second half.
45' The second half is underway with Sydney FC kicking off.
HALF TIME - Bobo's goal separates the two sides at half-time with Sydney FC leading 1-0. We will be back for the second half after the break.
45' + 2' Barbarouses shoots first time from inside the box but he can't get it past Acton who makes the save. 
45' There will be two minutes of stoppage time. 
42' Brooks has it in space down the right but his shot is well saved by Redmayne. 
40' The match is opening up a bit with Victory building nicely. 
38' The corner is sent to the far post where McGowan heads wide for a goal kick. 
38' It's sent into the box but headed out by Gestede for Sydney's eighth corner. 
37' Sydney have a free kick in a very dangerous position. 
37' Folami has been warned by the referee that his next foul will see him booked. 
36' Brookes sends the cross is sent in towards Folami who really should have equalised for Victory. Instead he heads it straight to Redmayne. 
34' Sydney have another corner with Barbarbouses' and Bobo's shot both saved by Acton. 
31' The cross is sent into the box by King looking for Barbarouses who heads over. 
29' Brooks gets back to help out the defence and head out Brattan's cross for a corner. 
28' Brattan's corner is pushed out of the box by the Victory defence. 
27' Caceres shoots from long range but the ball is deflected out for a corner. 
26' A good attack from Victory with Sydney momentarily caught ball watching with Kamsoba in good position and Brooks free, but it doesn't come off. 
24' Sydney have 67% possession. 
23' Play is stopped with Caceres requiring treatment to an ankle injury. 
20' Retre weaves through traffic and shoots but it's wide. 
19' The short corner is taken and it doesn't come off for Sydney. 
19' Another cross is sent into the box with Ansell heading it out for another corner. 
18' The corner is sent in but well dealt with by the Victory defence. 
18' Barbarouses tries to get past Ryan but will have to settle for the corner. 
15' Victory have settled into the match after a slow start where they conceded a goal. 
12' The corner is sent to the far post where Redmayne takes it well. 
12' A let off for Sydney with Redmayne losing the ball but his defence was there to save him and head it out for a corner. 
10' Sydney are looking to put the match beyond doubt before the break as they continue to attack.
8' Brattan with a long ball looking for Grant but it has a little too much on it and it goes out for a throw in. 
6' GOAL SYDNEY - It didn't take Sydney very long to open the scoring with Brattan sending it to the far post where Bobo heads powerfully to beat Acton inside his near post. Sydney FC leads 1-0. 
5' Sydney with another chance with Grant cutting it back but it's headed out for another corner to Sydney. 
5' Brattan sends a good ball in with the header from Bobo straight down into the ground, allowing Victory to scramble the clearance. 
4' Sydney FC have an early corner off Broxham. 
1' Melbourne Victory kick off to get us off and underway. 
Melbourne Victory (4-2-3-1): Acton (GK); Broxham, Ryan, Ansell, Roux; Barnett, Butterfield; Folami, Kamsoba, Brooks; Gestede. Subs: Crocombe (GK); Kirdar, Anderson, Lauton, Velupillay, Bello, Lawrie-Lattanzio.
Sydney FC (4-4-2): Redmayne (GK); King, Wilkinson, McGowan, Grant; Caceres, Retre, Brattan, Baumjohann; Bobo, Barbarouses. Subs: Pavlesic (GK), Ninkovic, Warland, Van der Saag, Buhagiar, Wood, Ivanovic. 
Melbourne Victory have won two of their last three matches with the 7-0 derby loss to Melbourne City in between. They have moved off the bottom of the ladder and win tonight will get them to within one point of the tenth placed Perth Glory. 
A win tonight for Sydney will lift them to second position, just one point behind the ladder leading Melbourne City. 
Good evening and welcome to Netstrata Jubilee Oval for tonight's match between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory.