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Key Events

A. Baumjohann
Yellow Card
N. Boogaard
Own Goal
1 - 1
L. Jackson
Yellow Card
R. O'Donovan
Penalty Goal
1 - 0
J. O'Doherty
Yellow Card

Match Stats

35% 64%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 4
Total Passes 286 531
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME: NEWCASTLE JETS 1 SYDNEY FC 1 - The final whistle sounds in an incredible match, with the scores all tied up at 1-1. O'Donovan put his team in the box seat, converting a penalty kick to give his team the lead at the 59th minute. The Sky Blues started pressing and their pressure had Boogaard conceding an own goal at the 76th minute mark. The Sky Blues continued to spend a lot of time in attack, but the Jets were not able to concede another goal. In the end, the result is worthy of a high pressure contest.
90' + 6' Topor-Stanley with some desperate last minute defending, as he clears the ball away to safety.
90' + 5' We are into the final minute and could we have a last minute goal?
90' + 3' O'Doherty from the edge of the box on debut, but it is just wide of the mark.
90' + 2' Both teams are scampering at the moment. It is tough for both teams.
90' We have five minutes of stoppage time to play in the first half.
90' Yuel is front and centre of the box, as he takes a shot on goal and blasts it over the crossbar.
H. Van der Saag
P. Retre
88' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make another change as Retre is exchanged with Van Der Saag.
88' There has been 12 balls into the Sky Blues area in the last 10 minutes. The Jets have not been able to enter their attacking half.
86' Both teams are looking for a way through to take the three points, rather than sharing a point each.
Liridon Krasniqi
R. O'Donovan
84' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make it a double change, as O'Donovan is replaced by Lasniqi.
V. Yuel
J. Hoffman
83' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make their second change as Hoffman is done for the night and Yuel enters the arena.
L. Ivanovic
A. Baumjohann
81' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make their second change of the match as Baumjohann comes off and Ivanovic runs on.
79' The Jets need to change their strategy, as they are being completely outplayed by the Sky Blues.
A. Baumjohann
Yellow Card
77' YELLOW CARD SKY BLUES -  Baumjohann goes into the ref's book after a late challenge on O'Toole.
N. Boogaard
Own Goal
76' OWN GOAL JETS (Nigel Boogaard) NEWCASTLE JETS 1 SYDNEY FC 1 - Buhagiar takes it inside the box as Italiano is able to block the shot on goal. Disaster strikes as it comes off Boogaard and in to the back of the net it goes.
Ali Abbas
L. Pršo
73' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make their first change as Pršo is off and Abbas is on.
72' Baumjohann with a cross following the corner, as Caceres takes a shot on goal and it is too high.
L. Jackson
Yellow Card
70' YELLOW CARD JETS - Jackson goes into the ref's book after a late challenge on Barbarouses.
69' Buhagiar has been electric since he has come on. He has been in everything.
T. Buhagiar
67' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - It's the end of the section for Bobo, as he is replaced by Buhagiar.
65' Jackson is happy to concede the corner kick to the Sky Blues.
63' The Jets are doing all that they can to hold onto the lead.
61' The Sky Blues may need to look at their bench, as they need some fresh legs on the ground.
R. O'Donovan
59' PENALTY GOAL JETS (Roy O'Donovan) NEWCASTLE JETS 1 SYDNEY FC 0 - O'Donovan takes the spot kick. Redmayne dives high over to the left, as O'Donovan keeps it it low and in to the bottom left corner of the net.
56' Bobo looks to have stuck the ball with his hand inside the box. The ref checks it on the screen as the VAR overturn the decision of no penalty. The ref changes his initial decision and awards the resulting penalty.
54' The Jets are starting to get back into the game, as they start to press into attack.
52' Grant with a cross over to Baumjohann, as he takes a shot on goal and he misses to the left.
50' It has been a very slow start from both teams. Changes are imminent one would suspect.
48' Neither team have made any changes at the break. It will be an interesting second half.
J. O'Doherty
Yellow Card
46' YELLOW CARD JETS - O'Doherty gets a welcome to the Jets, with a yellow card.
46' SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME: NEWCASTLE JETS 0 SKY BLUES 0 - We go in to the half time break with the scores all tied up at 0-0. Both teams had their opportunities on goal, but neither team were able to shake the net.
45' We have one minute of stoppage time to play for the first half.
44' It's been a frustrating first half for the Sky Blues. 
42' Hoffman takes a shot on goal, but he sends it straight into the waiting arms of Redmayne.
40' It is a bit of a stalemate on the ground. Neither team are having much luck in attack.
38' The Sky Blues need to sort out their defence. It is looking a little fragile at the moment.
36' The Jets are growing in confidence as we round the final 10 minutes of the first half.
34' Hoffman sends it into the path of Prso who shoots outside of the box, but it is over the crossbar.
32' Hoffman lifts it into the box, but the Sky Blues defence are happy to concede the corner, as the best safety option for them.
30' The Sky Blues need a win here, to be able to leap back into second position on the A-League table.
28' The Sky Blues are doing what they need to do to keep the Jets at bay at the moment.
26' Baumjohann with the set piece from outside of the box. He chips it over, into the box, but the Jets defence concede a corner kick.
24' The Jets have a rare attacking opportunity and are able to extract the corner kick.
22' The Jets have been able to get through their troublesome opening 15 minutes, with they have conceded seven goals this season.
20' The Sky Blues are just holding firm around the ground at the moment.
18' The issue for Newcastle is that they are unable to move the ball around to the right player at the right time.
16' Barbarouses has taken 60 shots on goal and he has only converted six goals this season.
14' Barbarouses has the ball inside the box, but it is shot straight to Italiano, who is able to make the save.
13' The game is evenly poised at the moment.
11' Millar with a through ball over to O'Donovan who finds the back of the net, but the flag is up for offside.
9' Grant crosses it over to Barbarouses, but he hits it a little too high, going over the crossbar.
7' The Jets have had a bit of a slow start to the match.
5' Baumjohann with a cross to Bobo from the corner and it's high, going away to the right.
3' The Sky Blues have started playing their possession game.
1' FIRST HALF - The Jets kick off and we are under way.
SYDNEY FC  SUBS - Adam Pavlesic (GK), Ben Warland, Trent Buhagiar, Luke Ivanovic, Harry Van der Saag, Patrick Yazbek, Patrick Wood. 
SYDNEY FC (4-4-2)  STARTING XI - Andrew Redmayne (GK); Rhyan Grant, Ryan McGowan, Alex Wilkinson, Joel King; Alexander Baumjohann, Anthony Caceres, Paulo Retre, Milos Ninkovic; Kosta Barbarouses, Bobo. 
NEWCASTLE JETS  SUBS: Jack Duncan (GK), Liridon Krasniqi, Ali Abbas, Valentino Yuel, Kosta Petratos, Lucas Mauragis, Apostolos Stamatelopolous. 
NEWCASTLE JETS (5-4-1)  STARTING XI - Lewis Italiano (GK); Matthew Millar, Lachlan Jackson, Nigel Boogaard, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Connor O'Toole; Jason Hoffman, Jordan O'Doherty, Angus Thurgate, Luka Prso; Roy O'Donovan. 
Sydney FC have won only one of their last seven A-League games as the away team on the day with three drawn games and three losses, despite having scored multiple goals in a game on four occasions in that term. No team has scored more goals from corners this A-League season than Sydney FC with six goals.
The Newcastle Jets have lost only one of their last four A-League games at home against Sydney FC with two wins and a draw, after having lost six consecutive home games against them prior. The Jets’ current 11-game winless run (9 losses and 2 drawn games) is their joint-longest in A-League history (also January to October in 2006). Their last win came against Melbourne Victory in Matchweek 9 of this season.
Welcome to McDonald Jones Stadium for the match between the Newcastle Jets and Sydney FC.