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90' + 5'
H. Van der Saag
A. Baumjohann
0 - 2
90' + 3'
J. Daley
Yellow Card
90' + 3'
P. Retre
Yellow Card
P. Wood
Yellow Card
K. Barbarouses
P. Retre
0 - 1

Match Stats

55% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 4
Total Passes 594 473
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - Sydney have completed the regular season with a 2-0 win over Brisbane who will endure a nervous wait to see whether they will finish in third position. Brisbane had plenty of the ball but they just could not get past the Sydney defence. 
H. Van der Saag
90' + 5' GOAL SYDNEY - Baumjohann sends the cross in towards the far post and Van der Saag who touches it down and shoots low past Young to seal the match for Sydney at 2-0 with what will be the last act of the match. 
P. Retre
Yellow Card
90' + 3' YELLOW CARD - Paulo Retre has been booked for his foul on Dehmie. 
J. Daley
Yellow Card
90' + 3' YELLOW CARD - Jesse Daley has been booked for remonstrating with Daley. 
90' + 2' Burke-Gilroy sends the ball in to Adams whose shot hits the side netting. 
90' + 2' We are inside the second of five minutes of stoppage time. 
P. Flottmann
A. Le Fondre
90' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Adam Le Fondre has been replaced by Patrick Flottmann.
87' Sydney are happy to slow the game down in their attempts to shut down Brisbane. 
E. Adams
A. Parsons
83' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Alex Parsons comes off for Eli Adams.
C. Dehmie
R. Danzaki
83' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Riku Danzaki replaces Cyrus Dehmie.
M. Kudo
D. Wenzel-Halls
83' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Dylan Wenzel-Halls has been replaced by Masato Kudo.
83' Burke-Gilroy shoots from distance but sends it over. 
P. Wood
Yellow Card
82' YELLOW CARD - Patrick Wood is booked for his foul on Champness.
82' For Brisbane to stay in third with the current scoreline Western United will have to significantly turnaround their form and beat the Central Coast Mariners. 
P. Wood
M. Ninković
80' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Miloš Ninković is replaced by Patrick Wood.
78' Sydney are preparing to make a change with Wood getting ready. 
76' Champness shoots from deep inside the box but it's a fine diving save by Heward-Belle. 
75' Parsons sends it in towards Wenzel-Halls who heads it over for a goal kick. 
J. Champness
S. Neville
73' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Scott Neville comes off for Joseph Champness with Brisbane making the attacking change. 
71' Brisbane will be looking for some attacking re-inforcements because they need goals. 
68' There is some activity on the Brisbane bench. 
B. Warland
Yellow Card
66' Yellow Card Benjamin Warland
66' Riku Danzaki is in on goal with Warland on his side. He takes a shot but it crashes into the side netting.
A. Baumjohann
65' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY - Bobo comes off for Alexander Baumjohann.
H. Van der Saag
L. Brattan
65' SUBSTITUTE SYDNEY - Luke Brattan comes off for Harry Van der Saag.
63' Brisbane win a free kick 35 yards out. O'Shea sends the ball in deep and it finds Courtney-Perkins but his header is saved by Heward-Belle. 
60' So far it has been five shots to zero in the second half in favour of the Brisbane Roar.
A. Burke-Gilroy
C. Brown
59' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - Corey Brown comes of and he is replaced by Antonee Burke-Gilroy.
58' The last 10 minutes have been nothing but constant defence for Sydney FC.
56' Brisbane are now in control of the game with repetitive forward attacks and dangerous crosses being sent in.
53' Alex Parsons is on the edge of the box and he takes a powerful shot but he just misses the top left corner, much to the relief of a worried Heward-Belle.
51' Brisbane have had more time in their forward half but the game is ultimately being controlled by Sydney FC.
49' Dylan Wenzel-Halls pushes into the 18 yard box. He passes it to Daley but his shot is blocked by the desperate Sydney FC defence.
48' Barbarouses crosses the ball in to Bobo and Le Fondre but Brindell-South splits them both and heads it out for a corner.
46' Brisbane will be looking to hit the scoreboard as early as possible with a home final at stake. 
45' The second half is off and underway with Sydney FC kicking off.
HALF TIME - Barbarouses' 16th minute goal separates both sides at the break with Sydney FC leading 1-0 at half-time. 
45' + 1' The corner is dealt with by the Brisbane defence. 
45' Sydney have a late first half corner. 
43' Sydney have settled the game down after Brisbane's spell where it was shot after shot. 
40' Parsons shoots from outside the box but it rolls wide. 
39' Brown to Parsons who has his back to goal but his spin and shot sees Heward-Belle not required to move with the ball going straight to him. 
38' Brindell-South gets another chance down the right but he stabs the ball straight to Heward-Belle. 
37' Brisbane are struggling to build anything past the very well organised Sydney defence. Heward-Belle could just about order a coffee because he has not had much to do.
34' Barbarouses shoots from a tight angle but he takes the side netting. 
32' Le Fondre with a first time shot that is straight at Young who makes a comfortable save. 
30' Brindell-South with another chance but once again he sprays the shot badly. 
28' Brisbane have had a lot of possession over the past ten minutes but it has amounted to very little. 
25' Chances have been few and far between since the goal.
22' Heward-Belle is in goal for Sydney today with Redmayne on Socceroos duty. 
19' Brisbane have a lot to play for with a home final a significant advantage. However, they'll have to do it the hard way given they're already a goal down. 
K. Barbarouses
16' GOAL SYDNEY - Retre passes over the top to Barbarouses who keeps running into the box and shoots past Young to take Sydney to a 1-0 lead. 
15' Brindell-South with a chance out the back but he blasts it over. 
13' A reasonable sized crowd is in attendance today in perfect conditions for football. 
11' Brown sends the corner in but it clears them all and goes out for a goal kick. 
10' Brisbane take it down the other end and they have the corner. 
9' The corner is sent to the far post where Warland heads it into the cross bar!
9' Sydney have the corner. 
6' It has been an even start to the match. 
4' Wenzel-Halls tries one from outside the box but he cannot keep it down. 
3' The match is being played in beautiful sunshine. 
1' We are off and underway.
Sydney (4-4-2): Heward-Belle (GK); King, Warland, Wilkinson, Retre; Ninkovic, Caceres, Ninkovic, Barbarouses; Le Fondre, Bobo. Subs: Pavlesic (GK), Wood, Talbot, Baumjohann, Ivanovic, Flottmann, Van der Saag. 
Brisbane (3-4-3): Young (GK); Courtney-Perkins, Trewin, Neville; Brown, O'Shea. Daley, Brindell-South; Danzaki, Wenzel-Halls, Parsons. Subs: Freke (GK), Burke-Gilroy, Kudo, Adams, Dehmie, Champness, Ramazanie. 
Brisbane need to win to guarantee third position and a home final. 
Sydney will finish second - they can't drop and they can't rise - so they will use this match as a tune up for finals. 
Good afternoon and welcome to Moreton Daily Stadium for today's match between Brisbane Roar and Sydney FC.