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Y. Dukuly
M. Marrone
1 - 4
P. Wood
M. Ninković
0 - 4
A. Le Fondre
0 - 3
A. Le Fondre
0 - 2
A. Le Fondre
R. Grant
0 - 1

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53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 8
Total Passes 515 447
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Final Series
Final Series Play-offs


FULL TIME - ADELAIDE 1 SYDNEY FC 4 - An impressive win here tonight for Sydney FC who have taken a big step to wrapping up 2nd place on the ladder as they beat a disappointing Adelaide by 4 goals to 1. The game was evenly poised early in the second half but two quick goals gave Sydney a 3 goal lead and Adelaide couldn't come back into it. Sydney well worth their win as they head into the finals in form while Adelaide need to win next week to guarantee their participation in the finals series. 
H. Van der Saag
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Yellow Card Harry Van Der Saag
90' + 3' A good cross finds Goodwin in the area as he spins away from a defender and his shot is expertly blocked by the defence 
90' We will have 4 minutes of added time 
89' GOAL ADELAIDE! (Yaya Dukuly) - A nicely worked goal by Adelaide gets the home side on the board tonight as a ball plays in Marrone who cuts it back to Dukuly whose first time shot goes into the bottom left corner and he has his first A-League goal 
M. Marrone
89' Assist Michael Marrone
Y. Dukuly
89' Goal Yaya Dukuly
P. Wood
Yellow Card
88' Yellow Card Patrick Wood
87' Nice play from Sydney down the right as Barbarouses gets into the area and his shot is saved by Delianov but it almost falls to Van der Saag at the back post who collides with the post 
84' Kitto's cross is a good one as Niyongabire runs onto it to hit it first time but he gets his shot wrong and Sydney clear 
Y. Dukuly
A. Toure
83' Substitution Alhassan Toure Yaya Dukuly
82' A nice cross to the back post as Warland gets on the end of it but he puts his header wide. If he had left it for McGowan who was behind it was almost certainly another for the away side 
80' Ivanovic goes through with another ball over the top and he has a shot deflected out for a corner
L. Ivanovic
79' Substitution Deyvison Rogerio da Silva Luke Ivanovic
77' Wood almost made it 5 but the offside call is the right one as he had gone just a bit too quick 
J. Caletti
J. Cavallo
77' Substitution Joshua Cavallo Joe Kato Caletti
L. D'Arrigo
S. Mauk
77' Substitution Stefan Mauk Louis D'Arrigo
76' Van der Saag contributes immediately as he drives into the area and his cross is cleared. Sydney looking for even more goals to add to their tally 
H. Van der Saag
M. Ninković
75' Substitution Miloš Ninković Harry Van Der Saag
B. Warland
J. King
75' Substitution Joel King Benjamin Warland
74' Grant's pass to Barbarouses is too heavy and his touch goes out for a goal kick 
71' GOAL SYDNEY FC! (Patrick Wood) - It has turned into a big night for Sydney FC who now lead by 4 goals and it's come from Wood who has just come onto the pitch as he takes a pass and cuts inside into the area and his shot is well placed as it beats Delianov into the bottom corner
M. Ninković
71' Assist Miloš Ninković
P. Wood
71' Goal Patrick Wood
P. Retre
L. Brattan
70' Substitution Nathan Luke Brattan Paulo Retre
P. Wood
A. Le Fondre
70' Substitution Glenville Adam James Le Fondre Patrick Wood
P. Niyongabire
R. Strain
69' Substitution Ryan Strain Pacifique Niyongabire
M. Marrone
B. Halloran
69' Substitution Benjamin Halloran Michael Marrone
67' Cavallo's attempted cross in is too close to Redmayne who makes a comfortable take 
66' Adelaide with possession as they try to force a way back into the game 
63' Elsey has been given a second yellow card for a foul on Le Fondre and Adelaide are down to 10 
63' Yellow 2nd/RC Jordan Elsey
62' Le Fondre looks for Barbarouses at the back post with his cross but it is cut out and Adelaide break quickly down field with Halloran driving into the area and his shot is blocked 
58' GOAL SYDNEY FC! (Bobo) It's 3 for Sydney FC! A ball is played down the right flank through for Le Fondre to run onto and he has timed his run well and his cross goes straight onto the boot of Bobo who has the simple job of finishing it into the bottom corner. 3-0 to Sydney 
A. Le Fondre
58' Assist Glenville Adam James Le Fondre
58' Goal Deyvison Rogerio da Silva
57' King cuts it back into the path of Barbarouses and his shot goes straight to Delianov 
56' Mauk looks for Strain who races into the area and he goes down under contact with Redmayne but the referee waves away the appeals 
54' GOAL SYDNEY FC! (Adam Le Fondre) - Sydney have doubled their advantage against the run of play and the move starts with a header flicked on to Le Fondre who finds Barbarouses and his cross to Bobo sees Delianov slide in to make a challenge but the ball falls to Le Fondre who has a tap in into the empty net and Sydney lead now by 2 
A. Le Fondre
54' Goal Glenville Adam James Le Fondre
53' Halloran tries to bring the ball down but it touches his arm and the referee calls it up for a free kick 
52' What an excellent touch by Mauk who gets to a cross first time and he flicks the ball off the outside of his boot and it hits the inside of the post and McGowan clears it away for a corner
51' Goodwin creates room for himself for the cross and it is a great one as it flashes across goal and it takes a vital touch off Wilkinson's head. Adelaide pushing for that goal as they continue to get closer 
49' Le Fondre's cross almost creates a tap in for Barbarouses but both he and Kitto miss contact with the ball and the chance is gone 
48' Mauk tries to play Cavallo with a through ball but the weight on it meant Redmayne was favourite to take it into his possession
47' Mauk has the ball taken off him as he tried to create a chance from the corner. Adelaide trying to start fast in this 2nd half 
46' Back underway for the 2nd half 
HALF TIME - ADELAIDE 0 SYDNEY FC 1 - An early Adam Le Fondre is what seperates the sides at half time. Sydney FC have been the better team and have had most of the chances and will feel they should be more than 1 goal up. Adelaide have struggled to create many meaningful chances against a resolute Sydney defence and they will have to try and find a way to rectify that in the 2nd half. Only a 1 goal lead and that means it's still all up for grabs in the 2nd half 
45' + 2' Redmayne beats away the corner but has to be on his toes as Lopez hits a shot from outside the area that was on target but it's no problem for the Sydney keeper to claim 
45' 2 minutes of added time coming up 
45' Adelaide win it back in a good area as Mauk finds Goodwin who smashes a shot at the near post but Redmayne is up to the task as the Sydney keeper beats it away 
43' Brattan's free kick is always rising and he misses the target 
41' Elsey flies into a challenge on Bobo and he is given a yellow card. The first yellow card of the evening 
J. Elsey
Yellow Card
41' Yellow Card Jordan Elsey
39' Kitto's cross into the middle isn't a good one as it hits the side netting and is out for a goal kick
37' Sydney play out with King down the left and their attack can get going as they look to extend their advantage 
35' Good moment for the home side as they drive into the area as Mauk finds Toure and his shot is deflected off Wilkinson and out for a corner 
34' Toure is flagged offside trying to influence the play. Sydney come away with it and a long ball for Le Fondre is just too big as Delianov comes out to claim 
32' Jakobsen gets in the way of a cross and the Sydney pressure will continue as they have another corner 
30' Caceres and Halloran come together as the Adelaide man gives away a foul. The home side trying to find a spark in possession that will get them an equaliser 
28' The corner is headed away but comes back to Ninkovic whose shot falls to Le Fondre who without Kitto's intervention would have scored. Another corner coming up 
27' Barbarouses uses Grant as an outlet and his cross is booted away from danger at the expense of a Sydney corner 
26' Cavallo comes through to pressure Grant and the Sydney fullback wins a goal kick
24' Kitto's cross is headed away but it only goes as far as Strain who has a go first time but his shot is always rising and it goes over the target 
23' Barbarouses gets to the byline and puts a cross towards Bobo but his header doesn't have enough power on it as Delianov claims it. Sydney FC playing some fantastic football as they have had the bulk of the chances so far 
22' Brattan's free kick from the right is superb and it gets on the head of Le Fondre who has missed his chance from 6 yards out. Big let off for the home side as Le Fondre should have made it 2 
20' Brattan's near post corner finds the head of Grant and his header is over the target 
19' King slips Ninkovic a ball and he has a pocket of space and time to unleash a shot from 25 yards out but the shot was always going wide to the right of the target 
18' Strain and Halloran try to combine on the right flank and again Sydney win possession and look to break. The visitors looking to play on the counter attack so far this evening 
16' Goodwin's cross into the area is cut out by McGowan and the away side now look to break quickly 
14' Goodwin's backheel into the area almost sees Kitto go through but the Sydney defence is there. Adelaide with a big spell of possession here as Sydney drop deep 
12' Adelaide with possession now as they look for a quick reply after going a goal down. Toure in the middle tries to create a chance but the defence is in the way 
10' Sydney play out from the back with King released down the left but Adelaide recover well and get in the way of King's attempted pass. Sydney looking dangerous on the counter 
8' McGowan gets back well as he chases down Goodwin who was given a ball over the top to chase and he gets it to go off Goodwin and out for a goal kick 
6' GOAL SYDNEY FC! (Adam Le Fondre) - They have threatened early through Grant's crosses from the right and it produces a result as Grant puts a cross straight onto the head of Le Fondre and his header is perfect as he gets it to go just inside the far post giving Delianov no chance. 1-0 to Sydney 
R. Grant
6' Assist Rhyan Grant
A. Le Fondre
6' Goal Glenville Adam James Le Fondre
5' Grant races to the byline to get to the ball to cross into the area and it almost falls for Bobo but the defence is there to clear the ball for the moment. Sydney back in possession 
3' Kitto hangs a cross to the back post which Halloran tries to attack but it goes over him and the chance is gone 
1' Big chance in the first minute as Caceres plays a ball over the top for Bobo who has his shot saved but the play stops as the Sydney striker has been flagged offside 
1' We are underway 
Sydney FC (4-4-2) Redmayne (GK), Grant, McGowan, Wilkinson, King, Brattan, Caceres, Barbarouses, Ninkovic, Bobo, Le Fondre. Subs: Pavlesic (GK), Flottmann, Van der Saag, Warland, Retre, Ivanovic, Wood 
Adelaide United (4-3-3) Delianov (GK), Strain, Elsey, Jakobsen, Kitto, Cavallo, Lopez, Mauk, Halloran, Goodwin, Toure. Subs: Ochsenham (GK), Marrone, Timotheou, Caletti, D'Arrigo, Dukuly, Niyongabire
Welcome to Adelaide where Adelaide United host Sydney FC in a big Saturday night clash. The home side sit in fourth position on the ladder and a win tonight will take them level with their opponents tonight into third place. Sydney FC are finishing the season strong as they sit in second place and a win tonight will solidify their spot and that will give them a home final. Kick off at 7:10pm