FIFA 19 release: Champions League, new ICONs & 19 reasons to get excited for new game

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 19
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There's only a few weeks to go until the launch of the new game, but here are loads of things to get you in the mood for the latest version of FIFA!

  1. Champions League mode

    Champions League mode

    It's finally here. After years of playing in generic European tournaments, you can now live the full Champions League experience in FIFA 19, taking your club to glory in the fully-licensed competition. This includes official graphical overlays, trophy presentation cermonies and even that iconic anthem: "The Champions..."
  2. New commentators

    New commentators

    Although the commentary gets better and better each year in FIFA, sometimes it would be nice to listen to someone other than Martin Tyler and Alan Smith while playing. This year, there is a new commentary team of Derek Rae and Lee Dixon, who provide voiceovers for the Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup.
  3. Headers & Volleys
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    Headers & Volleys

    A new game mode in Kick-Off, Headers & Volleys is the schoolyard game where only shots off the ground count as goals. It is included in FIFA 19 for the first time ever and will have you recreating your school days, or else taking your usual afternoon activity indoors on a rainy day.
  4. Europa League mode
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    Europa League mode

    Somewhat overlooked due to all the hype of the Champions League addition in FIFA 19, the Europa League is also new this year. It should give Arsenal fans something to aim for and also provide an extra avenue into the Champions League in FIFA Career Mode.
  5. European Man of the Match Items
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    European Man of the Match Items

    In previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team, EA Sports often decided to award Man of the Match items for European performances. These were somewhat unpredictable, but with the addition of the Champions League and Europa League this year, they will now be much more regular following Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights of football.
  6. New official soundtrack
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    New official soundtrack

    Let's face it, you've heard every song on the FIFA 18 official soundtrack one too many times at this stage. Luckily, FIFA 19 has a whole host of new music, including tracks from Childish Gambino, Gorillaz, Yolando Be Cool and many more major and minor artists from all around the globe. You'll quickly find your favourites, but it's unlikely any will outshine the official Champions League anthem by Hans Zimmer.
  7. Gerrard, Lampard & New ICONs
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    Gerrard, Lampard & New ICONs

    A lot of new legends of the game have been added to FIFA 19, including England midfield duo Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. Johan Cruyff, George Best, Luis Figo and many more have been added too, with a total of 25 new iconic players arriving this year to include in your Ultimate Team.
  8. Timed Finishing & Active Touch
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    Timed Finishing & Active Touch

    It wouldn't be a new FIFA without gameplay improvements to make it even more realistic. This year, the two major changes to the way you play will be Timed Finishing and Active Touch. Shots now require more precision but feel more rewarding if done properly, while you also have improved control over how you collect passes from team-mates.
  9. The Journey: Chapter 3
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    The Journey: Chapter 3

    Alex Hunter is back for the third and final chapter in the Journey, which sees the talented footballer competing for the biggest trophy of his career to date - the Champions League.
  10. New kits
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    New kits

    For many FIFA gamers, which kit they play in isn't a big deal, they will just use whatever default kit is chosen as long as it doesn't clash with the opponent. However, some people absolute love choosing which jersey to wear, so much so that you can even buy some of the bespoke FIFA kits in real life!
  11. Dynamic Tactics
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    Dynamic Tactics

    FIFA 19 will have more options than ever before to allow you to tweak your team instantly in game as you react to the progress of a match. This will save time on pausing the game, with custom tactics and approaches activated by just a few quick presses of the D-Pad.
  12. New skills

    New skills

    As always with every FIFA game, there are new skills to learn for FIFA 19. One of these is Andres Iniesta's signature move, la Croqueta. This will help you shimmy past opposition defenders and will be a brilliant tool in your arsenal, along with all the other new tricks and flicks.
  13. Ronaldo at Juventus
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    Ronaldo at Juventus

    FIFA 18's cover star was Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo. FIFA 19's is the same player but with a new club. Ronaldo's arrival at Juventus should provide for a greater variety of teams in Ultimate Team as well as more players choosing the Old Lady in Online Seasons.
  14. New Rest of the World Teams
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    New Rest of the World Teams

    Although it's great to play Online Seasons as Barcelona or Manchester City, sometimes you want to mix things up and play as someone different. The Rest of the World section is always great for finding unique teams to play as, with FIFA 19 adding some more options to the mix including Czech side Viktoria Plzen and CFR Cluj from Romania.
  15. More stadiums than ever before
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    More stadiums than ever before

    Yet more new stadiums have been added for FIFA 19, including the home grounds of newly promoted Premier League sides Cardiff City, Fulham and Wolves. In addition, some of the new arenas for the 2018-19 season are also included such as Atletico Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano and the new home of Spurs, which is likely to be playable in FIFA 19 before it is in real life.
  16. Serie A is finally official
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    Serie A is finally official

    Finally! No more Calcio A. EA Sports have secured the official rights to the Italian top-flight, meaning it now has its proper name rather than the rather confusing Calcio A. Which should be helpful when searching for players to play around Cristiano Ronaldo in Ultimate Team - or as a stopgap until you can afford Ronaldo!
  17. Summer transfers
    Nathan Stirk

    Summer transfers

    As well as Ronaldo moving to Juventus, there have been loads of great transfers this summer to make choosing your club in FIFA 19 a new and exciting experience. Liverpool are finally ready to challenge for the Premier League and go one better in the Champions League thanks to the additions of Alisson and Naby Keita, but so many more teams have strengthened too!
  18. Updated Ratings
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    Updated Ratings

    Kylian Mbappe was one of the brightest young talents in the world last year, but now after winning Ligue 1 and the World Cup, he's now one of the brightest talents in the world - rated as highly as players nearly twice his age! This is now reflected in FIFA 19, where he has gotten an overall increase to 87. Loads of other players have received new ratings for this year, which will provide a whole new dynamic to the game.
  19. New celebrations

    New celebrations

    There are now many new celebrations to use to taunt your friends or strangers on the internet. These include Gabriel Jesus, Kylian Mbappe and Roberto Firmino's trademark moves and all can be done in the game with just a few simple button presses - or by pressing the pass button if you're the player themselves!