RSPCA deny Moyes' claim Zouma to be offered animal welfare classes after cat abuse & reveal West Ham haven't given donation

The RSPCA have denied that West Ham or defender Kurt Zouma have made arrangements with them for animal welfare courses following David Moyes' comments on how the situation will be handled.

The charity also claims that the Hammers haven't yet offered a donation, with French defender Zouma set to feature again in the Premier League against Leicester City on Sunday despite widespread condemnation relating to his abuse of his pet cat.

RSPCA refute Moyes claim

The RSPCA said in a statement on Saturday that "there have been no plans made for animal welfare courses to be undertaken".

The charity added that they have "not been offered or accepted a donation" and that their "focus remains entirely on our experienced officers carrying out a full and thorough investigation."

What had Moyes said originally?

"I don't think a club (West Ham) could have taken action any quicker than they've done at the moment. West Ham have done a really good job," Moyes said.

"I'm not condoning him, his actions were terrible. They were diabolical but we've chosen to play him and we stand by that.

"We will get him some help. We are trying to do as much as we can as a club, as a team, to help him.

"Like people who maybe have drink-driving offences, most of them have to go to classes to learn the reasons and the damage that can be done.

"I think RSPCA are going to provide us some courses for Kurt to understand about animals and how to treat them.

"He's incredibly remorseful. Like everybody else in life, sometimes you need a bit of forgiveness. He's hoping he is forgiven for a bad action.

"I've never had [an incident] like this. As a football manager it shows you never know what you're going to get.

"That's part of being in this job. We'd rather we weren't making news. West Ham have made really, really good news in the last two years.

"We've a really good side. I'm sad the focus has been taken away from what is, at the moment, a really good season."

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