Which Premier League manager 'pisses like a three-year-old' with his pants round his ankles?

According to Jimmy Conrad, there's a coach in the top flight of English football who either excels at toilet pranks or has bizarre bathroom habits

Former US international Jimmy Conrad has revealed that one of the Premier League's managers pulled "his pants all the way down to his ankles" and urinated "like a three-year-old" when he was coached by him.

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Who is the coach guilty of what the former San Jose Earthquakes and Kansas City Wizards defender described as either a ridiculous prank or the strangest toilet habits?

It's Swansea City boss Bob Bradley! The American was head coach of the US national team when the urinal incident unfolded, as Conrad explains

"I still don't know if this was a joke or not," Conrad said on one of the True Geordie's YouTube podcasts. "I still cannot believe this was real.

"We were on a two-game trip to Europe, we played against Slovakia and Denmark. We had just gotten off the plane, we were all tired and we stop at this restaurant where everybody has to go use the bathroom.

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"Bob is the first off the bus and he's in the bathroom by the urinal and his pants are all the way down to his ankles like he's a three-year-old taking a piss for the first time.

"I swear to you. And we still do not know [if he was joking]. I'm like hitting guys like 'is this...', I just couldn't believe [it]. He's got to be messing around, there's just no way. I couldn't believe it.

"His shorts were all the way down to his ankles. At this point I'm trying to block out some of it, but I've never seen anyone do that except for little kids who are at daycare trying to learn how to pee.

"If any of the Swansea players want to confirm that [he still does this] that would be great."

Skip to the 25:40 minute mark on this video to watch Jimmy Conrad go into detail on Bradley's most bizarre moment.

Was it all an elaborate and unspoken joke? Or did Bradley just never make the transition from three-year-old toilet training to adult urinal habits?

Either way - well played, Bob. Well played.